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Economic Crisis


A9 TV, 10 August 2011

They did not believe what I said about the economic crisis. They said the crisis would be over at once. I gave a precise date. I said it would go on until 2014 and then end. And Allah will then bring forth abundance, since Islam is strengthened, the Mahdi and Jesus are accepted and a turning toward Islam and the Qur’an begins. Otherwise the economic collapse will continue. What I said is what will happen. Notice how what I say does not change. It is now the turn of Europe and the USA. This will continue in waves. In other words, you will see that crisis shock waves will continue to strike the world.

A9 TV 6 August 2011

(About the famine in Africa)

Pick up the phone, press the button and send 7 lira, it says. That is no good. It will not do it. Do you know how long it will take to resolve it when we have Turkish-Islamic Union? Three days at most. Nowhere will be without food within 72 hours. Everywhere will be full of plenty. Give money from here and there, load it onto boats… some of it will get there and some won’t; it cannot be resolved like that. Who are you going to send it to? Afghanistan is wretched, Pakistan is wretched, many places in southeast Turkey are wretched. Many places in Turkey are wretched.

Look at the price of a Katushya rocket, a missile. They spend millions. A powerful rocket costs trillions. That money should go to the poor instead. Simple as that. A family could eat for a month on the money it costs to buy a rifle. Or a week. The money spent on bullets, mines, ground to air missiles and bombs should go to them, instead. If they really love their weapons, let’s reduce it by half to start with. Let us hand out the other half. Take America; imagine it has set aside $1000; it can give $500 to the poor and spend the other $500 on arms. If it insists on weapons. Russia can halve the spending, as well. Halve it to start with. Then we can reduce it to a quarter and then do away with it entirely. Why do we need guns to kill people? You kill them by starvation on one hand and with weapons on the. Let us hand out food aplenty, love and beauty. We can even hand toys out to children, can’t we? We can build lovely homes there, and whole districts. Let us turn Africa and Asia into a paradise. Why all this wretchedness? Is it so hard to say I want Turkish-Islamic Union? Would it take so much energy? Even if you find it hard, other people will do it. It is just one sentence; the Islamic community must say it. The Islamic world must say Turkish-Islamic Union. When they do, it will all be over.

A9 TV, 5 August 2011

There are disasters everywhere. A U.S. human aid official says, “29,000 children below the age of 5 have died in Somalia.” In one way, it is those who do not want Islamic Union, who want to stop it, who are responsible. In one sense, they are responsible. At least let them not work against Islamic Union. They should stop distracting our people. The money it would cost to buy a hand grenade would feed these children for a month. They could eat for months on the money it costs to buy a rocket. The arms industry needs to be eradicated entirely. Arms must be banned all over the world. The money that goes on arms should be handed out to the poor.

(The economic crisis in Europe persisting at serious levels)

Life has no meaning if people are irreligious, atheist, materialist and Darwinist. People regard themselves as no different to worms. They have no belief in the hereafter. They imagine the world cease to exist or they can die at any moment. Life is meaningless for them. Why work? They ask. Other people also become meaningless for them. They feel a terrible sloth, a suffering, a defeatism. That is why they want everything to be ready-made. They expect the State to provide food and money. So they can eat and drink and sleep in comfort. They are also frightened of the future and keen to cling onto money. They lock their money and assets away, so the economy is paralyzed. The economy literally goes into a coma. And it cannot wake out of that coma. They can attach the electrodes to it all they like. It will do no good. It is Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will resuscitate it. And Jesus the Messiah (as). Apart from that, the system does not currently look like one that can be sorted out by any foresight or precautions.


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