The Secret Beyond Matter

The Little Man in the Tower

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This book has examined the essence of "matter" from a rather different perspective than that in our other books. (For more details, see Harun Yahya, Matter: The Other Name for Illusion (Istanbul: Arastirma Publishing, 2001))

The analogy of the little man in the tower yields yet another noteworthy truth:

If you believe you have direct contact with the original matter then your true body cannot be the same one that you are seeing right now.

You must have another body "outside"—in other words, outside your mind—which you have never seen or felt.

And that body is a "giant," many times larger than the body you are now seeing.

And you are a prisoner, locked into a tiny room at the top of a tower.

To put it another way, most probably you have been living under the assumption that your body is living in this world, and you are looking out through your eyes. But this is an illusion.

A more rational conclusion is that in fact, this "tower" does not exist at all. There is no evidence that it does! The only thing that makes us share in this belief is the preconception that we have direct knowledge of the original matter.

Once we are freed from this preconception, we can understand that the world is, in reality, a very different place: Everything we see and feel is a perception revealed to our soul by Allah. The only absolute being is the Almighty Allah, Lord of all the Worlds and Creator of all.



6 / total 7
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