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Why are Darwinists still resorting to false Dino-bird myths?

The reason is this: On the one hand, Darwinists are suffering the tension caused by their terrible rout and collapse, while on the other they are sheltering behind a philosophy of “nothing untoward has happened.” For that reason, they try to portray some fossils that fall into their hands in a deceptive light. This generally involves an extinct ape fossil, but sometimes also a dinosaur fossil, the original of which we have never seen in any Darwinist publication. They then blatantly lie about this fossil, using a false “scientific” mask and drawings made showing it flying with huge, long wings to describe it as a dino-bird.
What we need to remember is this: all the deceptions behind all the Darwinist claims for the last many years have been exposed in these pages, straight away and with incontrovertible scientific evidence. The claims made regarding all the dino-bird fossils brought up in recent months in particular have also been definitively silenced with the exposure of all the details of Darwinist frauds. Darwinists have been unable to rebut this scientific evidence. The extraordinary deceptions that the proponents of evolution have raised in order to deceive people by distorting the facts about fossils and in order to turn perfect dinosaurs into birds have all been clearly exposed. However, exposed to the terror and panic of defeat and ignorant of any other way than deception, Darwinists still have no compunctions about employing the same ready-made and primitive tactics.
The latest example of this is a 160-million-year-old, 3-meter long dinosaur fossil found in China and given the name Haplocheirus sollers. The greatest Darwinist claim about this fossil is that it has feathers, in other words, that it is a dinosaur beginning to become a bird. This impossible and fraudulent claim has appeared, as if it were true, adorned with scientific terminology, false analyses and fake drawings in the pages of all Darwinist scientific journals, including those in Turkey.
The fact is, as always, that the idea that these dinosaurs had feathers is a huge lie. Note how in all Darwinist publications the best-known Darwinist deceptive tactic of “false illustrations” is on show regarding the fossil in question. There is no other evidence, not a single picture, regarding the existence of the fossil. In fact, the original paper published in the journal Science makes no reference to the fossil in question having feathers, but as a requirement of the need to deceive people, feathers were merely mentioned in order to be able to make a link between them and dinosaurs. What other Darwinist publications quickly did was to herald this dinosaur fossil as the oldest ancestor of birds by adding a statement to the effect that “it had feathers on its wings.” The fact is, however, that the animal is a perfect, scale-covered reptile. This is a clear example of the Darwinist demagoguery that has been going on for years.
Not a single example of a transitional fossil exists
No matter how much fuss Darwinists may make about every dinosaur fossil they find, those fossils have always represented perfect, fully formed and complete dinosaurs. According to the claims made by Darwinists, who regard random mutations as their false gods, these life forms allegedly evolved gradually and by chance, and they should be monstrous-looking, abnormal and indescribably entities, with all their organs in totally all the wrong places. But they are not like that at all. Not a single fossil meeting that description has ever been found. On the contrary, all the fossils ever found belong to perfect and flawless life forms. Faced by the fact that living things are perfectly symmetrical, equipped with the Golden Ratio and immaculate and fully formed, Darwinists are in a state of trouble and in a total quandary. Indeed, the fact that most recent dinosaur fossil is a perfect and very ancient one again poses a huge challenge to Darwinism. The artificially manufactured feathered dinosaur tales are a manifestation of this Darwinist rout and the dead-end in which Darwinists find themselves.
Moreover, the number of fossils that all pose such an insuperable quandary for Darwinists is approximately 300 million. But NOT ONE OF THESE 300 MILLION IS A TRANSITIONAL FOSSIL.
The existence of a single protein is sufficient to inflict a total defeat on Darwinism
The thing that really demolishes Darwinism is A SINGLE PROTEIN, on which Darwinists expend many pages of fanciful tales and which both dinosaurs and all other living things possess. It is utterly astonishing how Darwinists can engage in evolutionary propaganda about perfect life forms when they are unable to account for the emergence of a single protein. Just one of the hundreds of proteins in the 100 trillion cells possessed by Darwinists demolishes and eradicates Darwinism. The way that Darwinists try to pull the wool over people’s eyes, as if there were no such reality, and imagine that they can still deceive us is the most unbelievable blindness.
Darwinists must take this call of ours on board: Before making illogical statements regarding the fictitious theory of evolution, and before resorting to falsehoods, THEY MUST FIRST EXPLAIN HOW A SINGLE PROTEIN CAME INTO BEING. They must not waste time on frauds regarding fossils without doing this first. Darwinists must also not forget this: that their inability to account for a single protein has been announced to the whole world it is no longer possible for them to fool people with false reports about dino-birds. A great many people now laugh at the theory of evolution. Fraud no longer serves any purpose. Belief in our Almighty Lord is increasing all the time and, by Allah’s leave, will continue to do so. This century will be one of belief in Allah. The victory achieved by Darwinists in the 19th century will totally disappear in the 21st. This is Allah’s promise. And no power can change that, unless Allah Himself wills otherwise.

2010-02-04 22:25:47

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