The Secret Beyond Matter

Live conversation of Mr. AdnanOktar with Ms. Sevinc Kurbanova from Azerbaijan Yeni Musavat Newpaper

BULENT SEZGIN: And now we continue our broadcasting with our dear guests. Our guests are from Azerbaijan; Mrs. Sevinç Kurbanova, correspondent and project coordinator of Yeni Musavat Newspaper, the leading newspaper in Azerbaijan and the Musavat website. And Mr. Muhammad Kurbanov is also our guest today from the same newspaper. They are our most valuable guests. Welcome.  

ADNAN OKTAR: Welcome. You brought happiness and honor to us. Azerbaijan is our heart and soul, which we love so dearly. Therefore, when one comes from Azerbaijan, there is a different kind of joy and excitement in us. May Almighty Allah unite Turkey and Azerbaijan as soon as possible, not as two nations but as one nation but two states, insha'Allah. Please proceed.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: First of all, thank you for hosting us in your program. We will have a few questions. I am not sure how much airtime we have.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Adnan Bey, firstly, our readers know you as both Harun Yahya and Adnan Oktar. How do you describe yourself? I would not say within a few sentences, but if they wanted you to describe yourself in your own words, how would you? Let us begin by that one first.  

ADNAN OKTAR: I am an ordinary servant of Allah. So I am not specially different. But I am a sincere person. I love people, I love Allah, I don’t want people to suffer. I don’t want wars. I don’t want fighting. I want love and peace to take root everywhere. I want social justice. I want everywhere to be beautiful. I want everywhere to be full of artworks, vineyards, gardens, people greeting each other without reservation, showing love, I want all conflicts and quarrels to end. I am working for it.   

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Nice. Having said something so nice, your studio and everything related with you, ladies, gentlemen are so nice, so aesthetic and so elegant as your house and your villa – although I don’t see now the ladies we always see in your programs. I mean, why is it that there are always beautiful people around you, is that a general principle?  

ADNAN OKTAR: This is the creation and morality of Allah. Allah wants us to be like this. Paradise is infinitely beautiful. Everything is so beautiful. God attaches great importance to beauty on Earth, too. People are beautiful,  animals are beautiful,  plants are beautiful, the inside of the living cell is beautiful, a vacuole is beautiful, mitochondria are beautiful, everything is beautiful up to the Golgi apparatus. Atoms are beautiful, neutrons and protons dance with each other. Everything has harmony and order. As a result, we naturally look for harmony and order, beauty and cleanliness, in compliance with the nature that Allah created us. The more beautiful we want to be, the better. We get that amount closer to Allah.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Nice, but I am asking, in your program -- leaving aside that all women are beautiful or let’s say very aesthetic -- just like I said before, we see only very beautiful women. A woman of average beauty or a woman without any beauty cannot be seen on your programs. Is this a conscious choice, that is, a principle of the program? Or is it that the message that you want to give to the world that the Muslim women are beautiful women? Are you trying to say that?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Actually it is based on the example of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Each one of the companions and servants who were next to him were particularly beautiful. They were all very splendid. You must know that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had thousand wives. He is our ancestor, masha’Allah, and was married to a thousand ladies. Seven hundred of them were married to him and there were three hundred concubines. They were daughters of royal or aristocratic families. For being daughters of the elite and they were beautiful, well looked after and very clean. You know that the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) palace was covered in gold, which is narrated in detail in the Torah. Everywhere was filled with sculptures, paintings and other works of art. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh), our ancestor, was a master artist; because we are his descendants, we are on the same path. We want everything to be beautiful. Even the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) horses were most beautiful. Attention is drawn to this in the Qur'an. It narrates that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was ‘stroking their necks and legs’. Horses under special care were let into the palace for the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) to pet them. If we ask for beauty, Allah always creates us beauty.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: But as I said, the beauty of your program, or rather the difference of it, is that beautiful and aesthetically pleasant ladies and gentlemen are always the majority. This causes speculation from time to time; sometimes they criticise you by asking why you make such programs with beautiful people. Is the purpose of it to make your program have wider audience as a result of beautiful women? Or is it that there are only beautiful people who are around you? That was my question.  

ADNAN OKTAR: I have the spirit of an artist. I want everything to be beautiful. And the most beautiful. I try until things look more beautiful. If you look at it in a retrospect, ladies who come to me gradually become even more beautiful.  The atmosphere of spirituality makes them even more beautiful. Even furniture and houses become more beautiful. This house was in ruins was at first when we bought it. Now you see that it later on became much more stylish, well-maintained and aesthetic. The other house we stayed in was similar, a ruin at first, but then it became like Paradise. A Turkish proverb says, as you know, "If you look after it, it becomes a vineyard, and if you don’t, a mountain". Regarding backbiting, there is another common Turkish proverb that says "The property of the rich makes the jaw of the poor tired". People always like talking in that way. If it is the rich man of the village, for example, he provides the talking material for the villagers. "A rich man has eaten this, a rich man has gone here, a rich man went there". People there would not have another issue. Some people who cannot experience beauty, riches, cannot find arts and aesthetics, envy people who can. They want to talk things about him. It is kind of a psychiatric session that they take comfort from. Yet it makes them sadder, it does not work for anything else, as I see it.   

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Adnan Bey, you just touched on a nice subject, you said that after the ladies come here, they become beautiful to a different level. Is it because of aesthetics? Because some speculations are also spreading, for they are both beautiful, for example, and because they rather resemble each other. Do they go under surgery?  

ADNAN OKTAR: If they had surgeries, there would be hospital records. All surgeries in Turkey are registered in hospital records. An unofficial surgery is not possible. There are no hospital records of our friends. I hereby prove it here like this officially. And, by the way, I do not like such things. Cosmetic surgery is not something I would approve of. For example, the natural nose of a woman is more beautiful. Then it gets a bit strange if they have surgery. Silicone surgery, too, women wearing plastic, a plastic organ implanted on women looks out of place, it does not look that nice. A plastic person, how does it look on a person when their ears are plexiglass, ears plastic, arms steel -plated or something like that? Such things do not look right. Natural people are beautiful. My girlfriends too are natural. Also, I publish their childhood pictures. I publish pictures from three to four years old. Again shapely noses, well placed mouths, very beautiful eyes, the same as in adult age. Plastic surgery does not extend height anyway. Now envious types bring claims that they are having plastic surgery to be taller. What kind of technology is that? If there is such a technology, let them produce it. So such gossip is baseless. I know all of them closely. All are natural beauties. But of course I choose the people I speak to. I don’t talk to everybody, that is true. I don’t become buddies with anyone who greets me. I do have my own criteria as well.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: According to my intelligence, all the ladies you call your friends here are well educated.  

ADNAN OKTAR: That is correct.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: High-level businesswomen, high-level jobs, people who have proven themselves in commerce life, but they do not look like that on screen. Let's elaborate on that if you wish. So what are their educational backgrounds? They come here, participate in live broadcasting every day, isn’t it, but they also have jobs and educations. Are they perceived wrongly in Turkey?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Our friends are all college graduates, speaking at least two foreign languages, many with masters degrees and doctorates. All are children of elite and prominent families of Turkey. And they are quality people. And almost all of them have jobs. At least they work at the workplaces of their spouses or at family business, and they have business engagements. So they have no idle time. They are either developing their general knowledge or reading books or conducting some research or they are making an analysis in their area of specialization. My friends are people who read, write, research and work hard from down to dusk.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Even married, aren’t they?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Some are married. There are many married people, true.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Well, as far as I know, your channel is one that does not broadcast any commercials and does not have fixed times for broadcasting programs, so you can extend it as long as you like and end it at any time. It has complete free format. There are speculations on the origin of the name of the channel, A9, I guess the letter “A” can be your name, but “9”, I am trying to find out. I cannot make anything out of it. Where does this “A9” name come from?  

ADNAN OKTAR: All the numbers from 1 to 9 were taken as well as the letters of the alphabet. So there was nothing for us to do. We finally found that 9 was vacant for letter A; so A9 was available. But of course it was good. The meaning of A9 has been open to interpretation. So there are so many possible solutions, so many meanings.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: I have a question for you about the TV ratings and the lack of advertising revenue. Are the ratings high, how high? As far as I know, you do not have any commercials. How does this television station support itself? This was one of my questions.  

ADNAN OKTAR: Only a certain part of the Internet for example,  Facebook views, reached 38 million just in a very short period. I mean 38 million is an incredible figure.

SEVINC KURBANOVA: What caused this?  

ADNAN OKTAR: In my opinion it is my sincerity. My natural behaviour. Because I do not behave artificially. I behave as it comes to me. And I do not live for myself. Living not for yourself is not a common thing, I live for whom I love. It may also be positively affecting people. And I look at everything with a positive, loving approach. I am a man of solutions, not for locking things up. I want everything to end with goodness, to come to a conclusion with love. I can never have a position that allows fighting and conflict.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: I have a question regarding your books. As far as I know, your books have so high quality and they are distributed free of charge. In so many languages ​​they are translated. People are curious about it, the channel is not advertising, the books are distributed free, then where does the money come from, as the saying goes, what water turns this mill?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Good question.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: One of the questions I am most curious about.  

ADNAN OKTAR: My books sell eight million a year. Eight million copies in one single year.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Purchased with money?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Purchased with money, of course. Eight million copies. I do not get royalties from the sales. I ask instead of my royalties, as many books as my royalties be distributed free of charge. I gave the publisher such a right. My royalty fees were high already. The publishing house also devotes the budget normally reserved for advertising to free distribution of books. Therefore these two amount cumulatively to a tremendous budget. That is the reason behind the high number of freely distributed books. Otherwise sales numbers reach eight million. Because, not to be forgotten, my books are translated into 73 foreign languages.   

SEVINC KURBANOVA: OK, what was your intention to set up this channel? Each channel has a motive for establishment, a message to share. What was the message you wanted to give to the overall society and what was your purpose for establishing this channel?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Our purpose is: For wars in the world to end, fighting to stop, weapons to be destroyed, armament to cease, everybody to love one another. Also, hostilities based on differences in religion, language or race to end. Social justice to be established, collective wealth to be achieved. Everywhere in the world to become like Paradise. Houses, streets, gardens to be made incredibly beautiful and aesthetic. Everyone to greet each other, to get to know, and be friends and people to live happily. Everyone to love Allah, to fear Allah and to be conscientious. That is our objective.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Can you achieve that with a television channel? Through which ways are you trying to achieve that?  

ADNAN OKTAR: I think it achieves that. Because Darwinism was a hugely terrible calamity and has collapsed globally. I mean, that is our victory. The British deep state was a terrible calamity and they are now in a panic. More than four hundred authors in Turkey, as well as authors in Russia, are now mobilized on the British deep state. I mean, their cover is blown globally. The lion’s share in this achievement belongs to us because we opened the pathway through which people went on. Under the name of Rumism, a belief system that denies Allah, religion and the Prophet (pbuh) under the name of British Rumism was spreading. And we stopped it. Certain characters, certain people were catering to the PKK terrorist organization. We humiliated the PKK terrorism. We worked hard towards a Turkish-Islamic Union with all our efforts. We have created the basis for it. We became instrumental in it. Which is something that has always been desired, there has always been such a project. We also tried hard to rationally solve and overcome obstacles that prevented Turkish-Islamic Union, and the unity of Turkish nations. We continue to do everything that leads to good. Of course, we do this only by convincing, explaining and speaking to people.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Adnan Bey, can we call you a sect?  

ADNAN OKTAR: We cannot say a sect because we are not based on a traditionalist classical sect notion, with a chain of inheritance. I mean I am not a sheikh. I don’t have any links to any sect. I have not been appointed by a sheikh. So it is not possible that we are a sect, we are a small group of friends. That is, we are a close group of friends not exceeding three hundred people who know and love each other. What can we say, all we can describe it is at most a group of friends. If we look at it from its numbers, all can be said is this. But I do have respect for all sects. I like them all. I like all Islamic groups. However, I believe in the sufficiency of the Qur'an. I defend the modern understanding of the Qur'an and modern Islam. If you take Azerbaijan, it is the same. A modern Islamic understanding is dominant in Azerbaijan. The Aliyev family, for example, are people who defend modern Islam. Be it Ilham Aliyev, be it his wife, be it their daughters, all are modern people. Yet they are people who live Islam very beautifully and cleanly. They are the people who watch out for what is unlawful or lawful in religion. I voice this verdict based on my observations. For example, the vast majority of Azerbaijani youth are young people who have education and learning. The highest reading rate among the Turkic states is in Azerbaijan. The highest literacy rate is there. The rate of economic development is very high, at thirty-five percent, in Azerbaijan. It is a magnificent thing, a very beautiful thing. Again, I believe this is as a result of the blessing of the Aliyev family as a result of the hardworking and honest Azeri people. We want Turkey to unite with this beautiful country as soon as possible. As two states, one nation. But in that process, we want not only Azerbaijan and Turkey to join but also other countries in this region such as Russia. We want Armenia to join. We want Georgia to join. We believe that when we unite with Armenia, it will hand back all of the territories it has taken from Azerbaijan. In fact, statements were given towards that direction. One day after our statements were published in Azerbaijan, Armenia said that they are ready to give territories back. Just after my article was published. There is nothing Armenia can do in that land. The speciality of those territories is that it constitutes a bridge between Turkey and other Turkic states. That bridge was deliberately closed. Now that bridge shall be opened. Secondly, Armenia, who will return the territory to Azerbaijan, must put to trial all those people that perpetrated murder and have the appropriate penalties,against whoever committed crimes. And then Azerbaijan and Turkey will unite. Georgia will join, Armenia will join, Russia will join and Iran will join; an enormous civilization will emerge. This will be the beginning. Later on, the region will become the world's richest, most ardent and most dynamic region. We shall be seeing this all together.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: How many supporters do you have in Azerbaijan? For example, regarding the following of your channel there or regarding the distribution of your books, how deep roots do you have in Azerbaijan?  

ADNAN OKTAR: The roots of our love are deep in Azerbaijan. Our heart is all over Azerbaijan. Our love is all over it. As the whole Turkish nation, Azerbaijanis are the nation we love the most. It is well- known that Azerbaijan is beloved for the Turkish army. Our national intelligence sees Azerbaijan as very important. Our government sees it as very important, as government policy. Uniting with Azerbaijan is known as the "red apple". Everyone knows this as the unification of Turkey with Turkic republics and with Azerbaijan. However everyone also knows that the first union will take place with Azerbaijan. Whichever administration comes into office defends this ideal of red apple. This red apple ideal since Atatürk and from the Enver Pasha era is the unification of the entire Turkish world as a single nation. States may continue separate, but united as one nation. This is a sociological fact, a scientific fact. Nobody can stand before it anyway. Standing before it is not logical either. It is bound to happen. Atatürk, too, said it will happen. Ziya Gökalp too says, he said it will happen. It is a sociological fact and it will inevitably be realized. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: When asking about the roots, I meant the roots of your followers. So how many supporter do you have in Azerbaijan? How many of your books are distributed? How widely is your channel watched there?

ADNAN OKTAR: As I have a friendship group here of around three hundred, I also have people who love us in Azerbaijan, but not too many. I reckon they should be around twenty or thirty people – though those who like us with their hearts must be in the order of millions. We have a visible body and an invisible spirit. Our spirit is everywhere. That is to say that our spirit encompasses every location but our body is seen as little, like three hundred, at some places thirty, perhaps thirty- three. But our spirit is everywhere.

SEVINC KURBANOVA: As far as I know, you have many enemies among the supporters of Darwin. Is it true that they even have attempted assassinating you once?

ADNAN OKTAR: That is true. I have been subjected to assassination attempts nine times. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Nine times! What were the motives? What were the conditions? If you could tell us the story how you got rid of this so that our audiences learn. 

ADNAN OKTAR: What the police informed us, that I,s informed us with official documents, number one was an organization called the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party (DHKP-C). Number two was the terrorist organisation named Da’esh also known as ISIS. Number three was an organization known as Al Qaeda. The organization known as the Taliban was number four. Together with these terrorist organizations it was also reported to us by the police that we were under threat and under risk by the PKK and PKK-Kontragel organization. We are taking precautions within our own means as well. We are being careful. I am not scared of such things. When I first came to the Ortakoy neighborhood of Istanbul, on my first arrival, as part of a welcome, they fired seven bullets. But I continued both the faculty and religious efforts. I have continued my talks. I never yielded. I go out on the street proud. I trust in Allah. Nothing ever succeeded until now. I have escaped assassinations nine times. In none of them have they succeeded harming me, by the protection of Allah.

MUHAMMED KURBANOV: What is your opinion on the motive of these assassinations? 

ADNAN OKTAR: If you interfere with Darwinism, if you interfere with the British Deep State, if you struggle against Communism, then they wish to get results by stopping your body. You want to beat them on ideas and they want to beat you by destroying your body. When they cannot destroy your body, and when they cannot destroy your ideas, defeat for them becomes their fate. 

MUHAMMED KURBANOV: If they manage to fulfil their wishes one day, do you have your a plan of continuation? 

ADNAN OKTAR: My continuation is now stationed everywhere both in Turkey and throughout the world. That is to say, there is no turning back. There is nothing they can do now. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: How is your daily lifestyle? Do you have bodyguards? You having mentioned the assassination attempts, that question came to my mind. I mean, do you have people safeguarding you, let me not say an army, but at least two or three bodyguards? How is your daily life style? How do you live out of this program and this television business? 

ADNAN OKTAR: The police officially provided me professional protection. 


ADNAN OKTAR: It has been three years now. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Three years. So, you are officially guarded. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, it is official guarding. Regarding the numbers, the police sends us accordingly on demand. However, people we request they send accordingly. Wherever I go, whichever marketplace, they take  precautions beforehand prior to our arrival. They inform the security officers over there and they take precautions accordingly. There are already additional plain-clothes police officers at stores I visit; they join this security teamwork too and they take the necessary precautions. May Allah be pleased with all of them. I thank all of them. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: So, how about your personal daily routine? How do you live daily? What are your interests? If possible, could you elaborate on that too? 

ADNAN OKTAR: I enjoy painting a lot. Right. Also, I like to go to the marketplace very much. I enjoy interior design a lot. Interior design pleases me.  I also design the houses of my friends. You know, I studied interior design in college. At the Faculty of Fine Arts I studied interior design, as well as philosophy. I like designing gardens. I do gardening. I have many cats. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: And you have extreme affection for cats. 



ADNAN OKTAR: It may be that  cats, as I see it, are the greatest blessing to humanity in the world in the form of animals. That is, they are magnificent beings. So beautiful. They respond to love so beautifully. They respond perfectly and they understand love very well. Also, they are very clean creatures. And their looks, so cute. They are unbearably cute. I really don’t know. Should we show our cats first? 

MUHAMMED KURBANOV: I saw a few of them in the garden. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, but only a fraction of them. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: How many cats do you have? 

ADNAN OKTAR: I have about eleven cats. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Eleven cats. Interesting. Is it because of this that the public refer to your lady friends as “kittens”?

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, I once told a lady friend of mine, "You are a cat". I said, "How lovable your cat-soul is”. The media took over from that point on and it stuck as the “kittens”. 

BULENT SEZGİN: We can show one of your cats on the air, Tomasin. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Let me see. For example, this is my cat Tomasin. Here, you see prettiness in its extreme form. The innocence on its face is so beautiful.  Show Elma on camera, too. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Regarding the kittens, as far as what I have read in the press, there is a criticism about things like the dress of the ladies, their dancing, your compliments to them or their complimenting you is “misrepresenting Islam.” What would you say about that? That goes like what kind of Islamic thinking ladies are these that they are not dressing up according to Islam, not behaving according to Islam or putting on make -up according to Islam. The way they talk, the way they attract, etc.. Should it be that way according to you? 

ADNAN OKTAR: True, they have made Islam shown to people as the religion of horror, brutality, fear, ugliness, and poor quality. That is to say, many people previously associated Islam  with poor quality, being anti-art, anti-women, fear, brutality, cruelty, or being anti-science, and it was seen as collapsing and crawling on the floor in terms of society and arts. We told them you were tricked. Idolatry (shirq) was shown to you instead of Islam. True Islam is like Paradise. Women are free. Men are free. There is dancing. There is music, too. Dress up nicely. There are beautiful houses. You dress up elegantly. There are stylish houses. There is science. There is technology. There is art in its best form. So, we said, this trick is now over. I believe that people have now largely realized this. A general awareness on this matter has now formed.  Everyone knows what I say is true. That is to say what I have told is in line with the Qur'an. Because otherwise, they should show verses from the Qur'an. No one can show me verses from the Qur'an otherwise, saying what you are doing is wrong. In other words, they cannot show a single Qur'anic verse that proves wrong our actions regarding our understanding in women’s clothing, dancing, music, entertainment, art, or quality. Yet, I prove with verses of the Qur'an that we are right. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: But in real life, are your female friends, the ladies on this program, dress up in daily life like they do in the program?  

ADNAN OKTAR: No, not that way. So when they go out, their shirts go down to their heels. So long, and, certainly, many cover their heads. There isn’t the same condition outside. Because the Qur'an says "...if they are harassing you", Allah says, "cover your body completely". Because there is a risk of harassment, they cannot go out there with the same clothes they wear here. It was the same in the time of our Prophet (saas). All the women dressed  liberally in the time of our Prophet (saas). All of them. When they went out, pagans started harassing women. They started molesting them. Then the relevant verse in Surat Al-Ahzab was revealed. Against the molestations of these pagan men, the verse orders covering revealing parts of the body. As a result women started to cover their open bodies when they were around pagans. From this, we clearly understand that  women were dressed liberally. We see it clearly. It is impossible not to understand. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Then what is lived here is like a theatrical play? Make-up and dresses, and so on. If it is not real life, then it must be theatrics. 

ADNAN OKTAR: No, this here is the real life. This is the true way. But it is only true here because there is security here. It is in accordance with the Qur'an. The life here is in accordance with the Qur'an because there is security here. Nobody hassles women here. Nobody disturbs them. It is out of question that someone would take a wrong action or say a wrong word. The meaning can be derived from the verse as "if you get back to safety, dress up as you like." "But if you are not in safety, cover yourselves," it means. When they go out, because  safety is no more, there they dress up. But when they get here they dress down because there is complete safety. I hope that answers your question. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: So why don’t the ladies present any ideas about anything in the program? For example, they do not make a speech. They always compliment you, for example. You compliment them. Is this a program format? Otherwise, you said the ladies are highly knowledgeable, highly educated. Then why not try to show that in the program?  

ADNAN OKTAR: I leave them alone sometimes. They do make speeches on scientific things. Very detailed and scientific. They speak of the structure of the cell, with their Latin and French terminology. They explain it in a way even a professor cannot explain. Each one is as knowledgeable as a professor or an associate professor. But the viewer ratings go down from a thousand to five when they start their explanations. If my rating is a thousand, their rating is five. People do not like scientific debate programs. What they look for is sincere, comfortable, artistic, loving and beautiful content. The human soul is on these things. So, for example at the moment we have a very high rating. The reason is that we are sincere. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: What is the objective of Mr. Adnan Oktar in general sense? About Turkey, about humanity, about yourself, what is your objective? 

ADNAN OKTAR: I will, insha'Allah, see the day the whole world becomes brothers. I will see the day everybody loves each other. I will see the day everywhere becomes like  Paradise. I will see the day the Turkish world unites. I will go to Baku without any borders and dine there, enjoying  legendary cuisine of Baku. I will return back in the evening without encountering any borders. They will not ask me for my passport at the gates. If they do, I go back. That is why I don’t travel abroad. I don’t travel to a place where they ask me for my passport. Even when I visit the shopping mall, you know the security checks in the shopping malls, I don’t go through those. I never go to that sort of marketplace. I go through openness and comfort. I don’t accept otherwise. My friends do, that is a different matter, but I personally don’t agree. I too don’t travel abroad where someone asks, “Excuse me, stop, where do you go?” We want a world dominated by brotherhood and love – and one that is urgently devoid of wars and where women are free. If women wish, they can wear miniskirts. If they wish, they can wear revealing clothes. If they wish, they wear make- up. Where it will be possible for all women to travel at one o’clock in the morning proudly, any place they choose, safely. What is now is an abomination. Almost anywhere in the world, women cannot go out in safety after sunset. This is not acceptable. Women need to be able to go out as they wish anytime day or night. Striking women or killing women must not be even conceivable. Even the mental imagination of it. Beating up women! There is no beating up women in Islam. The most you can do is to get the woman out of your house. You send her to her parents’ house. They say “daraba” is beat up. Daraba is beat it, get on the way. They changed it too. They say we discharge stress when we beat women up. How is it possible to beat up women? The woman dies, God forbid. She is a delicate creature. How is it possible to beat up women? What a terrible thing to say, beating up women. Woman is a naive entity, is she a creature to beat up? Even men cannot stand the stick. How can women? 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: You love and respect women so much, but as far as I know you are not married. Is this a principle? 

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. We are in the End Times. Beduizzaman Said Nursi, the master, did not get married, and I thought of that. I questioned why he did not get married. When I looked at it, he has a point. A person who spends all his power in spreading Islam, a person who spends all his strength to the brotherhood of mankind, who struggles against war does not have time to spare for his family. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: We have a writer. Let us mention him finally. He had a very nice, very interesting idea about you. When your programs were becoming widespread over the Facebook and like, he said something nice on discussions over social media about you. He said that Adnan Oktar is one of those who created for himself a Heaven on Earth. He told that regarding the beautiful ladies. Do they tell you this from time to time? You are described as a person who has created a Heaven on Earth. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Many things along that line have been  said. "You live, we crawl" or things similar. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Then you must have drawn yourself other men’s, well…...

ADNAN OKTAR: Envy, yes, and very intensely. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: There are many who want to be at your place. 

ADNAN OKTAR: This is actually the ideal of every man. But they can never get it. There is no man who can get it. It is a very painful thing for them. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: So what you are saying is that money is not enough. 

ADNAN OKTAR: There are many billionaires, there are trillionaires, but they can’t ever achieve this. 

SEVINC KURBANOVA: How did you manage to keep that many beautiful women around you? 

ADNAN OKTAR: By the love of Allah. Allah creates them. Allah displays them. God is creating you at this moment, displaying you here. 

MUHAMMED KURBANOV: You mentioned world unity, peace, not beating women and other things. Everyone wants that. What is your formula? There have been people who wanted to realize these matters for years, there have been countries, there have been politicians. What is your formula that will make you the one who succeeds? 

ADNAN OKTAR: The solution is the unification of the Islamic world. There is no other solution. 

MUHAMMED KURBANOV: Do you think this is possible?  

ADNAN OKTAR: Certainly. Allah tells us in Surat an-Nur, verse 55, that religion will prevail in the world, and after our fears He will bring us to security. But God says that all we have to be is sincere and then we will be sincere first, and then our Lord will establish the religion.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Do you have a relationship with Israel? Sometimes your name is mentioned with the Freemasons and sometimes with Israel. 

ADNAN OKTAR: That's right, I am a Grandmaster Mason. I have received 33rd degree Freemasonic diplomas from seven different countries . I pride myself in being a Freemason. I love Jews too. I am also a descendant of Israel. I come from the line of the King David (pbuh). My family tree goes back to there. From Imam Ali (ra) onwards my family line goes there. I come from the line of our Prophet (pbuh). My family line is already on the Internet; those who want to see can look. It is very sad and annoying that hundreds of millions of people are enemies of only three million people who believe in Allah.  It is a very painful phenomenon that hundreds of millions of people don’t want to live together with three million people and instead, harass them. I am against this too. I want their lives to be under guarantees and I want them to live in peace.  If there are oppressors among them, the oppressors must be punished. But I believe that it is immoral to harass the oppressed. Now let me have your last question.  

SEVINC KURBANOVA: Actually, my questions are over; that was it. Together with my colleague, I think we got the answers to all the questions in our minds and in our notebooks. Lastly, if you want to give us a message that we could not ask, you can express what is in your heart. 

ADNAN OKTAR: We love you very much. We love Azerbaijan very much. Azerbaijan is the soul of Turkey. As evident in its name, Azerbaijan is our soul. Everyone loves Azerbaijan a lot. For Turks, there is no difference between the Azerbaijani and Turkish flags. It is of the same sanctity, the same value. Thank you very much for coming. It was my honor to host you. I am waiting for your return. To everyone in Azerbaijan, greetings and love.

BULENT SEZGIN: We thank our guests for their participation.


2017-12-18 09:16:49

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