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Women so special

As Bahrain celebrates International Women’s Day it is a good time to realise that the world has never really managed to truly appreciate women for what they are. 

Instead, they chose to suppress them in most horrific ways, no matter where or when they lived. From classical antiquity, to many Islamic countries, the shameful act of insulting, banishing, mistreating ladies persists. 

The majority of these beautiful beings isn’t allowed to be free, look beautiful, love or be loved and live up to their potential. God has created them as equals to men, but they aren’t treated as such. 

Why is this? Women are incredible beings. They are the most beautiful blessings God created in this world; they are the ornaments of life. They are beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, kind, loving, considerate and artistic. 

Especially when they are brought up with love and a strong love for God, their true potential comes out just like a rose coming out of soil. But just like roses, they are also delicate and vulnerable and if not treated right, they will wither away quickly. If asked to hide their beauty, they will fade. Therefore, it is crucial that they are protected, respected, loved and revered in the utmost manner. 

In Holy Quran, God compares women to flowers and orders that they be held in great esteem, praised, protected, revered and cherished.

Look across the world. Any society where women are not respected remains backward, poor and destitute. All successful, wealthy and happy societies are those where women are respected  

The misogyny we see, particularly in Muslim countries, should be ended immediately in line with the commands of God. Unless that is done, there can be no relief from their pain and troubles; hatred towards women will draw the wrath of God. 

God created men and women equal and ordered men to love, respect and protect women. When this is the case, who can claim the right to treat women with nothing but contempt? Therefore, some men’s disgraceful acts of attempting to control and dominate women must end immediately. The world can find true peace and happiness only when women are given love and respect they deserve. 

Adnan Oktar's piece in Gulf Daily News:

2016-04-03 17:40:16

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