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Belief is the Only Way to Enjoy Blessings

In one verse, Allah states:

… only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace. (Surat ar-Ra'd: 28)

In other words, only when we understand the mercy and blessings He bestows upon His servants and believe in Him can we escape unhappiness and boredom, and thereby enjoy real pleasure in this life and appreciate the value of beautiful things:

There is good in this world for those who do good. (Surat an-Nahl: 30)

So Allah gave them the reward of this world and the best reward of the Hereafter. (Surah Al 'Imran: 148)

But, as revealed in another verse, those who deny Him will have a life full of anxiety:

But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Resurrection We will gather him blind. (Surah Ta Ha: 124)

Only belief can save us from a life of anxiety, for we cannot find true happiness on our own. Even if people are rich, they cannot properly enjoy their wealth or enjoy the blessings they possess. In order to do this, they must understand how to appre-ciate them. For example, they must realize that a carnation with perfectly arranged petals, as well as its scent, softness, and incomparable beauty, is a great blessing of creation. But only believers can really understand this, because they know that whatever exists is a gracious gift from Allah and that all bless-ings come from Him. Therefore, they contemplate His infinite creative power in every beautiful thing, thereby increasing their love and attachment to Him. Our Prophet (saas) says:

"Love Allah due to the blessings He gives to you, and love me because Allah loves me." (al-Tirmidhi)

Allah, in His infinite power and might, and out of His love and compassion toward humanity, allows all people to enjoy blessings in this life. Such people view getting up and breathing the morning air as wonderful blessings, for they take pleasure in the fact that He has given them another day to win His favor. They consider being able to walk, talk, laugh, and move as sour-ces of happiness, knowing that He could remove these blessings if He so willed. Thus, they take great pleasure in this life.

Understanding that this life is a period of testing and that real life is the eternal life to come, they hope that the good moral character they display in this life, as well as the patience and acceptance they show when faced with adversity, will turn into blessings for them in Paradise. For this reason, every anxiety they have in this life becomes a means to a reward. This is one reason why the believers are always full of joy, contentment, and peace.

Anyone who denies Allah will experience depression and take no delight in whatever pleasures he experiences, because he has removed himself so far from the state of healthy spiritu-ality that faith provides.

3 / total 9
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