The Secret Beyond Matter

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From the examples given so far, we can see that termites live in perfectly ordered colonies. Every termite knows its duty and carries it out without error; and they behave self-sacrificially towards one another. Scientists have done much research about termites and written books about their findings; and the lack of any confusion in the termite system leaves them amazed.

Among these scientists, there are certainly evolutionists who have studied termites. All the proofs of faith they see in these creatures, they ascribe to chance; they ask “Who?” “Why?” and “How?” but they cannot find answers to their questions. You may read any chapter of an evolutionist book, but you will always find the same classic interpretations. These books propose various theories and make various claims, but their evidence is lacking. For example, Professor Ali Demirsoy, an evolutionist, explains why social insects live in colonies:

Social insects have organized among themselves to produce a unit of life . . . An ant nest resembles a multi-celled colony consisting of more than one individual. As with multi-celled organisms, no individual in the nest has the ability to survive on its own. That is because specific classes in the nest have specialized to perform specific jobs (recall honeybees and termites). Reproduction, fertilization, feeding, and defense in certain circumstances are all carried out by particular classes. In other words, the various functions of an organism capable of living on its own are divided among the various classes in the nest. Here, in order to succeed in the evolutionary stage already referred to, there has been an attempt to develop a brain and consciousness. Thus there has been an experiment with individuals whose progress has been prevented being able to make evolutionary progress in a different way. Progress at a specific level has thus been established. For example, care of the young, awareness of time, understanding in various forms, and temperature adjustment have all developed in an amazing way. In summary, when progress is prevented or blocked, there have been attempts for the society to develop consciousness. . . .” 51

In this paragraph, Dr. Demirsoy claims that, in order for social insects to live together, duties must be allotted to various classes. The brains and the awareness of the insects must be developed, and individual termites must make experiments. But as we can see, he offers no explanation for things like how termites care for their young, their sense of time, how they understand one another and how they regulate temperature. These abilities have simply developed in an “amazing way.”

At this point, we must ask some questions of evolutionist scientists:

First of all, who develops these insects’ awareness?

Who made them perform these supposed experiments?

Did the first termite sit down one day and start to think? Did it decide that a community was needed, and plan the social organization of a termite colony? Did other termites somehow appear to move into the colony and decide to go along with the first termite’s plans?

Let’s suppose that the first termite was a worker—infertile, so that it could not found a colony. No matter what qualities it was endowed with, none of them would remain after it died. The situation would not change if we supposed that the first termite was a soldier; it too would have certain problems to overcome. It would not be able to eat, because of the size of its jaw that was designed for battle. This would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for it to survive. If we suppose that the original termite was a queen, again, she would need workers to feed her, and a king to fertilize the eggs to propagate the species. How is it, then, that social insects were so eminently successful in founding a colony?

Termites have lived in colonies for millions of years without changing; 250 year-old termite fossils prove this. All the termites that have lived throughout this period have the same characteristics as termites living today: 150 million years ago, worker termites were self-sacrificial; fed the larvae, the soldiers and the queen; and, although blind, they built nests many meters high. Without exception, the characteristics of termites today are largely the same as those of every other termite.

All this points to an obvious fact: termites appeared all at once. That is, they were created by God.

The common characteristics of termites are all exhortations to faith. They deepen a believer’s faith, draw him closer to the Lord and increase his fear and love for Him. Telling others about these truths is an important act of worship. These facts increase a believer’s closeness to God; they also may soften the heart of a non-believer and cause him to think and take heed. Every individual has the responsibility to bring others to faith and assist them to lead morally good lives. A good way to carry out this responsibility is to share truth and wisdom by pointing out to others the excellence of God’s creation. The purpose of this book has been to stir up reader’s awareness of the existence and greatness of God through the example of a tiny species that He has created. Every person of faith must now heed this reminder and turn to the Lord:

That is God, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything. Eyesight cannot perceive Him, but He perceives eyesight. He is the All-Penetrating, the All-Aware. Clear insights have come to you from your Lord. Whoever sees clearly, does so to his own benefit. Whoever is blind, it is to his own detriment. I am not here as your keeper. (Surat al-An‘am:102-104)


They said "Glory be to You!
We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.
You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."
(Surat al-Baqara: 32)



51 Prof. Ali Demirsoy, Yasamin Temel Kuralları Genel Biyoloji/Genel Zooloji, (Fundamental Laws of Life, General Biology / General Zoology), Vol. I, Ankara, 1993, p. 190.

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