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The Palestinian problem has a single solution: Turkish Islamic Union

The Palestinian problem has a single solution: Turkish Islamic Union,
Let our entire nation demand the Turkish Islamic Union,
In the Turkish Islamic Union, no Muslim, Christian or Jew suffers any pain. One is not murdered, injured, gets poor, oppressed, or feels fear.
No problem remains in law or justice. No unidentified murders remain. No poverty remains. No lack of productivity remains. No ignorance remains.
Allah loves those who struggle in His Way in ranks like well-built walls. (Surat as-Saff, 4)
Those who, when they are wronged, defend themselves. (Surat ash-Shura, 39)
  • Every day without any effort for the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union is a damage and a loss.
  • The Turkish-Islamic Union must be set up without delay.
  • The entire Turkish nation backs and approves of this excellent union.
  • All the Turkish states and Islamic countries regard the union as essential. They happily and genuinely support it.
  • This union will work to the material and spiritual benefit and well being of America, Russia, China, Europe and the whole world and will bring the world peace, brotherhood, love and well-being.
·         The Turkish-Islamic Union is the only solution that can put an immediate stop to world terror, disorder, insecurity and the global crisis.
The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of love. It is a union of affection, a union of hearts. The bases of this union are love, altruism, helping others, compassion, tolerance and understanding. The aim of the union is also to achieve the highest levels in respect for human beings and in art, science and technology. Once the union is established, not just Turkish societies and Muslims, but the whole world, will attain enlightenment.
Recent developments show that the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union, awaited with great excitement and enthusiasm by the Turkish-Islamic world, is close at hand. The first and most important step toward that union will be Azerbaijan and Turkey uniting as two states, but a single nation. In the near future, Turkey, as a super-state, will assume the leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world and unite all Muslims, in a broad expanse of territory from the Caucasus to Tanzania and from Morocco to Fiji, under a single roof.
Unity will bestow enormous strength on the Turkish-Islamic world. What truly makes the believers' union so strong is in fact their faith and loyalty. Only genuine faith can engender true friendship and alliance. Muslims love one another with a pure heart and for the good pleasure of Allah, without the slightest selfish interest. A union built on the strongest foundation known to humanity—the fear and love of Allah—will never shatter, unless Allah wills otherwise.
The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring peace to the world.
The Turkish-Islamic Union will first and foremost resolve the disputes between Muslim countries and bring peace to the Islamic world; it will also oppose all those movements that incite war and conflict in the world as a whole, and will be a force capable of preventing all initiatives aimed at provoking war.
With the founding of the Turkish-Islamic Union, America, Europe, China, Russia, Israel and in short the whole world will breathe easier. Terror will come to an end, distribution of raw materials will be guaranteed, the economic and social order will be protected and cultural conflicts will disappear entirely. America will no longer have to send troops to lands thousands of kilometers away, Israel will no longer live behind walls, the countries of the EU will encounter no economic barriers, Russia will have no more security concerns and China will have no trouble finding raw materials.
It will be a great blessing and comfort for the EU if it is freed from concerns over terror. The Turkish-Islamic Union is the certain solution that can bring this about. With the Turkish-Islamic Union, all the troubles and disorder in the Islamic world can come to an end. By this means, the Turkic states can move to establish a civilization equal to or even greater than Europe. That is because the Turkic states represent a potentially very wealthy region. The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring great wealth, abundance, peace and quality to that region.

Excerpt from Adnan Oktar's Interview on the leadership of Turkey for the Turkish-Islamic Union

"There is much information in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) to the effect that the Turkish nation will undertake a very special task in the End Times. Istanbul is much noted in the hadith. The Turkish nation is the best suited, in terms of moral values and nature, to the task, and whoever you may ask is agreed on that. The characteristic of the Turkish nation is this: it is a virtuous and religious one. It has always been the standard-bearer of Islam. Such a nation has the right to be a leader. It will justly discharge that function and be an excellent leader. But this is not a claim of any kind of racial superiority. It is impossible for a Muslim to make such a claim. We are servants of Allah. Superiority lies in taqwa (awe or fear of Allah, which inspires a person to be on guard against wrong action and eager for actions which please Him). Anything else leads to fascism, infertility and evilness. Allah will respond to anyone who thinks like that, and the result will be catastrophic for them. When I talk about a Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership and supported by the Turkic states,  I am referring to the moral values of the Turkish nation. Allah has created this nation to be very excellent and charged it with spreading justice to mankind and the world. It is a natural leader, resistant to suffering, troubles and hunger, loyal, courageous, religious, morally virtuous and honest. Anatolian people are very virtuous. Go to the Black Sea region and you will be amazed at their moral values, or to Anatolia. Go to the South-East and you will be amazed. Words canot describe their hospitality, affection, respect, kindness and honor. You cannot find that anywhere else in the world. To sum up, first, Turkey will undertake this duty as a legacy from the Ottoman Empire. Second, the model of Islam as is lived by in Turkey is an exemplary one. The rational, enlightened and honest conception of Islam in Turkey, warm, tolerant and not at all radical, is of the greatest importance. This is both an excellent example for the Muslim world and also an ideal model that will eliminate all doubts in Western minds. Third, all the sacred and holy relics are in Turkey. Fourth, we are at the center. We are at a key point for connecting the Turkic states and Islamic countries to Europe. We have a very-well educated and enlightened potential and are eager to assume the job. We are highly enthisiastic for it. Nobody else is as keen as us. "

The Turkish-Islamic Union Is the Only Solution That Can Halt the Global Economic Crisis
The Turkish-Islamic Union will revitalize trade and strengthen the economy. Union among Muslim countries in the economic, political and cultural arenas will permit the less developed to make rapid progress and those countries which already possess the requisite means and infrastructure to use these as efficiently as possible. Economic growth and investment in science and technology will rise. With economic development will come a natural rise in education levels, and society will make progress on a number of fronts.
The Turkish-Islamic Union will cause regeneration throughout the Muslim world. Thanks to the Islamic common market to be set up, products from one country will be easily marketed in another, without becoming caught up in quotas or national frontiers. Trade zones will grow, all Muslim countries will enjoy an increase in market share, exports will rise, leading to an acceleration of industrialization in Muslim countries, and economic development will lead to technological advances.
With the founding of the Turkish-Islamic Union, energy resources will be guaranteed. Under the Turkish-Islamic Union, peace and stability will prevail in regions with rich underground reserves, and the democratic system will function in a most well-ordered manner there. A model will thus emerge in which these resources are used in the most efficient manner, and neither Islamic countries nor other communities will be disadvantaged. This, in turn, will make stable and balanced political policies possible in those matters of particular importance in maintaining global economic stability, particularly oil production and prices.
A Turkish-Islamic world with a powerful economy will be a major cause of prosperity for the Western world and other societies. These societies will find a power with which they can co-operate and engage in mutual trade with no feelings of concern. In addition, the funds that Western institutions and organizations constantly pour in for the region to regenerate will no longer be required, and these funds will be used to strengthen the global economy instead.
In that respect, the Turkish nation bears a major responsibility. Turkey’s duty is to lead this Turkish-Islamic world that will bring peace, well-being and abundance to the whole world. The leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is one of the greatest tasks in the history of the world. THIS IS ONE OF THE TURKISH NATION’S MOST VITAL DUTIES. In other words, our duty as the Turkish nation is not solely to save Turkey, but also to save the whole Turkish-Islamic world and bring peace and well-being to all humanity.
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