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Darwinist panic in Switzerland!

The conference titled, “The Evolution Deceit and the Fact of Creation” held in Lausanne, Switzerland caused a great panic among Darwinist circles. All leading Swiss newspapers and many television channels, including the Swiss State Television, covered the conference.

The reports devoted extensive space to Adnan Oktar’s —Adnan Oktar writes under the pen name Harun Yahya—works which reveal the true nature of the theory of evolution as a deception. In fact this was not something new for Switzerland.

Switzerland experienced the initial great shock in 2007, during the distribution of the Atlas of Creation to the country’s leading politicians and academicians. The news reports of the period were again abounding with expressions revealing the desperate situation of Darwinists. Just like today, these reports, which displayed the shock generated by the Atlas of Creation all around the world, revealed that Darwinism received an irrevocable fatal blow.

Buried in deep silence in the face of 300 million fossils revealing the Fact of Creation, this great panic experienced by Darwinists, who have been obliged to confess that even a single protein could not have come into existence by chance and unable to put forth even one transitional form, exposes a sole fact: DARWINISM IS DEFEATED AND DARWINISTS HAVE NO OTHER WAY OTHER THAN ACCEPTING THIS DEFEAT.



Le Matin - May 25, 2010

2010-05-26 09:41:12

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