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Some Specimens Of Fossil Skulls -9-


Age: 47 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Nei Meng Gu, China

This 47-million-year-old zebra skull is literally identical to those of present-day zebras. Remaining loyal to Darwinism when the evidence contradicts the claims of the theory of evolution, one by one, is obviously a total waste of time, resources and energy. These efforts by Darwinists do not give the results they hoped for, and bestow no credibility on them or their theories. On the contrary, their refusal to abandon their claims despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary further increases the suspicion with which they are regarded. There is absolutely no room for the theory of evolution in the findings that science has now obtained.



Age: 52 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Hua South, China

As Darwinists continue to await the appearance of intermediate-form fossils, the fossil record pushes the dating of so-called “living fossils” ever further into the remote past. For example; hyenas existed 50 million years ago, 80 million years ago, and even 90 million years ago. No matter how much Darwinists try to invent an imaginary evolutionary history, every hyena fossil ever discovered is identical to present-day specimens. The 52-million-year-old hyena skull pictured is further confirmation of this. As with other examples, this fossil shows that the animal has never changed over the course of aeons.



Age: 5.3 million years
Period: Miocene
Location: Xi An, China

This is how Darwin described the dilemma confronting his theory in his book:

. . . Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined? . . . But, as by this             theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?24

Some 160 years later, evolutionists are still faced by the same difficulty: While millions of fossils have been unearthed to date, why has not a single intermediate form ever been found? For anyone who can think unfettered by preconceptions the answer is obvious: because no intermediate forms have ever existed. Species did not come into being by evolving from one another. Almighty Allah creates all living things together with the sublime features they all possess.



Age: 42 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Zhe Jiang, China

The known fossil record is not, and has never has been, in accord with gradualism. What is remarkable is that, through a variety of historical circumstances, even the history of opposition has been obscured.    . . . “The majority of paleontologists felt their evidence simply contradicted Darwin’s stress on minute, slow, and cumulative changes leading to species transformation.” . . . their story has been suppressed.25

As Professor S. M. Stanley of Harvard University describes it, the theory of evolution is full of lies, implied confessions and objections—because Darwinists are well aware that the fossil records invalidate their theory. One of these specimens that discredit the theory of evolution is the 42-million-year-old brown bear skull pictured.



Age: 3.3 million years
Period: Pliocene
Location: Gan Su, China

The evolutionist and paleontologist David Pilbeam admits that the fossil findings disprove the theory of evolution:

If you brought in a smart scientist from another discipline and showed him the meager evidence we’ve got, he’d surely say, “Forget it: There isn't enough to go on.”26

There are no scientific grounds for Darwinists persisting in their claims. On the other hand, countless fossils such as the 3.3-million-year lion skull illustrated make clear the true state of affairs: Evolution is an unscientific fantasy. Almighty Allah, Lord of all, has created the universe and all living things.



Age: 33 million years
Period: Oligocene
Location: Yun Nan, China

The myth of the evolution of the horse is one of Darwinism’s best-known frauds. This scenario—which many contemporary evolutionists admit is untrue—is still defended by a number of fanatical Darwinists. However, this claim is full of extraordinary inconsistencies and lacks any scientific evidence, and has been totally refuted. Horses have remained unchanged over millions of years. The 33-million-year-old Asian wild horse skull illustrated shows that horses lived in exactly the same way then as they do now. This by itself is sufficient to demolish all Darwinist claims about the alleged horse evolution.



Age: 9.8 million years
Period: Miocene
Location: Yun Nan, China

Every new paleontological finding over the last 100 years or so has dealt a new blow to evolution. The intermediate forms that Darwin hoped would one day be found are still conspicuous by their absence. An article in Nature magazine made the following admission on this subject that proves the collapse of the theory of evolution:

Missing links in the sequence of fossil evidence were a worry to Darwin. He felt sure they would eventually turn up, but they are still missing and seem likely to remain so.27



Age: 53 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Yun Nan, China

Darwinists have no scientific evidence that evolution ever happened. This lack of evidence is apparent in their works and papers. The evolutionist and paleontologist Collin Patterson reveals the dilemma facing evolutionists with his response to criticism that he failed to include intermediate forms in his book Evolution:

I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them. . . ..I will lay it on the line, There is not one such fossil for which one might make a watertight argument.28




Age: 30 million years
Period: Oligocene
Location: White River Formation, Wyoming, USA

Natural history is full of countless fossil specimens preserved together with their perfect structures. One such is this 30-million-year-old fossil rabbit. On close examination, it can be seen that there is no difference between rabbits that lived 30 million years ago and their counterparts living today. To put it another way, all rabbits have always existed as rabbits right through the course of history—they are not descended from any other life form and never turned into any other. The frauds, distortions and propaganda techniques to which Darwinists resort in order to keep their theory alive are now utterly meaningless. The fossil record has clearly demonstrated the unchanging nature of living things and has invalidated all the conjectural accounts that can be proposed on the subject.




Age: 18 million years
Period: Miocene
Location: Chile

Cormorants are waterfowl with long bodies and broad tails, and their counterparts 18 million years ago displayed exactly the same characteristics. Darwinists try to give the impression that living things are in a constant state of change and evolve by passing through various transitional stages. The truth is very different, however: As with the fossil illustrated here, the countless cormorant fossils unearthed to date all declare that these living things have never altered at all.





Age: 12 to 7 million years
Period: Miocene
Location: China

There is no difference between the teeth of raccoons living some 12 million years ago and those alive today.

This raccoon fossil from the Miocene Period documents that these animals have never altered over the past 12 million years or so. The anatomical features in this fossil show that raccoons were the same then as they are today.

Natural history is very different from what Darwinists claim. There were no odd, semi-developed creatures or mammals that had yet to complete their development millions of years ago. On the contrary, the Earth of millions of years ago was inhabited by many life forms still in existence today. The extraordinary variety of life is the scientific reality that alarms and terrifies Darwinists.




Age: 90 million years
Period: Cretaceous
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

The fossil’s teeth are clearly visible in the photograph.

Coyotes living 90 million years ago were completely identical to coyotes living today. Millions of years in the past, these animals had exactly the same features as members of the species do today. They have never changed in 90 million years. Coyotes have never turned into or evolved from another species. This applies to all the other life forms that existed millions of years ago. That being so, there is obviously no logic to the evolutionist account of how human beings have changed. Like all the other scenarios, these go no further than deceptive speculations.




Age: 70 to 40 million years
Period: Cretaceous-Eocene
Location: China

Zebras living today have exactly the same characteristics as those in existence around 70 million years ago. Detailed inspection of this fossil skull shows that all its features are identical to those of present-day zebras. This proves that zebras have never been subjected to any alterations since the moment of their first Creation and that they were created in a single moment, together with all their perfect attributes. This same sublime Creation applies to humans and all other living things, and in the face of these realities, Darwinists are reduced to silent despair.




Age: 50 million years
Period: Eocene
Location: Da Quing, Hei Long Jiang, China

Specimens of these mammals dating back 50 million years have been perfectly preserved. This specimen, also millions of years old, shows that antelopes have never been subjected to any alteration, and neither descended from nor evolved into any other life form. Just like zebras, wolves, tigers and foxes millions of years old, these living things were also created in the manner determined by Allah, and never changed since. As is the case with all other life forms, there is not a single intermediate form to support the myth of human evolution. As with all other evolutionist claims, this one is completely false. Living things on Earth never evolved.


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