The Secret Beyond Matter

Darwinists are terrified and baffled by the world that arises in our brains

This was again clearly demonstrated on the program Sansursuz (Uncensored), broadcast on 14 August, 2009. The concept that panicked Darwinists was the “world inside our brains:”  

The photon strikes the eye, and an electric signal goes from the eye to the brain. The electric signal departs from the eye and reaches an area the size of a lentil called the sight center. And an image then forms in that lentil-sized area. THERE IS AN EYE that looks at the image that forms there. IT IS “THAT” EYE THAT IS ACTUALLY PERFECT. That eye sees the electricity that reaches it. And with a perception of perfect depth, brightly, vividly, in movement, full color and in three dimensions. Yet that region is pitch black. The places the electric signals arrive at, the sight center, and the interior of the brain are all in darkness. Yet the eye there sees a perfect and crystal clear image, a far better one than that produced by any high-tech television. And it interprets these images in such a way as to feel sorrow, joy, love and liking, or to analyze, remember or learn from them.
There is a miracle going on here. 

Atoms that are unable to see cannot combine together, unconsciously and by chance, to produce a visual system that gives a better image then even the most perfect camera and that provides a sharper and more colorful image than those produced by the most highly advanced three-dimensional cinema or television systems.

Unconscious atoms with no ability to hear anything cannot produce a hearing system, as the result of chance, that is far superior to that of the most advanced stereo system, with perfectly sharp and multi-dimensional sounds indistinguishable from the real thing.

Atoms that cannot smell anything cannot produce a system of smell that detects the perfume of a rose under the influence of chance.  Unconscious atoms with no sense of hot, cold or hardness cannot produce a sense of touch as the result of chance.

Unconscious atoms unaware of their own existence cannot turn by chance into human beings that enjoy music, know the tastes of all kinds of food, have memories, think and feel, that make plans, relive their memories in their minds, enjoy laughter and happy times and possess hundreds of other such characteristics, or even turn into scientists that investigate the structure of the atoms itself.

The eye that sees the bright, mobile and three dimensional world on the outside in the brain IS THE SOUL. The soul is entirely metaphysical and cannot be explained through any material concept. For that reason, materialists, atheists and Darwinists who seek to account for the existence of the soul and everything else in terms of matter are in a state of utter panic. The soul bestowed on man by Almighty Allah totally demolishes Darwinism and every intellectual system espoused by Darwinists. That is why, as on the program in question, Darwinists are unwilling to discuss such issues and immediately try to gloss over them. One expects them to run away from the issue. Because they will always be defeated in the face of the perfection of the eye that sees inside our brains that Allah has created.
2009-08-27 14:00:33

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