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Live conversation of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Mr. Mohammad Abu Bakr Siddiq Molla from Bangladesh (14 May 2017)

Oktar Babuna: We are back with our broadcast. We have a very precious guest today: Mr. Mohammad Abu Bakr Siddiq Molla, the European representative of  Bangladesh’s Jamaat-e Islami. He is a lawyer and lives in London. He is aware of your efforts about lifting the death sentences in Egypt and Bangladesh, and he thinks that your services to Islam are very valuable. He was your guest last year as well, and asked for help about the pressure being put upon the members of the Community. He has called for help to stop human rights violations, violence and unlawful prosecutions going on in Bangladesh. Welcome. Please, Mr. Oktar

Adnan OKTAR: Welcome, it’s a pleasure to have you here, you have honored us!

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla:

I’m very grateful for your time, for visiting me and giving me time to discuss with you.

Adnan OKTAR: MashAllah, it is an honor to have you here. Your work and responsibilities are of vital importance. The serenity of Muslims is very important for us.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Yes, of course. Islam is peace and Islam promotes peace. And works for humility but all humility remains in peace.

Adnan OKTAR: Alright, please go ahead. You must have much to tell.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla:  Yes. We’re very grateful to Harun Yahya, what he has done against the injustices had been done against the leaders of Jamaat-e- Islami or members of the Jamaat-e- Islami or, in general, the people in Bangladesh by the ruling regime. It is a religious duty and it is a moral duty. And we’re very grateful to him and it is very precious what he has done by contacting international community against injustices and against hanging the jamaati leaders.

Adnan OKTAR: May Allah be pleased; we are all brothers. All of us feel hurt when one of our brothers get hurt anywhere in the world. We all must unite and save whomever is hurt. This is obligatory, this is God’s order; we must fulfill His orders.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Thank you very much. But the worst thing at the moment is even against the members of the Jamaati leaders who had been unjustly killed by the regime. Some of the [family] members of the Jamaat leaders who have been killed even cannot stay in the country. Even the son of Mir Quasem Ali, Mir Ahmad Bin Quasem, has been abducted by the security services and the son of Gulam Azam, who was an ex-general in the army, was abducted more than nine months ago. Police and the government even did not admit that they had [been] abducted. This is an example of the violation of human rights. Even after killing their fathers unjustly, now they’re abducted. We don’t know whether they’re alive or what is their condition. That is the worst thing going on against the family membars of Jamaat leaders who had been killed. And this is one of the scene what is going against the islamic people in Bangladesh. I’ll give you some more examples.

Adnan OKTAR: Such a shame, such a great indecency! We should keep this on the agenda through many articles and tweets on  the internet. This is such a vulgarity! They should let us know of these people so that we can condemn them all around the world. We can also protest them by democratic means when they go to a meeting. We should make every endeavour to stop this indecency.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla:  So the abduction against the members of Jamaat has becoming common phenomenon in Bangladesh now. The government didn’t even admit that they have abducted. And not only that. The crimes and injustices against women members of Jamaat is rising. They cannot even sit together to study the Qur’an, the women members of Jamaat. If they sit together to learn the Qur’an, police come and arrest them and torture them in the police station. And people are being punished for practising Islam.

Adnan OKTAR: Such indecency! This should be continuosly protested in all cities, everywhere. We should take stronger initiatives to prevent this from happening.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Even the women members of  Jammat when they wear hijab, [the] police arrest them and call them ‘They’re terrorists’. For even wearing hijab and practicing Islam and having a beard and participating in Qur’an classes and Islamic activities they are called  terrorists.

Adnan OKTAR: This is shameful. We have also witnessed  similar oppression in Turkey as well. Thanks to God that we do no longer have it. We should protest the oppression in Bangladesh all across the Islam world. We should keep this on the agenda on the Internet in Turkey. It is very important for you to tell us all these events. We should set up websites on this subject.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Thank you very much. Together, we need to fight against all sources of crime and human rights violations and injustice. Insha’Allah being united and walking closely, unitedly one day we will be succesful. And we need your support and dua so that the people in Bangladesh gets their rights back.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes, I will prepare a small brochure. We can print it; it may come in handy.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: For him, so that it becomes easy for him, so that he can easily prepare a brochure. I brought a report and I have  some other information for reports as well. Where you will find the detailed report of horrifying crimes against the Islamic people and the general people and the opposition members. You’ll get a picture which has detailed the crimes that  happened only in 2016 .

Adnan OKTAR:

Yes, of course, I will sum this up. I will include the key issues on the brochure. We should definitely have a brochure both in English and Arabic.

Adnan OKTAR: Let’s make a pocketbook-sized brochure. It will be read and distributed easily. We can design and print it very fast.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Thank you very much indeed. And thank you, your team as well.

Adnan OKTAR:  Let’s make an application to the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs so that all Muslims would pray during the month of Ramadan. We should make a demand for prayers in mosques all across Turkey. We should make a list of it, and take more initiatives. These are some examples off the top of my head, but we can take many similar initiatives.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Now it is very clear they are fighting against Islam and Islamic people. They are arguing some sort of excuses for punishing the Islamic people in Bangladesh which are baseless, which don’t have any evidence.

Adnan OKTAR: It is obvious that these incidents are out of immorality. The fact that they are always concerned about headscarfs and beards are very despicable and immoral. Also, we told them not to sentence these people to death penalty; they could have been sentenced to life imprisonment. There is no reason to hang these people. They are not urbane and they are simply unwise; they supposedly try to show that they protect the modern lifestyle but, they are mainly against Allah. Their anger against God underlies their rampageousness.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Yes, it’s their hatred. And their hatred towards Islam and Muslims. That is the main course.

Adnan OKTAR: Their anger against God, the Prophet and, accordingly against Islam…

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Unfortunately, there are some other countries who are supporting this unelected, undemocratic, fascist regime because this regime claims that they are secular. They are the real government who can fight against fundamentalism. Actually, Jamaat-e-Islami is not a fundamentalist political party; it is a political party based on  religious values. We do not believe in any sort of extremism. Islam is a religion of moderation. Islam is a religion of the middle path. Jamaat-e-Islami wants to promote the middle path and moderation in all aspects of life. It’s not a crime. It’s the very core values of Islam which the anti-Islamic people, the people who  hate  Islam, they don’t even like them [and] because of that they come up with some sort of conspiracy plan. Divide  and eliminate Jamaat-e-Islami.

Adnan OKTAR: Moreover, in their statements, they say that they will not allow any Islamic movement in the country. This is the evidence of their immorality and desperation. I have written the second volume of my book on the British Deep State. In this book, I extensively talk about the plots hatched against Bangladesh. There is a lot of beneficial information in the book. Its English version will also be avaliable; once it is published, I will present you a copy of it.

In brief, we should take stronger and more serious initiatives.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Thank you very much. I hope it will be very beneficial for the people of Bangladesh, and the Muslim and for the people who want to know the truth.

Adnan OKTAR: Thank you very much, I am very happy for having you here. This has been an honor for us. You are always welcomed here, my brother. I will fulfill anything you request. When a Muslim gets hurt anywhere, even in China, we get hurt as well. It is obligatory upon us to protect whoever gets hurt.

Muhammed Ebu Bekir Sıddık Molla: Thank you very much for your precious time, for having me here.


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