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A9 TV, 8 July 2012

When the Knights Templar began feeling sympathetic toward Islam, when they began realizing that Islam is the true faith and when they felt and began saying that Islam is not a religion of savagery, as has been depicted, but one of love, the way of the dajjal (antichrist) immediately began outing its people to work. They foolishly imagined they could halt such developments by telling some miniature dajjal to start slaughtering people and to show people what the Knights Templar and freemasonry are like. In other words, they embarked on a counter-offensive, imagining they could stop freemasons becoming Muslims, that they could stop the Knights Templar becoming Muslims, that they could prevent the global dominion of Islamic moral values. But this is a hollow offensive. You saw how the Knights Templar came here and are full of love toward Muslims, going to mosques, worshiping, reading the Qur’an and trying to learn about Islam. They support peace and brotherhood. It is therefore improper for Muslims to say that all Knights Templar are bloodthirsty, cruel and your enemies. In that event, what will the other side do? They will say Muslims are bloodthirsty and cruel. They also make such propaganda. In the same way that Muslims cannot adopt someone who spreads terror and anarchy and claims to be a Muslim as a role model, so a Knight Templar or a freemason who sheds blood and spreads terror cannot be a role model for the Templars or freemasons. That is no reason for us to spurn them all. Of course some Knights Templar and freemasons are irreligious or atheists. Of course some are hostile toward Muslims. There are those who want to set Muslims against one another. But there are also good ones. In the same way there are good and bad Muslims, so there are good and bad among them. One has to distinguish. The important thing is thus a policy that unites, reconciles, makes people love Islam, eliminates enmity and brings peace. It is wrong to stir things up. If a Muslim declares that a whole community, a whole masonic or Templar community is our enemy, then that just suits the dajjal. We must not fall for that. We must make them love Islam and the Qur’an, and ensure they draw closer to Muslims. So they can understand the Qur’an and see how it brings peace, how that is the essence of Islam.

A9 TV, 25 July 2011

While bigots here are trying to prevent Turkish-Islamic Union. So are the bigots there. Therefore, I apologize to sincere Templars  and freemasons. I appreciate their love for Islam and encourage it. I hope Allah will send them happiness. But I also hope they will clean out the impure ones who have infiltrated them. And they are doing that. This is not something that involves all masons and Knights Templar. Masons and Knight Templar will all follow the Prophet Jesus (as). They will be followers of the Mahdi. Islamic moral values will rule the world through smiling faces, peace, love and brotherhood. Not a drop of blood will be spilled, all arms will be abolished, the armaments industry will be eliminated and peace, security and beauty will rule the world. Islam means peace. The world will be a land of peace, and there will be peace, plenty and abundance everywhere.


2012-10-31 16:20:27

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