The Secret Beyond Matter

The Turkish Islamic Union is the Only Solution

The stopping by the Israeli Army, using extreme force and violence, of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Palestine is condemned by all people of good conscience and common sense. We beg Allah’s mercy on those of our brothers who lost their lives and hope that the injured will soon be healed.

Allah has commanded all Muslims to be united. So long as the Muslim world fails to abide by this command revealed in the Qur’an, so long as they fail to establish the Turkish-Islamic Union, it is clear that these and similar sufferings will continue. These sufferings, massacres, troubles and hardships are nothing new. Muslims have been ruthlessly oppressed for around a century. With its 1.5 billion population, the Islamic world will be an influential force in the establishment of peace, love and security. This corruption and bloodshed can be brought to an end only by the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the clear and certain solution for the salvation of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Turkestan, the Crimea, Kirkuk and Moro. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be a guarantee for all, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and people of all opinions, not just of Muslims. Once the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, Jews, Christians, Muslims and all mankind will live at ease.

The Islamic world must at once heed our Lord’s command,"Hold fast to the rope of Allah all together, and do not separate," and unite, establishing a Turkish-Islamic Union that will in particular put an end to the sufferings of Muslims and establish the peace and security for which the world longs.

2010-05-31 14:37:17

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