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Disunity: The Reason Behind The Bloodshed In The Islamic World


Today, the primary cause of bloodshed in the Islamic world is the conflict among Muslims. Contrary to the very spirit of the Qur’an, some Muslims have come to regard one another as enemies. Based solely on this perverse belief, they consider themselves as justified in killing one another and shedding the blood of one another.

Yet the oppression and slaughter of Muslims in every part of the world could end right away with the establishment of a union of Islamic countries. In this union, while member states’ independence and national borders are preserved, they can be united under a shared Islamic culture, and develop common policies.

Today, however, because of the largely sectarian disputes, Muslims remain disintegrated, merely watching the persecution going on from a distance.

In the Qur’an, God commands all Muslims to be united, and to join forces for an intellectual struggle against oppression in this world. Despite this clear obligation, however, Muslims fail to fulfill this important command because of the ongoing conflicts and disagreements among themselves.

Muslims’ Divine Book is the Holy Qur’an; and God reveals everything that He has made unlawful and lawful for His servants in the Qur’an. According to the Qur’an, Muslims are brothers, and any sort of quarrel and dissension among brothers are unacceptable.

Islam stresses what unites people, and not what causes division. There is co-existence, collaboration and opting for the common ground for the sake of the good of humanity, and not separation, self-righteousness, and self-interests.

Focusing on discrepancies and differences among the different Islamic schools would deliver no positive results for any individual in the Islamic world. The good of the Islamic world lies in the spirit of ‘unity and solidarity’ which is set forth in the Qur’an.

Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear. And be steadfast. God is with the steadfast. (The Qur’an; 8: 46)


In the Islamic world the tendency to blame the West for the troubles afflicting Muslims is prevalent; the real blame, however, lies with the Muslim world that is unable to escape the trap of disunity.

Establishing the unity, as God commands in the Qur’an, and living by the real conception of Islam revealed in it will quickly disperse the dark clouds over the Islamic world. This is the recipe God shows us in the Qur’an.

If the Islamic world does not make an alliance within itself, God informs us that there would be mischief and turmoil in the land. (The Qur’an; 8; 73)


The main accomplishment of the Islamic world would be to disallow any conflict among schools or races, and meet on the common ground. This unity will be the means by which the beauty of Islam will spread to the entire region.

 This unity will ensure the solution to internal problems and prevention of other countries’ intervening in the internal affairs of Muslims. Furthermore this unity will be the means by which all the conflicts among  various schools – as well as civil wars and seemingly unceasing turmoil – will come to an end.

The Islamic world should keep in mind that they can only stand in unity as one body when it is integrated around one center. Just as our Master Bediuzzaman Said Nursi spoke of in The Flashes (21st Flash) of the Treatise of Light Collection, when there is “unity” the entirety of the organs of the body are in comfort and function like the gears of a factory in harmony and completion.

In the good morals of Islam, one hand does not compete with another, one eye does not criticize the other, the tongue does not object to the ear, the heart does not divulge the error of the soul; on the contrary, all these complement and cover their deficiencies to provide for all their needs.

In brief: the rights of the entire Islamic world will be preserved, all discrimination, unjust practices and oppression will end, and an amazingly mighty political, social and economic power will arise.

There are different cultures and traditions in the Islamic world. This is perfectly normal. However without making it a matter of dissension, it is important to bring these differences together in a unity of belief and pluralistic solidarity.

According to the Islamic moral values Muslims must always keep in mind that they are brothers. And their race, language, nation or school does not alter this fact. Therefore, differences within the Islamic world must be regarded as sources of wealth. These differences must not be rendered into causes of division and conflict that lead Muslims to fall out with one another.

Unity of Muslims is essential for the good of each Muslim in this world. In the absence of unity, the Muslim world is merely setting itself up to be torn asunder.


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