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Reply to Daniel Pipes: Communism is still strong and waiting in ambush!

The Turkish press carried a report concerning Daniel Pipes, who gave an interview to a Turkish daily during a visit to Turkey the other day, under the caption, “We have beaten communism, now it is the Islamists’ turn.” Two important assessments are called for on the basis of that heading:

The error that “We have beaten communism” is an error that the communists of the world have always desired. That was Marx’s ideal. They expected to take over all systems, capitalism in particular. People would then lose all moral and familial values, loyalty to the state would disappear, everyone would concentrate on their own interests and the insanity of self-interest would lead to conflicts. Unity could not possibly come about in this system in which everyone acted for the sake of his own capital and people under the spell of capitalism and preoccupied by the co-called world of fun would be unaware of the danger. The moment when communism lay in wait would always be this moment! This is what Marx always aimed at. That is why the collapse of the Soviet or East German communist systems was something expected and even necessary for communists. These systems were not the ideal systems in Marx’s ideal. Since communism did not come about after capitalism in these countries, they were regarded as failed versions of communism and thus collapse was inevitable. Although limited capitalism was permitted for a short while with the New Economic Policy (NEP) movement in Soviet Russia, this did not lead to the awaited and desired communism. For that reason, the systems in question never achieved the “communist world state,” the ultimate aim of communism.

That is why the communists withdrew! They lay in ambush.

They are waiting for capitalism to enfold the world. According to this plan, everything is going very successfully!

As with Lenin’s famous tactic that he took for the name of his book: 'One step forward, two steps back', Lenin describes this tactic as follows:

“One step forward, one step back … Such things happen in the life of individuals, in the history of nations and in the growth of parties. But the monstrous of all baseness is to doubt that revolutionary social-democratic principles, the organization of the proletariat and party discipline will eventually achieve complete victory.” (Lenin, One Step Forward Two Steps Back, p. 267)

This tactic, which was also applied to the time of the NEP when individuals were allowed to possess personal capital, describes the shape of the tactical withdrawal of communism. When the first step back is taken, communists watch the system tear itself down by remaining in the background. The people, who lost all familial, religious, moral and national values due to the capitalist system, turned against one another and became incapable of acting together and in an organized manner. They were made well familiar with the terror, slaughter and conflict required by communism. According to communism, this stage is the most important stage, when someone acquires force by raising a hammer in the air. Such a blow is then struck with the hammer that those societies then became easy prey and fell to communism. This was the powerful step described as a step forward by Lenin.

Communism is not finished or defeated: Communism is simply waiting to counter-attack. Societies that have entered the capitalist system are solely concerned for themselves and think that communism has been defeated are the most powerful proof of their defeat by communism. Communism is waiting in ambush. Communists, too; Russia currently hosts all the old communists within itself. They have jobs and responsibilities in numerous key positions. They are producing new communist comrades, silently, for now!

This also applies to Europe. In fact, the position of Europe is slightly different to that of Russia. While those who espouse communism are lying in wait in key positions, others are actively making their voices heard. European communist parties and communists are quite strong. These include Angela Merkel, responsible for agitation and propaganda in the communist FDJ organization in her youth and known for her closeness to Abdullah Öcalan in the 90s, countries such as Sweden and Denmark that directly support the communist PKK terror organization, and countries such as France that express open sympathy for communism. We must also not forget countries such as North Korea and China that have adopted communism as state ideology. Two countries the world cannot say a word against! The reason is the powerful and untouchable savagery of communist dictatorship. No party, union or pact can stand against the threats of these countries that know no bounds. Their only aim, like that of the communists lying in wait, is to achieve a communist world state. The ever-threatening North Korea is just one example of the kind of scourge a communist threat that came to power would represent.

We have been setting out the presence of such a threat, with detailed evidence, for years. Some people have refused to see it. The whole world saw the existence of this threat with its own eyes in the Gezi Park events that they watched on live broadcasts for 13 to14 hours a day. Illegal communist groups taking advantage of a democratic protest set themselves up in the middle of Taksim Square in central Istanbul. They hung communist banners on the Ataturk monument, closed the area off with barricades and, using a familiar communist tactic, declared that the area was a “liberated zone.” this continued for several days. Nobody could say a thing. Nobody could get near the area. Is it not the first condition of communism to instill fear? Did Lenin not say, “...spreading fear and thus representing the communist dictatorship in society is one of the main elements in our achieving power.”?[1] That show was put on before the eyes of the world in a key region where Asia and Europe meet.

Those rags were lowered after a police operation a few days later but overall, this was a successful initiative for the communists. The people were clearly unprepared for a communist uprising. There were clearly no organized preparations and movements in place against them. Communists wanted to test that. Were people really prepared?

The people were not prepared. Not in Turkey or any other country, particularly America. Because it was widely believed in so much of the West that communism was now finished and defeated. That suited the communists just fine. Although they had actually won they encouraged people to think they had been defeated. Thus nobody can see the danger.

Let us remind Mr. Pipes on this subject. America is where communism is lying in ambush in perhaps its most organized form. These illegal communist organizations are very strong in America and are linked to other communist groups in various parts of the world. They may appear to be silent, but they are in position everywhere, from the banking systems permitted by capitalism, to branches of government, to the media and to intelligence agencies.

They are also in the fore when it comes to making use of conflict. It is usually these Marxist structures lying in ambush that provoke economic or political uncertainty in any country. Governments are depicted as weak, the ground is prepared for communist uprisings and the impression is given that the people and the communists face an allegedly common foe. Communists do not really believe in their alliances with the people; they merely regard them as the foot soldiers of the revolution, or less charitably, as cannon fodder.  The problem is that the people are convinced of the alliance.

In other words, communists will strengthen their presence for the people and expand their influence by portraying themselves as one of them.

This technique has been and is being used in almost all countries. It is now being used in America. Although the fact that America is a great country gives the impression that this is unlikely, that is not in fact the case. A weakened economy, avaricious mindsets, a shrinking middle class and communist groups holding increasing sway over the secret apparatus of state are bring America ever closer to communism.

We have not therefore defeated communism. Communism is moving forward by heeding Marx’s directives and in a very powerful manner.

It is important for people to wake up to this threat.  Communist groupings, though by no means large in numbers, have always had a profound impact on those nations where the majority of the people have been asleep, concerned only with their own interests, and have no ideals and are unaware of the danger. We must not forget that Lenin successfully staged the Bolshevik coup d'etat with a core of 13 people, and that Pol Pot acted almost alone. What needs to be done against this is to use the tactics of the communists, who attach such importance to popular organizations, and to warn people of the danger of communism. Instead of saying, “There is no more communism” or “communism has been defeated,” we need to persistently remind people that “communism is lying in wait” and show ways of waging an intellectual struggle against it. That is only possible with scientific and organized activity.

The second important assessment concerns radicalism.

Radicalism is a subject that always alarms many people in the world, as it does Mr. Pipes. What Mr. Pipes therefore needs to do is support unity among peaceful Muslims and their existence as a powerful voice against radicalism. Such a society must always seek true Muslims who respect and love all faiths, beliefs, ideas and people, who espouse the true democracy and justice described in the Qur’an, who are affectionate and honest and who support freedom of ideas and who value art, science and beauty. There is a conception of justice described as follows in the Qur’an; “You who have faith! be upholders of justice, bearing witness for Allah alone, even against yourselves or your parents and relatives.” (Qur'an, 4:135)

No matter what the other side’s language, religion, ideas or identity, if justice favors them, then that justice must be maintained. Mr. Pipes should support a peaceful Islam united under the leadership of a just spiritual leader as described in the Qur’an. Such a system will change the image of Islam, that is misunderstood by a great mass of people, and will embrace all other nations and faiths. Only Muslims can solve the problem of radicalism. If Mr. Pipes desires a solution, this is the best way, and perhaps the only way.

                        [1] Vladimir Lenin, On the Theory and Practice of Terror, Homizuri  G.P., Moscow2005


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