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Darwinists' 'common ancestor' deception

Embarrassed by the theory they espouse, Darwinists are now trying to cover up the idea that “we are descended from apes.”  They are now trying to place Darwin under protection, saying “Darwin never actually said we are descended from apes, but referred to a common ancestor.” Darwinist publications have also adopted this deception and started carrying such ludicrous captions as “apes are our cousins, rather than our ancestors.”  Darwinists started inventing brand new things because of their illogical claims, yet what they invented has just made their degradation even worse. 

We are issuing the following call to Darwinists espousing this claim:

You are just embarrassing yourselves by saying, “the (imaginary) ancestor of human beings is not an ape, but a common forebear.” Is what you describe not a strange entity closely resembling an ape? And, according to what you claim, does this life form resemble an ape or not? It would appear that it does resemble one. That being the case, what does it matter if it is called an ape or something else? Are you not referring to a wild animal resembling a human being? If it makes you feel better we can called it a “hape” instead. But does calling it a “hape” make your claim any less ridiculous?

Give up your demagoguery! This is a totally primitive idea. Declaring an ape-like creature to be a “common ancestor” and saying “we are actually descended from a common ancestor, not from apes” is utterly humiliating.  People refer to this imaginary and odd entity you refer to as an “ape.” This life form resembles a gorilla, a chimpanzee or a primate. But the general term used to describe it is “ape.” There can be no question of ignoring that this is just any word used to describe an entity and saying, “we never said any such thing.” There have been a great many apes resembling human beings. The ape species described as Homo habilis, for instance, exhibits many structural similarities to humans. But this is a complete ape, one covered in fur, that attacks everything around it with its sharp teeth and that eats meat, even members of its own species. In other words, it is an animal. The fact it resembles human beings in some respects does not alter that fact.

Man is a totally different entity.

Man is an entity possessed of reason and awareness, that sees and perceives images, and that thinks about and makes judgments regarding these; in other words, man IS AN ENTITY WITH A SOUL. In order for something to be “human” it has to be an entity WITH A SOUL capable of saying “I” and aware of its own existence. Even if a soul were bestowed on a cat, that entity would be a human being in the shape of a cat. What makes human beings different from other living things is that they possess a soul. Do not ignore that fact!

There have been a great many apes resembling human beings. The fact they resemble human beings in some respects does not alter this fact: What makes human beings different from other living things is that they possess a soul.

Darwinists Use the Same Tactic to Misinterpret Explanations Based on Chance

Your tactic of misinterpreting the subject of the imaginary “ape ancestor” is the same as that with which you misinterpret the subject of “chance”! Darwinism is a heretical belief that totally denies Creation, the Creator (surely Allah is beyond that) and thus all the consciousness, reason and design in living things. It therefore ascribes everything random coincidences and aimless, uncontrolled phenomena. Although Darwinism has no other account to offer, and although all Darwinists’ accounts are based on chance and although accounts based on chance appear in all their publications, they still say, “we did not really refer to chance at all.” This is just a bid to refer to chance by another name. 

Do not try to change the name of chance in the same way you are trying to alter that of the imaginary “ape ancestor.” Just as you know how you are degrading yourselves when you say “we are descended from apes,” so you are also humiliated when you say, “it happened by chance.” That is why you are trying to give this nonsense a different name and say, “we never spoke of chance.” Asked whether “a conscious entity did this” you say, “No.” Asked whether “all these phenomena are under the control of a mind, an intelligence,” you will again say, “No.”

This is a deception. A thing either exists, or it does not. There is either a glass on the table, or there is not. There is no third possibility. You must therefore put an end to your demagoguery. All humanity is amazed at how you are able to belittle yourselves so childishly.

There is an important fact that we have reiterated many times before: people can no longer be taken in by Darwinist deceptions. People no longer find it satisfying and convincing when you say, “all right, not an ape, but a common ancestor.” These accounts just confirm a fact we have already shown and described for a long time now: the fact that Darwinists in fact possess nothing other than demagoguery.

The more there are of such instances, the better people can see the methods by which Darwinists have deceived them for so many years. People are now much more of the opinion that Darwinism is a fraud. What no remains to be done is therefore to accept this state of affairs and act in the light of the scientific facts. To admit that Darwinism has been defeated and tell people the truth. Like all the other entities on Earth, human beings have been created by our Lord’s will and at His command. What makes human beings human is the soul that Almighty Allah bestows on them. Nothing on Earth or in the universe can act outside the knowledge and decree of Allah. It is therefore impossible for there to be any randomness anywhere in the universe, not even in a single atom. Every entity manifests in itself the power, might and artistry of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. This is a sublime, matchless and flawless Creation.

It is Allah Who created the seven heavens and of the Earth the same number, the command descending down through all of them, so that you might know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah encompasses all things in His knowledge. (Surat at-Talaq, 12)

2009-07-17 15:17:32

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