The Secret Beyond Matter



Everything that happens is for the best. Allah creates interesting events so history will record them, so people in the future will be amazed at them and have proper appreciation. Allah does not desire monotony. There are constant zigzags, divine wisdom, nothing is flat. For example, there were the battles of Badr and Uhad and the Battle of the Trench in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Just when they were about to lose, they won. Nothing is flat, everything is in a state of flux. Allah creates fine detail. Everything is created with wisdom and for the best.

All eternity also has a destiny. For example, our lives in 70 trillion years will be in paradise, insha’Allah, if Allah so pleases. Everything, what we eat and drink and whom we talk to, is all appointed. And in 700 trillion years it is still all appointed in the Sight of Allah. Allah is very great. We may be inside an electron, or a proton, or maybe a neutron. Maybe the whole world is inside a proton. We must appreciate the greatness of that. Allah sends us here to appreciate Him as we should. We remember and speak of Allah, and we have to expand on that. We must describe Him technically and not give up. We need to expand and broaden the matter. He is boundless. We must be stunned by Him. Let us give thanks to Allah. Almighty Allah has built a wondrous system. Satan says, “they will not serve You.” So you were completely wrong on that, satan. Look, we are serving Him, and you cannot stop us. So much for you conquering the whole world with Darwinism. Look, I have brought that down around your ears. What about all your teachers and professors and universities? I have brought the whole system down with just my few colleagues.  

Allah creates everything people say. People cannot speak. Humans are helpless entities of flesh and bone. Allah makes that speech and body in destiny His instrument, insha’Allah. Allah manifests it in people.


2012-10-31 11:58:35

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