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Only the Turkish-Islamic Union Can Halt the Bloodshed

The persecution in East Turkestan over the last week is not the first that our Muslim brothers have been confronted by. Our East Turkestani brothers have been subjected to all kinds of maltreatment for the last 60 years and live under unbelievable repression. Muslims have been slaughtered in Palestine for some half a century. They live the lives of exiles in their own land.  Reports of deaths flood in from Iraq on an almost daily basis. Our Kirkuk brothers live in constant fear of death. Muslims in Crimea are trying to survive under the harshest of conditions. The blood of Muslims is shed almost every day in Afghanistan, and thousands of Muslims have become refugees in their own country in Pakistan. Only recently, Bosnian Muslims were subjected to ruthless genocide in the heart of Europe, before the very eyes of the world. Prisons in many countries are full of Muslims arrested because of their ideas and faiths. These sufferings, killing, troubles and woes are nothing new. Muslims have been ruthlessly oppressed for around a century now. This corruption and bloodshed can be brought to an end only by the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the clear and certain solution, the salvation of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Turkestan, the Crimea, Kirkuk and Moro. 

Executioners of Uyghurs, The World in Horror (Sabah Daily, July 8, 2009), Here's the massacre, Massacre Headed to kill (Yenisafak Daily, July 8, 2009), Savagery (Yenisafak Daily, July 8, 2009), The massacre's photograph (Türkiye Daily, July 8, 2009)
It is essential for the Turkish-Islamic Union to be established for the shedding of Muslim blood to stop, for the poverty in Islamic countries to come to an end, for the disorder, anarchy and terror in the Turkish Islamic region to be completely eliminated and for a peaceful, secure, prosperous and enlightened civilization to be built. It is impossible for a disunited Islamic world to protect Muslims from coming to harm. Only when the Muslim world, with its 1 billion or so population, will not a hair on the head of a single Muslim anywhere be harmed. Only in Turkey is there any condemnation of the repression taking place in East Turkestan. But if the Turkish-Islamic Union is founded and the whole of this enormous region condemns Chinese persecution, then that persecution cannot continue.

It is not the burning of Chinese goods that will put a stop to Chinese repression. Experience shows that such measures produce no results. The only way to achieve results is the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. A united Turkish-Islamic world will be an extremely deterrent and effective force.

Unity lies at the heart of Islamic moral values. Allah reveals in the Qur’an, in the words “…If you do not act in this way (do not help one another and become friends) there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption.” (Surat al-Anfal, 73) that believers must be friends and allies, united and unified, for the corruption in the world to come to an end. The Turkish-Islamic world must demand this union. Failure to demand union means demanding division instead, and division is of no use to the Turkish-Islamic world. Muslims’ strength, power and best interests all lie in unity.

The world needs peace, love, solidarity and justice
. And that is the mission that the Turkish-Islamic Union will assume when it is set up. This union will exist to bring peace to the world, not to be an instrument of hostility, vengeance or menace. This union will not be one based on oppression and repression along the lines of “everyone must be subjects to us, and anyone who does not must be enslaved.”

The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love
. It is a union of affection, a union of hearts. The bases of this union are love, altruism, helping others, compassion, tolerance and understanding. The aim of the union is also to achieve the highest levels in respect for human beings and in art, science and technology. Once the union is established, not just Turkish societies and Muslims, but the whole world, will attain enlightenment.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will ensure full freedom of worship, belief, opinion and expression. Members of all faiths will be able to worship as they wish, to visit all the sacred sites of their faith, and the goods, lives and honor of people of whatever opinions or beliefs will be guaranteed by the Turkish-Islamic Union.

Unity will bestow a huge power on the Turkish-Islamic world
. When the Turkish-Islamic world is united, there will be no possibility of Muslims being persecuted, denigrated, oppressed are slaughtered, and such things will never even cross anyone’s mind.

With the founding of the Turkish-Islamic Union, America, Europe, China, Russia, Israel and in short the whole world will breathe easier. Terror will come to an end, distribution of raw materials will be guaranteed, the economic and social order will be protected and cultural conflicts will disappear entirely. America will no longer have to send troops to lands thousands of kilometers away, Israel will no longer live behind walls, the countries of the EU will encounter no economic barriers, Russia will have no more security concerns and China will have no trouble finding raw materials.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will cause regeneration throughout the Muslim world. Thanks to the Islamic common market to be set up, products from one country will be easily marketed in another, without becoming caught up in quotas or national frontiers. Trade zones will grow, all Muslim countries will enjoy an increase in market share, exports will rise, leading to an acceleration of industrialization in Muslim countries, and economic development will lead to technological advances. A Turkish-Islamic world with a powerful economy will be a major cause of prosperity for the Western world and other societies. These societies will find a power with which they can co-operate and engage in mutual trade with no feelings of concern. In addition, the funds that Western institutions and organizations constantly pour in for the region to regenerate will no longer be required, and these funds will be used to strengthen the global economy instead.

There is no obstacle to the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union. All that is needed is the will to unite. This union must be genuinely desired, and Muslims must treat one another with love, understanding, humility, affection and compassion, never forgetting the fact they are all brothers.

(Foundation for the Preservation of National Values President of the Board Tarkan Yavas)

2009-07-14 13:17:14

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