The Secret Beyond Matter

From Caterpillar To Butterfly, The Expansion Of The Universe, in Every Age There Existed An ignorant Society

The Middle Path is a monthly magazine that publishes articles on science, faith and politics. Published in the UK, it carries various articles by Harun Yahya. It referred to Harun Yahya on the cover of its December 2000 edition, under the headline "Harun Yahya on Islam and Science." The same edition carried Harun Yahya"s article "In Every Age There Existed An Ignorant Society." In the light of verses from the Qur"an, this article analyzes those ignorant societies that have no knowledge of Islamic morality.

Another article that appeared in the October, 2000, edition of The Middle Path was "From Caterpillar to Butterfly," which describes the marvelous stages in the metamorphosis from caterpillar to the perfect shape of a butterfly. The article also discusses the wondrous proofs of creation in the lace-like wings of the butterfly and the artistry of their color, shape and symmetry.

In "The Expansion of the Universe," published in the same issue, scientific proof is given of a beginning to the universe and its continual expansion. In Harun Yahya"s book The Creation of the Universe the topics discussed in that article are examined in greater detail, showing that life on earth emerged as a result of God"s flawless creation and that it is under His control.

"Harun Yahya is a well known writer from Istanbul who has written numerous books and articles on Islam, which includes the marvels of Allah"s creations, the evolution theory, and politics. His articles have been published, not only in Turkey, but in other countries as well. His study aims to convey the message of the Qur"an, and to encourage people to think on issues such as the existence and the unity of God, and the Hereafter."
(The Middle Path, October 2000)
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