The Secret Beyond Matter

Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with Italian Scientists Dr. Fabrizio Fratus and Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano(21 March 2017)

Live Conversation Good evening dear viewers. We are beginning our TV show 'Conversations with Mr. Adnan Oktar'.

We have two valuable guests from Italy. I am going to introduce them. First, we have Fabrizio Fratus. We have met with him during the conferences we organized in 2010 in Switzerland on the subject of the Fact of Creation. Then we have organized two more conferences in Italy in 2010 and 2011 on the Invalidity of the Theory of Evolution and the Fact of Creation in cooperation with AISO (Italian Association for the study of the Origins), of which Fabrizio Fratus is the President. Fabrizio has been following our works since 2010.

He is an Italian sociology. His doctoral thesis was on the subject of 'Scientific Creationism' and 'New Scientific Findings on the Origin of Life and Humans'. He founded the anti-evolutionary committee in Italy and caused many scientists to join to this committee. He has written five books on evolution. Some of the titles of these books are:

God or Darwin

Myth or Reality? Evolution Lie

Science and Faith


He has been making radio programs on anti-Darwinism for four years. He talks about scientific evidence against evolution theory on talk show programs on various TV channels. He has been organizing at least ten anti-Darwinist conferences every year. He is Catholic. He has anti-materialistic works that bring together different churches and faiths. His activities that focus on moral degeneration, degrading of family concept and the increasing loneliness in societies aim to raise public awareness. He carries out his activities with a group of young people.


Our other guest is Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano. He is a Health Informatics Project Manager, and expert in clinical pathology analysis laboratory and pathological anatomy laboratory information systems. He works at Dedalus Healthcare Systems Group in Italy.

He has anti-evolutionist works that support creation. He is in close collaboration with proponents of intelligent design from the US. He cooperates with Anti-Evolutionist Committee that Fabrizio Fratus has founded. He follows your anti-evolutionist works very closely and supports them. He is making a radio program against evolution. He is also a founder of a leading anti-evolutionist website, his articles appear on this site.

-And our other guest is Cladio Alessio from Italy, he has converted to Islam.



Welcome, it is an honor to have you here.

- Thank you.

We are very glad to see you among us,

-we are very glad, too.

Since you love God and you are against the antichrist.

-Absolutely. This is what we are here for.

The services you provide are very very important.

-Your services are very important, too. One does one’s best.

You are providing very good service as spiritual descendants of Jesus the Messiah. This pleases us very much.

-Very good.

So let's start. Let us give the floor to you. I believe you are going to give us some good and useful information.

Working in the field of IT, I notice that the living organisms, that is to say, all the creation, reveal very similar characteristics, and in some cases the same characteristics, of the way IT works, and this is very beautiful to observe. The DNA is a code of information and this information is used for the construction of proteins, and the proteins are used in the replication of the DNA. This cycle is governed by processes similar to those of the computer software programs.

This information is used to carry out processes inside the cell, and these processes are identical to certain processes of the computer programs.

Why do we think that the computer programs are written by someone, I mean by an intelligent person, but the same cannot be said about what is written in the cells?

They are both the product of an intelligence.

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