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Harun Yahya Posters on London Busses

Posters, proclaiming “Modern Science Demonstrates That God Exists”, are now touring the cityon double-decker red busses that are the very symbols of London, the capital city of England. The work called “Atlas of Creation”, which caused great reactions throughout the world, is being introduced with the large-scaled poster campaign, which was launched by the followers of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya). On the poster, which also includes Mr. Adnan Oktar’s picture, it is stated that all volumes of the Atlas of Creation can be downloaded from the web site called



Within the context of Global Publishing’s introduction campaign, the Atlas of Creation, which was sent to many politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, artists, scientists and prominent people throughout Europe in 2007 and which was a main topic of discussion at the European Council, is now on London streets with bus announcements.

The bus announcements, which were used by a group of atheists with the support of Richard Dawkinsin previous years in order to spread their views, are now being used to promote Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, the book that so devastated Darwinists. These buses parade around the most central streets and circles of London as they announce the collapse of Charles Darwin’s nonsense in the land where it first began.

Richard Dawkins, British atheist and evolutionist, who has been invited for a public discussion in the light of scientific evidence since the year 2009, has thus far worked to avoid the situation with the answer “I swore that I would not discuss it.” Thereupon Mr. Adnan Oktar’s invitation to Richard Dawkins for a discussion was published as an announcement in The Times, the most essential and famous paper of England. Dawkins’ reply to the invitation, which was published in the October 13th, 2009 edition of the paper with over one million readers, was “silence.” Nowadays this silence has turned into the mourning of the Darwinists’ with the introduction of Harun Yahya's works on London buses.

2011-08-31 23:57:35

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