The Secret Beyond Matter

The Religion of Darwinism

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"What those [people] are engaged in is destined for destruction, and worthless is what they have been doing."(Surah al-A’raf, 7: 139)

Imagine a religion whose founder claimed to be a scientist, its holy book a treatise with a supposedly scientific message, and its devotees people who think of themselves as learned. This religion has penetrated into almost every civilization, every school of thought and every ideology; its adherents number in the hundreds of millions. In every field of specialization – history, sociology, philosophy, psychology, biology, etc. – it is a basic dogma, the "light that illuminates truth."

Actually, every one of you is acquainted with the religion outlined above. You encounter it in your daily life, read its propaganda in newspapers, and see its influence on television. This religion infiltrates your life at every moment; indeed, it is part of your life. Perhaps some of you, knowingly or otherwise, have come under the direct influence of this religion. It is the "religion of Darwinism."

You may say to yourselves, "Darwinism is not a religion, it is a scientific theory!" But there are many people in the world who are devoted to it. Some believe that evolution is a scientifically proven fact, and the world lies under the influence of this so-called scientific position.

This ideology is founded upon a series of errors. Our purpose in writing this book is to expose these errors and to show those who have fallen prey to them that the facade of scientific positivism is nothing more than an illusion. The theory of evolution, with its scripture, its devotees, its alleged answers and explanations concerning the origins of living things, its idols and beliefs, its closed-mindedness to criticisms and developments in science, is a pagan religion that denies the existence of God.

The fact that Darwinism is founded upon the denial of God (Allah) and that it is actually a pagan religion is something that a lot of people – even its followers – have only recently begun to state openly in articles, books and other writings; hence, you might find what you read in this book surprising. When you realize how intricate and widespread this religion is, you will ask yourself why you did not recognize this obvious fact long ago.

Darwinism is a false religion; yet, it is one of the largest and most widespread religions in the world. It has forcefully influenced people through its various methods of propaganda and of falsification and obfuscation. Over generations the number of its adherents has been growing. Unconsciously, people have become affected by this false religion and, with time, can become serious Darwinists.

But facts are being continually uncovered in the realm of science that this godless religion cannot tolerate. With every new development people are once again coming face to face with the reality of creation. The religion of Darwinism is losing strength before questions about how living things first came into existence, the flawless design and complex structure of living creatures, the variety in species, etc. Every day it loses one more lifeline, for it is a religion that is founded on blind faith and remains impotent in the face of developments in molecular biology, genetics, paleontology and biomathematics. The many recent discoveries in these branches of science show clearly and definitely that evolution is not true.


The only true fact demonstrated time and again by scientific advances is the reality of creation. If you look even with the naked eye at the living things around you, you will find the proof of an extraordinary intelligence, strategy and design. Whether you examine a microscopic sea creature, a single atom, a cell or any living organism, you find an astounding composition. This great intelligence, flawless planning and precise design in every part of nature comes from Allah, to whom all power and ability belong.


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