The Secret Beyond Matter

“There is no betrayal of the leader in the communist system; the PKK will not abandon Abdullah Öcalan...”


The PKK is a Stalinist-Marxist organization. Therefore, unless they suffer from a mental disorder or engage in serious activity against its own interests, the organization will not get rid of its leaders. Loyalty to the leader is intense in the communist Stalinist system. They should not even dream the PKK will abandon its leaders. That is out of the question. Under the communist Stalinist system, leaders are only done away with if they are killed or a serious conflict of opinion arises. Otherwise, no such thing has ever been seen in the Marxist system. There is no betrayal in the Marxist system. Of course it is an irreligious organization, but it also has its own ethical structure. Communists have a strong sense of loyalty; they look out for their own people, in other words. For example, even if someone was killed 20 or 30 years ago, they will still be remembered every year. That is a form of loyalty. They never renounce that. So there is no question of their turning their backs on Abdullah Öcalan. Some people may hope they will, but they will not. The organization will never renounce its Marxist-Leninist line. (January 11th, 2013-A9 TV)

2013-02-22 11:34:34

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