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Harun Yahya Documentaries And Audio Cassettes 2

Television Stations Broadcasting Documentaries in English


Harun Yahya documentaries are broadcast regularly by many local television stations. These include not only channels serving the Muslim community, but also Christian stations, among them ACTV Cable Channel 21, Bridges TV, Universal Truth, Islam: A Guide to Human Excellence, Amica TV, Community Public Access Channel, Islamic Information Service TV (Los Angeles), TCTV (Torrance Cable TV - California), Arab American TV Chicago, Cox TV (California), Zindabad TV, and Channel 77.


Australia has shown a particular interest in Harun Yahya's documentaries. Channel 31, sponsored by the Australian Islamic College, is one of several stations that broadcast them regularly. In addition, ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasts them on its "Nigthtlife" program.


Harun Yahya documentaries are broadcast in Canada by Vision of Islam TV (Pakistan TV Network), Canada National Learning Center, and Jafry Communications.


There is enormous interest in the Harun Yahya documentaries in Nigeria, as can be seen from the large number of messages reaching the website. These documentaries, broadcast by Edo Broadcasting Service with various channels affiliated to the TV Authority, National TV, and Radio Télévision Ténéré, help many people grow in faith.


"The End Times and the Mahdi" documentary and book

"Allah Is Known through Reason" documentary

South Africa

Harun Yahya documentaries are broadcast on ITV, the country's first English-language Islamic channel. ITV is on air 24 hours a day and attracts around 4 million viewers in some twenty African countries. It regularly screens English-language versions of these documentaries. Channel Africa also shows them in South Africa.


Zanzibar Cable TV regularly airs Harun Yahya documentaries.

New Zealand

Harun Yahya documentaries are regularly broadcast by the local Shine Television channel.

Sri Lanka

The nationwide National TV channel shows Harun Yahya documentaries.


Local channel TTS Channel 5 broadcasts Harun Yahya documentaries. Station managers say that they receive very positive reactions from both Muslim and non-Muslim viewers.

Some Messages Received Regarding The Documentaries

I'm very impressed with your books & CDs , my students are of different ages ( middle & high school). They were overwhelmed with such great work. May Allah bless you, I'm in contact with some distributors of the books in Dubai and I hope I can get all the works to be of great use by the students in my school. I hope to have the chance that you come and speak to my students.

Laila Diaa, UAE

Sir, you are doing vey well (jazakAllah). Your CDs are very much useful to explain our religion, by using all these recourses I am able to explain ISLAM to my non-Moslem friend. Thank you, may ALLAH be pleased with you (jazakAllah).

Javed Ahmad, India

Your CD on the Miracle of Cell is likely the final work on the Cell perhaps. It influenced my students much.

Samiuddin, Pakistan

bird feather

Allah may shower all of His blessing upon Brother Haroon and his team. 1st time I have seen this website after watching brother Harron's CD "Miracle of Quran". It was excellent. I am very much keen to read this great man's all publishing in future insha ALLAH.

Mohamed Razeen, Sri Lanka

Brother your website is wonderful, what I liked the most is your films as they are more effective then books & have a long lasting effect. Thank you brother for free downloading of books, movies and all, your site will really help many to strengthen their Faith in today's evil generation. Brother please try to make in all possible languages so that people who don't know English will [benefit], especially the uneducated ones. May ALLAH give you more strength to unite Muslims. May ALLAH give you big big big reward. Jazak Allah Khair.

Shifa Shaikh, India

Over and over again I read and watch the VCDs of Harun Yahya, and I always get the new spirit of Allah. Well I think everyone who ever saw its video and also read books of Harun Yahya, has the same feeling. And see what you got after that, we all will love Allah more and more. Harun Yahya and team, with all you have done, just believe, you'll get a big-big blessing from Allah. With all your heart, you'll feel it.

Dian Susmarini, Indonesia

SubhanAllah! You have made REMARKABLE WORKS! I have watched your VCDs. It makes me more understand this life. Your work is truly an inspiration to all human being to accept the truth Allah has given to us. Since I was a child, my mom has been teaching me about the existence of Allah, how He creates and cares everything in this world and beyond. Watching your VCDs reminded me my mom's simple explanations. But of course you gave it more and more details with GREAT and EXTRAORDINARY explanation in scientific ways. I was so happy when I showed her your VCD series. Thank you so much, you have strengthened our Imaan to Allah SWT. Hope you will produce many more books, videos, especially for children, because it's better to show the truth of Allah since they are kids (like what my mother did to me, although she had just been a Moslem when I was a baby). I want to know more about Mr. Adnan Oktar and his family. Reading his works also makes me interested to study Turkish Language because I imagine that someday I'll meet you.

Indah Pristiawati, Indonesia

I 've read and collected Harun Yahya books and VCDs. Sometimes I buy more than one book and give to friends so they will also have more understanding about this life. Thank you Mr. Harun. I love Allah, I love all Moslems and I love you. May Allah reward you for all your REMARKABLE WORKS!

Indah Prist, Indonesia

I have several VCDs of Harun Yahya production, I'm very happy & surprised with the content of this. I support You to produce other products.

Winarto Rachmat, Indonesia

Miracles of the Quran Miracle Brain Smell and Taste The Miracle in the seas

"Miracles of the Qur'an," "Miracles of the Brain: Smell and Taste," and "Splendour in the Seas" are just some of the documentaries that attract great interest.

I was so fascinated about some of your works e.g. DEEP THINKING, ALTRUISM IN NATURE just to mention a few. The truth is that all the western world documentaries we've been buying are not as rich detailed and well researched as yours. The only thing I can say now is to pray to Almighty Allah to grant you more wisdom and to grant you Aljannat Fridous.

Yusuf Abdulmajid, Nigeria

All of your DVDs are fantastic. Thank you and Thanks God .. we have Harun Yahya...

Edina Pelbawati, Indonesia

German-language Documentaries

German Documentaries

This set, consisting of 10 CDs (each containing two documentaries) features, among others, "Islam Denounces Terrorism," "Technology in Nature," "The Creation of Man," "The Collapse of Atheism," "The Collapse of Materialism," "The Truth of the Life of This World," "Solution: The Values of the Qur'an," and "The Dark Face of Darwinism." Documentaries are regularly broadcast in both German and Turkish on Germany's TV stations, such as TD1 and Nur TV.

These documentaries, also watched by large numbers of people in Austria and other German-speaking countries, are used as resource material by some teachers, and attract wide student attention. Many students who watch public screenings of them visit the websites to obtain more detailed information about Harun Yahya's works.

Sometimes, volunteers distribute these documentaries. For example, one Turkish citizen living in Germany reports that he distributes, free of charge, German-language documentaries to Turks living in his city after Friday prayers. Having reached 10,000 families, he states that many viewers have subsequently turned to faith.

Bosnian-language Documentaries

Documentaries Bosnian

Some of the documentaries in this 10 CD Bosnian-language set are "The Dark Face of Darwinism," "The Harmony in the Universe," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "Miracles of the Qur'an" and "New Age: A Superstitious Religion of Modern Times."

Just like the author's books, these documentaries attract considerable interest. In fact, they were broadcast regularly throughout 2004 Ramadan on such popular Bosnian TV stations as NTV and Sancak TV. TV Srbac also broadcasts Harun Yahya documentaries on a regular basis.

Harun Yahya Documentaries On ARY TV

insight ARY TV Harun Yahya WORKS

ARY Digital TV, which broadcasts from Dubai, has introduced Harun Yahya's works on its "Insight" program. The guests presented a program on "Islam from the Ottoman Empire to Present-Day Turkey, Europe, and Near Asia." This program, which is broadcast in English during the news hour on Mondays in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and the Gulf nations, reaches 128 countries.

Guests on the first program stated that readers had made their interest clear through the hundreds of e-mails received every day. They also described how the Balkan and Central Asian peoples who had lived under communism now enjoyed easy access, free of charge, to all kinds of Islamic materials on Harun Yahya's website. Program officials also said that broadcasts with a similar content will continue.

Harun Yahya On Kazakhstan's AS TV News


Photos from the AS TV news bulletin introducing Harun Yahya

AS TV regularly screens Harun Yahya documentaries. In 2003, its special news report covered the conferences held in the country and revealed the ensuing positive effects by interviewing members of the public. Kazakh-language documentaries are also regularly shown by Daghestan's TNT and Mahachkala TV stations and Kyrgyzstan's OSH TV station.

Indonesian-Language Documentaries

The Harun Yahya documentary set prepared under the name of "Proofs of Creation" includes "The Secret behind Matter," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," and "The Creation of the Universe."

Indonesian Documentaries

6th Set Of Indonesian Language Harun Yahya Series

1. Satanism 2. The Miracles of the Qur'an 3. Allah Is Known through Reason 4. Love and Co-operation in Living Things 5. The Collapse of Communism 6. The Glory in the Heavens

Documentaries are broadcast on various channels and via Harun Yahya websites. TPI, a private channel, regularly airs these documentaries, as does Ar-Rahman TV. Many others have requested permission to do so. One of these is the Indonesian state channel TVRI (Televisi Republik Indonesia), whose producers were greatly impressed after watching the "Architects in Nature" and stated their desire to broadcast documentaries as well.

Another element that reveals this great interest is the high number of sales. An official from NCR, which distributes them, reported that more than 400,000 were sold in six months. He also stated that this was the first time there had been such a high demand in such a short space of time, and that demand was still rising.

Indonesian Documentaries

1) Answers from the Qur'an 3
2)"Miracles of the Brain: Smell and Taste"
3) "The Miracle Planet 2"
4) "Allah's Artistry in Color"
5) "For Children"

From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Would Like To Thank You For All Of Great Works That You've Done. May Allah Bless You With Health And Strength To Continue Your Efforts Telling People About The Existence Of Allah, The Creator. Spreading Allah's Words To The Universe. Wassalamu'alaikum.

Kendy Aditya Sumbogo Indonesia

Urdu-Language Documentaries

Many Urdu-language documentaries are broadcast by television channels in Pakistan and India and shown by volunteers at public mass screenings. For example, 7,000 copies of "The Miracles of the Qur'an" were made by an Indian charity and handed out free of charge. They are also shown at conferences and seminars organized by the same foundation.

These documentaries are broadcast in Pakistan by Indus Vision and Mutual Cable TV, and in India on such channels as WIN TV, CMM Broadcasting Network Limited, and AASTHA TV.

A Few Of The Many Messages Received

It was TV channel through which I got to know the works of Harun Yahya and the website. It's almost two years since I'm reading the books and my life is totally changed. Now I can find any answer to my question, only what I have to do is log on to the web. Mr. HarunYahya is the only hero of my world. ...

Annie Jamshed, Pakistan

I am always interested in such documentaries which are easy to understand rather than the confusing lectures by many "wise" people. I saw Mr. Harun's work on the Cable TV channel called Indus and it was amazing. It was duned in Urdu and had awesome videos, moreover every bit in the program was so easy to understand and practical at the same time. I really praise the efforts of the author. Allah bless him. Is there any way that I can personally e-mail him. It will surely be a great inspiration.

Salman Ali Khan, Pakistan

I watch your programmes on Indus TV regularly. I really admire your work on Quran & Science. You have done an excellent work for Muslims. Your work will help in eradicating the non-Islamic thoughts and philosophies which are prevalent from at least 10 or 11 centuries. It is the first time that Quran is understood in the light of Science. All of those who are working in this direction will help the Muslims to be a practical Muslim. Your work is absolutely demanding in today's world. Best Regards.

Shah Alam Zaidi, Pakistan

I have been reading your pages most of the day. I was first acquainted by a television programme about Harun Yahya. I am very impressed by his articles and way of thought especially science & Quran.

Abdul Rahim Soomro, Pakistan

May God bless you always, you are doing a marvelous job for your religion, all Muslims should be proud of you. We need a platform to explain and defend our religion and you sure have provided us one. I have seen documentaries based on your books on "INDUS VISION" and I am very very much impressed by your work. May Allah give you more strength to continue with your work. I am just a 20 year old and I think it would be a treat for people of my age group to read your books because we need them to guide us. I would love to continue my studies in the field of Genetics and computer sciences in the light of Quran following your footsteps. It would be a pleasure for me to do something for you.

Sayeda Sarah Saleem, Pakistan

... As I've mentioned I'm a medical student in my final year. I came to know about this site through a programme shown on Haroon Yahya's work and books on Indus Vision. I was so fascinated and impressed by this programme because whatever little miracles I've seen during my life as a student in the hospital were so marvellously put forward by him. I'm talking about the miracles of Quran and the very creation of man. I appreciate his work fully.

Habiba Malik, Pakistan

Malay-language Documentaries

Among these documentaries are "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "The Creation of the Universe," "The Secret behind Matter," "Miracles of the Qur'an," "The Fact of Creation," and "The Miracle in the Cell."

Documentaries are broadcast on TV3 and an Internet TV station known as Cyberjaya TV.

tv programme Malaysian

Cyberjaya TV, which is broadcast by satellite and seen in some sixty countries, regularly screens Harun Yahya's documentaries and shows programs that introduce his works. One program, screened on 26 May 2004, provided detailed information about Harun Yahya's work in Malaysia.

Malaysian Documentaries

Displayed above is a poster for the "Signs of the Creator" set. To the side is a picture of the documentary set distributed during conferences held in Malaysia.

Arabic-language Documentaries

Among these fifty or so documentaries are "The Mystery of the Deep," "The Splendour in the Seas," "Solution: The Values of the Qur'an," "The Prophet Abraham (as) and the Prophet Lot (as)," "Jesus (as) Will Return" and "Marvellous Creatures 1 and 2." They are shown on television channels in many Arabic-speaking countries and attract enormous interest.

As is the case in other countries, they are also shown in schools and conference and meeting halls. For example, Morocco's Casablanca University uses them as teaching aids and screens them in university conference halls. Some producers also use long extracts, such as Unity TV, which broadcasts in Iraq. Programs about the theory of evolution on this channel make wide use of these documentaries.

Arabic Documentaries

Advertising posters prepared by the Al-Sirat company, which distributes Arabic-language documentaries, for "Perished Nations" and "The Miracle in the Ant"

Saudi Arabia

"The Miracle of Human Creation" (in Arabic)

The television channel Suud Al- Majd broadcasts Harun Yahya's documentaries, as does Iqra TV, one of the country's largest stations.


Harun Yahya documentaries are broadcast on the Discover Islam channel.


Oman's official television channel broadcast fifteen Harun Yahya films, twice daily, throughout the second half of Ramadan 2004. People in other countries who have satellite dishes all watch this channel.


Harun Yahya's documentaries are broadcast by Yemen TV.

A Few Of The Many Messages Received

I watched your documentaries and works about Matrix. I pray that Almighty Allah help me to complete my academic studies. InsaAllah we meet one day; your site is the best. I will try to help you to make publications about Palestine.

Fareed Atamna, Palestine

I live in East Saudi Arabia and would like to [go to] your sales bureau here, for I want to buy some films in Urdu. Please inform me about the address.

Mahmood Alam, Saudi Arabia

I am the executive of a television channel broadcasting from MBC satellite in Middle East. Our purpose is to educate the Arab youth. I am impressed by Sheikh Harun Yahya's works. Can he be a regular speaker in our program?

Hani Khoja, Saudi Arabia

Arabic Documentaries

"Fact of Creation" (in Arabic)

"Architects in Nature" (in Arabic)

Documentaries in Serbo-Croat

Harun Yahya documentaries are shown and watched with great interest on various TV channels in Serbia and the Republic of Yugoslavia.

Serbian Documentaries

"The Miracle in Birds," "The Miracle in the Seas," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "Architects in Nature," "The Miracle in the Cell," and "The Fact of Creation" (in Serbo-Croat)


Documentaries are shown on channel Vojvodina, one of the most influential television stations in the Serbian part of this country. They are also shown on TV Jesenjin, Elmag TV (Montenegro), Yu Info, TV Valjev, and TV Most.


TV Gornji Milanovac, TV Aleksinac, TV Paracin, TV Odzaci, and TV Vicom (Gradiska) all broadcast Harun Yahya documentaries in Serbia.

Azeri-language Documentaries

Azerbaijani Documentaries

"Architects in Nature" and "The Miracle in the Cell" (in Azeri)

Azerbaijani Documentaries

"The End Times and the Mahdi," "Islam: The Light Illuminating the World," and "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" (in Azeri)

Azarbaijanis have shown great interest in Harun Yahya documentaries. To date, sixteen documentaries have been translated, among them "The Secret behind Matter," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "Mecca: The Mother of Cities and the Sacred Site of the Kaaba," and "The Knights Templar and Freemasonry." Many more are being translated. Broadcast on Azeri state television, they are sometimes screened en masse in local cinemas. Some of the channels that show them are Az TV, Space TV, and Lider TV.

One of the Messages Received

Dear my brothers,

While in our day the West tries to show Islam as a religion of terror, we are in need of wise and intelligent people who can talk about the facts of our religion. I am happy that the Muslim community has a scholar as Harun Yahya. May Allah protect him and all faithful Muslim brothers.

Last year I watched a documentary based on Harun Yahya's book and liked it very much. Last December I borrowed a book of Harun Yahya from one of my friends and read it. I also learned a lot from it and liked it very much. When I visited your website, I realized that many books were in Azeri language and many other foreign languages and felt so happy. Thanks for all your efforts. I wished that I could be of help to these holy works. I wish you success in the future and forgiveness from Allah on the Day of Judgment.With my best wishes,

Zahir Ahmadov – Azerbeijan

Dutch-language Documentaries

Dutch holland Documentary

"Islam Denounces Terrorism"
(in Dutch)

Albanian-language Documentaries

More than ten documentaries have been translated into Albanian, among them "The Truth of the Life of This World," "The World Needs the Ottomans," "The Miracle of Design in the Cell," "The Creation of the Universe," and "Behind the Veil of Wars." Documentaries are broadcast on TVSH (the Albanian national channel) as well as TV Shijak, Neser TV, Gjeli Vizion, Teuta TV, Adriatik TV, and others. They are also regularly screened on various local stations in Kosovo.

Albanian Documentaries

To the side can be seen "The Creation of the Universe," "Signs of the Last Day," "Altruism in Nature," "Perished Nations," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "The Splendour in the Seas," and "The Miracle in Birds" (in Albanian).

Working and cooperating with you will make us happy…We have various NGO projects in Macedonia. One of the sectors in which we operate is to educate and inform the youth and the public. In education, the LITTLE BIG, the youth and child center operates. In our education programmes we give vision lessons to the youth with your CDs. Last year you provided these CDs. May Allah be pleased with you.

Senat Vraynko Bekiri-STK Chairman Millenium Association, Macedonia

Kazakh-language Documentaries

The nationwide Kazakh State Channel 1 regularly shows Harun Yahya's documentaries every Saturday. ERA TV, which broadcasts in the capital city Astana, also broadcasts them in both Azeri and Russian (on a weekly basis). In addition, free screenings are held every Sunday at the Presidential Culture Center.

TV K broadcasts Russian-language versions twice a week in Karaganda and carries programs introducing Harun Yahya's works.

I am a graduate of the Kazakhstan Ahmet Yesevi University. Last year I saw your CD broadcast on a local television channel in my city. Although it was in Turkish, it attracted great interest and was a means whereby several people came to the true path.

Ferit Dereli, Kazakhstan

Czech-language Documentaries

"The Creation of the Universe" has been translated into Czech.

Uzbek-language Documentaries

"Camouflage and Intelligent Behavior in Animals" has been translated into Uzbek.

Italian-language Documentaries

"The Creation of the Universe" has been translated into Italian.

Bengali-language Documentaries

Bengol Language Documentaries

"The Miracle of Design in the Cell," "The Creation of the Universe," and "The Miracles of the Qur'an" have been translated and are broadcast on Bangladesh TV, the country's national channel. Bangladesh TV owns all of the broadcasting rights to these documentaries and also airs them in English. Work on translating other documentaries into Bengali is continuing.

French-language Documentaries

French Documentaries

To the side can be seen "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "Islam Denounces Terrorism," "The Creation of the Universe," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," and "The Splendor in the Seas" (in French).

These documentaries attract great interest in French-speaking countries, particularly in France itself. The following documentaries, among others, have been translated: "Biomimetics: Technology Imitates Nature," "Solution: Moral Values of the Qur'an," "The Dark Face of Darwinism," "The Creation of the Universe," and "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution."

Hungarian-language Documentaries

"The Miracles of the Qur'an," "The Miracles in Birds," "Islam: The Light Illuminating the World," "The Creation of the Universe," "Behind the Veil of Wars," "Never Forget," and "Perished Nations" have all been translated and shown in the country's schools and universities.

A message from the United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir! May Allah Bless You! Reading your books have had a huge impact on my life. I have finally realized the purpose of life. Never any Islamic material touched my soul so much.... Downloading your books and reading them has become a part of daily routine. May Allah guide everyone towards the right path, and save us from the Hellfire. Ameen!!!

Irfan Farooq, UAE

Tamil-language Documentaries

Tamil documentary

"The Miracles of the Qur'an"
(in Tamil)

"The Miracles of the Qur'an" has been translated into Tamil, which is spoken in India, Singapore, the UAE, and parts of South Africa.

Bulgarian-language Documentaries

"Marvellous Creatures 1, 2 and 3," "Signs of the Last Day," "A Call to Islamic Union (subtitled)," "Islam: The Light Illuminating the World," and "Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teaching" have been translated into Bulgarian.

Malayalam-language Documentaries

malayalam documentary

"The Miracle in Birds" (in Malayalam)

"The Creation of the Universe," "Marvellous Creatures 1," and "The Miracles of the Qur'an" have been translated into Malayalam, which is spoken in parts of India, Malaysia, and the UAE.

Harun Yahya Works Introduced On Dubai TV

In a program broadcast on 4 January 2003 on Dubai TV, a channel watched in many countries, sections of the Arabic-language version "The Miracle of Human Creation" were broadcast. The program also introduced El-Afak, the Arabic translation of Ilmi Mercek. This magazine describes the contents of Harun Yahya documentaries, which are distributed free of charge to readers. The program particularly introduced The Evolution Deceit and informed its readers about Harun Yahya's work carried in the Science magazine. Another program introduced other works and summarized Islam Denounces Terrorism.

dubai tv harunyahya

Islam Denounces Terrorism was introduced on Dubai TV.
The program also introduced the Arabic-language version of "The Miracle of Human Creation."

harunyahya documentary

Some of the Arabic-language book covers were also shown on the TV program.

The program gave viewers information about the author's life and works, saying that he had written them solely for the pleasure of Allah, that he has already written some 200 works in Turkish (which have been translated and published), and that 200 more works are ready to be published. The speaker also emphasized that the author asks no copyright fees for these translations.

Chinese-language Documentaries

chine documentary

"The Secret behind Matter" (in Chinese)

Despite difficult conditions, Harun Yahya documentaries attract considerable interest in China. "The Secret behind Matter" has been prepared with subtitles, and the following ones have been translated: "Architects in Nature," "The Truth of the Life of This World," and "Maternal Affection and Love for Offspring in Living Things." The documentaries are watched with great interest both in mainland China and Hong Kong, and public showings are held in mosques, schools, and various charities and associations.

Uygur-language Documentaries

Documentaries Uighur

"The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution" (in Uygur)

"Architects in Nature" (in Uygur)

The works of Harun Yahya have also reached East Turkestan. The Uygur Turks, who have suffered under communist oppression for many years, follow his works with great interest. "The Truth of the Life of This World," "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "The Splendor in the Seas," "Architects in Nature," "The Miracles of the Qur'an," "The Miracle in Birds," as well as other documentaries, have all been translated.

Finnish-language Documentaries

"The Fact of Creation" and "The Creation of the Universe" have been subtitled.

Russian-language Documentaries

Russian Documentaries

Prophet Yusuf (as)

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Sulayman

Prophet Lut (as)

Russian Documentaries

The End Times
and the Mahdi

Behind the Veil
of Wars


Allah Is Known
through Reason

Russian Documentaries

Never Forget

Marvellous Creatures 2

Miracles of the

The Collapse of the
Theory of Evolution

A great many Harun Yahya documentaries have been translated into Russian. Some of these documentary films, watched with great interest, are "Architects in Nature," "Technology in Nature," "Behind the Veil of Wars," "Jesus Will Return," "Prophet Abraham and Prophet Lot," "The Secret of the Test," "The Creation of Man."

Harun Yahya Introduced On The Indonesian National Channel RCTI TV


This television program was produced by RCTI TV. Broadcast on 19 March 2003, it concentrated on Harun Yahya's work and its impact on Indonesia.

Harun Yahya's Audio Cassettes On Radio Stations

Audio cassettes based on the books of Harun Yahya are broadcast by radio stations in many countries. Some of these stations regularly air them in program form; others broadcast them during Ramadan or on special days and festivals. Some of these radio stations are:

Great Britain:

Radio Ramadhan-Birmingham and Radio Ramadhan-Glasgow regularly broadcast Harun Yahya audio tapes.


CJSW Radio broadcasts audio tapes once a week.

"The Miracles of the Qur'an" tape has been broadcast on Africa Radio International. Other tapes are also planned for airing.

Velayat TV and Radio broadcast the whole series of tapes over a three-month period.

KPFK FM aired the "Miracles Series" in seven parts.

Radio station FHL TV Faith, Hope, Love broadcast "The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution."


Some of the English-language audio CDs are "The Importance of Conscience in the Qur'an," "Before You Regret," "The Basic Concepts in the Qur'an."

KADV FM broadcast "The Creation of the Universe" nine times in the course of three months.

Victory Television Network, Channel 11, and KCHF produced and broadcast a program based on Harun Yahya documentaries and have asked permission to rebroadcast it during the new broadcasting season. The Bible Broadcasting Network aired "The Miracle in the Bee," "The Miracle in the Cell," "The Miracle of Birth," and "The Miracle in the Ant" as twenty-minute programs over the course of one month.

Such radio stations as Soundvision, IANA Radio, IIO Radio, Voice of Turkey, Microteam, Family Life Today, KPFK FM, Village Radio, Salam Radio, Islamic Discovery, IBN (Islamic Broadcasting Network), and The Voice of Islam also broadcast Harun Yahya tapes.


The Hatikvah Film Foundation Inc. serialized the "For Men of Understanding" series. Radyo Türkiyem, ZZZ, Islamic Radio, Lin2, and other radio stations regularly broadcast audio tapes based on Harun Yahya's works.

South Africa:

The Voice of the Cape has broadcast "The Miracle in the Bee," "The Miracle in the Ant," and other tapes. The Voice of South Africa, Channel Islam, Radio Islam, Radio Al Ansar, and Channel Africa regularly broadcast audio tapes.

Harun Yahya AUDIO BOOKS South Africa

"The Qur'an Leads the Way to Science 1" "The Miracle in the Ant," "The Miracle in the Honeybee" "The Miracle in the Cell," "The Miracle of Birth"

Harun Yahya AUDIO BOOKS South Africa

"The Creation of the Universe," "The Miracle in the Cell," "The Miracle of Birth," and "The Miracle of Creation in DNA" audio tapes.


RTV BIH broadcasts audio tapes by Harun Yahya.


BRT (State Radio) is just one of the radio stations that broadcasts Harun Yahya audio tapes.


CHSR FM has broadcast "Perished Nations," which attracted considerable interest, according to the station managers. CKUW FM (Winnipeg University Campus FM radio) also broadcasts Harun Yahya audio tapes.

Harun Yahya AUDIO BOOKS Canada

"The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution," "Perished Nations," and "The Miracles of the Qur'an" (in Albanian)

Harun Yahya AUDIO BOOKS Canada

"The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution, The Fact of Creation," "The Miracle in the Eye & The Miracle in the Ear" and "Miracles of the Qur'an"


Radio ADA and Choice FM broadcast Harun Yahya audio tapes.


East FM has broadcast tapes several times during Ramadan.

Islam Denounces Terrorism audio tape in English

"Islam Denounces Terrorism" audio tape


Capital FM has broadcast audio tapes prepared from the "Miracles" series.

Solomon Islands:

SIBC FM has twice broadcast "Perished Nations" and "The Miracle in the Eye" as two separate programs.


Özlem FM frequently broadcasts Harun Yahya audio tapes.


Mesaj FM broadcasts these audio tapes.

radio channel harunyahya

Dakta FM, which broadcasts in Indonesia, regularly airs Harun Yahya documentaries. Below is an interview on his works.


TERT (Türkmen Eli Radio) regularly broadcasts Harun Yahya audio tapes.


Harun Yahya audio tapes broadcast on Islamic Radio have attracted considerable interest.


Harun Yahya audio tapes are regularly aired on Kaduna Broadcasting Co. and Shafi'u M.


4 Arabs Radio is one of the stations that broadcast Harun Yahya audio tapes.


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