The Secret Beyond Matter

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..."If the Book had been sent down to us, We would have been better guided than they were." For a Clear Sign has come to you from your Lord and guidance and mercy...
(Surat al-An'am: 157)

In several eastern religions, as in the concept of karma and other beliefs of this kind, there are obviously some features borrowed or inherited from the true religions of the very ancient peoples. However, in the course of time, these beliefs have become corrupted owing to the addition of elements of superstition and myth handed down from generation to generation. While they may appeal to people to adopt positive moral qualities and to live in peace, they also contain many irrational elements such as the worship of cows, greeting them as if they were people, and regarding mice and monkeys as sacred. That is why everyone who wishes to bring positive qualities such as peace, love, friendship and inner contentment into their lives, and who sincerely wishes to ensure that these qualities become more widespread among mankind in general, should look to Allah and to the Qur'an, the book that Allah revealed to us and chose for us as our guide. It is only in the Qur'an that we will find the solution to every problem that causes us worry and that we wish to set right. Allah has created every one of us in such a way that we will find happiness and peace of mind if we follow the religion He Himself chose for us:

So set your face firmly towards the religion, as a pure natural believer,
Allah's natural pattern on which He made mankind.
There is no changing Allah's creation.
That is the true religion— but most people do not know it.
(Surat ar-Rum: 30)


10 / total 11
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