The Secret Beyond Matter

The Global Secret State Plan to Split Up Turkey

A plan to establish an independent communist state of Kurdistan in the Middle East dating back 100 years...

This is a century-old plan of the deep states of the US and Europe.

How is this plan intended to proceed?

First of all;

1-  Autonomy will be established in the Southeast. The USA and Europe will remove the PKK from the list of terror organizations and prepare the foundation for the establishment of a state on one hand. An intense propaganda initiative will be created to that end.

2-  The autonomous structure established in the Southeast will turn into a Communist Red Kurdistan state that includes our Kurdish brothers in Syria and Iraq. This state will be cruel and despotic as a model of a Stalinist, communist proletarian dictatorship.

3-  The first thing this red state that will be the North Korea of the Middle East will do is to form a strong military force.

4-  The army of this independent communist Kurdistan will be equipped with weapons produced by Russia, China, America, the UK and Germany. An aggressive army equipped with heavy weapons will thus be formed.

5-  All communist states, primarily North Korea and China, will support this state.

6-  Turkey will be the first target of this red-Kurdistan equipped with heavy weapons and is on the ascent. Our cities will be under heavy bombardment. Attacks will be stepped up and will gradually swallow Turkey up.

7-  Military airports of Red Kurdistan will be built on Turkish territory. Communist Kurdistan military bases will be constructed.

8-  In this way, the deep states of Europe and America will have an area under their own control right in the center of the Middle East. The airports and bases of a communist Kurdistan will be the main springboard for a war that aims to destroy the Muslim Middle East as a whole.

9-  Both ideological propaganda and military activities will be started with the aim of making other surrounding countries communists. A Stalinist dictatorial regime that will occupy the Middle East step by step will come into being.

Turkey is facing a historic threat.

The entire nation must be aware of this menace. All political parties, civil society organizations and other bodies must act as one and establish a spiritual rampart against this threat in a spirit of national mobilization.

The state must at once embark on anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist education, beginning with the Southeast. Young people must be placed on their guard against all those agents that support communist separatist violence. There must be no apathy: Awareness of national unity must be strengthened.The global secret state must realize this; homeland, flag, state and faith means honor for the Turkish nation. The Turkish nation exists not just to live, but for the approval of God and for their honor and dignity. Those wishing to break Turkey up should also consider that they would have to be determined to try to martyr 80 million Turks because we do not have even an inch of our homeland to lose before 80 million of our people become martyrs.

Adnan Oktar's piece on News Rescue:

2014-11-17 05:58:59

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