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Mr. Adnan Oktar's talks with his Egyptian MP guests from Freedom and Justice Party


Egyptian Members of Parliament, from the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) who came to Istanbul as  guests of Mr. Adnan Oktar had an in-depth meeting with Turkey's leading politicians in Istanbul Hilton Hotel.

Mr. Adnan Oktar with Egyptian delegation ... Dr. AbdulMawgoud R. Dardery,

Mohamed Abdelsalam Mahmoud Elsanousy, Mr. Adnan Oktar, Saad Abdelmaogoud Ahmed


Egyptian members of Parliament, Ceylan Özbudak, Ece Koç and Aylin Kocaman


Egyptian delegation during meeting — Istanbul Hilton Hotel.


Saad Abdelmaogoud Ahmed Freedom and Justice Party  – Founding Member

Responsible for Education and Civil Society in the Luxor Region


Mr. Adnan Oktar's representatives in meeting with Egyptian delegation — Istanbul Hilton Hotel.


Mr. Yaşar Okuyan -20th Term Minister of Labour and Social Security (ANAP) - with Egyptian delegation


The entire board prayed together for Islamic Union to be established

in the soonest time possible and for Muslims to get powerful




Att. Ahmet Çakar – 21st Term MHP Member of Parliament from Istanbul,

Candidate for MHP Presidency with Egyptian delegation


Mr. Hüseyin Gülsün – 23rd Term AK Party Member of Parliament from Tokat

were presented with Mr. Adnan Oktar's books.


The entire board prayed together for Islamic Union to be established

in the soonest time possible and for Muslims to get powerful.




Dr. AbdulMawgoud R. Dardery, Saad Abdelmaogoud Ahmed,

Mohamed Abdelsalam Mahmoud Elsanousy




Mr. Recep Garip – 22nd Term AK Party Member of Parliament,

poet, author and artist with Egyptian delegation 



Dr. AbdulMawgoud R. Dardery Freedom and Justice Party –Spokeperson to Foreign Relations Commitee


Dr. AbdulMawgoud R. Dardery, Mohamed Abdelsalam Mahmoud Elsanousy










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