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Live Conversation of Mr. Adnan Oktar with Natasha Kirtchuk from Israel ILTV

Adnan OKTAR: Yes, you can introduce our sweet guest.

Presenter: Our guest is a broadcaster from Israel. She is the lead anchor woman and news editor from ILTV. Natasha Kirtchuk.

Adnan OKTAR: Natasha Kirtchuk. Very beautiful woman.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Thank you.

Adnan OKTAR: Natasha, you made us happy with your visit to Turkey. You honored us, graced us. We all loved you very much.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Thank you. Wow. I am very very thankful to be here. I’m thankful, you invited me to come and celebrate iftar dinner. It was very beautiful.

Adnan OKTAR: We love the Israeli people very much.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I think that all the Israelis who came from [Israel] were very very happy and proud to meet not only you but also the beautiful guests that you have here. It’s been very wonderful so far. I am excited to see you here. Now I can ask you some questions.

Adnan OKTAR: I would be pleased to answer them.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Good I am glad. So, I mean the first think I would just like to ask is why it is important to you to arrange this dinner every year?

Adnan OKTAR: We miss our friends and our loved ones dearly.

Also, this is a beautiful religious tradition in Islamic faith dating back to our Prophet (pbuh).

Natasha KIRTCHUK: And how do you think events like we saw tonight are going to impact the future of Jewish and Muslim relations?

Adnan OKTAR: It surely will have a very positive effect. It brings us joy to see you here with us. Besides, God says in the Qur'an, “Go, eat their food and invite them to eat your food." And furthermore, "You can marry Jewish women and place absolute trust in them," adds God in the Qur'an.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: What do you say; you know we’re seeing more and more people who are blaming Islam as the cause of the rising violence and terror we are seeing in places like Manchester and London. What do you say to those people?

Adnan OKTAR: Those are following the satan, not the teachings of Islam and the Qur'an. Islam is pure love. What they put forth is the lies that satan inculcates to them. These atrocities and oppressions are not in compliance with the Qur'an. They can send the smartest person among them and I will elucidate him on live broadcast.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Why do you think that this continues to happen if this is a case in the Quran and it is not advocating for violence, advocating for what we are seeing as extremists are carrying out?

Adnan OKTAR: They claim that some verses of the Qur'an were abrogated from the Qur'an while some of them should be added. This is a ploy of satan; such beliefs stem from ignorance and lovelessness. We have explained them their wrong methods and practices in detail through intellectual methods and the verses of the Qur'an. And none of them can object us.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Now going back to the future of Israeli and Turkish relations… What is your hope for the future of Israeli and Turkey? We just saw there is a reconciliation between the two countries after 10 years of rift after the Mavi Marmara incident. What is your hope we are having right now between Israel and Turkey?

Adnan OKTAR: Turkey and Israel will have intimate relations. They will act in concert. They have to. Indeed Iran, Israel, Turkey, Russia... They will all forge an alliance.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: With Iran and Russia? How will that happen?

Adnan OKTAR: With love and wisdom. For instance the person who is in power in Iran right now does not have a radical conception of religion. He is a modern person.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Interesting. Now let’s turn a little bit to Israel most specifically without Turkey being related. What is your opinion on the Israeli Palestinian conflict? What is the solution to Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Adnan OKTAR: Satan is playing an elaborate ploy in there. It is quite irrational. There are vast lands in there, population of Israelis and Palestinians are both small, those lands will be a hundred times enough for all of them. It is completely a scheme of satan. There is a pointless egotism and selfishness. Love will set the seal on this issue. In other words, the issue will be settled with the appearance of Moshiach.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: So I guess my question for you is; I see that you have so much love for Israel but when are you going to come to Israel?

Adnan OKTAR: This is one of my biggest goals, my greatest ideals. Israel is the homeland of beautiful people. Judaism is pure love. It is a religion that preaches love. And you should reside in a larger area in the region. There is no harm in that. They act ambitiously for no reason. Besides, God says in the Qur'an that your people will reside in those lands. God promised those lands to you. God says, "Prostrate when you enter Jerusalem." He also says, "Praise and thank God when you do so". Yet, they fail to understand this. You are a blessing for Muslims, but they don’t understand this.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: How can you change the mentality; you know there are many people who don’t think like you. How can you change that mentality?

Adnan OKTAR: Antagonism against Jews has been largely stifled in Turkey. We need to explain it constantly. There was almost no one or just a few people who used to talk about it. That is probably why some problems have arisen. A small group of ignorant people, the minions of satan managed to achieve big results. But after our extensive explanations, the henchmen of satan have lost their influence.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Well I think it is time for you to come to Israel too. I hope that will happen soon. I like to thank you so much for inviting me to this beautiful country. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities, I think I’ve ever been in and I really hope to come back.

Adnan OKTAR: This is your home, you should visit frequently. You are safe here. Do not feel any worry. No one can lay a finger on you.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: No, of course. It is a beautiful country and I am so happy I was able to come.

Adnan OKTAR: You are safe here. Rabbis has visited here many times. Guests from Israel have been here and none experienced the slightest problem.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Yes, why? I mean; I don’t think there should be [any problem]. I think that is time for us to learn how to love each other, for everybody to learn how to love each other. I think that you are advocating for something that is very important because we have to change the minds of people on the ground and make them understand we are all one people. We should be united.

Adnan OKTAR: When I was a child, people used to tell stories about Jews about how "they kidnap young children and put them in coffins with nails”. They used to tell how they [the Jews] shed their blood, made bread out of them and feast on them. There were such psychopathic tales. People were raised with such unbelievable stories. Now we are doing everything in our power to restore this abnormality.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: How did you change your mind? If you grow up with these stories when did you start changing your mind and thinking differently?

Adnan OKTAR: This has been during the last 20-30 years. Jews were presented as the root of all evil in the world. This is a scheme of satan. These beautiful people of love [Jews] have been oppressed throughout history by immoral people. All those people are maniacs; all those who perpetrated this are psychopaths, Hitler being in particular. For example, you are an extremely pure person like a lamb. Why would anyone ever want to do any harm to you?

Natasha KIRTCHUK: It is a good question.

Adnan OKTAR: How can you possibly harm someone? Or for instance Rabbi Yehuda Glick. How on earth can Yehuda Glick harm anyone? Those perpetrators are simply immoral; they are devious people, evil people.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Is there, I mean in your mind what can Israelis do to help solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Adnan OKTAR: Now, the Palestinian people have been put in a predicament. Should someone in Palestine come out and say, "The Israeli are good people," they would attempt to kill him, beat him or ostracize him. This predicament can only be solved by an outside intervention.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: So, you believe there should be international involvement? Well here is a question: Donald Trump who is the new president of United States. What kind of impact do you think he is going to have on Middle, not only Middle East but Israeli- Palestinian conflict as well?

Adnan OKTAR: Trump is quite powerless as he is in the grip of the British deep state. They are about to crush him; they are getting ready to do it. The Israeli youth should come together and ask God for the coming of Moshiach. Both Israel and the region will soon attain total salvation. What is written in the Torah [about Moschiah] is true. There are myriad hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) that are in agreement with the Qur'an. Mahdi and Moshiach are one and the same. Moreover, let me tell you that no one can do any harm to Israel in anyway.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Why is that?

Adnan OKTAR: We would bring down the heavens upon their heads. They can try if they wish. Such a thing is impossible. All the innocent are under God’s protection.

Tell a few of the photographers to come. We need photographs for the broadcast. They should stand ready.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Are we done ?

Adnan OKTAR: No; just to be ready. It would take some time for them to come here if we call them right now.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Beautiful.

Adnan OKTAR: I don't want our interview to come to an end. Because I love you dearly.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Thank you. Well, it is very interesting for me to hear your perspective. It is a very different from the perspective I think we hear from most people. You know, the women here, how did they hear about you? From watching the show?

Adnan OKTAR: I am actually a normal person.

Most of them do [that way]. And sometimes, they get to know me through our conversations.


Natasha KIRTCHUK: And all the way from Ukraine as well.

Adnan OKTAR: They are models. But the rest are my friends.

Adnan OKTAR: Israel can feel at ease. They cannot lay a hand on Israel. Israel will see very good days. The promise in the Torah will be fulfilled.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I think we all hope that we are going to see beautiful days. There will be peace and no more terror but you know it is a process. Clearly you are part of a movement trying to change that.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes, God helps me. But, I, too, face oppression here. I do not falter in the face of oppression. Many speak ill of me but I do not care at all. All terrorist organizations threatened me; Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, the PKK. But when I go out, they do not approach me. I guess they took offense or they is something else they know. Normally, their threats would be followed by actions.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Why is this issue so important to you that you can continue advocating despite the threats?

Adnan OKTAR: My faith, my belief and my love for the truth. I do not live for myself. I live for my beloved ones.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I am very impressed that you work this late. It is very impressive.

ADNAN OKTAR: Thank you. I am also impressed by your cordiality, your moral perfection, your beautiful attitude and wisdom.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Thank you, wow, I mean it is easy to feel comfortable with everybody here and also with you as much. It is a very warm and giving environment, so it is very nice.

Adnan OKTAR: Because this is your home.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I feel it now.

Adnan OKTAR: We loved you very much, we consider you as our sister. You are our sister. The next time you come, I expect you to come with more of your team mates.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Of course. I will be… We would be happy to come that I think many of people that I work with especially would love to learn about the movement, that you guys are creating here and get to know Istanbul as well because it is a beautiful city.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes of course. You can come here and stay for days.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I think it is very refreshing for Jews to be able to hear this perspective coming -you know- from Muslim population and I think that is really important to change the minds of people more right now because there is a lot of blame on Islam for the violence that we are seeing around the world. And we really need to focus on how we can kind of unite instead of attacking each other.

ADNAN OKTAR: Normally the Turkish youth are enlightened people with common sense. Such a [radical] mindset would not find a ground.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I think the problem is that people don’t understand that. I mean; not necessarily about Turkey, about Islam as a religion. I think people are very misguided and confused about what Islam is as a religion so that is why you are seeing this kind of rhetoric about Islam. But I think you are really working to kind of change not only the minds of people around here but also minds of many Muslims who have in your eyes misread the Quran.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes of course. But those who talk about these issues must be sincere people. An egoist, selfish person would also look at things with a national egoism, or the egoism of religion. Also under the influence of satan, they may be pitiless and aggressive. A person who communicates the message of religion must divorce himself from egoism.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I mean it is clear what you did here is a big big thing. This event was a very big deal. I hope there are going to be more in the future like this. It is very important.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, when such events are heard by the public, those bigots, those loveless, vulgar people take a step back.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: True. It is very important. Today it was just such a beautiful thing to be able to sit at a table with a Rabbi, a Priest and an Imam together. You know it is not something you commonly see. So, like I said again, I think we are all very thankful to have opportunity to come here and see that.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, it was a very elite community indeed and it was very crowded.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Yeah absolutely. I mean but also just to see you know three together Islam, you know, imam, priest and rabbi very special.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: They were getting along.

Adnan OKTAR: There were over 70 professors. There were politicians, reputable businessmen. It was a distinguished crowd.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I mean I could tell also the palace and everything was so beautiful.

Adnan OKTAR: All of it is your home; you are welcome any time.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: So the question is why haven’t you gone to Israel yet?

Adnan OKTAR: I miss you very much. But there is a particular time for it, but very soon.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: So no clues to when?

Adnan OKTAR: Let me say this: It will be in 3-5 years. Because, wonderful things will happen. We will rebuild the Temple of the Prophet Solomon. We will also rebuild his palace.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Really? Okay.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I wanted to ask a question. It slipped my mind. I wanted to ask, how does it feel for you to be witnessing so many people coming from different across the world for an iftar dinner like the one tonight?

Adnan OKTAR: It was a truly beautiful atmosphere, reflecting a high level of love. That is so fine. I personally witnessed people's love there. The atmosphere was overflowing with love. This is a gift from God.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Absolutely. Yes.

Adnan OKTAR: Love is a beautiful emotion that God bestows upon people's hearts. Love is the reason of the world's existence. Love is the reason behind the entire universe

Natasha KIRTCHUK: One thing that I also noticed was you know both men and women were sitting together. What is your take about the role of women in Islam?

Adnan OKTAR: In the Qur'an, God says, "Women and men can eat together." There is no harm in that when women and men protect and watch over each other, when they respect and cherish each other, when they make a point of preserving each other's honor and dignity. And it is quite wonderful.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Absolutely. Yes.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes, there were Assyrians, Armenians, Jews, Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Jaafaris, Alevis, Bektashis, members of the Naqshbandi and Qadiri sects; there were students of Nur, members of National Vision Community and Free Cause Party. There were esteemed names from the Turkish political circle; there were many politicians, foreign consuls to Turkey as well as a large number of academics. There were also many journalists and artists in attendance.

Natasha KIRTCHUK How does the Turkish government respond to this kind of event?

Adnan OKTAR: Mr. Erdoğan is a very modern person. He is outgoing and affectionate. There is a huge misunderstanding about him in the world. You can understand this from my freedom.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: And how does President Erdogan feel about Israel?

Adnan OKTAR: The traditionalist Orthodox Islam exerts tremendous influence on him. Still, he is doing well maintaining the balance. He cannot fully take them on, so he tries to keep them in balance. We also have amiable relations with Israel. We have agreements and trade deals in place. But as a politician, Mr. Erdogan is trying to maintain the balance when he speaks. But he will not cause any problems in this regard.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: You played a big role on helping Israel and Turkey’s reconciliation.

Adnan OKTAR: Yes. We’ve made a great deal of effort to play a reconciliatory role in the Mavi Marmara incident and other incidents.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: When the Mavi Marmara incident took place, what was your reaction?

Adnan OKTAR: I have a rationalistic and fair approach in everything. I was deeply upset by the aggressive treatment towards the Israeli soldiers and the Muslim people on the ship being martyred. It was something that should not have happened. It should have been prevented from the very beginning.

I am looking forward to you and your friends to visit as soon as possible, do you promise?

Natasha KIRTCHUK: I will, we will definitely do everything we can to come back. That I can promise you.

Adnan OKTAR: Alright.

Natasha KIRTCHUK: Thank you again for inviting me.

Adnan OKTAR: I thank you.

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