The Secret Beyond Matter

The World And The Hereafter, Solution: Morals Of The Qur"an, The Moral Values Of The Qur"an

A number of Harun Yahya"s articles have appeared in the American monthly magazine Getting Back to Qu"ran and the Sunnah.

"The World and the Hereafter," published in the fourth edition, says that God created this world as a temporary place where believers are tested. The article "Solution: Morals of the Qur"an", which appeared in the eighth edition of the magazine, relates that in the Qur"an, there is no discrimination between human beings based on sex or material wealth. A person"s status is determined by his piety and closeness to God. In another edition of the magazine, an article by Harun Yahya entitled "The Moral Values of the Qur"an" discussed worshipping God in the best way and the behavior appropriate to a believer.

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