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Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with Jewish author Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein (canlı, June 8th, 2018)

Kartal Göktan: Good evening, dear viewers. Welcome to our live broadcast. In tonight's live broadcast, we have with us a highly esteemed guest from Sweden; Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein. Welcome. She is a Jewish author. She is currently working on a book about the diaspora Jews. She is visiting our country to gather information about the current state of the Christians and Jews in Turkey. Ms. Annika is a columnist of Israel Hayom, Israel's most distributed newspaper publishing in English. She also serves as a political advisor, who is frequently consulted by international press for her opinions. Worldwide anti-Semitism and the issues in the Middle East are her main topics of interest. Today, she is with us to do an interview on behalf of the Rebel Media, a Canadian online media website followed by almost 1 million.

Adnan Oktar: Wonderful. She is a Jew by blood, not by conversion, right?

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Yes, yes I am. My family originally is Russian and German.

Adnan Oktar: Prophet Moses is your forefather.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Yes, this is true. This is true.

Adnan Oktar: You honored us and made us very happy with your visit. We love you very much, just as we dearly love all Jews.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Thank you so much and I really appreciate you having us. And I am here examining the Jewish life in Turkey and in Istanbul specifically.

Adnan Oktar: Jewish life is particularly beautiful in here where we reside. They live in love and harmony as brothers and sisters. Turkish people also love Jews, contrary to the projected false image. They deeply respect Jews, too. The Jewish families in Turkey are all prestigious families esteemed by everyone.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: When I was coming here, a lot of my family and friends, of course in Israel, and I told them that I had decided to go to Turkey despite the recent tensions, and a lot of them warned me about coming here saying that in general the Turkish people have a negative view of Jews, of Israel and of the idea of Judaism within their country. And I am curious about what you feel about that and what your thoughts are about that?

Adnan Oktar: There are a few such unsavory people who hate Jews. These are such unscrupulous, cruel, evil people, but they hate everyone. They hate you, they hate me, they hate their families; they even hate themselves. They are erratic. So, they should not be paid any heed.

Enmity towards Jews, towards the People of the Book is unlawful by religion. God forbids it in the Qur'an, and defying this commandment of God is a sin. Enmity towards them is an unscrupulous and cruel deed, and its due punishment is hell.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: How would you explain given your opinions that you’ve just expressed, how would you explain what is going on in the Middle East now and what is also going on within Turkey? The tensions between Israel – given that we do have a bond religiously and historically, with the Muslim world how would you explain the tensions now? And how that relates to Islam and the interpretations of Islam?

Adnan Oktar: There are immoral people who bear grudge against our Kurdish, Alawite, Armenian, Greek, Russian, Arab and especially Jewish brothers and sisters. If anyone dares to make an attempt against such inoffensive people in any way or manner, we would nip that attempt in the bud with law and order, with knowledge and intellectual struggle. No one can act in such an immoral manner. If you wish, we can take a tour around Istanbul tomorrow and tell people that you are a Jew. No one can dare to lay a finger on you.

We invited our Rabbi friends to Istanbul and they toured the city proudly. We invited our Jewish author friends, and they toured all districts of Istanbul wearing their rabbi clothes to their hearts content. No one even did so much as leer at them. We will never allow such a thing with law and order. No one in Turkey would allow any harm from coming to Alawites, Greeks, Jews, Christians, Turks or people of any other religion or race. We will take any necessary actions through law and order.

If our brothers and sisters from Jewish or Christian communities, especially from our fellow Jewish citizens, have any complaints or grievances, we will take the necessary actions through law and legislation.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Many would say, that it is true in Turkey and all over the world that the enemies of Jews wanted to differentiate between Jews and Israel. And as a religious person myself, I am of the belief that you can never differentiate between Jews and Israel and that we are the children of Israel which means that anti-Semitism which is considered wrong has turned into anti-Zionism which is an overly negative view of Israel. How do you view this in Turkey Today, do you feel that Jews are accepted but that Israel is not, and do you-if so- see that as a problem?

Adnan Oktar: We consider the people of Israel and Jews one and the same. And the Israeli state is recognized by Turkey. There are trade and military alliances in place. We provide training to Israeli soldiers here in Turkey. And we have an incredibly strong commercial bond. Our diplomatic relations are extremely good. There can be no disputes between the Israeli and Turkish states. It can only happen with certain individuals who are considered to be criminals by the Turkish state or vice versa. Only such issues can lead to mutual disputes, which is quite normal.

Mr. Erdoğan is a very sensible and compassionate person. He had many synagogues opened in Turkey. Jews are being invited to iftar dinners. He has a respectful and amiable view of Jews in Turkey. He also had a meeting with Jews in the USA. He never made or would never make any adverse statements about Jews.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: So why do you then think that, even from the outside, the same image that I was told about, and warned about before coming here is that Mr. Erdoğan is critical or sometimes even hateful of Israel and through that is causing problems for the Jewish community within Turkey?

Adnan Oktar: Whoever is causing problems for them, tell us and we will bring the heavens down upon their heads with law and order. You can walk around in Istanbul proudly and without worry.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: And what about the future relationship between Israel and Turkey going forward? We’ve seen a breakdown –if you will– in the relationship between Israel and Turkey recently. What do you think is the future of that relationship and what do you think of a possible alliance between Israel and Turkey could mean for future of the region, and the future of basically all Muslim countries and the relationship to Jews?

Adnan Oktar: Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Russia, Iran will all unite under the [spiritual] leadership of the awaited Moshiach. Wars will be abolished. Weapons will be abolished. And Jews will live freely and peacefully on those vast lands God describes in the Torah. 

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: As you mean, I’ve spent some time in Iran recently. During my month there I also went to Qom to meet with Muslim clerics to discuss the Mahdi and Moshiach and the similarities between Islam and Judaism. And what was fascinating to me, after understanding how closely tied Islam and Judaism is, is that we are brothers constantly fighting. And the issue of course is that before the Moshiach comes -God willing- is that there are only people, there are people on this earth that have to deal with the conflicts. And there has to be a reshaping in order for Mahdi-Moshiach to come, there has to be a reshaping and a friendship. How do you see that friendship being forged in the Middle East? How do we create a unity not only between Muslim countries but between Muslims and Jews in practical terms?

Adnan Oktar: Wars are deliberately started in Iraq, in Syria, and the tensions between Iran and Israel are deliberately escalated. These incidents have to take place before the coming of Moshiach. People may find it strange but these are ought to happen. These are all preordained in destiny and they have their destiny to follow.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I’ve read your thoughts on the true ideas or the true meaning of the Qur'an, of Islam. And what I’m curious about how you would go about changing the structure in the nature of the Islamic world, given that there is so much political and human interest invested in this. But this is not saying a divine leadership yet, but a human one. How would one go about restructuring the very outlook on Islam and the Qur’an in the world today?

Adnan Oktar: Major incidents will occur in the near future. If these major incidents do not occur, people do not wake up. Only disasters awaken people. Otherwise, they keep on their deep slumber. In 3 to 5 years, we will see Moshiach. We will also rebuild the Temple of Prophet Solomon. We will plate the whole temple with gold. These are bound to happen and cannot be stopped by anyone. The whole system, the entire Middle East is being designed towards this end. The biggest Freemason lodges are located in Iran and Egypt. Most of the administrators are Freemasons. Freemasonry exists to serve Moshiach. There are great many secrets that are kept from the public. In short, God's Word will come true.

And Mr. Erdoğan dearly loves Jews. I am sure of this, because I know him very well. No one should have any doubts about it. I personally guarantee this. I stand witness to it. But traditionalist Muslims are pressuring him to take stance against Jews but he never pays them any heed.

We will rebuild the Palace of Prophet Solomon and turn Jerusalem into a heaven on earth. Above all, according to the Qur'an, you should be there, those lands are your home. No one can change the commandment of God. Both the Torah and the Qur'an says so. God's Promise will be fulfilled and you will freely live in those vast, Promised Lands. You will still have a core state, but other than that, you will be free to roam the whole earth. Every nation will have its own state, but all borders will be abolished. You will freely inhabit the lands promised by God in both the Torah and the Qur'an.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I feel like I should ask you a somewhat philosophical question. “If everything as we believe is in the Hands of God then why would we bother with politics?” Meaning that if there is an assurance that we will live in this borderless world and we will be able to live like brothers, why would we then engage in modern day politics as we do, and as we have to? What’s the point of that, if we trust this divine prophecy and a divine right?

Adnan Oktar: This is stated both in the Oral Torah and in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). At first, all alternatives will be tried and people will realize that all paths lead to a dead end. Politics will prove futile. People will finally come to the realization that there are no solutions. This will pave the way for the coming of Moshiach. It will happen in this way so that people do not have any lingering questions or doubts. And people also have to go through this suffering.

We will do everything in our strength to stop wars and bloodshed, but will not be able to. These are the accounts written in both the Torah and the Qur'an. Only Moshiach can put an end to them. Knight Templars, Freemasons, all Jews, all pious Muslims and all Christians will support Moshiach. Because he will be the only one who can save the world. This is the decree of God. This world is in a way an illusion. This is why this film was created in this way. People, the world, the universe are all shadow entities. God never goes back on His Promise; He always keeps His Promises. Everything He had promised came true until now. All signs of Moshiach's coming have come true. Foundation of the Israeli state is another one of the signs of Moshiach's coming. So is the foundation of the Committee of Sanhedrin. All senior rabbis know this. We reached the end of the calendar. According to the Jewish calendar, Moshiach must have already come. This was also decreed by Sanhedrin, that Moshiach is currently alive. These are not simple tales, these are the fact we witnessed with our own eyes.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: But we have, according to Jewish thought, or at least some of the Jewish thought, it is a commandment to live actively within creation. Which means that humanity has a large... We expect much of humanity, we cannot trust God in to just solve our problems. And looking at the world now, we see religious leadership acting as placeholders for God. For example, as I said previously in Iran, the entire constitution and political institution is built on the idea of being a placeholder for the Mahdi. But the problem as we know within the Jewish thought at least is that people are corruptible, people are not divine. So I am interested in your thoughts in what happens when you have theological state, when you have a religious state based on the values of Islam, what do you do not to corrupt that with human weakness and human fallacy?

Adnan Oktar: There is no Islamic state in destiny that is not led by Moshiach. No such thing will happen. They have been trying for the last 150 years, but it just will never happen. Islamic Union cannot be achieved except by Moshiach. I am talking about the united states of Islam.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: But then what does that say now about the future? I want to bring it a little bit back to contemporary Turkey. When there are fears around the world that Turkey will be a dictatorship, that it will become an Islamic state in the style of Iran. But the ideas that you speak of are generally what we would say modern or even to use the word, progressive ideas in relation to the reevaluation of Islam and Qur’an. What do you see as the future of, not just the political leadership but the entire theology and ideology of Turkey going forward? 

Adnan Oktar: Actually, the Turkish people are quite sensible and intellectual. They are practicing the Islam as preached by the Qur'an and truly despise bigotry. This is the belief held by the overwhelming majority. The overwhelming majority, I can say the ninety or ninety five percent is against the traditionalist, bigoted understanding of Islam. Moreover, Turkey is not an unattended country. Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan is a sensible, sincere Muslim, a Muslim of the Qur'an. He is against the traditionalist Islamic conception as a belief, not in a destructive way. This is the state Iran has to be in right now according to destiny. Otherwise Iran could have been transformed within 1 week. Their internal structure is suitable for this.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Also, as far as contemporary politics is concerned, I want to ask you as I have asked everyone I have spoken to during this trip. How do you feel about President Trump’s decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem and what do you think it means for the peace process and for the Palestinian and Jewish people?

Adnan Oktar: It was decision taken by the US Freemasonry. Trump did not make that decision [by himself]. In my opinion, Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and Palestine. The Torah states it to be the capital anyway.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: But on a practical level, now for example, many of my friends and colleagues in Israel fear that there is going to be a war break out in summer. And it will be the third war in five years that we’ve seen on the border of Gazza. How do we deal with the Palestinian issue on a real, practical day to day level? Can you support the state of Israel? Is it possible for Turkey to support the state of Israel and the Jewish people and also support a viable two state solution, given the leadership of Hamas and Fatah at this moment?

Adnan Oktar: They are under the control of some seven individuals, and their actions are dictated by what they say. It may seem like there are big, close-knit organizations in there, but the truth is different.

There are hadiths stating that before the coming of Moshiach, Israel and the Palestinians will wage war against each other and that Palestinian blood will be shed and these hadiths are coming true. But of course, we are doing everything we can to put an end to it. These are said to happen before Moshiach comes. 

Palestine state will continue to exist and Israel will maintain its status as a core state as well and we will mediate peace between the two peoples; they will hug it out and become brothers. This fight will come to an end with love and friendship.

As for Jerusalem, it will become the capital of both Israel and Palestine; there is no return from that.

We will find the Ark of the Covenant and bring it in front of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. There are signs of this in the Qur'an as well. The Qur'an tells about the Ark of the Covenant and its contents. It is currently under a special protection. The world will witness major incidents. As you know, Jews, Christians, Muslims and many others are currently looking for it.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Given its central place in both our faiths, what do you think should be done with the Temple Mount. And how do you view the conflict concerning the Temple Mount and also Jordan’s role in that conflict?

Adnan Oktar: There is a huge tract of land between the two prayer houses. I have a footage prepared about it and played it on my program. We will rebuild the prayer house of Prophet Solomon in that empty area, insha'Allah.

We even submitted the plans to our Jewish rabbi friends. The said land is very suitable. We will definitely do it. Insha'Allah.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: And, the issue is of course that when I go up on the Temple Mount and what I see there is not only the people who care about the place religiously, but of course also there is money and politics that come into play here. And I guess it is the core of the issue: even though we may agree on the religious significance and the religious outcome when the Mashiach comes, God willing, the politics come into play and something has to be done in the meantime. If we believe that all of the land of Israel including Judea and Samaria, is part of the prophecy and part of our land, then how would we for example create a Palestinian state and within that states how do we manage a place that two people consider holy but many political and financial interests want to stop us from being brothers and sharing that place as believers?

Adnan Oktar: We will surely establish a core state in Palestine of course, as its borders are already definite. In practice, however, these borders will not be used. Palestine will expand across that land as far as it can. You [Israelis] will be able to use the territory of Jordan and Egypt. I am talking about both Palestine and Israel. You will not be confined to a narrow territory.

This is not something that can be achieved by politicians. Only the pious can. Politicians will only play a supporting role. Of course, the world Freemasonry will also play an active role. Majority of the leaders of the Middle Eastern states are Freemasons. I can safely say that 90% of them are Freemasons, including ministers and the high ranking military officers.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I want to ask about anti-Semitic attitudes within Turkey and within the Middle East. And how we start change basic ideas? I’ve interviewed many people from within the Jewish community during the few days I’ve been in here. And what most of them have told me is that, even though it is now modernized and people have a more progressive outlook on Jews within Turkey, there are many old ideas, many, many faulty ideas about what Jews are, what Jews are able to do. And of course the old ones about world conspiracies and powers will be beyond our means. How would you go about changing that on the level where it counts, in education and children? Is there hope for the Middle East when it comes to viewing Jews, as Jews, as just people?

Adnan Oktar: What you have said was true in the past; there used to be barbaric and maniacal stories about how Jews would take small children and put them in iron maidens, shedding their blood, with which they would make dough, bake it into breads and feed them to people. But now people are simply laughing these ridiculous tales off.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: So, I want to come back to Mr. Erdoğan and his relationship with Israel. Some of it, as you said might have to do with outside influence and outside propaganda if you will. But we all know that you don’t use propaganda unless it is effective. That in the Middle East now especially when it comes to Muslim countries it is almost mandatory to be negative towards Israel, to be sometimes even hateful towards Israel. The change that we’ve seen is for example from Saudi Arabia and there is some hope that there are changing attitudes due in part to political and geopolitical interests. Who do you think will be the leader in the Muslim world when it comes to creating a brotherhood with Israel and creating a new way forward in Middle Eastern politics?

Adnan Oktar: Turkey, of course, is the leading country; that much is evident. Mr. Erdoğan is truly a conscientious person. He is merciful and respectful towards people and he really loves Jews. The lives and properties of Jews are strongly protected in Turkey. Some traditionalist, bigoted minded Muslims, on the other hand, despise Israel and the Israeli people. This psychopathic belief is prevalent among some circles. They consider it a requirement of Islam. There is a conviction that is a remnant of the idolater pagan religion purporting how trees and rocks will herald the coming of Jews and how people will find and kill them. This is a shamanistic belief, in which people speak to trees and rocks and seek their guidance and instructions. Although this is blatantly an idolater belief, a satanic belief, they still believe in it and consider killing innocent Jews by the order of trees or rocks as a commandment of God. This is truly horrifying, and there are many among them who hold this satanic belief.

We have always stamped out and extinguished the anti-Jewish sentiment in Turkey every time it has escalated. We did the same thing for anti-Kurdish, anti-Greek, anti-Christian sentiments as well. Praised be God, we did highly beneficial work in this regard. We also did the same for anti-Alawite sentiment. All of these communities are more valuable than the other.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: So to kind of switch gears a little bit: There is now some would call the suicide of the West. It has been described as where the Western world is becoming more and more secular and the distance between the religious world and the secular is more prominent than ever. And although many Western countries are of course founded on religious beliefs, secularism and atheism has now become a new religion of sorts. And of course this impacts the politics as well. It impacts how the West views the Muslim and the Jewish world because there is failure to understand these tenets and values that we live by. How do you see that going forward, meaning the relationship between more secular countries in the West and the Muslim and Jewish and Christian world and how are we able to coexist or even teach lessons to the more secular world?

Adnan Oktar: The sage rabbis of Israel foretell us the news of how the world will adopt atheism before the coming of Moshiach through their works on the written and oral Torah. Likewise, there are hadiths that herald the same news. This is an anticipated event.

Almost all European governments are controlled by Freemasons. They are not unattended. Assignments of Prime Ministers and Presidents are likewise organized by Freemasons. These governments cannot defy their orders even if they want to. I am giving this as an additional information.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I’m interested in, from what I’ve read and what I’ve been given to read about your ideas on Islam in how let us say Islam is misinterpreted by much of the Muslim world. I want to go back and push a little bit more on the question that how do you change the ideas of Islam and the Qur’an in the minds of Muslims themselves? There has to be of course a Muslim leadership, given that Turkey for example is both a secular and a religious country, both a modern and a traditional country. Do you think that Turkey has a place in that leadership or do you think that the leadership has to be more of a coalition of Muslim countries?

Adnan Oktar: Turkey has long been in the leadership position for centuries and she continues to naturally maintain this position. In short, everything will change for the better in 3 to 5 years. No one can attack Israel as this is not in its destiny. Such threats will never go beyond mere words. Islamic Union will also include Israel. This is a union that will not be established through threats of violence but promises of a joint effort towards giving life, ensuring the reign of love, peace and brotherhood, and abolishing all weapons. It will be a union of love and friendship, not of fighting and disputes.

The center for consciousness in the human brain is as small as a lentil but it manages a huge body. A small number of people will govern the whole world. Thanks to our trailblazing efforts, traditionalist Islamic conception has been largely wiped out in Turkey, a fact also demonstrated by the polls we conducted. Our views are rapidly coming into prominence in Turkey as well as the entire Islamic world. We are the actual reason behind the change in Saudi Arabia, as well as Jordan and Lebanon. We are the reason behind even Hezbollah's shift towards modernity.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Within any leadership state, or any great state, there is room for varied opinions and varied groups. And of course much has been written about Turkey and Turkey’s relationships to the Kurds and of course also the issues having to do with freedom of press and one thing that you know Jews and Kurds have always had in common is that we are guests everywhere. Until the establishment of the state of Israel we have always wandered from land to land. And we are guests, you know, thanks to the benevolent leadership of whatever country we have lived in. And from what I understand, there has been an issue, clashes between Turkish nationalism and the idea of Jewish identity and Kurdish identity. How do you view that within the larger Turkish state and the Turkish identity?

Adnan Oktar: Jews are the most comfortable community in Turkey. They lead extremely wealthy and prestigious lives. Most of our friends who are present here [in the studio] are Kurds, like those sitting behind you. There is no Turkish-Kurdish discrimination in Turkey. Turkey is comprised of genetically mixed people coming from both Turkish and Kurdish ancestors. There are no pure Kurds or Turks in Turkey.

Turkish people despise racism, and so does the whole world. Racism died in the last century. There are no Kurdish or Turkish racism. People simply scoff at such things. It is irrational and inhumane. And according to the religion, we are all children of Adam.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: So what do you think is the biggest misconception of Turkey from the outside? The image of Turkey in the rest of the world, what is it that journalists and regular people get wrong most often?

Adnan Oktar: As far as I see, it is the issue of freedoms. People need to be given greater freedoms. This is the issue that can be criticized about Turkey. It may be about the freedom of women or freedoms in a more general sense. There is an evident pressure towards women who wear revealing clothes. But this is done by certain groups, not by the government.

Turkey was faced with an invasion attempt. Because of that, Turkey is currently in a national defense mode. This is why Turkey is in a state of emergency. In that sense, it is hard to expand freedoms in current conditions. But the primary characteristic of Mr. Erdoğan is that he favors freedoms. This was the founding objective of AKP. Freedom in the European sense. This is why they sought to join the European Union. It was their idea of limitless, not so much limitless, but vast freedoms. But the government and Mr. Erdoğan met with constant pressure, so he is now reflexively defending himself. When this pressure is dissipated, the freedoms will be sustained.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I basically wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I came here as I said to research a book on Jewish identity all over the world. And Jews have had a home in Turkey for two and a half millennia, it has a place of enormous magnitude in Jewish history. And for me it’s very very interesting, in some ways disheartening to see that the Jewish community is getting smaller and smaller every year. So I guess my final question might be what practical, real as we say in Hebrew tahlis meaning work, actual practical steps to take to ensure the future, and a good future for Jews in Turkey?

Adnan Oktar: Jews living abroad may be officially invited to Turkey, which would be quite impressive. Mr. Erdoğan reassured all Jews about their safety many times before, but it would be better if he does that once more.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: And as far as security and religious schools and other things that are practical, do you believe that the government should be involved in that or should it continue to be the financial and practical responsibility of the community itself?

Adnan Oktar: It depends. The government may endorse poor Jewish students, but if those who are well off wishes to send their children to private schools, the private school status should be preserved as well.

Come to Turkey. Visit it frequently and buy houses here. No one will try to harm you. We have hosted numerous large groups of guests in the past. They initially refused our invitation for fear of life, but we reassured them that no harm would ever come to them. Then they visited Turkey, and nothing bad happened. There were other such fellow Jewish groups who used to see Turkey as a dangerous place to visit. We reassured them as well saying nothing bad will happen to them. And again, nothing bad happened. Don't worry.

Our retribution will be swift on anyone who tries to lay a finger on you, through law and legislation. We will never allow it. No such thing will happen. Travel across Turkey as if it is your own homeland. Be everywhere. We love you. Do not stay away from Turkey because of some psychopaths. We will deal with them through law and legislation. They cannot harm you at all.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: So, just one, final question. Where do you see the Jewish community in ten years’ time?

Adnan Oktar: Jews are the progeny of prophets and in a way, we consider them Sayyids in a sense. We consider you sacred. May God bless you all. In ten years' time, Israel, Turkey and the rest of the countries in the region will unite as one brotherhood under Moshiach's leadership.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: God willing.

Adnan Oktar: All it takes is a little more effort. Thank you for coming. Your visit made me very happy.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Thank you so much for having me.

Adnan Oktar: Send my best regards to all our friends there. Convey my love to all the Israeli people and youth. They can come here without worrying about it. I will personally welcome them at the airport.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: I will let them know. Thank you.

Adnan Oktar: Please do.

Ms. Annika Hernorth-Rothstein: Thank you.

Kartal Göktan: We thank our guest Ms. Hernorth Rothstein for attending our program. Now we will have a short break.

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