The Secret Beyond Matter

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The Intelligence Gathering and Espionage of Hypocrites

A significant characteristic of the hypocrites: Sneakiness, covertness

As hypocrites act under the influence of satan's intelligence, 'they can devise cunning plans and carry out masterful schemes' in many respects. Through the mind games inspired by satan, 'they can easily manipulate, persuade many people around them or win them over to their side'. They can slyly conceal their true personalities, intentions, insincerities and schemes.

Throughout history, hypocrites have carried out many insidious schemes and evil plots by using the methods of satan. Each time, they have managed to sneakily remain hidden behind the curtain and put forward others as the orchestrators of such ploys. This is a significant tactic hypocrites frequently resort to: For every single one of their ruses, they find a scapegoat whom they can 'cast the blame on'. This scapegoat might sometimes be 'an ordinary individual’, sometimes 'an organization', and sometimes even 'countries or governments'. The greater the degree of their scheme is, the more notable the groups they will cast the blame on. Thus, while people, societies and countries are chasing after another target that is accused as the culprits of a conspiracy, those who are actually responsible for this ploy continue to carry out their plans in the background with ease.

This is one of the main characteristics of hypocrites and the groups who slyly exploit them for their own self-interest: Covertly and sneakily carrying out vile schemes.

However, hypocrites are not aware of the fact that their schemes will ultimately be frustrated. Having exceedingly spoiled, arrogant and pedantic personalities, hypocrites have the delusional thinking that they are highly superior and more intelligent than everyone else. Whereas it is the insidious capacity of satan that leads hypocrites to this deception. And as God informs in the verses of the Qur’an, both satan and the hypocrites are surely condemned to be defeated in the face of sincere faith. In the verse of the Qur’an, God reveals, "They desired to trap him but We made them the losers." (Surat al-Anbiya', 70)

Therefore, when hypocrites covertly try to employ these insidious schemes on sincere Muslims, -no matter how convincing they and their evidences appear to be- one way or another God exposes to believers how insincere they are and leads them to defeat. God surely neutralizes the evil power unbelievers and hypocrites have acquired through their secret plots and God grants the true power to Muslims. This absolute defeat hypocrites will suffer is heralded in the Qur'an as follows:

When those who are unbelievers were plotting against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you: they were plotting and God was plotting, but God is the Best of Plotters. (Surat al-Anfal, 30)

Hypocrites use a special and secret language in their communication with unbelievers

Considering the possibility of being discovered by Muslims, hypocrites 'use a special language only they can understand' in their communication with the unbelievers and other hypocrites. They speak in a way that they believe 'they can refute by distorting the truth' in the case that they are exposed. Instead of openly speaking against Muslims, they convey the information they have acquired to the other side through a 'ciphered language'. In all their transmission with the unbelievers or other hypocrites, they specifically use this special language and are especially careful not to give themselves away in any way.

To be able communicate with the unbelievers, hypocrites develop various 'communication and messaging methods' that is suitable for the different environments they are in. Today, especially the communication means available on the widely-used social media are highly convenient mediums for hypocrites to get in touch with and message each other. Using a special language and insidious methods on these platforms, hypocrites convey all their opinions and ideas to their friends among the unbelievers or their hypocrite associates. They give them secret messages regarding their plans or desires for the future. Again, on some occasions, they convey the intelligence they acquired from Muslims to their connections among the unbelievers through similar ciphered messages that carry secret meanings.

Articles, poems, book names, quotes, symbols, images, videos or any similar posts, that no person with a pure and straightforward mind can think of, can be used as messages carrying secret profound meanings between hypocrites and unbelievers. For example, 'a historical picture of a watch tower' shared by someone on the Internet can be regarded as quite 'innocent, or even artistic' by a person who is not familiar with the mentality of hypocrites. But, in the hypocrites’ language, this picture might be referring to the spying and intelligence activities carried out by the deep state groups within the country of the artist of that picture. Or 'the pictures of a certain place, sea, or lake' can be used as a message carrying a specific meaning between them. Even 'a single word' that seems ordinary can be a 'special code word' others cannot understand; but hypocrites use among each other. Likewise, the people whom hypocrites follow on their social media accounts, whose posts they 'retweet' over Twitter; or whose posts hypocrites 'share' or 'like' on other sites; or the people they 'tag' on their own posts or 'the tags' they use on their posts that allows the post to be found when searched at a later time; every one of these might similarly carry a secret message or meaning.

However, this 'exclusive and ciphered language' the hypocrites use in their relay with the unbelievers or their associates is not necessarily used only in oral interactions. When hypocrites wish to secretly communicate with each other, sometimes, they utilize this insidious and sinister signaling method through 'their facial expressions'. Hypocrites can convey astounding messages to other hypocritical individuals across them through a great variety of gestures and facial expressions. At times when they think Muslims do not see them, they can describe each other what they are thinking or what they want to do by ‘wink at one other'. For example, while talking with a Muslim, hypocrites might appear to be approving of what the Muslim says; but by insidiously raising their eyebrows, they give the message to their associate behind the Muslim that 'they actually do not approve what the Muslim says'. Or when talking with Muslims, while they say “of course, sure” with a benign tone, by slightly twisting their lips, they sarcastically smile to the other hypocrites across them; demonstrating in their own way that they actually do not take the words of that Muslim into consideration.

In the Qur'an, God describes to Muslims this insincere and stealthy characteristic of hypocrites in great detail:

Those who did evil used to laugh at those who had faith. When they passed by them, they would wink at one another.
When they returned to their families, they would make a joke of them.
When they saw them, they would say, ‘Those people are misguided.’ (Surat al-Mutaffifin, 29-32)

Hypocrites make some initial observations before sending messages to other hypocrites through secret signs. Firstly, they skillfully identify who is strong-willed and pious, and who has a weaker personality and a more superficial faith in the environment they are present. Since they are sick at heart, they can easily recognize those who bare the same sickness in their hearts. As they are quite familiar with disloyalty, cruelty, criminal cold-bloodedness; in short, the signs of hypocrisy, they can immediately recognize another hypocrite. And they employ the aforementioned 'secret and ciphered signaling methods' on such individuals. Just like satan’s sneaking up to people, hypocrites, too, sneakily approach people with weak faith, weak personalities and weak minds. At first, they make a tentative attempt to try people out. For example, they cast aspersions on one of the individuals who Muslims trust the most. If the person across them does not respond or object to this, hypocrites think that the person has taken the bait. Then they proceed to extend their influence on that person. And, ultimately, they begin to communicate with these people at will through facial expressions and secret, ciphered signals.

However, it should never be forgotten that as the nature of their creation, hypocrites are always doomed to fail. No matter how much they struggle; resort to as many secret and insidious methods as they want, hypocrites will always end up defeated. They might derive some ‘temporary personal benefits’ via their alliance they establish through these secret messages with their friends among the unbelievers or other hypocrites. However, before long, everything they have achieved will perish. Hypocrites will certainly appear before God forsaken and alone, and account for all their evil-doings. And if they haven't repented and abandoned their insidious perfidy before dying, they will suffer an eternal torment.

In the first verse of the Surat al-Humaza, saying, "Woe to every faultfinding backbiter", God points out to the vileness of this signaling method, and what will become of such people both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites are experts at using their facial expressions, their eyebrows, eyes, mouth and nose all are in constant motion. They are quite devious. I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan, God reveals, "Those who did evil used to laugh at those who had faith." (Surat al-Mutaffifin, 29) They make fun of the believers cunningly, behind their backs. "When they passed by them, they would wink at one another." (Surah al-Mutaffifin, 30) In other words, they communicate through signs. For example, they use the signs of the Rumi's philosophy. Or they interface through pictures or symbols. For example, 'an open door' means 'run away from there’, or it symbolizes 'abandon Islam'. Hypocrites use such secret languages among themselves. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, July 1st, 2016)

ADNAN OKTAR: The writings and speeches of hypocrites are full of hidden messages. Hypocrites use a highly secret language. For example, they communicate through facial expressions. When they are in a community, hypocrites make certain gestures; if the person across them is also a hypocrite, he gets the message. The fact that they use facial expressions to communicate with each other is also stated in the Qur'an. This points out to the fact that they use a secret and ciphered language among themselves. They talk in a highly sinister and insidious way. Their speech carries all the foul treachery, grudge and hatred of hypocrites. For example, hypocrites feel hostile towards the Prophet (pbuh), the people Muslims hold in highest regard. When they speak, filth comes out of their mouths, so to speak. They are filled with tremendous grudge and hatred; thus, they immediately give themselves away. Hypocrites secretly have text chats with the unbelievers that go on for hours and many pages. Look, in their secret conversations, they do not make even a single mention of God. While people are asleep, they chat for hours. They are like bats that fly in the dark of the night, dwelling in desolate and quite places. You never know when or at whom they will strike." (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, January 24th, 2016)

The dirty alliance between hypocrites and the unbelievers: spying and espionage

As hypocrites admire the unbelievers and try to carve a place among them, they are ready to do anything that will earn them the friendship of the unbelievers. And one of the vilest methods they resort to, in order to gain the trust of these people they idolize and secure a good place for themselves in their world, is 'carrying out spying and espionage activities against Muslims'.

Throughout history, hypocrites have played a major role in all the conspiracies against Muslim countries, in the collapse of certain states, causing them to fall from power or leading them into turmoil through the insidious activities they carried out within these societies. These double-dealing people who pretended to be on the side of Muslims provided the unbelievers, who wish to commit devastating acts to the detriment of the believers, with all manners of support.

Hypocrites carried out all these intelligence activities with a devilish drive. Noticing hypocrites' worldly ambitions, their admiration towards unbelievers and their desire to earn the appreciation of others, satan gets in touch with them through a deep trance, so to speak. Inspired by satan, hypocrites, in their feeble minds, begin to consider it a kind of sacred duty to provide the unbelievers with intelligence. The excitement they feel from carrying out activities behind Muslims’ back and hoping that they will derive secret personal benefits in return gives hypocrites an immense evil pleasure.

As God informs us in a verse of the Qur’an, saying "They vacillate between the two – not joining these or joining those" (Surat an-Nisa', 143), hypocrites neither completely side with the unbelievers nor with the Muslims. Even though they are with the believers, they feel a deeper admiration and affection towards the unbelievers. Thus, in every opportunity they get, they try to further develop their intimacy and strengthen their relations with the unbelievers.

Therefore, being aware of this perspective of hypocrites, the unbelievers can easily develop intimacy with and manipulate these individuals whose hearts are stuck in between faith and irreligion. Feeling an admiration towards unbelievers, hypocrites are ready to do anything that will help them develop even a little intimacy with the individuals that they find reputable and prestigious according to their ignorant criteria. Even the possibility of meeting or making an acquaintance with people in the position of a columnist of a globally renowned newspaper, a producer of a well-known TV channel, a prominent political-analyst, an executive of a leading think-tank or a founder of a notable foundation extremely excites the people with hypocritical personalities. They present themselves as notable, talented and insightful people just to be able to have a few words with them, and earn their appreciation by making a good impression on them. They hope that one day, they might benefit from the means these people have such as position, status or reputation; they hope that maybe one day one of their articles will be published in a well-known magazine or newspaper, or maybe they will have the opportunity to briefly appear on a famous foreign TV channel and utter a few words. To be able to make use of such an opportunity means the world to them.

Being well aware of this weakness of people with hypocritical personalities, the unbeliever groups 'seek out one by one such individuals harboring a ruthless admiration for foreigners and a burning ambition to advance, and a deep desire to become famous'. They take the most advantage of these people's weaknesses and approach them with 'the most attractive offers'. By providing hypocrites with small benefits, they lay a compelling foundation and ultimately, they turn them into ideal servants who will serve their interests and obey their every order. In a short span of time, these people reach such a point that they become capable of betraying their fellow Muslims, their closest friends, their families and even their own nation and country in the most treacherous of ways; speaking and writing in the most hostile of tones to the detriment of their own people, country and its national interests.

So, for the evil circles who aim to divide and neutralize Muslim communities, such hypocritical people, who have a profound admiration for the unbelievers, are a golden opportunity. They know very well how to exploit their weaknesses to manipulate them as their pawns for their agenda, and through what promises they can be easily convinced. They are aware of the fact that, in exchange for a small benefit, these hypocrites will do anything they say and will be dependent on them.

At this point, one should be clearly aware of this fact: The demand for deals and the expectations for personal interest between the unbelievers and hypocrites are completely mutual. Both sides have what the other desires the most. And the moment they realize this, they begin to take the first steps of a foul and insidious alliance.

All the deep and evil organizations around the world employ hypocrites for spying activities

Being well aware of hypocrites' ‘admiration for reputation, status, prestige and their maniacal ambition for achieving a prominent position’, the deep evil organizations immediately step into action to offer them the things they yearn for. At that stage, they either introduce themselves as people of considerable authority and reputation working at key positions; or use the individuals who already hold such positions as pawns towards that end. Then as a second step, sometimes through social media, sometimes through a mutual acquaintance, and sometimes by directly striking up a friendship, they try to draw the attention of these people with hypocritical tendencies. At that point, the golden opportunity both sides yearned for so long arises.

Hypocrites respond with great enthusiasm to the advances of the people that, they believe, can help them climb the steps they have always dreamed about. Consequently, the spies of the deep states become intimate friends of the hypocrites with whom they frequently have text chats, strike up long conversations, and cooperate in every respect. In each of these intimate conversations, they try to instill more trust in those people with hypocritical personalities that they seek to employ as spies. They assure these people 'that they love them dearly, that they hold them in high regard, that they will help them to the best of their abilities when they are in need, that they will never abandon them and support them in everything material or spiritual’. To make hypocrites have absolute trust in such a friendship, they occasionally provide them with considerable benefits to demonstrate how well they are looked after. Through statements such as "You are quite different, more talented than everyone else; you have a peculiar influence on others; your tone, your discourse, your writing is truly impressive", they pay the hypocrites compliments 'that will make them feel special'. They say that only they take notice of the superior qualities these people possess, that others do not realize and appreciate their special talents. Thus, implying to the hypocrites that only they can appreciate them the way they deserve to be, unbelievers manage to earn their devotion.

As for the hypocrites, they are quite satisfied with the attention they receive. Believing they have truly made powerful friends, they cultivate this friendship even further.

Such individuals, who introduce themselves sometimes as 'a notable writer', sometimes as 'a well-known doctor', and sometimes as 'a renowned political advisor' or 'one of the prominent members of the world's greatest organizations', are in fact 'the most notorious spies employed by certain deep organizations'. By means of such people, whom they seek to manipulate in line with their goals, they also plan to 'get hold of all the information and documents they deem valuable'. Just as it might sometimes be in the form of an ordinary 'personal information’, sometimes it might even be in the form of 'confidential state secrets' that might 'lead a country to its collapse, to fall from power, to disorder, to a conflict with another country, or might ruin its reputation’. To the people with hypocritical personalities that they handpicked to achieve their goals, they play the role of 'a dear friend who loves them dearly, watches over them, and is ready to sacrifice himself for them'. For example, if they are dealing with a doctor, through compliments such as “I love you dearly. You are a prized, talented person with a promising future in your career. So, why don't we make you the chief doctor?", they provide the hypocrites with new opportunities that will suit their interests. Then, via these hypocrites, they seek to acquire intelligence regarding more important people or more crucial positions that they aim to reach. And they ruthlessly pursue these significant people that they have sneakily come into contact with by way of the hypocrites.

They strive to keep in touch with these individuals throughout the day as much as possible. If they are far away, they do so via texting or calling; and if they are close by, they do so by trying to constantly be with these individuals, and seek to gather as much information as possible. Thinking that these individuals might let some information slip out, give something away or give a clue, these spies never leave their side even when they eat, study, or sleep, thinking that at any moment, they might reveal important information because no matter how strong-willed a person is, in an unguarded moment, he might let a secret out. He might slip out vital information that can be exploited by these people with foul connections and treacherous goals; information that is of particular concern to the deep organizations these people are affiliated with. Thus, thinking, "I wonder when can I get information out of him?", they begin to constantly follow them closely. Then, they immediately convey all the information and intelligence they have gathered to the deep organizations of which they are members, and exploit all these in their activities against religious people, societies or states.

Hypocritical spies, who provided intelligence to the deep evil organizations, were planted with all the important figures in history

In the historical sources, a great variety of examples exist regarding ‘the spying activities of the intelligence agencies that utilize hypocrites’. Where there is a just cause, a successful and just religious campaign, there is also an evil organization that opposes it. This is a 'Divine law' that is spoken of by God in the Qur’an. Therefore, there will surely be groups that will try to make their false ideologies prevalent over the truth; and these groups will surely resort to all sorts of insidious and treacherous schemes to be able to prevail, because the truth overcomes and triumphs over the irreligious in ideology. Thus, as a reflex, unbelievers try to fight back and prevent it. And to do so, they seek to plant 'spies that will provide them with intelligence' among the believers who follow the path of truth. In a verse of the Qur’an, God points out to the foul alliance between the unbelievers and the hypocritical people among Muslims who provide intelligence to them, saying “… some among you would have listened for them (and spied for them)” (Surat at-Tawba, 47). This verse is valid for all the Muslim communities that currently exist, have existed since the beginning of history and will exist in the future.

For example, in the era of the Ottoman Empire, the double-dealing hypocrites never left the side of the Sultan Abdul Hamid in the hope that they might obtain even the slightest information. This way, they managed to gather considerable intelligence. Some of them as court physicians, some as advisors, and some as supposedly the closest friends of the Sultan, they secured key positions within the Palace and they would not leave the side of the Sultan until the late hours of the night. Perhaps the Sultan would think that they were trustworthy, loyal people that were utterly devoted to him: However, their sole purpose in being close to him was to obtain intelligence. And they conveyed all the information they gathered to the British Deep State of the era which sought to dismember the Ottoman Empire. And after that, they discredited Sultan Abdul Hamid both materially and spiritually and rendered him ineffective by having him deposed.

Such undertakings of the hypocrites continued with every Sultan who came into power at the Ottomans. Hypocrites became close to Mehmed II the Conqueror, Sultan Suleiman, and all the sons of the sultans and the court officials through such insidious methods.

Hypocrites also provided intelligence to the enemies of our Prophet (pbuh)

In the first years of the spreading of Islam, hypocrites would visit our Prophet (pbuh) frequently. They would sit around him and 'listen to his every word with scrupulous attention and want to follow him wherever he went'. If they had to give a reason, they would put forward their love for the Prophet (pbuh). However, it was quite blatant from their foul and hateful gazes which they could not help; from their insolent, dishonorable, arrogant and gruff tones; from their vile morality that in reality they did not feel such love towards the Prophet (pbuh). As God informs us in the Qur’an saying "... [they] would almost strike you down with their evil looks" (Surat al-Qalam, 51), they harbored a tremendous hatred towards our Prophet (pbuh). However, in spite of this, using their 'so-called love' as an excuse, they came to every occasion the Prophet (pbuh) was present. And then, they provided all the information they had obtained to the Meccan pagans and other groups that were against our Prophet (pbuh) in hopes of deriving personal interest in return. Just as our Prophet (pbuh) had a lot of admirers in that era, he also had a wide range of enemies among the Christians, and the Jews. Thus, it was of vital importance for these groups to be able to get close to the Prophet (pbuh) and gather intelligence.

To that end, they would stay and sit with our Prophet (pbuh) late into the night. When they wanted to leave, again they would do so sneakily and covertly. When they visited the places our Prophet (pbuh) held conversations, 'they would enter sneakily just like a snake, and when they left, they would do so with the same sneaky method' without anyone noticing. And during the conversations, they would hide behind the crowd 'by taking cover behind others'. They would specifically either sit behind the Prophet (pbuh), or in places out of his sight where they would believe the Prophet (pbuh) could not notice them. Thus, unless paid particular attention to, 'no one would be aware of their presence, or notice them enter or leave'. Since these conversations could get quite crowded, it would be hard for both our Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions to individually keep track of all these hypocritical people.

Through such methods, these people hoped that they would ‘sneak in like a snake' and listen to the conversations from a secluded corner without anyone seeing or noticing. After they have the information they hoped to obtain, again, just like a snake, they would sneak out by hiding behind others. By doing so, they hoped to hear about 'more secret and confidential matters' that, they believe, would not have been discussed in their presence. In the Qur’an, God informs Muslims about the way hypocrites 'sneak in and out' through the verse "God knows those of you who sneak away," emphasizing the 'spy qualities' of hypocrites:

Do not make the Messenger’s summoning of you the same as your summoning of one another. God knows those of you who sneak away. Those who oppose his command should beware of a testing trial coming to them or a painful punishment striking them. (Surat an-Nur, 63)

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ADNAN OKTAR: “Hypocrites pay particular attention to it; for example they come up to you and say ‘I have a lot of love and respect for you.’ And then they start to listen in on the conversation. The reason [behind their demonstration of affection] is to be able to listen in on what is being spoken. Is there anything being said against them? Do they say anything that qualifies as intelligence? Or do they speak about something that is worth reporting to the deep state, to the irreligious structure of that era such as the states of the Pharaoh or Nimrod? They seek for these. This is why they never leave the side of the Muslims for even a second. Thinking they might obtain any information, any intelligence from the believers, hypocrites do not want to leave their company.

A man accompanies our Prophet (pbuh) as his 'scribe'. Like a leech, he clings to the Prophet (pbuh); when the Prophet (pbuh) gets out of his bed at night, he gets out too. When the Prophet (pbuh) eats, he is there with him. His real intention is to gather intelligence, and report anything the Prophet (pbuh) says to the unbelievers. Do you see how devilish the man is; do you see how fearless he is of God? The man is aware of the fact that he is a Prophet who receives revelations; that he is world's most courteous man, as pure as light. Look at to what extent the perfidious goes so that he can provide intelligence to the idolaters, the villains, the murderers, the cowards of that era. Look at what he endures to do so. Even if it means he has to forgo sleep, he still wakes up at night to be around the Prophet (pbuh). He claims ‘I came out of my devotion, my love towards the Prophet (pbuh).’ He is not with him because he loves him, he is there to gather intelligence." (A9 TV, January 26th, 2016)

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ADNAN OKTAR: “A well-known characteristic of the hypocrites is that they are good at sneaky infiltration. For example, they can slyly infiltrate Muslim communities and no one notices when they come or go or come back again as they can be as sneaky as a snake. They are experts at gathering intelligence. For example, they eavesdrop on Muslims from behind doors. Furthermore, they do not enter Muslims' houses through doors but through windows. In a verse of the Qur’an, God says ‘Do not enter a house through the window’, since hypocrites do so in order to better gather intelligence. Because if they use the door, the Prophet (pbuh) will notice them and act accordingly. So what do the hypocrites do? In order to be able to eavesdrop on the Prophet (pbuh), they enter his house through somewhere he expects the least, the window. As you know, the windows of the era were Arabic style, elliptic. A person could easily pass through them. Moreover, the windows of that era did not have glasses or frames. They were only covered with a curtain. So hypocrites opened the curtain and easily entered through the window. And when they were asked why they did so, they said, ‘There were many people at the door so I decided to take the shortcut and entered through the window so that I can get to the Messenger of God more easily.’ Hypocrites are indeed treacherous. They are only concerned with finding out what people say about them and constantly providing the irreligious with intelligence, rising in stature, and taking credit for any achievements.” (A9 TV, February 11th, 2016)

The revelation scribe of our Prophet (pbuh) would provide intelligence to unbelievers

Our Prophet (pbuh) ensured the preservation of the verses that were revealed to him by God by having his literate companions put them in writing. These individuals, whose numbers were around forty, were called 'Revelation Scribes'. However, the hadiths make mention of a hypocrite that came up to our Prophet (pbuh) to become a revelation scribe yet whose true intention was to gather intelligence against the Prophet (pbuh).

Anas b. Malik (ra) reported: “There was a person amongst us who belonged to the tribe of Bani Najjar and he recited Surat al-Baqara and Surah Al 'Imran and he used to transcribe for God's Messenger (pbuh). He ran away as a rebel … They gave it much importance and said: ‘He is the person who used to transcribe for Muhammad’ and they were much pleased with him. Time rolled on that God caused his death. …” (Sahih Muslim, Book 38, Hadith 6693)

This hypocrite, who is stated to belong to the tribe of Bani Najjar, was a well-educated and knowledgeable man who could recite certain long surahs of the Qur’an from memory. He used to serve our Prophet (pbuh) as a revelation scribe and saying 'he loved our Prophet (pbuh) dearly', he would never leave his side. Therefore, all the Muslims would know him 'as a person who is deeply loyal and close to the Prophet (pbuh)’. This person, who was actually a vicious hypocrite, would tell our Prophet (pbuh), "O, the Messenger of God (pbuh), I do not know when you will receive another revelation, that is why I do not want to leave your side." So much so that, for the onlookers, this person would seem to 'have a deep love and devotion' for our Prophet (pbuh). However, this revelation scribe, who would seek to be with the Messenger of God (pbuh) at all times, certainly 'wasn't after love', but after 'obtaining any intelligence' he believed he could use against him.

He was in the hope that the closer he was to the Prophet (pbuh), the more things he could witness and the more information he could provide to his friends among the unbelievers. In his own way, he was looking for evidence, a human error, a mistake that would supposedly prove that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not a prophet (we hold our Prophet (pbuh) above such thoughts).

However, just as in the case of all the other hypocrite rabbles, God doomed this perfidious man to failure. God safeguarded our Prophet (pbuh), whom He created as a mercy for all Muslims, against the mischief of these insidious people.

ADNAN OKTAR:“Anas b. Malik (ra) reported: ‘There was a person amongst us who belonged to the tribe of Bani Najjar and he recited Surat al-Baqara and Surah Al 'Imran,’ he knew them by heart. ‘and he used to transcribe for God's Messenger (pbuh).’

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He was a well-educated man with a silver tongue. ‘He ran away as a rebel.’ He had a fit of hypocrisy and ran away. ‘They (the unbelievers) gave it much importance,’ saying, ‘This man has worked along the Prophet Muhammad, and he used to carry out spying activities and vile deeds, so for his loyalty and as a sign of our appreciation, we should give him a good position.’ ‘and said: ‘He is the person who used to transcribe for Muhammad’ and they were much pleased with him. Time rolled on that God caused his death.’ This is written in Sahih Muslim. God destroyed him." (A9 TV, May 25th, 2016)

ADNAN OKTAR: “Hypocrites always aim for being close to the messengers, the prophets. This is the position hypocrites desire the most to reach. That is because this position is where their schemes, their strikes will target the most. They regard being close to them vital as this position is the focal point to be able to hinder the activities of the Prophet (pbuh) or the messengers, and provide intelligence to their satans. In the era of our Prophet (pbuh), for example, there are revelation scribes who are always with him. One of them says, ‘O, the Messenger of God (pbuh), I want to see you receive revelations.’ Then, he says ‘You are receiving a revelation, let me write it down’, when, in fact, he does not believe him and mocks him –may God forbid. When he leaves there, he says ‘I was there with them to mock them, he is insane, he is possessed. He is not receiving any revelations from God. It is the jinni that whisper those things to him.’ He does not believe in the prophethood of the Messenger of God (pbuh). He wants to be close to him just so he can commit his treacherous, impertinent deeds." (A9 TV, February 28th, 2016)

Later, when this man left the side of our Prophet (pbuh) and took refuge with the unbelievers, the prominent irreligious figures of the era regarded him as significant and accepted him among them. The fact that he used to be a revelation scribe with our Prophet (pbuh) earned him 'a devilish reputation and prestige' with the unbelievers. In addition to that, as he spoke out against the Muslims, and relayed everything he had seen or heard among them, 'he derived both material and spiritual profit' from the unbelievers. His unbeliever friends provided him with all sorts of support and means. However, the evil scheme of this hypocrite, who was a so-called revelation scribe, only allowed him to benefit from the unbelievers for a very short time. Before long, God destroyed this treacherous person by taking his life. With death, all benefits he obtained disappeared faster than a blink of the eye. What remained is only the endless torture he’ll live in hereafter due to his evil nature.

Hypocrites ceaselessly monitor and spy on Muslims in an attempt to gather intelligence

During the time hypocrites spend among Muslims, little by little, they lay the groundwork for their future lives and invest in the unbelievers. And what will constitute the building blocks of this future is the activities they carry out against Muslims and the intelligence they provide to the unbelievers. The appreciation and the benefits they will gain from the unbelievers depend on the quantity and the quality of the information they gather against Muslims and convey to the unbelievers. They believe that the more useful information they convey to the unbelievers, the more intimate their friendship with the unbelievers will be. And the more intimate their friendship with the unbelievers is, the better benefits they will derive from them. Thus, this will positively determine the amount of personal gain, good reputation and useful connections they will make from among the unbelievers and consequently, they will be that much closer to the life they desire.

So, believing that the only way to achieve their foul dreams is 'through acquiring the information they will gather from Muslims', hypocrites spend the majority of their days 'watching Muslims'. In the Qur’an, God informs the believers about this insidious method of hypocrites with the verse "Those who wait and watch you..." (Surat an-Nisa', 141). From morning till night, hypocrites follow Muslims and try to get information about 'what they do, and about what and with whom they talk'. Whenever they see a group of believers having a conversation, they quickly find an excuse to go up to and stay with them. Whenever they hear someone talking on the phone, they quickly approach that person and try to listen in on the conversation pretending to be occupied with something else. When they see someone chatting on computer, again pretending to be occupied with something else, they stand on a spot where they can see the computer screen and try to read what is written. They secretly take the phone of a Muslim and copy the numbers and the names on his directory. Or saying that they will take a quick look at something, they borrow the computer of a Muslim for a short time with the intention of looking through it. This way, the spying activities of hypocrites continue the whole day. Later at night, they secretly get in touch with their friends among the unbelievers and -great or small- convey to them all the information they gathered throughout the day.

With their way of life, their moral virtues, and their beneficial deeds, Muslims are pure-hearted people who lead honest lives and always consider what is best for everyone. Therefore, they have nothing to hide. All their lives, their intentions, their efforts are plain as day. So, no matter how much hypocrites want to, the information they obtain will produce no results that can be exploited against Muslims.

However, the confidence they feel from being able to commit an evil deed and the excitement they feel for being able to earn the appreciation of their friends among the unbelievers, hypocrites feel delighted with their actions. But all of their associations with the unbelievers will be held against them both in this world and in the hereafter. And in spite of all the insidious schemes and traps of hypocrites, Muslims will surely prevail. In a verse of the Qur’an, God states the fact that He will not give the unbelievers any way against the Muslims as follows:

God will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection. God will not give the unbelievers any way against the believers. (Surat an-Nisa', 141)

Hypocrites move silently to be able to gather intelligence

Regarding it as 'a sacred duty' to gather intelligence from Muslims and convey what they have learned to their friends among the unbelievers, hypocrites make a point of ‘moving sneakily and silently'.

It is really important for hypocrites to maintain the flow of intelligence because they believe that this is the only way to hinder the activities of the Muslims. For example, they find out about a beneficial activity the Muslims are going to carry out for the good of Islam. Since they despise any activity that will contribute to the benefit of Islam and do not want Muslims to be successful in any way, they immediately notify their associates about such an activity either on the phone or via a messaging program over the Internet. Of course, they are quite masterful in obtaining this intelligence. They blend in with the Muslims 'without anyone noticing' and 'as silently as a snake'.

That is because hypocrites are in fact aware of the fact that Muslims suspect them of being hypocrites. Knowing that Muslims will speak more carefully if they 'make any noise' when they enter among them, they join in the private conversations of the Muslims silently. When sincere Muslims who abide by the good moral values of the Qur’an make an entrance, they immediately greet their fellow believers and inquire after them. However, when hypocrites seek to obtain intelligence, they make a specific point of not doing so. They silently enter a room where Muslims are present, and taking cover behind a wall or furniture, they sit somewhere that they can remain hidden from the sight of the Muslims. Or they stand up behind closed doors, pretending they are busy with something else.

What they wish is, unaware of the hypocrites’ presence, the Muslims to speak freely, thus they can find out about all their activity plans and strategies. This devilish ambition has taken hold of the souls of hypocrites to such extent that it is impossible for them to be taken unawares or act carelessly.

Hypocrites’ sneaky efforts impinged on many crucial events in history. In actualization of many assassination and assault plans, in outbreak of wars by dragging the societies into turmoil, there has always been an effect of hypocrites’ sneaky information gathering activities.

Therefore, Muslims should be extra careful around people they suspect to be hypocrites and be ever-vigilant against the insidious schemes they may carry out in silence and secrecy. They should never let any information about the beneficial activities and efforts to be done in the path of God to reach the hypocrites, as they might prove a hindrance or cause mischief should they find out about it.


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