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USA - Slate Magazine: Meet Harun Yahya : the leading creationist in the Muslim world

Slate Magazine, with more than 10 millions visitors monthly, which is the internet magazine of Washington Post Company featured an interview by Adnan Oktar on its 21 October 2009 issue. In the article, which conveyed the impressions of Steve Paulson from Istanbul, was headlined: MEET HARUN YAHYA: THE LEADING CREATIONIST IN THE MUSLIM WORLD. While the article mentioned of Mr. Harun Yahya as THE PROMINENT CREATIONIST IN THE MUSLIM WORLD, the major work of the author was introduced as “visually stunning 13-pound, 800-page Atlas of Creation.Some forthcoming lines have been as emphasized below:

... He runs a sophisticated media operation, with perhaps several hundred members, that distributes books, articles, videos, and Web sites around the Muslim world... Oktar's own agenda isn't confined to evolution. HE'S CALLING FOR A "TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION," a Turkish super-state that would stretch from Kazakhstan to Indonesia and western Africa—a revamped Ottoman Empire for today's Muslims...

When I asked how so many evolutionary biologists could be wrong, he replied, "We need to talk about THE MASONS' ROLE BECAUSE MASONS MANAGE THE WORLD THROUGH A SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP." When I suggested that scientists would be surprised to hear this, he said that's because the Masons' "essential characteristic is that they act secretly and they are invisible."

He said he'd faced many assassination attempts...  Why has he been targeted? "Because I'm fighting against Darwinism, communism and other terrorist organizations." So Darwinists are terrorists? Their work is "a Satanic plot" that nurtures terrorism around the world, "like the development of mosquitoes in mud or in ponds. So many fascist and communist leaders have stated very clearly that they have been affected by the teachings and ideals of Darwinism." (It's true, at least, that Oktar has both powerful enemies and powerful friends.)

... With the publication of Atlas of Creation, Oktar claimed that "Darwinism had come to an impasse for the first time in history." He then pulled out a loose-leaf notebook filled with clippings from major European newspapers and magazines and proceeded to quote from them: Liberation had referred to "THE BOOK THAT CREATED A GREAT PANIC", Stern had likened his book to "THUNDER", and La Stampa had run the headline "FAREWELL DARWIN". The lesson was clear, according to Oktar; MOST EUROPEANS HAD LOST THEIR BELIEF IN DARWINISM... Yahya has already grabbed the spotlight, not just in Turkey but in Muslim communities around the world.

Watch Adnan Oktar's interview by Steve Paulson:

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