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Belief in Allah must be strengthened if the killings are to come to an end

Eight mothers have been killed in Turkey in the last 4 months. Eight young people have savagely murdered their own mothers in cold blood, and have then described the events in the same cold-blooded manner. Teachers and psychologists have been holding meetings and conferences to address the issue, over the last few months, editorials have been written and people from all sections of society have been discussing these horrendous incidents.

The way that one 17-year-old recently butchered his mother and then published all the details on his web site is truly terrifying. This latest incident is not only the most violent of the acts of savagery that have been taking place over the last few months, it is also the most openly described.  The person concerned made it clear in his own words on his web site that he did not “believe in Allah, possessed a mindset that served satan and did not recognize religious moral values.” This all makes the philosophy of life and dark state of soul, which literally delight in savagery, of the young person concerned.

The reason for the increasing violence is without doubt that some people have turned their backs on belief in Allah, do not fear Him as they ought and regard themselves as a kind of animal with no responsibilities in this world. When such an idea comes to predominate, it is inevitable that such frightening events will take place, and that children will act in the light of savage instincts. People who hold such beliefs are quite unaware that they will have to give account to our Lord in the Hereafter and that they are entities responsible for themselves and everything created by Allah. For them, they themselves, the people around them and their parents are all kinds of animal, and because of this belief system caused by Darwinism, animal feelings come to dominate instead of human ones. That state of mind propels a person who does not believe toward a troubled, hate-filled and doubt-ridden mindset. The person comes to hate his family, his surroundings, animals and all living things and becomes capable of inflicting the very worst harm on them. The person delights in aggression, anger, conflict and corruption. Since he has no fear of Allah he has no shame when it comes to committing crimes. Just as in these incidents...

The conclusion from all the above is this; people and societies must be raised with a belief in and fear of Allah.  People who believe in Allah and possess a conscience have a well-balanced mind and a strong, sound character. With these healthy characteristics they add to their moral values, such people are useful first to themselves and then to those around them and society in general.  For such people, human beings are valuable entities that bear the soul of Allah. Because they love, respect and serve other people, live for Allah’s approval and know that they will have to account for everything they do to Him, they are never apathetic or uncaring. They attach the appropriate value to religious virtues, the family and tradition. They enjoy dialogue with all the entities around them. They feel a constant compassion for them, rather than wanting to hurt them. They make no sudden or uncontrolled actions, never become angry and are never aggressive. They approach everything around them with compassion and moral virtue. They are clean in mind and body.

There is no possibility of such a person harming any living thing, let alone other people or his own parents. The only reason for this scourge confronting us is that people have no fear of Allah. The only effective measure to be taken in the face of frequently encountered scourges is to totally eliminate the oppressive system involved and to raise children with a love and fear of Allah. Otherwise, no superficial measure can heal this serious wound. In one verse Allah quotes one of the sons of Adem as a model for Muslims:

“Even if you do raise your hand against me to kill me, I am not going to raise my hand against you to kill you. Truly I fear Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.” (Sura al-Ma’ida, 28)
2008-12-31 16:18:44

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