The Secret Beyond Matter

The world can only be a livable place as long as there is submission to Allah's protection

At any moment, the world in which we are living continues its existence through the protection of its numerous stabilities of which we are aware and unaware. Some of these delicate stabilities are the rotation speed of the galaxies, the stars and the planets, their heat and density,  the mass and the expansion speed of the universe, the sustenance cycle, the aquatic cycle, and the nitrogen cycle. In order for biotic and a biotic creatures to keep up, these stabilities are bounded with the process of extremely flawless and spectacular delicate accounts at any moment. Having a problem in the function of, or the deficiency of, even, one of these numerous chains of systems that are in an excellent harmony, would cause unthinkable impediments. So much so that, these impediments would perish the life on earth.

However, some people, who are deceived by the hustle and bustle of daily life, continue their lives almost without knowing these miraculous stabilities. Moreover, they never think that their own life is bounded with an extraordinarily certain process of these delicately harmonious systems. These people are only interested in their own little world, and they only care about the matters related to their little world; for example, small matters that one thinks about are the incidents that take place at work or school, or the relationships between  family members and friends, or their own personal interests and issues . However, there are innumerable details around them that they need to explore.

After investigating these realities, and facing the reality of these extremely delicate stabilities, such as the whole universe's massive system , some people  start having anxiety and fear. For  example, they start living with the fear and the anxiety of being caught by a sudden earthquake or being struck  by  lightning. Of course, this is also  wrong behavior. The true behavior is to see the reality that all of these delicate stabilities are totally in the control of Allah. 

The Delicate Stabilities That Surround The Universe

There are numerous events happening  in the world, a world, within a universe that  rotates nonstop in an endless space.  Each of these events demonstrates  extremely great miracles with entire  details.  However, all of these are frightening for a person who does not have faith, and for someone who does not realize Allah's control and power over these events. For example, the bombardment of meteors, which happen at any time on the upper layers of the atmosphere, can lead unbelievers into anxiety. However, every moment of this bombardment is under Allah's control. This is because  Allah  has uniquely created the atmosphere that surrounds the world for this reason. The meteors that head towards the earth with a speed of 40 kilometers per second starts burning after entering the atmosphere by the affects of friction; in this way, the atmosphere makes approximately 50 thousand meteors harmless per year. As it is seen, this world is being protected from big disasters by a powerful shield called the atmosphere . Such a big threat would destroy  life in the universe if left aimlessly; however, it becomes no more danger by the magnificent system that Allah  has created.  On  the contrary, it turns into a wonder of creation that emphasizes the excellence of Allah's endless art.

The existence  of the magma that bubbles up under the earth is also an event that would cause fear in  a person who does not have trust in Allah, As it is known, the heat increases by 30 degrees descending  into the centre of the earth. At the core, this heat extraordinarily reaches  to 4500 degree Celsius. There is  almost 60 degrees heat, in only one kilometer under the ground. However, this situation that interests everyone on earth is not even known by many people. In fact, through the tremendous systems that Allah creates, everyone on earth is safe from a potential danger that this  situation would have caused. 

tedly, there are countless systems that Allah has created in order for people to live on this earth.  Humans  keep living in this world peacefully with a spontaneous submissive spirit, without even knowing that Allah placed this in their hearts . On the other hand, Muslims are aware of these delicate stabilities, and they have trust in Allah with their whole heart.  Moreover, they see the perfect art in  Allah's creation, and they acknowledge Allah's greatness.

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