The Secret Beyond Matter

The Signs In The Heaven And The Earth, The Expansion Of The Universe

Aftab is the magazine of the New York University Students" union. It has also published various articles by Harun Yahya. Its December-January, 2001, issue carried an article by Harun Yahya entitled "The Signs in the Heaven and the Earth." This article says that everything, from the smallest piece of matter to the immense galaxies that contain millions of stars, works according to an order, and that this order is under the control of God. In the February-March, 2001, issue of the magazine, an article entitled "The Expansion of the Universe" presented a discussion, based on scientific evidence and observation, of the fact that God created the universe from nothing.


The author, Haroon Yahya, has published numerous books and booklets explicitly proving the existence of Allah, emphasizing the marvelous creation of Allah against the materialistic and atheistic ideologies, and of course their most efficient and significant view: the Evolution Theory. Harun Yahya is well known throughout the world and his organization was gracious enough to contribute articles as well as books for our Islamic Center.
(Aftab, January 2001)

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