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Chapter 16. Evolutionists' Confessions Stating that the Human Soul cannot Be Explained in Terms of Evolution

Another subject that evolutionists cannot explain is how, during the process of evolution, humans acquired characteristics that separate them from all other life forms. Human beings are conscious entities possessed of free will, able to think, speak, reason, take decisions and make judgments. All these characteristics are processes belonging to the human soul, which is the main feature creating the enormous gulf between humans and other animals.

Man is the only living thing in nature with a soul, and no supposed mechanism of evolution can account for the features of the soul and its formation.

All evolutionists, Darwin included, are well aware of this. Here are a few examples of evolutionist admissions on this subject:

Darwin restricts natural selection, which he proposed as a propulsive force, to the formation of new species and forms on the biological level. He regards various factors affecting the emergence of the various activities that we refer to as culture and civilization as having occurred during the process of developing the emotional, mental and moral attributes we see in their clearest form in humans. Man is not only the biological product of natural selection, but also of progress in the psychological, moral and cultural spheres.

However, it is far from clear how the aimless, mechanical process of natural selection, can have led to such extraordinary advances. We cannot even say that Darwin provided a satisfactory resolution of this difficulty.337

Moral (ethical) behavior is not a natural form of behavior, but a cultural one unique to man alone. We know that Darwin failed to see that distinction sufficiently clearly. If he had seen it, he would not have gone down the road of locating certain activities rooted in the human mind and moral awareness within a biological evolutionary framework. In his view, "thought" was something to be seen as the juice of the brain. "In the same way that gravity is a feature of matter, so thought is a characteristic of our brains," says Darwin. But is this equation, which confuses physiology and psychology, strictly accurate?... At this point, it is clear that Darwin is in error.338

Hoimar Von Ditfurth is a German professor of neurology and a well-known evolutionist science writer:

We are unable to provide any answer to how consciousness, the soul, reason and emotion came into being along the path of natural history and genetic development.  Because there is no superior attribute to the soul we possess. In the words of evolutionary theoreticians, we have no equation by which we can perceive and understand the soul as a whole.339

Roger Lewin is a well-known evolutionist science writer and former editor of New Scientist magazine:

In the physical realm, any theory of human evolution must explain how it was that an ape-like ancestor, equipped with powerful jaws and long, dagger-like canine teeth and able to run at speed on four limbs, became transformed into a slow, bipedal animal whose natural means of defense were at best puny. Add to this the powers of intellect, speech and morality, upon which we "stand raised as upon a mountain top" as Huxley put it; and one has the complete challenge to evolutionary theory.340

Materialist scientists in fact know that what makes human beings human is the human soul. But they all claim not to know it.

Fred Alan Wolf expresses this fact thus:

Today, you will quickly see by perusing the latest books about the overlap of science, God, and the soul, that most if not all of them attempt either to explain away the soul as a material process, missing its essential points (that it is sacred and immortal) and its essential purpose (that it is necessary for consciousness to exist) or never discuss it at all in spite of the promising book titles.341  

Consiousness cannot be explained in terms of any Darwinist claim. Despite being an evolutionist Henry Gee, editor of Nature magazine issued the following statement regarding the illogical nature of evolutionists’ claims on the subject:

For example, the [alleged] evolution of Man is said to have been driven by improvements in posture, brain size, and the coordination between hand and eye, which led to technological achievements such as fire, the manufacture of tools, and the use of language. But such scenarios are subjective. They can never be tested by experiment, and so they are unscientific. They rely for their currency not on scientific test, but on assertion and the authority of their presentation.342

insan, materyalistler

Man is an entity with a soul bestowed on him by Allah, and who is able to think, rejoice, feel excitement, produce ideas, and understand the concepts of honor, respect, love, friendship, loyalty, honesty and sincerity. According to materialists, however, all these sentiments are products of the neurons, or nerve cells, inside the brain and chemical reactions between them. Yet this claim is neither scientific nor logical. In order not to have to accept the existence of a supra-material being, materialists prefer an idea that's totally incompatible with reason and logic. The fact is that all these properties, which distinguish human beings from other living things, are actually functions of the soul.



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