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Adnan Oktar interviewed by Voice of Russia FM - 05.02.2018

Voice of Russia FM: The dispute  over the A9 television channel was sparked with a statement of the President of Religious Affairs. Referring to Adnan Oktar, who has been a topic of debate about his programs on A9 channel, Ali Erbaş, the President of Religious Affairs, said, "I suppose he has lost his mental stability."  He further stated that he finds the programs on A9 channel to be objectionable, adding that he watches those programs with disdain. Adnan Oktar responded to his statements, stating the actual source of the Directorate of Religious Affair's income and asking Mr. Erbaş whether he is aware of this fact. This is the gist of the polemics. We currently have Adnan Oktar on the line and would like to ask him a few questions. We will begin by asking him why he has become the subject of topical issue. Welcome, Adnan Oktar.

Adnan Oktar: Thank you for having me. I’m listening to you.

Voice of Russia FM: Why have you become the subject of this topical issue?

Adnan Oktar: We have been on the agenda for a long time.

Voice of Russia FM: It is as if the latest discussions happened suddenly.

Adnan Oktar: This is because we have composed a two-volume book, both of which consist of over 700 pages, that utterly humiliates the British deep state, and we have proven it through thousands of evidentiary documents. The disgraceful deeds of the British deep state have been utterly exposed. Thus, they have awakened their sleeper cells and launched an immense attack. This is an indication that the spiritual death of the dajjal movement is imminent. We are striving for a good and beneficial cause.

Voice of Russia FM: The President of Religious Affairs makes such statements about you. Now, you say that the British deep state is in a tight spot.   Don't you think that the statements against the President of Religious affair a bit excessive?

Adnan Oktar: The President of Religious Affairs is influenced by certain individuals. He is oblivious to this fact. There are powers indirectly influencing him. He would not issue such statements unless someone has urged him to. They have a chain influence system in place. This is the main reason behind the incident. Otherwise, the way a handful of young women dresses is not so big a matter as to become the number one issue of Turkey. There are countless women in Turkey who wear revealing clothes. Millions of women wear bikinis and  swimsuits on beaches in Turkey. In all television channels, women wear revealing clothes and dance; there is no difference at all between our programs and the ones in other TV channels.

Voice of Russia FM: Aren't the clothes on your channel a bit more revealing? I examined several programs before going on air. They seem a bit out of the ordinary.

Adnan Oktar: Take a look at the music programs of TRT [Turkish Radio and Television Association]. They wear the same kind of revealing clothes that are low-cut both in the back and the front in their programs. Of course, it is not something to measure inch by inch.

Voice of Russia FM: Of course.

Adnan Oktar: ‘Revealing clothes’ is ‘revealing clothes’, the same way as we can see on TRT...

Voice of Russia FM: I suppose you are usually accompanied by young ladies. They dance around you and you occasionally join them. Is this the format of your programs?

Adnan Oktar: No, it is quite normal. They love me and I love them. We are friends.  We have fun together. This is a common occurrence throughout Turkey. People have fun in weddings, discos and other places of entertainment.

Voice of Russia FM: Your discussions often include religious topics. Could it be the reason that the public shows reaction because two concepts presented together.

Adnan Oktar: We cannot abandon our religion while we have fun and become religious when we do not. One cannot adhere to two different religious conceptions; irreligious when dancing, but religious when not dancing, irreligious when wearing revealing clothes, religious when not wearing them; one cannot lead such a life. Being religious is a continuous and uninterrupted way of life. Therefore, we remember God everywhere, while we dance, while we eat, while we sleep, while we are awake. God is to be remembered at all times.

Voice of Russia FM: But women cover their heads when they are performing prayers. They may remove their head covers after the prayer. Usually a more decent form of dress is adopted when praising God. I think this might be the reason behind the reactions.

Adnan Oktar: So, what about the women on the beach. Millions of women go to beaches. If it is as they say, then none of them are supposed to praise God and thus, they virtually live like non-believers. None of them are supposed to take the Qur'an in their hands. Based on what these people are saying, men and women on the beach are never supposed to praise God in any way. None of them are supposed to performing prayers. None of them are supposed to take the Qur'an in their hands. This is a terrible mentality, a decision that seeks to alienate people from God and the religion. It might have been done under satan's sway, may God forbid. They need to take refuge in God from satan. It is quite unseemly to forbid people from remembering God instead of urging them to remember Him. God is to be remembered and praised in weddings, in places of entertainment as well. According to them, God should not be praised in weddings, at places of entertainment, at beaches, at discos or any other place. God is only to be praised in mosques. What they say hints at such a mentality. Following a discourse that alienates people from God and religion is wrong.

Voice of Russia FM: Mr. Oktar, who are the people we see in your programs and how much time do you spend with them? Why are these young people there?

Adnan Oktar: They love me and I love them. We are a group of friends. We hold conversations during our broadcasts. We listen to music, dance and have fun, too. This is also the case with the entire Turkish youth; they go to discos to have fun, and they dance in their homes.

Voice of Russia FM: But most of the time the same people appear on your program, this is why I am asking about it. Do you meet them only during your broadcasts or on other occasions as well.

Adnan Oktar: Of course, we go to each others homes, we have dinner together, we talk. We are friends. We do what a group of friends do.

Voice of Russia FM: How many people are there in your friend group?

Adnan Oktar: With all our male and female friends, our group consists of about 300 people. It has always been so. Thousands of people has joined and left our group over the years; probably at least six or seven thousand people has joined and left our group but the number of our friend group has always been around 300.

Voice of Russia FM: A RTUK official says that these programs  with music are broadcast over the Internet, not over  satellite. Do you intentionally refrain from broadcasting them over satellite?

Adnan Oktar: RTÜK [the Supreme Board of Radio and Television] considers music and dancing harmful and we respect their decision. Therefore, we do not make such broadcasts that come under the domain of RTÜK. But since dancing, music and fun is not forbidden on the Internet –as millions of people also do so on the Internet– we also dance, laugh and have fun just like those people do. And, if the ban they are about to introduce will only apply to us, then we will also graciously accept it. It will not affect us in a negative way.

Voice of Russia FM: I see. There has been a recent debate which I suppose I should ask you about that as well. A family reportedly filed a complaint when they saw their daughters appear on your TV program; I have the news report from January 15th before me so I wish to ask you about this as well. The news report reads, "Parents see their daughters on Adnan Oktar's program, come to Turkey to file a complaint.” Are the parents of these young people usually upset about their friendship with you?

Adnan Oktar: I cannot answer that because there is a court decision. It is not only that I cannot answer your question, but it would also not be appropriate for me to make any comments on this issue.

Voice of Russia FM: Is that so? Was Elvan Kocak able to meet his daughters, do you know anything about that?

Adnan Oktar: I am forbidden by the court from talking about this issue. Therefore, I cannot make any comments.

Voice of Russia FM: OK. Are you not allowed to tell us whether he met his daughters or not?

Adnan Oktar: Making any kind of comment is forbidden for a duration of six months. You will have to wait a little.

Voice of Russia FM: Do any other families express similar objections or complaints? I am referring to the families of others who appear on your program.

Adnan Oktar: No, I have a strong bond of friendship with other families. They love me dearly and I love them dearly. They frequently visit us here and   chat with us. I have a close relationship with their families. I love all of them very much. They love me very much too. I always devote my attention to them. We frequently visit each other. We love these people very much.

Voice of Russia FM: Alright. How do those young people earn their living? Do all of them have jobs? Do they practice any profession? It seems as if they lead nice, luxurious lives in front of cameras.

Adnan Oktar: Every single one of my friends is a college graduate. They graduated from prestigious colleges. They come from wealthy families. All of them have their own business. There are many doctors, engineers, physicists, chemists, biologists along many other professions among them. Some of our friends are exclusively engaged in trade, import and export. Thanks to God, all of them are financially well off. They have good income.

Voice of Russia FM: Do you anticipate any trouble for the future for your friends, following the statements of the President of Religious Affairs?

Adnan Oktar: My reply to the President of Religious Affairs was quite right and appropriate. As I have said, over 200,000 women are engaged in unlawful sexual intercourse in brothels. They are our sisters. They are the children of the Turkish nation. I truly feel sorry for them and wish them to be saved. So I kindly asked the President of Religious affairs to say something about this issue and I said that the taxes generated from such establishments are unlawful. And I am right in saying so.

Voice of Russia FM: And you stated that those taxes go into paying their salaries.

Adnan Oktar: Where do taxes go, if not there? It is not like they would go to the USA. Since those taxes remain in Turkey, it means that they constitute a source of income. This is a well-known fact. Moreover, billions of liters of wine and raki are produced in Turkey, which is also unlawful. Their production is unlawful and any taxes collected from these factories are also unlawful. I asked the President of Religious Affairs to speak about these issues. They never talk about such matters. I said that these are unlawful deeds and urged them to talk about it. Other than that, banks charge heavy interest. The President of Religious Affairs also receives interest from his own money. I stated that it is also unlawful to receive interest, and that the money generated from bank interest goes into paying their salaries. I stated the fact that this is unlawful. I said that their income should come from lawful sources. So, what I say is true.

Voice of Russia FM: Regarding your words regarding about what is lawful and what is unlawful, as far as I understand, The Directorate of Religious Affairs also does not consider your actions to be lawful or in accordance with the Qur'an. And it seems that the conservative wing does not approve of the life style presented on the screen. On one hand, you are talking about what is unlawful and sinful, but on the other hand, do you have any worries about whether there could be anything unlawful on your side?

Adnan Oktar: If there is anything unlawful or sinful about what we do, I am a Muslim and they should warn me with the verses of the Qur'an. They should tell me "what you are doing is against this command of God.” Then, I would happily and immediately comply with their request. I would be complying with the commandment of God. But they do not do so.

Voice of Russia FM: What is your personal opinion?

Adnan Oktar: According to the Qur'an, it is not unlawful. They know that is not unlawful. This is why they do not make any reference to the Qur'an. They say, ‘this is how we think it should be’, not ‘how the Qur'an says it should be.’ He does not speak based on the Qur'an, he bases it on own opinions. I cannot abide by your opinions. If he based it on the Qur'an, I would comply. He does not say, "It unlawful according to the Qur'an." He bases it on his own opinion. I cannot abide by a belief that you have come up with due to your position. But if you make a reference to the Qur'an, I would immediately comply with it. I am waiting for them to offer a verse from the Qur'an. I am a Muslim and I would immediately comply. For example, they asked me to recite the shahādah. And I did so.

Voice of Russia FM: Do they doubt the fact that you are a Muslim?

Adnan Oktar: I suppose they did. So I recited the shahādah put their minds at ease. I am a positive person. I do not act out of pride. I immediately comply with something that is right; I fear God. They also need to acknowledge the truth when they are invited to it. For example, I explain about  unlawful deeds, and that is true. Doing so is the duty of the President of Religious Affairs. The Turkish nation is suffering terribly because of Darwinism and materialism. Tens of thousands of people have joined the PKK as a result of the Darwinist education system. I asked them to speak about this. It is important that the Presidency of Religious Affairs publishes books about the invalidity of the PKK's ideology.

Voice of Russia FM: A number of amendments were made to the school curriculum about Darwin. They seem to have taken heed of your requests. Thank you very much Adnan Oktar for your remarks.

Adnan Oktar: I thank you too. My best regards.


2018-02-11 16:53:19

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