The Secret Beyond Matter

The American scientist guests of Mr. Adnan Oktar – Dr. Fazale Rana – Dr. Anjeanette Roberts – Dr. Jeff Zweerink

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 25st, 2016

AO: Welcome

AO: You are carrying out a very important duty. You are doing very good things. Loving God, explaining the existence of God is the most beautiful duty in the world. And on top of that, you are scientists. I’ve heard that you have done great things. Your explanations are very effective, very influential.   

AO: Please kindly introduce the ladies and gentlemen once again. 

Bulent: Dr. Fazale Rana, Bio-chemist, and also the Vice -President of Reasons To Believe.

AO: Very good.

Bulent: Dr. Anjeanette Roberts, Molecular Biologist, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Tulsa, with a Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Pennsylvania

AO: Very good

Bulent: Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Astrophysicist at  UCLA

AO: Perfect

AO: And the lovely lady here?

Alkas: Ammy Rana, she is also a biochemist, married to Mr. Fazale.

AO: Very good.

AO: Let this be a start. Please do come back to Turkey again and again. And it will be even better if other professors, scientists also honor us by coming here and we will hold even larger conferences. It could be with a line-up of 15-20 professors and could go on for three or four  days. Said Nursi says that Christians and Muslims will ally in the End Times and says that it is the only way to eradicate atheism. He explains that Christianity and Islam will be defeated if they act separately; but when they unite, they will come close to eradicating atheism and during those days Prophet Jesus will descend to the earth. We believe that at the moment, Prophet Jesus is present in the world, but we believe that he is keeping a low profile. In other words, Christians must be keeping him away from prying eyes. We also believe that he will reveal himself when he meets with Mahdi in Jerusalem. We will see Prophet Jesus, as a very handsome, very good-looking young man. The next five to ten years is crucial.

AO: We would like to hear about your valuable ideas as well.

JZ: What about specifically?

AO: Whatever you wish to talk about.

AO: Relax.

JZ: I would say I think that there is abundance evidence that God exists. And I think that it is important for people, who believe in God to be articulate about explaining what that evidence is, in a way to remove the barriers to people in believing God exists.

AO: Very good.

AJR: As a scientist I’ve come to discover that science and faith can be integrated in a very deep level. I believe that God reveals Himself both in nature and in Scripture. As a Christian I find that the more I discover scientifically, the more it reinforces my idea of the God of the Bible.

AO: As a scientist.

AO: Very good.

FR: I think that as my colleagues said, the scientific evidence is very powerful for God’s existence. In fact, it impacted me tremendously when I was a graduate student. I was an agnostic and it was the elegance of the cell’s chemical systems that convinced me that there had to be a Creator.  

AO: Perfect.

AO: It is impossible for a true scientist not to believe in God.

FR: Yes, if you are open minded and you are willing to follow the evidence where it leads; I think then there is only one conclusion, that there is a Creator. To me when you recognize there is a Creator then the next question is how do I relate to that Creator and I feel really sorry, [I feel] compassion for atheists because it is a worldview without hope.

AO: Very good.

AO: They are hurting themselves for no reason.

AO: Would you like to add something?

AR: I am very encouraged by even just meeting you and being here and I’ll join their agreement that our creation declares God’s glory.

AO: Those who love God, love each other.

AO:  When there is one Lover, lovers of that One Lover; Who is God, naturally love each other.

AO: The honest, beautiful character of Prophet Jesus reflects on your faces. You know, Prophet Jesus was a very compassionate, very loving prophet. Of course, we believe he is a prophet and you believe otherwise. But of course, I respect your faith. 

AO: We have gifts for our guests. Please kindly bring them.

AO: I’m very glad that you came. We have great gifts for you; perfect specimens of Ottoman art. 

Alkas: They also have gifts for you.

AR: That book hasn’t even been published in United States yet so you are one of the first people to receive a copy. It is a library. We should by a bookcase as well.

AR: This is a library.

AO: Darwin has no hope.

AO: Thank you very much.

That’s just a little something from California.  And this is just a hot sauce from California.

AO: 1, 2, 3, 4, Perfect books.


Alkas: She thanks you and the note says, ‘Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk at your conference’.

AO: Oh my God. So beautiful.

Alkas: This cup, when you heat it up, the name California shows on it. And this is a special sauce from California.  

AO: This will go on top of my pasta.

AO: So when you heat this up, California name comes up. Perfect, very good. This is a special cup, take good care of it for me, please. 

AO: These books will make the lovers of God happy and will help those who don't know about God, see the truths. 

AO: I believe that you are tired. I’d like to ask you to stay longer. But I know that you are tired. You deserve a very good rest. Thank you very much for coming. You honored me.  

AO: I’m very glad you came.

AO : Thank you very much.

FR: Thank you very much. Thank you.

AR: Thank you very much.

FR: God Bless You.

AO: I think that these books will be very effective. They signed all of them, very good. And they explained the facts in great detail, in an easily understandable matter. It has very detailed information. Darwinists are truly cornered. The Ministry of National Education should teach these facts in the textbooks because these books have the right, the true information. They explained it very scientifically, very well with pictures, diagrams. They are a research group that caries out detailed scientific research in universities. They have provided an abundance of details in these books. No one can say they don't understand it. This is truly a scientific work. They all explained how Darwinism is a deception. These are crucial pieces to reveal the facts, point to faith and to the Qur'an. They are very good, very beneficial works.

Kartal Goktan: Mr. Oktar, those books signed by Hugh Ross are authored by Dr. Hugh Ross, the President of Reasons to Believe. He couldn’t attend the conference due to a last-minute change in his schedule. He sent you his regards and said that he had to attend another event. He is an astrophysicist and has numerous scientific works.

AO: Very nice. These are very useful and good books. He is this gentleman in the picture, right?

Kartal Göktan: Yes, that’s Hugh Ross, the president of Reasons to Believe.

AO: Very nice. All four are evangelical Christians, aren’t they?

 All of them are evangelical Christians. Very good, I also heard that they help raise many young people with these the facts.


2016-08-29 12:41:15

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