The Secret Beyond Matter

Islamic Morality


A9 TV; 1 November 2011

People see the light of faith. They see what Muslims are like. That is wonderful, isn’t it? This is the light of the Qur’an, the light of Islam. It is an amazing state of affairs. Look at a man with no light and at a man with it. Allah produces such beauty and luminosity in immaculate people.

What I love, I love truly. With all my heart and soul, with the soul given me by Allah.

Innocence, cleanliness, manners, chastity, class and quality. That is  what Muslims are like. Honest and sincere. And radiant all over, masha’Allah. They drip class and reliability. Anyone seeing them will say, “he is an immaculate person, masha’Allah.” That is how a Muslim must be.

A9 TV; 2 November 2011

Now satan has this trick. He says; “If your head is covered, if you are covered up, you cannot appear on television or go to the shops or to schools.” So do you know where there is freedom? Only in the grave. They have kept women away from Islam and the Qur’an by that method. They have produced thousands of obstacles to women with uncovered heads approaching Islam and the Qur’an. Satan has been really very clever. But I have thwarted satan with his own trick. All women with bare heads are immaculate Muslims. They are all our pure and spotless sisters. They are first class Muslims. So they can relax. The can read the Qur’an as they wish, and read the hadiths and the Risale-i Nur and need never bow to pressure. If we continue in this way them, insha’Allah, we will totally thwart this trickery of satan’s. Because they have made one nation out of bare-headed people and another out of those who cover up. As if they were from different faiths. They have managed to keep bare-headed women away from Islam and the Qur’an. A great many of them. By looking at them with anger and hatred. By developing a terrible hatred for well-groomed and made-up women, they have placed Muslim women, our immaculate nation, in the position of infidels or sinners or bad people. And that is why these bare-headed women feel a great hatred for bigots. A lot of them. A justified hatred has grown up. These people are doing all they can to keep them away from Islam and the Qur’an. But I have embraced them all and called them all to Islam and the Qur’an. At least 70%-80% of Turkish women are bare-headed. But I look out for them all. They are luminous Muslims. I have freed them from the clutches and assaults of the bigots. Well-groomed women who wear make-up are very dear to me. Bare-headed or covered up, they are all luminous Muslims. I have put an end to this trick of satan’s. Satan and the dajjal are squirming now. And I am enjoying watching them. The more we hit them, the more they squeal. We will put an end to this trickery, insha’Allah. There is no room for the way of the Mahdi. The dajjal attacks from two directions. One with Darwinists and materialists, and the other with religious bigots. Not that I have blocked the road ahead of both. Bare-headed women are now reading and listening to the Qur’an and learning about Islam. Their love for Rasulullah (pbuh) is rowing many times over. They are growing in awareness. Look, I read texts from the Qur’an and someone suggests the television should be shut down. What stupidity! I will continue on the true path, insha’Allah.

Many bigots hate well-groomed, bare-headed women. And all well-groomed women with bare heads all loathe the bigots. A great many of them are like that. I am eliminating that strife. I am cleaning out that filth, hatred and stupidity of the bigot mindset, insha’Allah. I take the nation as a whole. Our immaculate young girls are now going to Istanbul University. They go to Boğaziçi University. Modern young women. They are all radiant, immaculate Muslims. All radiant daughters of Muslims. They are immaculate, and can now be at ease.

People are unaware of the hatred bigots feel for well-groomed, bare headed women. But I regard that hatred as corruption and will eliminate it.

A9 TV; 8 October 2011

One must always be positive. We must not see that some people are aggressive and then say, “We had best be aggressive, too.” That is no good. Their souls are under the influence of satan and are dark and sinister and filthy. But a normal person’s soul is full of love. It delights in loving and being loved. In a friendly atmosphere. It delights in sincerity. Allah has created that kind of environment. But He has made it murky for the heedless. So then they fall over. But there is a perfectly clear sea of faith for those who look through the eyes of faith. They move through it joyously and encounter no obstacles. They enjoy great success. But Allah uses time. People cannot be patient over time. But one must have patience and use time well. Apart from that, life is most excellent for those who look at it rationally. Allah constantly makes life beautiful. The test is very detailed. For example, one must be kind everywhere. One must always be good to and for people. There are some people I have seen since childhood who are always rude to people or answer them back. But I cannot bear to be rude. I cannot bear to embarrass anyone. It is dreadful to embarrass another person. Because when they feel bad or embarrassed, I feel very much worse. It is terrible to offend anyone else. One must always be good for people. One must strive for their good and happiness. One must not be selfish and egotistical. One must think of others’ interests, rather than one’s own. And that Allah will multiply one’s own interests many, many times over. That is not why one does it, of course, but the more an unselfish person flees from this world, the more Allah will bring it to him. He will offer him the blessings of this world, insha’Allah.

Satan always preoccupies people with detail. They never look at the whole picture. They are smothered in detail. That is a ruse of satan’s. Foolish people drown themselves in detail. But intelligent people look to what is essential, the wisdom, and turn toward that, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 10 September 2011

Muslims are humble. How? They know that Allah has created all things, that everything belongs to Allah. They know that Allah created their speech and bodies and the images they see. They know that nothing belongs to them. So what is the result? They know they are nothing. What becomes of someone who knows he is nothing? He becomes humble. I describe the essential elements of that, and if someone grasps that he will inevitably be humble. If he realizes he is nothing, that all his strength comes from Allah, if he knows that Allah creates all his images, words and feelings, and that this was created infinitely long ago and will be maintained by Allah for all time, then he will realize his own weakness. For example, we say to Allah that He is unfettered. That He is unfettered by any weakness or deficiency. That weaknesses and deficiencies belong to us. We are weak and inconsequential. Allah is the One, true absolute entity, and we are nothing, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

The global dominion of Islamic moral values is a most desirable thing. Because Islam is like a bright light, a rose garden. A climate of intense democracy, peace and love, in which art and beauty prevail, is most excellent. We have democracy in Turkey now, for instance, but when the way of the Mahdi is established there will be a huge difference. For example, America is known as the Land of the Freedom, isn’t it? But when they compare the two they will say, “We were living in hell. What kind of life was that?” They will be amazed they never realized it. “How did we end up in such troubles when we could have been living in such peace? How did we end up persecuting one another?” they will ask in amazement. Because the public pay money and the police draw their salaries. The public pay and the prosecutors draw their salaries. The public pay and the judges draw their salaries. The public pay and money goes to the military. The military oppress their own peoples in 90% of the countries of the world. It attacks their faith and religion. In 90% of places. Look, you see in Syria, unbelievable insults and humiliation. The public train and educate those people with their own money. The public pay to buy them weapons. Then they come and squeeze the trigger into their heads. And they scream and whimper from pain. The military’s boots. The public pay for them, and those same boots kick them in the face. The public pay, and the police assault the public, in much of the world. They pay their warders, then the warders come and imprison them. Prisons are built with money from the public, and then the public are stuffed into them. So the system just consumed itself. But the way of the Mahdi will eliminate this scourge. That terrible, gangrenous system in which the public grind themselves down will disappear. That is how it is in much of the world. The public pay through the nose and highly advanced prisons are built. The public pay and then go and sit in those prisons surrounded by barbed wire. And the warders beat them meantime. They pay the prison guards, as the guards’ pay comes out of the public taxes. And then the guards beat them up. The military bomb their own people, and the public pay for the bombs. The way of the dajjal [antichrist] has come to rule the world through this terrible system. But the way of the Mahdi will lift this scourge. Look, the military ruined the people in Libya, the police ruined them. We pity the people when we see their miserable state. But then we see that the former are persecuting the latter. They killed Gaddafi in a horrible way. Because that was how Gaddafi had educated the public with money taken from the public. He raised them as communists and Marxists, Darwinists and materialists, utterly ruthless. Then he tried to teach them about Islam at the last moment. “This is a sin, this is forbidden in Islam.” But it was you who taught them to be Darwinists and materialists and ruthless, wasn’t it? You cannot re-educate them in just 5-10 seconds. Can you say, “Darwinism is wrong”? Or, “Materialism is wrong”? Can you tell them all about fossils or the structure of proteins in just 5 minutes? There is no time for that. Allah struck him with his own weapon. The same with Saddam. Saddam bought vast quantities of weaponry with the public’s money and then attacked them with those weapons. The poor people there gave all they had, gave him those weapons, and then said, “Now bomb us.” And that is what he did. That is the system. But the way of the Mahdi will eliminate that blind dead-end and scourge. That is also how it is under communism. They collect all the people’s money and belongings. Then they buy weapons and build an army. Then the military go and persecute the people. They hang some, shoot some and beat others. Because that is the proletariat of the dictatorship. But the way of the Mahdi is the exact opposite. It is a system that eliminates oppression. It does away with guns and bloodshed. It does away with everything that can be used in shedding blood. It is anti-bloodshed. What sheds blood? Swords. So he eliminates them. Bullets. He eliminates those. Artillery. What good is artillery? It kills people. So Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has it melted down. “Melt it down,” he says. And they say, “But what if these people turn to extremes?” “We have the Qur’an,” says Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). “We will put them right with the Qur’an and love, not with police and guns,” he says. Love is the greatest weapon of all. The whole world will be quiet as a lamb in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is also in the Torah, insha’Allah. The lion will lie down with the lamb. Tigers and savage animals and scorpions and snakes will all become tame and lose their venom. That is what this means – the elimination of guns and bullets and bombs and every deadly thing. The Torah describes that at length. The Torah dates back 3000 years, and has described it all down to the finest detail, how guns will be eradicated. It actually speaks of swords, of course, and weapons used for shedding blood. The Torah does not, of course, speak of tanks and artillery. They will all be done away with, and peace will come. “In doing this, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will do it through Allah, not through his own power.” Look, not through strength or power. It says he will do it through love. We are in that age, that time now, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

Insha’Allah, masha’Allah will prevent disaster from coming to that region, one. It is the key to global dominion, two. Insha’Allah; The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) used to say “insha’Allah.” And he raised the dead, He said, “Insha’Allah,” and placed his hand on the face of the sick and healed them of leprosy. “Insha’Allah,” he said, and the blind saw. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); masha’Allah, look, the word Mahdi begins with the letter M. Insha’Allah begins with the letter I. The names of Jesus, Isa in Arabic, also begins with I. I for Jesus and M for the Mahdi. Insha’Allah and masha’Allah; these two will bring about global dominion, insha’Allah. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will say “Masha’Allah” whenever something beautiful is done. He will see beauty and say, “Masha’Allah.” He will see a manifestation of Allah and say, “Masha’Allah.” The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will also say it, but this refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha’Allah. Insha’Allah and masha’Allah are the keys to global dominion. The vibration of the words insha’Allah and masha’Allah will bring about global dominion. Allah makes them His instrument. Disaster cannot strike.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

 (In reply to a viewer who says “I am dubious about my lifestyle. A Muslim must perform his obligations. I believe in Allah but I still do various worldly things. For example…”)

Illegitimacy is no good. A Muslim has free will. A Muslim is a rational entity, not an animal. You must not do these things. You have a mother and female relatives. Can a Muslim see a wallet lying on the ground and make off with it, blaming his earthly wishes for leading him astray? No, he will return it to its owner. He cannot say that he needs it. Earthly desires have no power over a Muslim. A Muslim’s conscience must be at ease if he is to be influenced by anything. Someone whose conscience is uneasy is someone whose conscience is dead. It is wrong to be influenced by something illegitimate. A Muslim must act sensibly. This world is very temporary, insha’Allah.

14 November 2011; A9 TV

Every sincere person of good intentions who is capable of giving love experiences the flavor and beauty of being a Muslim, therefore, insha’Allah. And people are of course positively influenced by such people, insha’Allah.

Allah regards filthy people as very suitable for stupid and mindless ones. There are those horrible people out there, for instance, who shout things at women and generally behave badly. Allah gives them filthy people. But Allah bestows intelligent and pleasant people on reasonable ones. This is a miracle. You will see it if you look closely. For example, a beautiful woman goes by and they wolf whistle at her. Or they say something intended to embarrass her. Allah will always inflict unpleasant types on them. Yet a woman is a most pleasant being. She always deserves the pleasantest words. But I look on the internet and see all these horrible writings by people with hatred in their hearts. Yet as they write these things their own hearts are darkened. And when their hearts darken, so do their bodies. Their cells become cancerous, their faces grow ugly and their brains start to dissolve. Their hair falls out, diseases appear, their insides decay and they develop a most horrible state of mind. They imagine that nothing will happen to them. People swear at and defame others, and they imagine that nothing will happen to them. But Allah starts to dissolve them from the inside out. But they fail to work that out. He harms them inside and out. Internally, they suffer a decrease in goodness, beauty and pleasantness. Moral vice causes terrible damage. It is not easy to write pleasant words or to praise someone. It is not easy to compliment them. But swearing and insulting people is highly enjoyable for one’s earthly passions and comes very easily. That is why base people swear at one another all the time on the internet, if you notice. There is a whole storm of swearing and insults. But pleasant words are very much few and far between. And those are people from the way of the Mahdi. Kinds words are difficult. Compliments are difficult. One has to use will power and determination and care and think properly and always think the best of people to be able to speak kindly of them. But they keep swearing at one another. I see it is really widespread. I look to see if anyone is really loved, and it is terribly rare. There was a female artist and they crushed her under insults and oaths. I saw another artist, a man being crushed like that. Another psychopath appears and swear at all and sundry, and becomes famous for that. He swears at everyone and thus attracts attention. Why not speak pleasant words? Pleasant words are important. Is there nobody to be loved in this country? Are there no fine people here? You should say good things. If something is really ugly, then say so, and that is fine. But they never speak of beauty. Only of hate. They open hate web sites, one against the other. Against Sheikh Nazım Hodja, or this or that hodja, or Yaşar Nuri Öztürk or someone. Words full of hate. Or against politicians. But words of love are very few and far between. It is easy to say, you are nice or you are good.  But it is less easy to say it and mean it.

A9 TV; 15 November 2011

People who act out of logic sink themselves. People who act out of logic become polluted and dark. But people who act out of conscience are highly attractive. Logic looks like it will bestow some kind of advantage on people, as if it will be very accurate. Logic pollutes people. It darkens them and drags them down. But conscience makes them fertile and lovely. It always looks as if people will lose out when they act from conscience. But in fact, they always win in the end, insha’Allah. But one has to be patient, of course. Patience is very important, and a characteristic of Muslims. You cannot have good conscience if you have no patience. Patience and good conscience go hand in hand.

A9 TV; 17 October 2011

Good people are very rare. Attractive people are very rare. Reasonable, balanced, consistent, warm and loving people are very rare. That is why one must not let a good person go when one finds one. One must absolutely become friends and love them insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 18 October 2011

Muslims have a responsibility to help those in trouble. I am an affectionate and compassionate person. I will try to help someone in difficulties if I can. But I cannot help the whole world, of course. That is obvious. I can only do so much. But I will do that, too, by Allah’s leave. If Allah so wishes, it will happen. But the things that one person can do are obvious, insha’Allah. But anything can happen if Allah so wishes. Global dominion can happen too, insha’Allah. And as followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) we wish to render good service in that global dominion, insha’Allah.

The Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. Rasulullah’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. The Prophet Noah’s (pbuh) ark was a place of refuge. Bediuzzaman and Imam Rabbani’s homes were places of refuge. And where I am is a place of refuge. Where Muslims are is also a place of refuge. The homes of good, honest people are places of refuge. Of course Muslims will take shelter in them. What else can they do? Of course they will take refuge with good, honest people who fear Allah. That has been so since the dawn of history, and will always be so. Why did Muslims shelter on Noah’s Ark? Why did everyone come to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)? Why did everyone shelter with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), including even his own brothers? They were his enemies, but they still sought refuge with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). Why did the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) take them in and protect them? Persecuted and oppressed people came to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) from Abyssinia. And he protected them all. Where he was, was a place of refuge. And where Muslims are, will of course be places of refuge. Wherever there are good, honest, fine and patriotic people, these are places of refuge. And that is a religious obligation. Allah’s commandment.

A9 TV; 24 October 2011

Sickness comes as an affliction to unbelievers and hypocrites, but for believers it is the most effective means of drawing close to Allah. The more severe the illness, the more the believer draws close to Allah and enjoys an astonishing proximity to Him. There is a huge difference between the power to achieve depth in the absence of sickness and in the presence of sickness. A person acquires the most magnificent ability and draws close to Allah in the most amazing way. In the event of fatal diseases, the patient develops the most wondrous power to draw close to Allah, as well as an astonishing proximity and seriousness and perfection. For example, Allah inflicted an unbearable sickness of the Prophet Job (pbuh). The sickness lasted for a very long time. “O Lord, I have received a tribulation from satan,” he said. And what did Allah say? ”Move your foot.” Be active, being active is of the greatest importance. It is important to walk a lot, rush about, do housework and go about here and there. It is no use sitting immobile all the time. And that can even be harmful. Second, Allah told him to “Drink water.” Dehydration harms the body. It is important to be active and to wash properly, as that also strengthens people. A lively, active person who does not heed himself will be healthy, but someone who is not will fall ill. It is very important to abandon oneself to Allah and say “Whatever You do, I belong to You.” Otherwise a person will fall ill. What must we say? “O Lord! I wish to struggle [for Islam]. I want Islamic Union, so give me strength.” It is no good saying; “I want to be freed from sickness so I can visit my children, finish school, go to work and make money, make more friends of Facebook, go to our summer house and have fun and that kind of thing.” Asking for good health in that way is no good. Why must we ask for good health? “O Lord, give me strength so I can help You and serve as Islam. As a manifestation of You.” But it is fine to ask for it in that sense. The Prophet Job (pbuh) did not ask for good health so he could go and have fun. Why did he desire it? He asked Allah for strength so he could propagate His religion. That is why if someone who prays for good health does so solely so that he can relax and take things easy, that prayer will not be heeded, by the law of Allah. It is not a prayer that Allah will heed. In order for prayer to be pure and genuine you must say, “O Lord, I have dedicated myself to You.” What did the blessed Maryam (pbuh) say? That she had dedicated her child to our Lord, for Him, for His approval. In order to spread His religion and for His approval and so that people might live by the religion of Allah. What does Almighty Allah say to our Prophet (pbuh)? “Take yourself away from all things, from all aspects of life and put all your care, effort and energy into spreading the religion of Allah, the global dominion of the moral values of Islam.” He tells him to concentrate all his energies on disseminating Islam. And our Prophet (pbuh) was never ill. Allah says that He has lifted that weight from him that had bent his back. He says He has given him ease and well-being. That is why all the prophets have had troubles, because they come in proportion to one’s faith. Terrible troubles will afflict Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But he will not let it show. Our Prophet (pbuh) never showed it, either. When he had a stomach ache they heated a stone and our Prophet (pbuh) would wrap it up and place it next to his stomach, hidden in his clothing, so nobody ever realized. That is why one must honestly and sincerely submit to Allah and ask for good health in order to spread His religion. To strive for religion, in other words. Not so that one can lie back and take it easy in this world. That is no good.

A9 TV; 29 November 2011

One must constantly reinforce faith. Faith needs to be tended. It is like a flower. Faith becomes permanent with conditioning. It becomes strong. It grows through constant teaching and discussion. Allah says in one verse that man was created with weak faith. My apologies to the guides and prophets. But people in general are weak. Their wills are weak. And their bodies. That is what Allah indicates in that verse. Man is created weak, He says. But it becomes permanent through conditioning. It become strong through determined conditioning and talking of the signs leading to faith. Through constantly reading the verses. Through reflection. 

A9 TV; 29 November 2011

A person may be pleasant, but we like him/her because his/her character is pleasant. If people have a good character, and are modest and innocent and full of love and have an understanding of love. And that is why we like them. But if they were brutal and abnormal, we would not like them at all. We like them because they are nice. But if someone is asinine and hollow and mindless, then he has no significance. It is very important to exhibit detailed and regular behavior, to have satiety of soul, that depth of character, that power of passion, the nimbleness of mind, to be innocent, to speak well and wisely, to act swiftly, to have deep powers of analysis and to understand people in depth. For example, if someone behaves in an unbalanced way, that will put people off him immediately. But a quality person always behaves perfectly. He is always agreeable and you always like him. Love is entrusted, it does not stay forever. Someone may do something idiotic, and love will depart and go elsewhere. He throws it away in a moment. In order for love to travel smoothly, like a train on rails, it must be carried forward in a regular manner. It can turn to hate in a moment. People can go off one at a moment’s notice. But a high quality and rational believer will manage love just right and carry it forward just right. So it never snaps. Otherwise it can grow cold very quickly. The slightest facile action, stupidity or imbalance can totally rock someone. Love goes. The person concerned cannot stop it happening. You cannot hold onto love even if you want to. When the brain sees something irrational it transmits a command, saying, “Do not love him anymore.” You can try and disobey, but it will be no good, you are not strong enough. Allah takes it away in a moment. Strength lies in the hand of Allah. But it is very important to teach and describe what is good and true. People are not without imperfection. Description and teaching are very important.

"One of the distinguishing features of my beloved followers is that they have nobility. They are very noble. They are very pure, high quality, urbane, innocent, considerate and respectful. And very honest. Amazingly honest. They never lie. They have a huge fear of Allah, masha’Allah. They are enormously devout, masha’Allah. They are punctilious over prayer and worship. In the five prayers, for example. None has ever missed one. It happened once in the past. It is very exceptional. One of our brothers was late to pray. He was very tired and missed the morning prayer in sleep. But that was exceptional. They are scrupulous over praying five times a day, masha’Allah. And over what is lawful and unlawful, masha’Allah."

A9 TV; September 28th 2011

Repetition is the most important method in learning. In repetition one takes the issue into memory. One remembers it and uses the information while communicating the message of Islam. But one forgets it if it is explained only once, then it is forgotten. You do not remember it. If one repeats it two or three times, you grasp it very well and it settles into your subconscious. You even do not notice it but you start to tell it.

It is important to be very informed. To make very good research and have a very good  general knowledge. Then the person becomes convinced very easily.

A9 TV; November 6th, 2011

Do not ever care with how much people pay attention to details. It is not important whatsoever. It is very important to deal with the essence. For instance, they say, “Why this and that happened during the incident that happened between Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Husain?” Will Allah ask this to you in the Hereafter? You will be asked whether you believe in Allah and the Book. Have you abided by what is lawful and unlawful? Have you performed your acts of worship? Was your faith profound? They try to make discrimination between Hazrat Uthman (ra) and Hazrat Ali (ra). These are very unnecessary. The best explanation is the one which had been made by our Prophet (saas). There is no need for more  explanations other than that, Insha'Allah.

A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

A Muslim needs to be clean, very very clean. His soul, body, clothes, house, all has to be clean. But not an ordinary cleanliness; it has to be deeply clean, insha’Allah and has a beautiful scent. When one fasts, feels exhausted, etc. he must always keep that purity, courtesy and happiness. We have some brothers, for instance, they fast but what a shame! Allah has granted water, and many other opportunities, right? The mouth of a Muslim smells like flower, his hands and face shine like light, right? Take a decent shower, clean your mouth, rinse it out frequently. Allah has provided you with many opportunities.

A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

Otherwise a person can make effort as much as he can, or make suggestions to himself as to the necessity of loving a particular person, but the body, soul would not accept it. It can not be accomplished by inculcation. It has to be absolutely in that way. That is because, although a person may deceive some others, he can not deceive himself. The lower-self is very aware. He is very wise. In no way is he deceived. No matter how much you inculcate your brain and tell that you must love someone, if that person is not precious, the brain does not allow it. It simply does not allow you to love. If that person is precious, on the other hand, no matter how much you resist from feeling  love for that person, you love with a crazed fervor. People may tempt you and say unfavorable things like, “This person is very dangerous, stay away from him”, “He is a wicked person”, “He may cause harm to you”, etc., the brain no longer believes in him. That is because, the brain believes in what it sees. For instance many people said that our Prophet (saas) was a “sorcerer”, “a liar”, “a deceiver.” You speak of it, the prominent people of the city also state it, but the eye sees it in a different way and the ear hears something else. The eye states that he is honest, fine and good. So do the ear and wisdom. So how would one believe in others’ words? In that case a person believes in his brain. That is called conscience. An unconscientious person does not listen to the orders given by the brain. He does not heed the correct information provided by his brain. In this case, the brain and body fight against each other,  and a tremendous tension emerges, as a result of which the body takes the color of coal-black. It collapses, decays. It turns into a carcass.  His looks, manners, mouth, nose and brain degenerate. Even the tone of his voice, the scent of his body becomes disgusting. Everything related to him becomes filthy because the body dies while it is standing. Because the cells of the body  are sensitive to love and the body notices that it has been betrayed, it starts to attack itself and kill itself. That is why you see that kind of women who go through degeneration. We see devastated people. People with a complexion  of a filthy-yellow color. Surely those who are sick are exceptions; but in general the reason is lovelessness. For instance they suffer from a hernia. They become tense. They become nervous because of lovelessness. People who are loved do not become anxious and in the absence of anxiousness, there exists no hernia or cervical disc  hernia. Except from traumas, it is also medically proven that stress causes such diseases.

A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

(You express the words “Insha'Allah” and “Masha’Allah” very frequently. I know that it is a portent of the system of Hazrat Mahdi (as). I will be glad if you could further explain the meaning of these words)

Yes the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as ) will dominate the world with the words Insha'Allah and masha’Allah. Pay attention to the words “Insha” and “Masha”. When angels hear the words “Insha” and “Masha”, no disaster befalls  that place. When angels hear these words, they stop a disaster that will strike them. The disaster approaches, comes close, but when it hears the words “Insha” and “Masha”, it goes back. The disaster does not enter by Allah’s Will. Insha'Allah and Masha’Allah are instrumental in Islam’s ruling the world. We will recite these words a lot, Insha'Allah. The disaster comes like a cloud and when it receives the vibration of this recital, it simply returns. No disaster enters there Insha'Allah. It brings domination and blessings, Insha'Allah.

A9 TV; September 8th, 2011

Bediüzzaman Said Nursi says,  “Faith makes a human being human. Maybe faith makes a person a sultan, the ruler of the world”. There is also a mention of Hazrat Mahdi (as) here. “Then the primary duty of man is faith and prayer. Disbelief degrades man to the level of a very weak animal.” That is to say, a terrorist, anarchist, insha’Allah. “The primary duty of man is faith and prayer.”

A9 TV; 9 September 2011

Bediuzzaman says, “Like a secure fortress against the armies of doubt.” He talks about one’s protecting himself against doubts. Armies of doubt. Doubts incessantly rush into people’s minds; one may doubt about Allah, our Prophet (saas), the angels and the life after death. Indeed, the struggle against these doubts is called faith. Those who become victorious in this struggle against doubts is called a Muslim, a believer. That is why he deserves Paradise. Not only because he performs his prayers. The soul of prayer, the faith while fulfilling this act of worship is important. That soul, that faith there is important. It would not be without faith. That is why we unrelentingly dwell on the signs leading to faith.

A9 TV; 9 September 2011

Faith is the most important matter in this world. Having faith. For instance, the reason why we have zeal here is faith. Otherwise we have thousands of issues. We have had many cases opened against us, many plots hatched; we are threatened. We consider none of them to be significant because of our faith. We say, “The Unity of Islam should be established no matter what.” If my faith was weak, I would not be able to do it. May Allah forbid. Why do we spend all we have into the path of Allah? Our sincere faith. Many people were on holiday, but we communicated the message day and night. I have not been on holiday for 30 years. Some of them are in Bodrum, Kus adası, Koycegiz (holiday resorts in South Turkey).  We ask, “What do you do?” They say, “We are on holiday.” Syria is in devastation, so is Libya. The world is upside down; is there a climate to go on  a holiday? For a man of cause, a person who has the means, knowledge and capability, and who knows that he is influential, would it be becoming to lose three months? They say that they take a rest for a three months. Muslims are being murdered in Libya, Palestine. Will we go on a holiday while Muslims are being murdered? Is this becoming? My conscience would not let this happen, but if he is an incompetent person, has no means, no knowledge, then there is nothing to say. But while I have the means, I can not do it. My conscience would not let it. Neither Saturdays, nor Sundays. I only get three or four  hours of sleep a day, sometimes at most six hours insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 9 September 2011

 If a person has good conscience, he then looks and says; “There is Allah.” It is so obvious. If there exists a bright world in his brain, if there is one that hears sounds sharply, if there is a structure that feels hardness, if one is able to smell, has 5 senses and has a soul, what would this person say? He would immediately say, “There is a Creator.” There are pens, notebooks, televisions, everything. What is this? Considering that they are created in our brain, and that Allah creates them. They have their origins on the outside, but we see what He creates within our brain. In such a case he will say; “There exists Allah.” That is immediately understood; not an issue that is deniable. It flows like a movie. It is not something that appears in a moment. It constantly flows before one’s eyes. But those flowing images; the movie that flows exists. On one side, the movie comes before our eyes, we see, it flows. Both the incoming images and the outgoing images are ready. Think of the systems before television was invented. There is the movie. What  happens in its middle? It proceeds. The proceeding sections do not disappear. This also holds true for the sections of the movie that have not been seen yet. They all exist on the film spool. We see just the related part on the movie curtain. But the passing section of the movie also exists on the film spool. The passing section as well as the sections relating to the future exist. This is also the case with this world. This is how destiny is. In this case what does a person say? He says, “Our Creator asks for something from us.” Because we look at the pen and see that it has a purpose. There is a purpose of the shoe. The television has a purpose. Everything has a purpose. A glass has a purpose. “Then I must  also have a purpose, right?” Is there anything that does not have a purpose? For instance a car has a steering wheel; it has a purpose. It has a gas pedal. They all have purposes. Then there should be a just religion. Allah must have an announcement to us. We see that there are the Gospel, Torah and the Qur’an. But we look without making any pressures in our mind; with a sincere approach. It is apparently seen that the Qur’an is explicitly pure Revelation. Are there four books within the Qur’an? No, there is only one. When we look at the Torah and ask, they say, “The preliminary parts of the Torah are the real sections, the latter are not.” There is already very limited information on the first section. Quite little. They say, “There are four books in the Gospel. Take the average of what the guys managed to keep in their minds.”  Then we look at the Qur’an. There are no four books in the Qur’an; only one. Is it what people could keep in their minds? No. It is pure revelation memorized by hafizs. The Qur’an the hafizs learned by heart at that age is the pure Qur’an. There is no addition. How are Paradise and Hell depicted? Perfectly. All issues related to faith are perfect. Is there the slightest missing issue? No. Acts of worship, obedience, lawful and unlawful acts, are they all perfect? Perfect. Is there any expression that will make one feel resentment in the heart? Any statement in the form of superstition? None. With a sincere, candid outlook without making any pressure in our minds. Without any force. It is immediately evident that it is the Just Book.

A person wants to earn Allah’s good pleasure. He wants to  live in Paradise for all eternity, and needs to know that Allah loves him because [in Paradise] they see the truth. There, we will have a clear understanding that Allah loves us, that He is pleased with us insha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 17th, 2011

Paradise is the abode of glory. The dominion of Islam will also be glorious. Prophet Solomon (as), my grandfather, lived the greatest glory. What will Hazrat Mahdi (as) do? He will be like Prophet Solomon (as). What are we? We are the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). We will also experience that glory. We will surely be glorious, strong, capable. And they will envy us. Those neutered, those impotent ones will look at the blessings Allah grants with pain and suffering; they will envy them and feel jealous for them. They express their jealousy in pitiful states. This is in no way a problem. Before their eyes  Allah develops a great glory, a great power. It progresses, Alhamdulillah, masha’Allah.

A9 TV; October 22nd, 2011

Muslims must be quality people; they must be clean, beautiful and well-groomed. So too the ladies; they will be pure and well-groomed. Young men will be clean and well-groomed. A Muslim with  shabby dress is unacceptable. It is not acceptable for a  Muslim to stink like an animal, to be ignorant, to be unknowledgeable about the world. A Muslim with no manners, who has no general culture, who is unaware of quality and gentleness, who does not know how to talk, who does not like science and arts is most unbecoming. Muslims can not be introverted like animals. A Muslim looking like a dead person is unacceptable. A Muslim must be full of life, well-groomed, beautiful, classy. The most beautiful things in the world will belong to Muslims. The best car, the most beautiful house, the most elegant furniture, the nicest words, the most quality tableware, the best of everything belong to Muslims. An abject model of Muslims is unacceptable. He cannot be stinky. A Muslim can not be stupid, he can not have the appearance of an imbecile . He can not bring shame on him or on anyone else around him. A Muslim will be ardent. He will have good manners, classy and quality. Anyone looking at him will admire him/her and say to himself, “What if I was also a Muslim.” They made people alienate themselves from Muslims. They formed a filthy, scorched structure for Muslims out of the superstitions they made up themselves. They said, “This is Islam.” They made people run away from Islam. They do not come to the essence of Islam. What is the essence of Islam? Love, peace, brotherhood, honesty, sincerity, good intentions, forgiveness, generosity, protecting and taking care of, loving Allah with fervor, having deep fear of Allah. The lawful and the unlawful; there is no limit to what is lawful, but there are only a few unlawful things. They form such an ocean of unlawful things; they claim that there are millions of them. How many unlawful things are there? So few that you can count them with your fingers. On the contrary, there is no limit to lawful things. They are so many; unlawful things can be counted by fingers, there are very few unlawful things. They presented Islam in a quite different way. In Europe, they have caused Muslims to be oppressed. They also made Muslims be oppressed in Libya. They ruined them.

A9 TV; October 22nd, 2011

A Muslim does everything for Allah’s good pleasure. You capture someone only for Allah’s good pleasure, and it happens within the framework of the laws of war. Take him and deliver him to justice. Would one beat a person to death? They drenched him in blood. Is such violence, such persecution possible? We even can not look at the photographs. That fool, that insane [Gaddafi] is also the same. He massacred thousands of Muslims, martyred them. They say, “Why do you speak out against the bigots?”, “Why aren’t you also like them?” For a Muslim, it is unlawful to imitate their filth, their lack of manners, their foolishness. A Muslim is responsible for being wise, full of love, compassionate and affectionate. He is responsible for being just and wise. Would a good person lead the life of such an animal? It is very important to make these fools come to their senses. We are struggling for that, Insha'Allah.

A9 TV; November 26th, 2011

(In response to an audience member who said, “My spouse left me. What would you suggest to me?”)

Put your trust in Allah, there is goodness in it. Allah separated you. Ultimately he is also a human being, a poor servant of Allah. He is also a brother of  yours in religion. You will also go to the Hereafter and he will also go to the Hereafter. You will both die, and under the earth you will both turn into skeletons. Why do you exaggerate this? There is, Insha’Allah, a goodness in it.

A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

Some people are very good-tempered. For example we have a brother. He says, “Master, I have a small hunchback but I am a person full of love.” So what does it matter if he has a hunchback or not? What is wrong with that? It is important that he has good morality. For example he says, “I stutter when I am stressed.” So what? You will acquire more merits. If you have two deficiencies, you will acquire more merits. But people are ruthless of course. Some of them may not feel love just because of that. They may not have respect. This is a moral deficiency. Feeling hatred towards someone because of his disability is a low and despicable act. We love him due to his fear of Allah. He love him due to his morality. If you have good morals , good for you, how nice.How could you love one in any other way? There is bones and flesh. What is left to love? There is nothing left. Man dies in a short time. His body is  destroyed beneath the  soil. Insha’Allah. His fear of Allah stays. Insha’Allah. Life after death, the infinite life is important. Life here ends very quickly.

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011  

Such a quality understanding of Islam will flourish and people will live by it in such a glorious way that Europe and America will be amazed at it. They will say, “What a beautiful life this is. What nice people they are!” Islam is a religion of the city, it is civilization, it is quality, it is being classy, it is kindness, gentleness, artistry, science, it is being conversable. It is being mature, hospitable and Islam is everything beautiful.

A9 TV; October 5th, 2011

There is the feeling of envy without malice in Muslims. What does envy without malice mean? A Muslim would be in a state of mind in which he would say "How beautiful it is that Allah has created, whatever is hers should remain as hers, but may Allah grant me such a goodness, such a beauty as well insha'Allah".

We say [Qul Auzu bi Rabbi al-falaqi;] "Wamin sharri hasidin itha hasada" [ Say; "I seek refuge with the Lord of Day break;.. and from the evil of an envier when he envies.] to those who are maliciously envious.

A9TV; October 23rd, 2011

A Muslim should be very clean to the best of his ability, as much as his means allow him to be. For instance our Prophet (saas) was not that wealthy in the beginning. But he was very clean. He was perfectly clean. He turned the garden of his small house into a rose garden. How difficult it is to lay out a rose garden in the desert, to grow roses. Right?  Look, he achieves the impossible. Insha'Allah. He was striving with all his might and Our Prophet (saas) was always spotlessly clean and sweet-smelling. This is how a Muslim should be. A Muslim should always be fresh, he should always be clean and decent. This has nothing to do with money or means or any kind of wealth. How could a person not find water enough to bathe in? Right?  Could he not find a means to clean that dirt? Could one be that wretched? They are able to find the means for the most unnecessary, most needless things. They are able to find money for wedding expenses and everything else. They are able to find money to go to  summerhouses and have fun. So are they unable to find money only for this? That is not convincing. 

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

What would Muslims do in an earthquake? They resign themselves to Allah. They do not undergo psychiatric therapy. At the time of Our Prophet (saas) Muslim were facing many disasters, they were coming face to face with many incidents. There had been battles, they were being martyred in masses. Have they undergone psychiatric therapy? At the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), at the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) Muslims were being martyred in masses, there had been many earthquakes. Also at the time of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) there had been a grave disaster, it happened also in the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). In none of those disasters had the Muslims ever received psychiatric therapy. What have they received? They have embraced the Book of Allah tightly, and resigned themselves to Allah, they prayed to Allah. The true psychiatric support is gained with closeness to Allah. Or else there would not be any kind of psychiatric treatment with neutral manners attained as a result of a materialistic, Darwinist education that seems irrational, that seems to be lacking spirit, that do not address the heart, that do not address faith and belief. It is the Qur'an that heals the hearts and souls. People feel relief with the Qur'an. Allah says in the verse; "Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace." He does not say psychiatric therapy. Consequently these people do not know our people, they do not know Islam, they do not know Turkey, they do not know the Middle East, they do not know the thousands of years of the history of Islam. In all ages, the hearts of Muslim have found peace by embracing Allah, by embracing the Books [Allah revealed], by putting their trust in Allah. They have always found peace in the remembrance of Allah, and our people in the Southeast are very religious. Their hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah, not with psychiatric treatment, not with psychiatric support. That is a very very illogical, very wrong behavior. It would be wrong for them to go on with that mindset.

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

Ladies look very beautiful, very well groomed and very nice when they put on make-up. They become sweeter. When women do not put on make-up, they generally look more masculine and not that beautiful. With make-up, a woman takes on the feature of being a woman. She gains a feminine beauty. Why does Allah color flowers? One might say, "Let all the flowers be black", may Allah forbid. A daisy for instance is yellow in the middle, with white petals, and they appear very beautiful in front of our eyes. Allah is the One Who colors them as well. Allah is the One Who puts that make-up on flowers as well. With the make-up they look similar to their appearance in Heaven. Or else when a woman is not well-groomed what would happen? We see poorly groomed people outside, what happens to them? What is the meaning of this? That causes a very coarse appearance. Poorly groomed clothing, poorly groomed faces, pouting, yellow faces, ragged hair, all mixed up, all down at the heels. This does not suit us. A Turkish youngster should be handsome, classy and should be razor sharp. They should dress well. The ladies should be like flowers. They should be very well groomed and very beautiful. One might say, "When they are well groomed, they will be attractive, and such and such will happen if they are attractive." Well, if it comes to that, women in chadors can also be extraordinarily attractive. That is all up to one's intentions. What does it have to do with it? If one looks at things with love, he sees with love. If he wants, he can also look with sexual desire as well. That is something up to our intention, up to our will. It is something up to our minds. Now one should approach the matter with that mindset. I mean a Muslim woman should have a very classy very decent appearance. I sometimes see some of our sisters with their eyebrows all mixed up, with moustaches, I mean like the ones we see on twelve or fourteen year old young boys. They have such moustaches. And they walk around like that proudly. What is that? Isn't it a pity for that girl? They say, "The Messenger of Allah prohibited that." Would the Messenger of Allah (saas) ever say something like that? Why do you make the Messenger of Allah (saas) a partner in your lie? Would our Prophet (saas) ever tell them to wander around poorly groomed and dirty? That is dirt, would that befit a Muslim? A Muslim should be decent, quality and classy. She should set an example for Europe and for the United States as well. She should set an example for everyone. Everyone should envy her. She should be classy, insha'Allah. But for instance there are some women who are very beautiful even without make-up? What should she do? Would that be like make up as well? For instance, some women have eyes with eyeliner from birth. And the other ones would be putting on eyeliner for make-up. What is the difference? They are the same as you see. Those ones would be compensating for her weakness, her deficiency artificially. That would have the same logic with the other. For instance, there are some women whose lips are pale and some have full lips and their lips look very beautiful. And they are naturally like that. The others are making the balance with that make up and thus are saved from that repugnant, ugly appearance. That would relieve their minds. That would reassure their confidence. A timid, ragged clothed woman would psychologically collapse. She would be very negatively affected. She cannot be cheerful and happy outside. She would be very uncomfortable. It is one thing for a woman to adorn herself for her lawful one; in that a woman would activate the feeling of lust. Would that woman be activating the feeling of lust when she is outside? Being cute and clean, for instance a child is very cute and very sweet. Flowers are very cute and very sweet. Animals are very cute and very sweet. So should women be, they should be well groomed and clean, insha'Allah. They try to depict Muslims poorly groomed, dirty and ragged. For instance I ask them "Why do you not use deodorant?" And she says, "There is such and such in it." Well you are stinking, have fear of Allah! And she is not even ashamed. She goes and sits in between people. I really am astonished at that. She talks for instance and her mouth stinks, her breath stinks and so does her body. That is horrible. A Muslim's breath should smell fresh. Her body should smell clean. She should be spotlessly clean. Right? Spotlessly clean. A Muslim is a blessed and clean being. She needs to be clean and spotless. Allah says ; "the idolaters are unclean". And you get yourself unclean, and by that you would be showing the characteristic of an idolater. A Muslim should be spotlessly clean, insha'Allah. Pale, exhausted, ragged, worn out appearance. "That is like his, this is like that," how can this be? Then such women would lose their self-confidence. And the people around them would be very much uncomfortable by that. They should be well-groomed, clean, have quality and classy, insha'Allah.

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

Women or men, Muslims are all very powerful, very potent. Our Prophet (saas) for instance was very potent for instance. Masha'Allah. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was very potent and very strong. The Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and all other prophets were very potent. So are Muslims. Allah takes the strength of those bigots who are in idolatry. He would be revolted by his wife and she would be revolted by him. That is because of that filthiness. The man stinks. His breath stinks, all his body stinks. The same with his wife, she is filthy with her moustache and beard. Both of them are very much revolted by each other. We are going to form a decent, quality Turkey. My people are of very high quality. Our youth is of very high quality. And we will make them even more high quality. We will make them even more beautiful. The buildings, people, plants, flowers, everything will be much more beautiful. The talking , the addressing everything will be much more beautiful. Love, affection and brotherhood will envelop all around. If a man has the best of intentions he would look at her the way he looks at a flower. Just like he enjoys looking at a lamb, just as he enjoys looking at a flower, he would enjoy looking at a beautiful woman as well, insha'Allah. And all the women appearing in all other channels are open. They are watching all those shows.

A9 TV; October 27th 2011

There would be no jealousy in a Muslim. Jealousy only exists in debased people. Beautiful people, people with high moral values would not know what jealousy is. Jealousy is a disease, it is a sort of craziness. It is a sort of psychopathy. It is an atrocious misdeed. It is never a thing that could be done by a Muslim. Being jealous is very debased conduct.

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

Allah would grant all kinds of blessings over those Muslims, over those good people, beautiful people. Allah would grant them goodness, give relief in their hearts. Allah gives Muslims health and welfare. He gives them wealth and abundance. And sometimes Almighty Allah tests them with difficulties and pains. 

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

"The religion in the Sight of Allah is Islam," says Almighty Allah, that is very clear and explicit. But little children are Muslims. I mean they are Muslims by nature, they are Muslims by default. All newly born children are innocent. Anyone reading the Qur'an would see that all are born with an  Islamic nature. Consequently since the religion in the Sight of Allah is Islam,  Heaven is for Muslims. That is a very explicit statement, there is nothing to discuss in this, insha'Allah. 

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

Accepting an idolater or an irreligious person as a friend in terms of religion is not acceptable anyway. I mean, one cannot act according to what such people say. Or else, treating an idolater as human. Look, for instance Almighty Allah tells us for the idolater to show compassion to him "If any of the idolaters seeks asylum from you, grant him asylum until he hears the Word of Allah. Then convey him to his place of safety." So Allah tells us to "convey him to his place of safety by putting ourselves at risk." And that is for the idolater, for the irreligious. What are we going to do? It is showing compassion to an idolater to draw him closer to religion. Otherwise it is not attempting to crush his head off.

Accepting an idolater or an irreligious person as a friend in terms of religion is not acceptable anyway. I mean, one cannot act according to what such people say. Or else, treating an idolater as human. Look, for instance Almighty Allah tells us for the idolater to show compassion to him "If any of the idolaters seeks asylum from you, grant him asylum until he hears the Word of Allah. Then convey him to his place of safety." So Allah tells us to "convey him to his place of safety by putting ourselves at risk." And that is for the idolater, for the irreligious. What are we going to do? It is showing compassion to an idolater to draw him closer to religion. Otherwise it is not attempting to crush his head off.

For instance an irreligious person, would he ever be content with you if you do not abide by him? For instance amongst the relatives, friends of this brother of ours, there are surely those who are irreligious. Would those people be a friend to him unless he abides by them? Would they be his companions? No, they would not. The verse he has mentioned; "The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their religion," is a very far reaching verse. It is just as valid for a Buddhist and also for a communist as well. For instance a PKK proponent, would he be friends with you unless you become a PKK proponent yourself? He would not. Or among his relatives there surely are some people who are not very much keen about religion, who do not abide by Islam, some types who are very much boasting; there should be a lot of people among his relatives, might his father or his grandfather. Can this person adjust himself according to those? He cannot. Then what is it that is meant here?  People cannot be in harmony in beliefs. They would want to draw the other party to his belief. At that point, Allah tells us not to accept that. That is what is meant here. Otherwise it does not mean; do not preach the religion to him, do not show compassion to him, do not invite him to Islam, to the Qur'an and severe your social connections with them. Our brothers misunderstand this. 

One needs to give the eye its due, the intelligence its due. One should give the body its due. One should give health its due, one should give science its due. And we are in such an effort, insha'Allah. 

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

But approaching things with compassion means approaching with love, benevolence and beauty; it is approaching with reason, right? Showing kindness is the characteristic of a Muslim. A Muslim should be a good example so that people can see the beauty of Islam. If you say "You cursed creature, you are a nasty creature, the stones told me so, I will kill you; the trees told me so, I will kill you," that would be cruelty. If you say "Children and women, let us chop them all up," this would be persecution. This would be a grave persecution. It would be an insane attitude. That is not something that a Muslim would do. Islam progresses with love, reason, knowledge and science. It progresses through suggestion, insha'Allah. There needs to be a powerful and beautiful ability of persuasion and inculcation. 

A9 TV; October 15th, 2011

Muslims will consist of love, there will be pure love. They will be very compassionate and affectionate. They will approach Jews, Christians, atheists, all people with compassion. They will not be in a blood-shedding, ruthless mood because according to the Qur’an, this is siding with dajjal, pharaoh, this is persecution. The Pharaoh is merciless, but a Muslim will be compassionate. If we look at everyone with compassion, especially if we approach  the Islamic schools with love and compassion, this will be very right. We are all brothers; Alawites, Sunnis, Jafferites, Shias, Wahhabis. Both Christians and Jews are the servants of Allah. Allah created them in this way in the destiny. Allah named them in the Qur’an as the People of the Book. We will approach them with profound compassion. We will pray for them to be good and pray for their guidance. We will preach Islam to them  and the Qur’an with love, but rage and hatred will never happen, Insha'Allah. This is the order of Allah to us.

Love one another very much; show a lot of compassion. We are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  and the time of Prophet Jesus (as). We are in a time when Hazrat Khidir (as) is engaging in activities. The morality of Islam will dominate  the world in ten to fifteen years. We will see this altogether. I am not a person who believes in superstition. I am a realistic and a very rational person. What I say is true. You will see that my words are accurate. Live the joy of this. Attach to one another with profound love and affection. Be very forgiving and compassionate. Very nice days are close, Insha'Allah. I greet all of you. May Allah grant guidance, health, beauty, blessings to all of you. May Allah grant relief and contentment into your hearts, Insha'Allah.

Why are they jealous abut the love they feel for me? I can not comprehend this, masha’Allah. If they see my other female friends, then they would be hospitalized. They are incredibly beautiful, masha’Allah. They are all in love with me, with the love of Allah. They are madly in love, they love very, very much, Insha'Allah. What is the point in being jealous? Just admire, right. Masha’Allah. How nice! They cannot grasp it. They ask, “How does this happen?” If you love Allah  candidly, Allah also loves you candidly and manifests on you with His beautiful name al-Jamal, Insha'Allah. But if your heart is pitch dark, if you are misguided and if you are in darkness, then Allah shows you horrible manifestations, and make you meet terrible people. You lead a terrible life, Insha'Allah.

A9 TV, 4 April 2012

Love and affection toward and being concerned for and interested in our old people are of the greatest importance. It is vitally important not to huff and puff or even give the slightest hint of doing so. This is an important commandment of the Qur’an. Allah says this of one’s parents, not other people. The Qur’an refers to our old people. “Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them out of irritation and do not be harsh with them but speak to them with gentleness and generosity.” What did our Sheikh Nazım do? He raised millions of people with enormous hard work. Now what is our duty? To look after him in the finest way in his old age. To ensure his every day is happy and joyful. He is already happy and joyful with faith and the Qur’an, but as his children we have a responsibility to ensure peace and calm for him. We have a duty to ensure his happiness, joy and good health. Allah makes us His instruments, thanks be to Allah. And that is also a source of joy for us.

A9 TV, 3 April 2012

It is very important to love our elders. It is also the height of immorality, may Allah forbid, to feel any annoyance on account of their illnesses. To be wearied by them is the height of bad manners, or lack of conscience. One year, two years, ten years or whatever, the longer it goes on, the more merit one earns. Almighty Allah tells us not to even sigh when they reach old age. What is a sigh? It is a sign of weariness. Allah tells us not to even hint at weariness. Even to wear a wearied expression is the worst possible immorality. To put on a frozen face or something. As if one were worn out. For example, it is terribly immoral to huff and puff if they ask you for a drink of water. One must just say, “I will do what you ask,” and embrace then with love and affection. Many people die of sorrow, may Allah forbid. He uses sorrow as His instrument. Some people anticipate their old people’s dying. You should want them to live, instead. What would you want if it were you? You would want to be taken care of well and nicely. But Allah has entrusted these elderly people to you, so look after them properly.

A9 TV, 29 March 2012

Islamic moral values require that one strive to make a person good, to turn them in the direction of good, so they can find salvation. Otherwise the result is immorality and bad conscience.

A9 TV, 7 May 2012

Allah beautifies us with faith. Our lives become beautiful. Life has a value. People would be repelled by one another were it not for faith. Life would seem very terrible. American soldiers commit suicide all the time. Why? They are disgusted by themselves, by life and by other people. They are repelled by women. “Let me die and end it,” they say. That is the reason in many places. But everything would be lovely with faith. Very valuable. You respect people then. Because when people are not valued and respected, love disappears. For instance, a woman can love when she knows she is respected and valued.

A9 TV, 4 April 2012

Love and affection toward and being concerned for and interested in our old people are of the greatest importance. It is vitally important not to huff and puff or even give the slightest hint of doing so. This is an important commandment of the Qur’an. Allah says this of one’s parents, not other people. The Qur’an refers to our old people. “Whether one or both of them reach old age with you, do not say ‘Ugh!’ to them out of irritation and do not be harsh with them but speak to them with gentleness and generosity.” What did our Sheikh Nazım do? He raised millions of people with enormous hard work. Now what is our duty? To look after him in the finest way in his old age. To ensure his every day is happy and joyful. He is already happy and joyful with faith and the Qur’an, but as his children we have a responsibility to ensure peace and calm for him. We have a duty to ensure his happiness, joy and good health. Allah makes us His instruments, thanks be to Allah. And that is also a source of joy for us.

A9 TV, 25 March 2012

Faith means a healthy body and a healthy soul. But when there is no faith, changes take place in the soul and body. You can tell when you look at someone’s face. But faith produces a wondrous beauty, attractiveness, superiority and quality. This is most amazing. It stems from faith. This attractiveness is thought to be with people from birth. But no, this is a special state given to people through faith. This is immediately taken away when faith disappears, may Allah forbid. A person immediately becomes ugly and abnormal. In the same way that Allah creates a flower to be beautiful and colorful, and then makes it wither. I mean, people do not always stay beautiful. Faith makes them beautiful, but when faith goes, may Allah forbid, so does that beauty. They become ugly in body and soul. But believers’ bodies and souls become beautiful. They become delightful, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, -29 March 2012

Islamic moral values require that one strive to make a person good, to turn them in the direction of good, so they can find salvation. Otherwise the result is immorality and bad conscience.

A9 TV, 31 March 2012

Now, not to believe in the hereafter is a violation of good conscience. In other words, it is the result of rebellion against one’s conscience. Our natures are in any case created such as to believe in Allah. One can easily have faith if one does not strive against one’s own conscience. But one can enter unbelief through malice and devilry, through immorality and cruelty and through lack of conscience. The conscience tells us to “Believe.” But such people say, “No, I will not believe.” Some people imagine they are sincerely irreligious. Not so. They are so despite their consciences. That means that everyone’s conscience accepts faith. So there are no people who genuinely have no faith. There are no unbelievers in the pure sense. Allah says that they have no faith because of their immorality and cruelty, because they strive against their own consciences. But there is no need to strive and fight against oneself in order to have faith. Left to ourselves, do we have to make a conscious effort in order to breathe? We have deep faith in the same way. People have to work very hard not to have faith. They come by lack of faith only with great difficulty, striving against their own consciences. And then they deserve punishment. For example, Darwinists say; “One day, there was a collection of atoms in some muddy water. And a carbon atom spoke to an oxygen atom. It suggested they come together to produce a protein molecule.” That is scientifically impossible. You have to have protein already there in order for protein to form. But they insist that it formed spontaneously, in some way.

A9 TV, 3 March 2012

Many people speak of peace, but then there comes a point when they want war again, want conflict again. There are many good people, who are kind and excellent, but if you touch a raw nerve they become psychopathic, maniacal and aggressive. They reveal their lack of character in a moment. But good people are good right up to the end of their lives, always human, always reasonable and always act according to the Qur’an. Even if irritated they never abandon fear of Allah. They speak in the knowledge that this is destiny and behave as Muslims in the light of the Qur’an. Being irritated does not turn one away from the faith, from Islam. It is not a shameful thing. One can hate. One can hate for Allah. That is also a religious observance, insha’Allah. But losing control of oneself is disgraceful.

A9 TV, 4 March 2012

It is very important when preaching Islam or doing something auspicious in the name of Islam and the name of Allah to use one’s time very well, to start with the most important subject and to attach most importance to the essentials. It is a mistake to distract people. In order to make good use of one’s time one must strive to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time.

A9 TV, 19 March 2012

It is a great blessing for a person to attain immortality. The one thing that comes to minds of people day and night is death but they try not to make others feel it. For instance, they talk about football matches in order to lessen the effect of it. Or the purpose of chatting about insignificant things is again to get away from the fear of death. The purpose of vain talk and yelling in discos is the wish to forget death. For this reason, living for all eternity is one of the greatest blessings granted to believers. Having a beginning but no end. For this reason, it is a great reason of joy and a blessing for a Muslim to know that there will be young people in paradise who are destined to be always young and that he will be one of them.

A9 TV, 16 May 2012

One needs to ask for an indubitable faith from Allah. A person disgraces oneself in doubting Allah. He will feel very much ashamed in the Hereafter. This is something contemptuous for a person. One needs to love Allah with pure, genuine faith. Allah must definitely put a person into trial. Just think about it; another form of life is not possible. In the absence of faith, this broadcast would have no meaning. If, Allah forbid, there is no test in this world, clothes would lose their meaning. Everything would lose their meaning. An easy trial is, under all circumstances, is no trial. It must be a reasonable trial, insha'Allah.

A9 TV, 15 August 2011

Masha’Allah and insha’Allah will rule the world if people repeat them. There is also the repetition of ‘La ilaha illa Allah’ [There is no god except Allah].  You recite it a thousand times in one night. You recite ‘SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah’ [Glorified is Allah] time and time again. You say ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar’ [Allah is the Greatest], and that is recited over and over. It is wrong to find anything odd in that. Do you say ‘alhamdulillah’ [thanks be to Allah] after praying? There is also a secret in masha’Allah and insha’Allah. That recitation sets the world in motion. That recitation has a special impact, and the world cannot resist it. Disbelief begins to dissolve. It cannot resist those words. Insha’Allah and masha’Allah are the spiritual swords of the way of the Mahdi. There is a secret in it since we keep reciting it.

A9 TV, 14 August 2011

It is good to be tested by disease. If one gains one merit from a prayer, that imparts a thousand or a hundred thousand merits. For example, if one would not normally go to paradise, one will enter paradise just for that reason alone, insha’Allah. It is a means whereby one can really increase one’s merit. The important things is to maintain a good faith, to keep one’s love of Allah at a high level, to increase it, to be scrupulous regarding prayer and what is lawful and unlawful, insha’Allah.

Our brothers must avoid anxiety [over being not abundantly scrupulous] during their ritual ablutions and prayer, as that comes from satan. When they wash, they wash on and on and do not find it enough. That should not be. You must wash in the same way you do normally. There is no need for anything extra. They must perform the five prayers sincerely, in accordance with the Sunnah, and with other believers. If you start feeling anxiety, the prayer becomes very difficult then. One’s reverence in prayer may decline or disappear. Allah says in the Qur’an that “those who concentrate their attention in humbleness when offering prayers” What does anxiety do? It eliminates reverence. People will end up fighting satan when they should be reverent in prayer. That is why they must be careful to avoid anxiety, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 11 August 2011

All Ramadan evening meals are necessary. Because they are means of bringing cultured well-informed and literate people together. Poor people are very dear to me, and they also come together. There is no need for partition here. Everyone must come, rich and poor. But it is also important there should be no profligacy. That is what is important. In the same way we make no distinction between rich and poor when we pray, so there can be no distinction at the Ramadan evening meal. They are all valuable in the Sight of Allah. You have ministers and very poor people and very ignorant people at prayers. The person next to you is a scholar. You get all kinds of people. And at the Ramadan evening meal you can eat with all kinds of people.

The telephone, telegraph, internet, travel, fast engines will all appear in the time of the dajjal (antichrist). An event will be heard right across the world. It will be read in the papers. Dajjals will be known by the name of despot.  The dajjal also has a special attribute that people do not know. They will only realize it later.

I want the eradication of arms from the world and for people to live in peace. That is why I want Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. Christians and Jews will also be at ease in such a world. Unbelievers and atheists will also live at ease. This strife and corruption will vanish. The money spent on weapons should be given to the poor. Spent on food and drink, insha’Allah.

The families of martyrs must not be abandoned at home all alone. Everyone should issue an invitation to those blessed people every day. The families of martyrs should not have to cook. They should be invited to a different home every day in their area. The families of martyrs are most blessed. A light descends on where they are, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 14 August 2011

Religious communities must be on their guard against hypocrites. Hypocrites are very dangerous. Because the hypocrites who founded the Masjid al-Dirar [Mosque of Opposition] wanted to acquire all our Prophet’s (saas) assets. They even waited for him to die, may Allah forbid, to take over his assets. They [hypocrites of our time], too infiltrate a number of sects and either denounce the teachers there, or plot against them or poison them, waiting like rabid dogs for them to die so can take over their assets in some way. Communities must be on their guard. Hypocrites always wait for the sheikhs to become ineffective, for some disaster to strike them one day. Allah says “[they]..are waiting for your fortunes to change. The evil turn of fortune will be theirs!” in one verse. What does that mean? Hypocrites will die in torment, insha’Allah. Hypocrites are the creatures most detested by Allah, the basest creatures of all. Allah loathes hypocrites above all else. They are like snakes. It is hard to detect them. They adopt a thousand different guises. They are cunning and treacherous and can infiltrate everywhere. Hypocrites employ nonsense against the Qur’an. What weapon does the way of the Mahdi use? The Qur’an. But hypocrites employ nonsense. They employ nonsense against the Qur’an. One must be on one’s guard against them. Bediüzzaman says “they possess a satanic intelligence.” “They act with a satanic intelligence in order to strike like snakes,” he says. That is why not everyone is too effective when it comes to catching or neutralizing a hypocrite, and we must all be on our guard, insha’Allah.

A sincere person will always be successful. “You shall be uppermost if you are believers.” This verse will come to pass. If just ten people believe, with a strong faith, then the moral values of Islam will rule the world. Global dominion will come about, but only if people believe with true sincerity and passion.

Service is very important; sincere endeavor, in other words. It is very important to support honest people. Not to applaud them and say, “What a hero.” For example, write something on the internet. Or when you go to the store, say, “What wonderful blessings Allah has created, what wonderful things He creates.” This is a contribution. It is no good saying, “Let Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers do the work and we will applaud them for doing so.” Is that what I do? I am sure that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is here. I am a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as). And I strive with all my might. On television, radio and everywhere, insha’Allah. I strive against the dajjal [antichrist] with all my might. It is important that the Prophet Jesus (as) should find us at work when he comes. It is important that Hazrat Mahdi (as) should find us at work when he comes. The Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will both find us hard at work, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 13 August 2011

(About a piece by daily Hürriyet writer Hasan Pulur backing the call for the Ramadan evening meal to be cancelled)

In that case, by that logic, people should not go on the hajj, either, or sacrifice animals. They spend money on putting gas in their cars to go to the mosque, so they should not go to the mosques, either. They will say people should send money there rather than spending it there. Instead of saying that, they should call for Turkish-Islamic Union, for Islamic Union. Ramadan evening meals are excellent environments in which Muslims see one another and all come together. What would happen if they were cancelled? Muslims would not see one another. The evening meal is an act of worship for Muslims, like going to the mosque. Muslims see one another there. That is a good thing, insha’Allah. The best aid will come out of Islamic Union.

People will live well and at ease if they are full of love. Human beings are weak entities, and their bodies cannot withstand conflict, strife, disagreement and envy. Human beings are delicate, rather like flowers. Allah tells us that man is created to be weak. There is a verse of the Qur’an to that effect. But people can live easy lives in a climate of peace and love. The solution is to live by Qur’anic moral values. Thinking the best, being well-intentioned, forgiving and peace-loving and eliminating tumult and conflict. That is the peaceful and secure climate. And that is what we want, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 11-August-2011

All Ramadan evening meals are necessary. Because they are means of bringing cultured well-informed and literate people together. Poor people are very dear to me, and they also come together. There is no need for partition here. Everyone must come, rich and poor. But it is also important there should be no profligacy. That is what is important. In the same way we make no distinction between rich and poor when we pray, so there can be no distinction at the Ramadan evening meal. They are all valuable in the Sight of Allah. You have ministers and very poor people and very ignorant people at prayers. The person next to you is a scholar. You get all kinds of people. And at the Ramadan evening meal you can eat with all kinds of people.

The telephone, telegraph, internet, travel, fast engines will all appear in the time of the dajjal (antichrist). An event will be heard right across the world. It will be read in the papers. Dajjals will be known by the name of despot.  The dajjal also has a special attribute that people do not know. They will only realize it later.

I want the eradication of arms from the world and for people to live in peace. That is why I want Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. Christians and Jews will also be at ease in such a world. Unbelievers and atheists will also live at ease. This strife and corruption will vanish. The money spent on weapons should be given to the poor. Spent on food and drink, insha’Allah.

The families of martyrs must not be abandoned at home all alone. Everyone should issue an invitation to those blessed people every day. The families of martyrs should not have to cook. They should be invited to a different home every day in their area. The families of martyrs are most blessed. A light descends on where they are, insha’Allah.

(Our brothers’ activities; distributing books and advertising A9)

These may look like very minor services, but they are very great ones. They are highly effective. They are work that will be very useful, masha’Allah. I was alone when I came to the academy. “Drop all this activity” they used to tell me, may Allah forbid. “Mind your own business. Graduate. Get married. Take care of business and bring up your children. The State has its own Religious Affairs Department, they will do it for you. What business is it of yours?” they used to say. But look, my ideas have crosses the world, alhamdulillah (thanks be to Allah). Darwinism and materialism have been intellectually destroyed. That is fine. I am doing excellent work, alhamdulillah.

A9 TV, 10-August-2011

(About Hayrettin Karaman’s piece saying that one should not enjoy close relations with non-Muslims)

We are already facing the danger of division. That is a problem of Turkey’s. It would be very wrong to now bring up another field of division, to encourage Muslims toward separation in another area. There were pagans in the time of out Prophet (saas), and Christians and Jews, and Muslims used to live alongside and preach to them. The teacher is a very worthy man, but it is amazing he should have used this kind of language. It is amazing he felt the need to do so. So what is preaching then? One preaches to non-believers, to Christians. There is a commandment in verses. One must preach to all the People of the Book. There have always been non-believers among Muslims, and people have preached to them. What kind of idea is a conception of isolated Islam? That does not exist in Islam. Preaching is one of Muslims’ main duties.

A9 TV, 7-August-2011

Allah is greater than everyone and everything. Man is a feeble entity. A person may serve as head of state in a space the size of a lentil in his brain. Allah shows him this in a space the size of a pinhead. There is no room for pride or arrogance. People then just fall to piece in the grave. Their intestines protrude from their mouths. One must be loving and compassionate and good natured. People do not expect pride or arrogance. People like others who are modest and loving. Arrogant people upset them. Eventually, everyone becomes one with the soil, and that is that. Even their bones rot away and everyone will appear in the Presence of Allah. Nobody has any rank in the grave. One must be humble and modest. Allah shows us things as an image. There is a soundless, colorless world, that Allah creates in full color in our brains. All words are spoken in our destinies. If someone becomes head of state, it is Allah Who places him. He was in that post in destiny before his parents even existed. There is nothing for any rational person to be proud or arrogant about.

A9 TV, 4-August-2011

They have made propaganda for a very long time. They say, whatever the parents do, nothing should be said, on the basis the family is sacred. People engage in incest or fathers rape their daughters. A son rapes his mother. Disgraceful and scandalous behavior like that is everywhere. For parents to be sacred they should be behaving according to the Qur’an. They should be innocent and pure and modest. People who encourage their children to steal, who force them to commit incest, who oppress them, who attack their wives with knives or try to kill their children are psychopaths. There is no such thing as unconditional respect for parents. Someone encourages her son to join the PKK terror organization. And he listens because a mother’s words are sacred. She has gone astray and encourages her child to be godless and faithless. One cannot place any credence in such a mother. A parent who encourages their daughter to have illicit relations. There can be no respecting parents like that. Or they encourage their daughter to have illicit relations. One cannot respect them. One must trust and respect honest parents, good people. They must be shown respect. One cannot obey someone who encourages his child to be godless, or who tells his child not to talk to Muslims. In the Qur’an Allah says, “..but if they endeavour to make you associate with Me something about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them..” But otherwise, love and respect are obligatory.

A9 TV, 3-August-2011

There are the types who kill their wives. Something happens and they shoot their wives in the middle of the road. I have said that women suffering violence “should be given police protection.” The government has taken a decision. They have provided police protection. That is very good. But that is not the end of it. That will come through fear and love of Allah. That is the corruption, the strife inflicted by Darwinism on the nation. That is also what underlies the rabidity of the PKK terror organization. The solution lies in telling people of the signs leading to faith, the intellectual annihilation of Darwinism and materialism.

The lovely people of Anatolia are an example to the world. My nation embodies brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, altruism, the finest love and hospitality. They will teach the world love, insha’Allah. But there is no racial superiority.

If one is happy, sickness has no impact. Sickness then turns into delight. The individual sees the wisdom there, and his love of Allah increases.

Had the moral values of Islam come to prevail there would have been no tensions in people’s brains or souls. There would be a holiday air everywhere, and great joy. There would be no thorns beneath people’s feet. They would board ships and go where they will. The world would be their oyster. It is one thing to have one’s own room, and quite another to have the world as one’s home. Muslims will have a boundless home. Their home will be everywhere, in Africa, Asia, Japan and America. Everyone will be Muslim. Every home will be a Muslim home. They will give greetings as they enter these homes, saying may Allah grant you peace. There will be no danger, no aggressive people, no war, terror, anarchy, weapons or conflict. That is how it should be. Some people say what I am doing is wrong. But people are making napalm bombs and weapons. That is what is wrong.

A9 TV, 25-February-2011

People are not flawless. They have defects. I regard it is as irrational to work against Muslims. No rational person would do that. It is cheap heroism to target Muslims when there are so many irreligious people, materialists and hypocrites around. All those who say ‘La ilaha illalAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah’ are brothers. Errors can be corrected once we have Islamic Union. From what I can tell, Haydar Baş and his colleagues also know about Hazrat Mahdi (as). They love him. But everyone has defects, of course. If they oppose Darwinism and materialism, that is good. But it would be incompatible with the spirit of the way of the Mahdi for me to stop what I am doing and worry about a few minor errors. I am one of the vanguards of Hazrat Mahdi (as), insha’Allah. Our (intellectual) enemies are Darwinism, materialism and atheism. Bediuzzaman says we have three foes; ignorance, poverty and division. He says we must oppose these with three things: art, knowledge and alliance. By making everyone united as brothers, in other words. In short, Bediuzzaman describes the style of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

A9 TV, 07-March-2011

Honesty is like a cloud, it glides smoothly overhead. It glides over people like smoke. It needs to be held onto, sincerity. People need to pull themselves together every 10 or 15 minutes if necessary. Because sincerity can easily be forgotten. It can at once turn into superficiality in the man in the street, or artificiality or an unnatural kind of language. But if a person pulls himself together, he will say, “It is Allah Who causes me to talk, and I am a soul of Allah’s who is submitted to Him in destiny.” He will say, “Allah created me from His spirit. I am nothing. Just a helpless servant of Allah.” He will say, “Allah created my destiny. Allah causes me to speak. I have no power of speech. I cannot create my voice nor make that voice heard.” All power is with Allah. I just pass on what Allah tells me, what He inspires me to say.” And in that case he will speak well and truly and influence people’s hearts. It is also Allah Who will create that effect on people’s hearts. If you say anything, the other person will remain unmoved. But since it is Allah Who brings about effects, sincerity is a prayer. Being constantly honest is a form of prayer, an important religious observation. For example, how long does the prayer last? Let us say 10 or 15 minutes, but sincerity is a form of observance that lasts from morning to night. It must constantly be maintained. Allah says that only His genuine servants will be saved. So sincerity must be made the main issue. It must be made the main issue as a religious observance. We need to concentrate on that observance, because sincerity can frequently depart and is easily forgotten. It is therefore a kind of recitation of the name of Allah. Because sincerity persists when one remembers Allah. Remembrance of Allah is an integral part of sincerity. They go together, and are not separate. One cannot be honest without honestly remembering Allah. One can only be sincere by remembering Him. It is therefore a recitation of His name. Constant repetition of His name. Being honest is a most acceptable religious observance. Allah says in one verse that only His sincere servants will be saved. Allah includes them all in sincerity. One single sincerity. An honest person is careful over what is lawful and unlawful and over proper moral values, and over Allah’s commandments, and everything. He submits to Allah and avoids ascribing equals to Him. He is honest, not false. He does not hide the true facts and speaks them openly. He does not lie. He fears Allah and fears to lie. All the prophets were very honest. Allah notes this in the Qur’an. He refers to the purity of one of His honest servants. And that is honesty. There are a number of words, but they all mean the same thing, they are all based on sincerity. If a person is sincere his brain opens up, his strength grows and his wisdom increases. He speaks in a wise and effective manner.

 The reason why I am so effective is my sincerity, insha’Allah. Other people hold conferences in Europe. Many conferences have been held on the subject of Darwinism. But people do not go to them and they have no impact. They are insincere and artificial. There are conferences held by Darwinists, conferences in favor of Darwinism, and nobody goes to those. They have been held several times in Turkey, and not a soul has attended them. They have been held many times, and nobody has turned up. Listening to lies is the hardest thing to do. Listening to something that is untrue is very upsetting. It hurts to listen to a liar. It is one of the most distressing things of all. It is very hard to listen to someone who is insincere, who tries to win people over in the full knowledge he is not speaking the truth. That is why nobody goes to those conferences. But when we hold one, we produce evidence and speak with sincerity. Our aim is honesty, and our language is honest. We tell people to love one another. Jews, Christians, pagans, Buddhists… we want them all to be Muslims. But not through compulsion. Through love, affection, compassion and friendship – of their own volition. We want the whole world to be happy and to live in peace. We want democracy. We want all nations to be free, to maintain their territorial unity, not to be divided or fragmented and to live in peace and security. That is what we want. We want them to help one another, and for nobody to oppress anyone else. But that scourge cannot be resolved unless Darwinism is sorted out first. There will inevitably be troubles, disasters, pain and suffering wherever there is Darwinism.


2012-10-31 13:17:21

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