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Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview with Ms. Hana Levi Julian, Senior Correspondent of Israel National News on September 21st, 2011

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 21st, 2011

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:Welcome Hana Levi, how are you?

HANA LEVI JULIAN:Well, Baruch Hashem.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:We love you all very much.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:It's nice to see you.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR: We are also very pleased to see you. Let me have your questions, if you please.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:I was wondering first of all you know that President Obama spoke to the United Nations General Assembly today.  Did you have a chance to hear his speech, or read what he had to say to the General Assembly?

MR. ADNAN OKTAR: I have not had any information about that issue yet. But I can comment  if you have any information at hand.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:Yes, I actually, I did have a chance to read something and basically what President Obama said was actually in some ways he echoed what you said. In that, he underlined the importance of preserving Israel's security and said that it is important for Israel and for the Palestinian authority to be able to negotiate to be able to reach an agreement together.  That peace cannot come through simply going to a forum and writing out a piece of paper saying, "Ok we've made a decision and that's the end of it." Peace needs to be reached through an agreement from the two sides that have to live together, but I understand that in some parts of the world that was not well received.  There have been some riots tonight in Israel, some people were hurt in some areas.. I am sure you are aware, this is not anything new, rocks have been thrown..  there are pictures on the internet.  The Israeli public does not feel happy about it.  I'm wondering if you might comment on that.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. I have been always telling that you are the descendants of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), the descendants of the Prophet Israel (pbuh). We love you very much, we feel so much compassion. Until the Day of Judgment Israel will be there. You will live in happiness, bliss and goodness. Furthermore, there will be no war. In no way does Turkey ever get into war with Israel. She will keep that amity and brotherhood alive until the end. You will see. Such words always circulate around. It was also rumored that a war would break out between Turkey and Greece or other countries. Such words are always heard but does not practically come about. You can have peace of mind on this issue. The youth of Israel and Palestine, the youth of Turkey will all embrace one another, become friends and brothers and sisters. We are in the time of the Mashiach, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). We are in a beautiful and auspicious age, which is foretold in Torah. The time of the King Messiah, which people have been waiting for three thousand years has begun. From now on suffering comes neither upon Israel nor upon Turkey, nor upon Palestine. Satan's life has come to an end; peace and brotherhood will persist. You will witness my every word coming true. Until now all my words have turned out to be true. You will also see that this word of mine will also come true.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:There are groups where that is true. But I also see that there is a real effort to train the young people to hate.  The satan is working over time. He is putting in extra hours. Perhaps he feels his end, but he is putting in over time.  They have written upgraded textbooks in the Palestinian Authority in the schools, and in those textbooks, they teach specifically that Israel does not exist and hatred of the Jewish people. How can we change that picture; we have no access to those schools.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR: There have always been those who told that hatred must be harbored towards the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). There have been those who loathed Prophet Moses (pbuh) but the right always triumphed. In no way will we ever let the innocent be oppressed. We, the Turkish nation, harbor compassion, love, amity, friendship, mercy and brotherhood in our souls. This is peculiar to the Turkish nation. All the people of Istanbul have this feature. Go to Izmir, they are also of the same nature. If we are speaking of Turkey, nothing other than love for your people comes about. Those harboring hatred for you are only like one in a thousand. That is, it is also insignificant. A vast majority loves you and Turkey is a friend of yours. That is, the Turkish nation is a fellow nation. Do not have the slightest doubt about this matter. Indeed, we invite you here; there will be rabbis coming; you are also cordially invited. I will be honored. I will be greatly pleased. Let us stroll together through the streets of Istanbul and ask, "Do you like Israelis  or not?". Everyone would tell that they do love Israeli people. Do not feel uneasy, let your heart find relief. Not a tension of that sort will occur. These are transient words, temporary statements. In some time everything will resume to its normal course. You know that there will be the Turkish–Islamic Union. Israel, as an independent state, will also remain within the Turkish Islamic Union. As an independent state, we will have very beautiful days as brothers, friends and lead a very good life. Beautiful days are ahead. This is ultimately what will happen. Other than that, there remains no space for satan to do anything else .

HANA LEVI JULIAN:I would like to come and visit.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:I will be honored, will be very pleased. We love you very much.You [Israeli people] are the beautiful servants of Allah. We love all the servants of Allah out of the [love we have for our] Creator.

HANA LEVI JULIAN: Let me ask you, I am curious about your views, I know that you have already been asked by everyone about the political behavior of the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr, Erdogan.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:We know Mr. Erdogan as a nation. I also know him. Though I have never met him in person, I know him. You should believe me that he is a compassionate person. He would not cause harm even to an ant. He is a very compassionate person. I guarantee that. You will have your place within the Turkish-Islamic Union. You will live a very beautiful, pleasant life. Trust in the promise of Allah, trust in Mashiach, that is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The days Allah promises in the Torah have begun. You will live in peace and ease throughout that region. Palestine will also be very much at ease. You will also be very much relieved. We will embrace you with compassion. No Muslim would ever approve of such persecution. The number of radical elements always remains to be insignificant. The number of those who favor bloodshed and violence is always scarce. Our nation is always peaceful, loving, and of laic, Kemalist thought. An enlightened mindset of Islam is prevalent here. The Turkish nation is against bigotry. Insha'Allah during your visit, I will accompany you; you can ask our people to see how much they love you.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:I know that in Turkey , I know that actually it is true that the Turkish people, in general tend to be very accepting of Israeli's. We have good relations. In Israel there are many products from Turkey. Many business people have very warm relations with Turkish people, and they travel back and forth all the time. I know this is true, even in my town, I know that people go back and forth. As far as I know that is the case, but I also know that the Turkish government has strenghtened its ties last year with Iran. Iran is not our best friend here in Israel. They actually are committed to wiping us off the map, and I am just wondering whether you think that Turkey might ever participate in that kind of activity together with Iran. Whether or not you see that Turkey could be a mitigating force in persuading Iran not to do that. It seems Iran is very intent on that goal, and they are moving ahead with their nuclear plans to do that. Ahmedinejad has just put his uranium enrichment facilities underground in a bunker to make sure that no one can disable them. That is a problem. They could annihilate us.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:..  we would never let such an attempt  happen. That is definitely unlikely to happen. Notice that I am giving you a very important evidence. There is a radar station being installed in Turkey. Do you know what the most important purpose of this radar station is? It is to protect Israel from a nuclear attack. And it is an early warning system. This evidence must suffice for you.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:Is this thing the NATO base that you are talking about? Because if it is,  Mr. Erdogan said that, that NATO base would have nothing to do with protecting Israel, that Israel would have no access to the data that would protect it.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:This is a base of NATO; that is, both of Turkey and NATO. It is against any attack against any country; not only for Turkey. It is against any attack that will be made against Turkey and her neighbors. It is an early warning system against any offensive attack, and it is a system designed to intercept a rocket in the air. It is a system installed to intercept (a rocket) before it is even launched. I can provide you with the technical details, but it is of everyone's knowledge. It is well-known to everyone. This is a very clear, very explicit evidence that  Turkey is a friend of yours. You can have peace of mind. We love all our neighbors and we love you dearly. We love Armenia and Azerbaijan alike. We embrace all of you. We are full of love, so you should have peace of mind.

HANA LEVI JULIAN: Do you believe that Mr. Erdogan is also committed to our protection?

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:What I am telling is true. Mr. Erdogan is a very compassionate person. If you come here, I can arrange a meeting with the members of parliament from the AK party. They all love you very much. They all have compassion; if you would like to do so, I can also arrange a meeting with the ministers and with members of other (political) parties. This is a truth that you can personally witness. The best thing to do is; come to here immediately and see for yourself. You know that I will have visitors coming. You can also join them.

HANA LEVI JULIAN:  Thank you for your invitation and I will come.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:I will be honored.

HANA LEVI JULIAN: I thank you for the invitation and I look forward to it.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:I also thank you. I convey my regards. Both Torah and the Qur'an always preach peace. We do not let the contrary to happen. Greetings to all Israel, greetings to Palestine. I extend my love and regards to all of them. I extend my love to Christians, Jews and Muslims; to all of them.

HANA LEVI JULIAN: And we send ours to you.

MR. ADNAN OKTAR:I thank you and present you my love.

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