The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV 15 September 2012

A woman must be like a flower, but chaste and intelligent and radiant. Of course she must be nice and attractive. Flowers and butterflies are nice. Allah has created all things to be pleasant. And women must be nice, too. One verse speaks of blessings and beauties. Allah tells Muslims that those blessings are theirs in this world and ONLY theirs in the Hereafter.If you produce a model of woman as filthy and man as filthy, then nobody will want to be a Muslim, among people who do not know Islam. You depict it as something hellish; no music, no art, no paintings, no beauty, no nothing. Women must be beautiful, but chaste. Nobody must make women uncomfortable. That is the kind of society we need. Women must be pleasant and learned and chaste; people must value and respect them. Such a society will be most excellent. It is foolish to seek a solution by making women hideous.

A9 TV, 11 September 2012

(In response to a mail from a viewer asking, “Is it permissible for a woman to put make-up on and go out?”)

Depending on the situation and circumstances. If a woman is going to meet with high-quality people, with rational people, if she is going to be respected, then she should show her respect by going there looking nice and well. But if there are immoral, low-life types there, then she should dress in such a way as to protect herself. She should dress according to the situation. If cars are coming, you wait on the sidewalk. Then you cross when they have gone. If food is hot, you wait a bit. You have to use your head.

A9 TV, 3 September 2011

(The Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) meeting with Balqis, the Queen of Sheba)

Who stands before the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)? A woman in a human body. Is he dreaming? He looks at that woman. Is it not he who jokes with her? Who tells her to “Enter the pool”? Why does he lead her to the edge of the courtyard? The reason he does so is in order to be able to make that joke. He had prepared the courtyard beforehand, hadn’t he? She imagined it to be deep water. She bared her legs and tried to enter it, but could not. And the joke came out in all its beauty. This is a human being. A woman who had travelled for many miles. He and the woman are alone in the palace. “Enter the courtyard,” says the Prophet Solomon. The verse is explicit. Let me show you. “She bared her legs,” Allah says in the verse. “She supposed it to be a pool,” He says. She bared her legs accordingly. But she was unable to enter the water, despite expecting to do so. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) laughs at her. They laugh together. They enjoy it. This is a joke. And the woman admires the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and comes to believe. He wins her love. He is close to her and shows her love and affection. He talks to her and treats her with respect. I mean, he did not turn his back on her as some people say. This is what happens in that event. Then the result is a tragedy. That is the reason for the tragedy in the Islamic world. You are ignoring the Qur’an. The Qur’an describes it explicitly. He tells our Prophet (saas) in a verse: ” other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,” It means that he looks at her and is pleased by her beauty and wishes to marry her. Why hide that or try to conceal it? In the same way you cannot hide Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), so you cannot hide these things, either. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) goes and talks to the girls. They say he is a strong man, that they can tell from his appearance. Is what they see not the human nature of the Prophet Moses (pbuh)? Tell me if I am mistaken, insha’Allah.

Surat an-Naml, 44

She was told: ‘Enter the courtyard,’ but when she saw it she supposed it to be a pool and bared her legs. He said, ‘It is a courtyard paved with glass.’ She said, ‘My Lord, I have wronged myself but I have submitted with Solomon to the Lord of all the worlds’.”

Look, that love and concern eases the woman’s heart. She delights in the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) little joke. She says this religion of Islam must be a very fine one. Thanks be to Allah, she converts to Islam. Would that woman have become a Muslim if she had seen fanaticism there? Her heart was eased because she encountered true Islam, a prophet, and she became a Muslim. But thousands, tens of thousands or millions of women want nothing to do with Islam because of the fanatics. But look, just about everyone I speak with becomes a Muslim, insha’Allah, thanks be to Allah.

Surat al-Ahzab, 50-52

O Prophet! We have made lawful for you: your wives to whom you have given dowries and any slavegirls you own from the booty Allah has allotted you and the daughters of your paternal uncles and the daughters of your paternal aunts...”

I wish my blessed Prophet (saas) the very best. May Allah bestow many times more on him in paradise.  “…and any believer woman who gives herself to the Prophet if the Prophet desires to marry her,” she now wishes to give herself. Does the Prophet (saas) not see this woman? He sees her. Would he accept her without seeing and liking her? “, - exclusively for you as opposed to the rest of the believers.” Fanatics are embarrassed by this verse. Did you know that? It is one of the verses that most upsets the fanatics. “We know very well what We have prescribed for them regarding their wives and any slavegirls they possess – in order that there be no restriction on you.” Do you know what restriction means? It means pagans and polytheists basely putting pressure on the Prophet (saas). Those are the restrictions to which this verse is referring. But they were shattered when the verse came down. You may refrain from any of them you will and keep close to you any of them you will;” Almighty Allah says you can keep them with you or not, as you wish. And if you desire any you have left alone, there is nothing wrong in that.” Allah says you can call them back if you wish and again live with them. This makes it more likely they will be comforted and not be grieved,” not be saddened, in other words, and all of them will be content with what you give them.” Because the approval of Allah lights up all things. But if a woman looks at this through the eyes of ignorance, it is a tragedy. But if she looks with the eyes of faith, it is like the Sun. And what will happen. Her heart will be eased and lit up. She will say, “If Almighty Allah has said this, there must be goodness and beauty in it, thanks be to Allah, and I accept it all.” Our mothers’ eyes are lit up since the verse has come through revelation. “…and not be grieved,” they are no longer saddened. “…and be content with what you give them,” they are content. I wish my female forebears all the best for marrying my male forebear. I am most proud of them, masha’Allah. They did what was right and behaved very well, masha’Allah. ...and all of them will be content with what you give them. Allah knows what is in your hearts. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.” It is suitable for them. After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,” so take that, my extremist friends. How could the Prophet (saas) know how beautiful they were without seeing them? They are not lawful for you, “even though their beauty might be pleasing to you;” our Prophet (saas) liked them very much. But Allah says he must not marry them. “…with the exception of any you own as slaves.” Almighty Allah says that. Our Prophet (saas) had many concubines. They are not lawful for you, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you. Allah is watchful over all things.” And our Prophet (saas) had many concubines thereafter. Our mothers were all lovelier than the last. He is together with them in paradise. How delightful, thanks be to Allah. May Allah bestow even more concubines upon him. May He bestow millions more concubines on my beloved forebear, the loveliest man of all, masha’Allah.

A9 TV; 7 November 2011

 (About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s female followers)

I look at your cleanliness, I see it in various places, on certain channels and out on the streets. I see coarsened young people, coarsened young women. Coarsened and wild like animals. They know nothing of kindness and good manners. They are wild like animals. Their facial expressions are savage. Their talk is unbalanced and they are suspicious and restless and tense and ready to lie at a moment’s notice. They are always false and unbalanced. Then I look at Muslims and they are pure, chaste, modest, sweet, polite and respectful.

Allah shows the difference between the cruelty of unbelief and the radiance of faith. The light and radiance on Earth are very powerful, masha’Allah. The reflection of that light is very powerful. People see that faith produces a miracle. The profound and huge difference between manners, honesty, kindness, and beauty in the face on the one horrible, coarse spirit of unbelief appears as a miracle. Allah works a miracle. That means that lack of faith does the most unbelievable damage. I should not say unbelievable, may Allah forbid, because it is believable, saying unbelievable is just a linguistic habit. You all have the warmth and light imparted by honesty and propriety. There is a huge difference between you and shallow, showy young girls. That is why iblis [devil] and satan and the way of the dajjal [antichrist] are striving with all their might to neutralize you and me. But they have only caused your radiance to grow still further. That is all they have been able to do. They have tried all forms of torture and persecution and defamation. They have tried all forms of vile behavior. But we have always stood up to them, laughing and smiling. Our Prophet (pbuh) says that in the End Times “The dajjal will persecute and torment the Mahdi most. But just when the dajjal thinks he has achieved results, the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear before him with a smiling face.” What does that mean? That will also apply to the followers of the Mahdi. And since we are also followers of the Mahdi, we also stand up to them with a smiling face and joy and light after all their torments.

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

A beautiful woman is a manifestation of Allah and the greatest blessing in the world, and if you notice they are radiant and immaculate. People are really shocked. I see it everywhere. They look with amazement at your beauty and reflect on it with astonishment. They appreciate it with amazement. Because a woman does not look full of love at someone she does not love, and she will lack the strength to be well-groomed. That is why many women are dirty and unkempt. Because they hate. Who is going to look at them for them to reveal their full beauty? Most women do not reveal their full beauty because they hate. Why should a woman have any dealings with people she hates? Women are normally immaculate and radiant. But they turn their backs on life in the face of base, mocking and loveless guys. There are many people like that. One can see the woman is tired of life. She is unkempt, her hair is all tangled, her hands and face are uncared for, and she is weary and loveless. Her heart and soul have frozen, she lives like a dead person. But when you give love to such people it literally enters their souls, and life returns. Their eyes shine, their hair shines, their skin glows and they have a joyous love. Blood flows to their brains. They are fully restored to themselves. They realize they are Allah’s servants. Their souls rejoice with love and passion for Allah. Everywhere and everything is beautified. Their language and their hearts are beautified. But if you have no love of Allah and do not submit to Him, then He will put strange people in your way. Allah will drown you in filth because of your own filth. That is why you cannot see. So do not envy. There is no other problem. I have hundreds of attractive female friends. They have only seen a few of them. Light radiates from their hands and faces. Female acquaintances used to come here all bedraggled, frozen, with matted hair and wrinkled faces; life no longer had any meaning for them. They used to smoke and drink from time  to time. I had many female acquaintances like that. But they came to me and became really lovely. Through faith, the Qur’an and love of Allah their skins and faces came to glow, their eyes became huge and they acquired the finest manifestations of passion for and love of Allah. They were filled with youth and vigor. Masha’Allah. When envious people see them they say, “We never saw them looking like that before.” Because even stone would turn black alongside types like that! Not even a plant or flowers could survive in that horrible world of theirs with no Allah and no Book, in that characterless and artificial world of self-interest and perversion. Even the flowers in their homes all die.

But faith beautifies people and makes them younger and healthier. The Qur’an means health. Health of the body and soul. People who live by the Qur’an are beautified. Their lives and bodies become beautiful. Their passion and love become beautiful. Their depth and everything becomes beautiful. Allah then gives them strength and goodness and beauty. For example, I look at people, may Allah forbid; I see how they look without any make-up on. I see how wretched and haggard they become. Lovelessness makes the cells cancerous. The cells say, “I want love.” But these people say, “I can only offer a state of being accursed, filth, hatred, envy, artificiality and insincerity.” The cell says, “But I cannot bear that, please don’t.” But they say, “We are going to do it whether you like it or not,” and so the cells begin dying off one by one. Hundreds of cells die. Eye cells die. Their bodies collapse. And finally, may Allah forbid, they die in a state of misery. Yet if they were to submit to Allah and the Qur’an, if they lived with a love of Allah, then light would radiate from their hands and faces. Allah would bestow radiance on their very veins and everywhere in their bodies

A9 TV; 26 October 2011

 (In response to those who say it is improper for women to appear on television)

If it were up to them, they would not be allowed out on the street, either. Laughing would not be permitted. If we excluded all the supposedly prohibited things, the only permissible thing would be dying. Nothing else would be permissible. That is so very wrong. You have misrepresented Muslims and thus ruined them. Look, that imbecile inflicted terrible trouble on Libya and they duly humiliated him. I watched his last moments on tape. The imbecile brought it all on himself. But if he had listened to me he could have finished the matter with honor. He had the foolishness and craziness of the fanatic, the stubbornness of the fanatic, and Allah inflicted a terrible end on him. The foolishness of the bigot is enormous. Women must be everywhere in life, in Parliament and hospitals, out on the streets and everywhere. Do not be so foolish. Look, let me give an example from the hajj [pilgrimage]. Men and women perform the hajj together. So where do you get that idea from? Bigotry knows no bounds. If you let bigotry take hold of you, it is a bottomless pit. Look where it has got to now. No appearing on television. And what about Parliament? They can’t go there. Can they go to restaurants? No. Or school? No school, either. And what parts of the house are permissible? They will say, “The window must not be too close to the street.” The house must not give onto the street. They must not laugh or talk or move. They want to stop them being human. These psychopathic ideas, the hatred of women of the old pagans and polytheists, are a left-over from former times. But women are everywhere when we look at the Qur’an. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) and that woman were alone in the same room. He spent his whole life with her. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) talked with the daughters of the prophet, and women liked the Prophet Moses (pbuh). They said he was “strong and reliable.” The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) brought the Queen of Sheba over and played a joke on her, telling her to enter the pool. She got her legs ready, but then realized it was a joke. He was instrumental in the woman coming to have faith. There are many examples in the Qur’an and the hadiths and in life, and you can see it on the hajj. But they are trying to get even further down into the bottomless pit of bigotry and to ruin Muslims even more, as if they have not already done so enough. And there are no such problems on other problems. They have music programs of all kinds. Women appear on them. Most female speakers have low necklines. I have seen that on all channels. They use women in advertising, insha’Allah. There is a video film about that. Can you show it? My apologies to my brothers there. I am not accusing anyone, but I can find no other explanation for why they are not made uncomfortable when watching programs everywhere else. “Why are their heads uncovered?” Do you know what would happen? You could not go out of doors at all. But you go to school and take the bus or the tram, and all the women there have their heads uncovered. The teachers are all uncovered. Seventy percent of Turkey is bare-headed. So what is this logic all about? I really cannot understand it. There are women everywhere. There is no end to them. The people who try to tell us what to do generally watch that kind of channel, and then try to give us advice. Why do women appear on the television? It should not be allowed, they say. There are women on all channels, and you see them everywhere, on the streets and in their homes. You see them in the markets and at the butcher’s shop. What kind of savage thinking is this? If they could, they would put them all into sacks and sew the mouths shut. That is a totally fanatical mindset, and totally mistaken. It is nothing more than jealousy. Because my female colleagues are all very, very attractive, full of love, very classy, whose faces radiate love and passion. But they despise them and look at them as if they were horrible and filthy. It is all envy. They find it very difficult as this is the first time they have seen women looking at them with passion. These are people who have never known love in their lives. No such lovely, high quality women ever appear before them. Because women do not regard such horrible people as worthy of them. They are repelled by them. So why dress up and groom themselves for them? Why treat such horrible men well, such base people? Men who are so utterly stinking and vile? They turn up before these men in the most unkempt state because they regard them as totally unworthy of them. They put up with all that filth because of their money. Of course, there is a huge passion, love and warmth here. They stink, and their wives stink. They are really filthy. They have no idea of beauty and their homes are horrible. They are horrible themselves. They are amazed when they see a life resembling paradise, because they are so used to that particular hell. Because women are genuinely repelled; these men have bad breath and terrible body odor. Everything about them stinks. The women are the same. They turn up just as filthy. They are used to it. And seeing a decent human being takes them aback. They must renounce all that, insha’Allah. Because these people have really lost the thread; they sit in their gloomy homes and look at one another and are mutually repelled. They fight and badmouth one another. They constantly fight and put one another down. A really hellish life. But they look at these other people and see love and friendship and brotherhood. Someone devotes many long years, he graduates and makes money, he buys a house and has more money in the bank, but he is still not happy. He has not found love. He has never found anyone to love him with a passion. But then he looks and everyone here loves everyone else with a passion. It is the first time he sees such passion and love, and it tears at his heart. “I have striven all my life but never seen even a millionth of that love,” he says, “never a millionth of that respect.”

A9 TV; 31 October 2011

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) loved women very much, and the power of the Prophet (pbuh) is specially set out in the hadiths. He was a very strong person. His strength and love were very powerful. We see that in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. The bigots do not like to hear that, but I say it anyway, insha’Allah. All the prophets have had a huge love of women. In proportion to their faith. The more faith a person has, the greater his love of women.  That is how much he loves their beauty, and how much he loves animals. That determines how much he loves beauty and cleanliness. He loves all that is beautiful. In proportion to his faith. But bigots loathe women, and seek to turn them into apes because they detest them. They try to turn them into something disgusting. Bigots dislike pretty women. And Allah dislikes them. He gives them foul women who stink. And they are all disgusted by one another. Both are utterly filthy. Their women are like the wife of Abu Lahab. They all spread filth. Allah sets them up with one another. He gives bad men to bad women, and bad women to bad men.

The bigots cannot even imagine classy, high quality Muslims. It would never cross their minds. They could never dream of that kind of lifestyle. Ataturk was also aware of that, masha’Allah. He spoke of “faithless teachers.” That is a splendid way of putting it. Look, Ataturk had a huge love for genuine religious teachers. But he loathed faithless ones. Base guys like that. He would call them to him and they talked and behaved falsely. They tried to give him a good impression of them. But Ataturk loathed them. Ataturk said a lot about that.

A9 TV; November 6th, 2011

(Regarding the appearance of ladies in burqas in the TV program “Conversations with Harun Yahya” on A9 channel)

The reason why I have these ladies in burqas appear on our TV program is that there is a huge oppression toward these ladies in burqas. In the society, in every corner of the world. There are also lots of people who oppress them. It is also the case in Turkey. They suffer a very ill-natured treatment towards them, both in terms of style and manners. I do it especially to put an end to such kind of treatment, Insha’Allah. That is to say, this is the way we express our love and support towards our sisters in burqa, Insha’Allah. This way, in one way or another, we immediately eliminate any insinuation made at them since in this state there remains no one who would dare to open his mouth, Insha’Allah. That is because you are a very good quality and beautiful people. I also have our sisters with scarves appear on our programs. We assume an attitude that would put a stop to hideous expressions and attacks against scarves. With the quality and beauty [of these sisters], we deal a blow, a spiritual blow, to such evil tongues, Insha’Allah. I especially have ladies with a western looking appearance appear [in our programs], Insha’Allah, for there are also  very mean, bigoted and filthy assaults against them. In order to silence those fools against well-groomed ladies with make-up, I especially have you appear. This way, we teach feelings of love, respect and compassion to those impertinent ones. A great majority of our nation are mature, but there are some churls. We show them that they must behave honestly. There is also a grudge against well-groomed ladies as well as those ladies with scarves and those in burqa.  This is a deadly savagery; there is the bigotry of both sides. I teach to these bone-headed bigots, these churls how to behave decently, Insha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 6th, 2011

Women, all of European society will turn Muslim. They will perform their prayers in a beautiful form. They will be very well-groomed, very clean. They will enjoy a lot again, they will eat in luxurious  restaurants. They will ride in clean cars. When Islam dominates the world, Insha’Allah, all women will go everywhere alone with ease. The bigots will make no objections, those ill-mannered men will not make insinuations at women. No one will say, “Why is your hair covered?”  or “Why don’t you wear a scarf?” “Why do you wear make-up?” There will also not be any people resembling apes. People will be free as much as they can be. All the European ladies, all the European high society, all the members of  American society will be free and at ease, Insha’Allah. They will live by Islam and the Qur’an with love. They say, “I have seen a woman or a man and felt so and so.” This is unbecoming. If a woman changes her intentions, she may look with lust on a man if she wants. And similarly, if a man wants and changes his intention, he can look with lust at a woman. I mean those men with that mindset; they can do anything. They may steal, murder a man. As long as a person does not fear Allah, there is no end to it. He can get into an incestuous relationship, attempt to be with his own daughter because he has no fear of Allah. There is no hindrance before him. Once you have fear of Allah, there is no problem whatsoever. A woman can be beautiful and well-groomed as much as she can be. That man will see her like a flower, and he sees her as a manifestation of Allah.

A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

(Regarding the comment of His Highness Sheikh Nazim al-Qibrisi stating that Mr. Adnan Oktar must have more girl friends around him)

What a sweet person! He [ His Highness Sheikh Nazim al-Qibrisi ] repeated it three times. He asked if there are ladies among his circle of friends. He said that I should always have ladies as followers, insha’Allah. He said, “Ladies are more blessed. They are more precious, have more faith.” He made such a beautiful speech. Women are really very blessed and pure beings. They open one’s heart, and give relief as if looking at a flower. Sweet and beautiful. That is why the impact of women is much more profound. Once she believes, she believes deeply and never leaves it again. A woman has faith unto death. This is not the case with men. For instance, men are not so resolute, they can not remain patient. But women are very forbearing; they persevere. Their loyalty are very intense. They are tremendously loyal. Muslim women are not fond of being out of their homes. They like being at home. They like to read books, to educate themselves, to exercise. They take more pleasure from being at home. Being joyful, speaking. Of course this does not mean that they never go out; they do but they take more pleasure from being at home. This is how Allah created their nature. There is sign in this. But the food of a woman is love. She opens up with love. As you present your love, she opens up like a flower. She feels relief, love beautifies her. Once you don't give love to her,  that beautiful being fades away,  withers. May Allah forbid, you may kill her. She turns into something else, may Allah forbid. Love of Allah, the love of people that stems from love of Allah. This is the medicine of women. She does not care if she does not eat or drink but she definitely wants love. It is her food. The absence of food does not make any difference, but without love she cannot live.

 A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

Faith makes a woman very beautiful. A dishonorable woman is not beautiful. She is not fine. She does not make any impact. Sometimes you may see some women around; excuse me, but women with immoral behavior. These women neither have respect for themselves nor feel any respect for others. Similarly, they neither appreciate their own value nor the value of others. Such women feel a constant rage. Similarly, those within their company also feel rage for them. That is why they get into disputes with others like dogs. You see them when they appear in some TV programs. They continuously make insinuations at one another since both parties consider the other one dishonorable. They make themselves feel that they are invaluable by means of all their acts and manners. The fact is however, a woman is very beautiful when she is appreciated and respected. A woman is beautiful when she is honorable and chaste. Chastity, of course. A woman who belongs to everyone or to a few men does not feel respect for herself. It has a very negative impact. But a woman who abides by what is lawful and unlawful remains very strong. The same feature holds true for men. That is because, if one is not attentive to what is lawful and unlawful, there exists no limits. In the absence of limits, the brain drains away. So does the soul. A person loses his power. For instance think of a room, which has no walls. A room with no walls ceases to be a room. It is no longer a room. If it has a wall, then it is considered as a room. A palace has walls, right? You have entered a great palace but it has no walls. Then it is emptiness. Similarly, people whose souls tend to unlawfulness, people whose souls have no limits in terms of lawfulness and unlawfulness have an infinite vagueness. The inside of their brains, their souls have vagueness. Their lives have no purpose. They have no meaning. Also, other people  do not mean anything to them.

A9 TV; November 23rd, 2011

 I look at your faces with attention; how pure, qualified, well-mannered, healthy, peaceful, sincere and conscientious you are. You are extremely well-mannered, masha’Allah. I sometimes come across  some young girls; they act like they are crazy. Allah has taken their wisdom. They are affected, fearful, wild, unkind, rude, cruel; they are atrocious like animals. They see themselves as sexual objects. There is some kind of the timidness of an animal upon them; they show the reactions of animals. The maturity, gentleness, and respect becoming to a Muslim is perfect. Everything about you is perfect. Masha’Allah. Alhamdulillah.

 (In response to the e-mail message, “Why do your lady friends appear in your program on A9 Channel?”)

Why have you developed such a viewpoint towards the ladies? How have you come up with this mindset? Ladies are the most important beings of this world. Ladies are the most companionable beings, the Muslim ladies. They are extremely pure; what a great blessing this is, right? They have become used to the sovereignty or dominion  of men; they are astonished at it. “This is our area; how on earth did the ladies come in here?” You will get used to it. Ladies will go all the way to Damascus alone. We have entered the time of the system of Mahdi (as). We are in a time when ladies will be free. From now on, there will be no pressure upon ladies. Anyone who wants can wear revealing clothes; those who want can wear burqas or scarves. Anyone can come to our  Channel and talk. Ladies will be scientists, members of parliament, even prime minister. There will be ladies everywhere. You will get used to it from now on.

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

Ladies look very beautiful, very well groomed and very nice when they put on make-up. They become sweeter. When women do not put on make-up, they generally look more masculine and not that beautiful. With make-up, a woman takes on the feature of being a woman. She gains a feminine beauty. Why does Allah color flowers? One might say, "Let all the flowers be black", may Allah forbid. A daisy for instance is yellow in the middle, with white petals, and they appear very beautiful in front of our eyes. Allah is the One Who colors them as well. Allah is the One Who puts that make-up on flowers as well. With the make-up they look similar to their appearance in Heaven. Or else when a woman is not well-groomed what would happen? We see poorly groomed people outside, what happens to them? What is the meaning of this? That causes a very coarse appearance. Poorly groomed clothing, poorly groomed faces, pouting, yellow faces, ragged hair, all mixed up, all down at the heels. This does not suit us. A Turkish youngster should be handsome, classy and should be razor sharp. They should dress well. The ladies should be like flowers. They should be very well groomed and very beautiful. One might say, "When they are well groomed, they will be attractive, and such and such will happen if they are attractive." Well, if it comes to that, women in chadors can also be extraordinarily attractive. That is all up to one's intentions. What does it have to do with it? If one looks at things with love, he sees with love. If he wants, he can also look with sexual desire as well. That is something up to our intention, up to our will. It is something up to our minds. Now one should approach the matter with that mindset. I mean a Muslim woman should have a very classy very decent appearance. I sometimes see some of our sisters with their eyebrows all mixed up, with moustaches, I mean like the ones we see on twelve or fourteen year old young boys. They have such moustaches. And they walk around like that proudly. What is that? Isn't it a pity for that girl? They say, "The Messenger of Allah prohibited that." Would the Messenger of Allah (saas) ever say something like that? Why do you make the Messenger of Allah (saas) a partner in your lie? Would our Prophet (saas) ever tell them to wander around poorly groomed and dirty? That is dirt, would that befit a Muslim? A Muslim should be decent, quality and classy. She should set an example for Europe and for the United States as well. She should set an example for everyone. Everyone should envy her. She should be classy, insha'Allah. But for instance there are some women who are very beautiful even without make-up? What should she do? Would that be like make up as well? For instance, some women have eyes with eyeliner from birth. And the other ones would be putting on eyeliner for make-up. What is the difference? They are the same as you see. Those ones would be compensating for her weakness, her deficiency artificially. That would have the same logic with the other. For instance, there are some women whose lips are pale and some have full lips and their lips look very beautiful. And they are naturally like that. The others are making the balance with that make up and thus are saved from that repugnant, ugly appearance. That would relieve their minds. That would reassure their confidence. A timid, ragged clothed woman would psychologically collapse. She would be very negatively affected. She cannot be cheerful and happy outside. She would be very uncomfortable. It is one thing for a woman to adorn herself for her lawful one; in that a woman would activate the feeling of lust. Would that woman be activating the feeling of lust when she is outside? Being cute and clean, for instance a child is very cute and very sweet. Flowers are very cute and very sweet. Animals are very cute and very sweet. So should women be, they should be well groomed and clean, insha'Allah. They try to depict Muslims poorly groomed, dirty and ragged. For instance I ask them "Why do you not use deodorant?" And she says, "There is such and such in it." Well you are stinking, have fear of Allah! And she is not even ashamed. She goes and sits in between people. I really am astonished at that. She talks for instance and her mouth stinks, her breath stinks and so does her body. That is horrible. A Muslim's breath should smell fresh. Her body should smell clean. She should be spotlessly clean. Right? Spotlessly clean. A Muslim is a blessed and clean being. She needs to be clean and spotless. Allah says ; "the idolaters are unclean". And you get yourself unclean, and by that you would be showing the characteristic of an idolater. A Muslim should be spotlessly clean, insha'Allah. Pale, exhausted, ragged, worn out appearance. "That is like his, this is like that," how can this be? Then such women would lose their self-confidence. And the people around them would be very much uncomfortable by that. They should be well-groomed, clean, have quality and classy, insha'Allah.


A9 TV, 29 April 2012
“It is unacceptable for a woman to be a judge,” they say. Why? Because they think they lack the brain power. Why should they not be able to be judges? What is so special about you? “No people with a woman at its head ever does any good.” They say women cannot be prime ministers or heads of anything or administrators. “Women are lacking in faith and intelligence,” what an ugly thing to claim! Allah creates His servants to be equal, with equal opportunities. This flies in the face of the Qur’an and the moral values and language of Rasulullah (saas). “Consult with women and ask their opinion, and then do the exact opposite of what they say.” What contempt is this? You do not even despise satan as much as this. Have you gone crazy? What is this hatred? Then they turn into sex perverts. “Obeying women leads to regret,” you will regret obeying them, in other words. “Let’s go and see my mother,” she says. But you must say, “No.” “Let’s have dinner,” she says, “Let’s not,” you must say. “Whoever obeys his wife, Allah will cast him face-down into hell.” In other words, whatever she says, you must reject. For example, if she says, “let’s send our children to this school,” you must say, “No.” You must say the exact opposite. “Do not consult with women, but oppose them. Because opposing women leads to prosperity.” Look, you have no respect for them at all. Whatever opinion she expresses, you have to do the exact opposite. This is cruel and immoral. Satan has declared war on these fine beings, these blessings created by Allah. That much hatred could almost lead to them ordering them to be killed. That is the only thing left. “You must leave women behind you in the same way that Allah has left them behind.” Look, they are defaming Allah, too. How immoral is that? They make them walk behind and do not respect them at all. “Misfortune lies in three things, a woman, a home and a horse.” They are obsessed. “Certain it is that a woman comes and goes in the form of satan.” So if a woman comes or goes somewhere she will always do so with the appearance of satan. In other words, she becomes satan. May Allah bring them to their senses. “If her husband’s body is covered with pus and his wife licks it clean …” Filthy, utterly disgusting. Look, “that will still not repay her debt to her husband.” Allah is showing how filthy these filthy bigots are. In other words, they know how filthy and disgusting they are, and that the woman will be repelled by them, that they stink, and they act accordingly. “When a man calls his wife to meet his sexual needs, she must respond at once. Even if she is busy with the stove or the oven…” She has to obey that disgusting man’s command without delay. See how they regard them as animals, as less than human and valueless. “If a woman divorces her husband, the scent of paradise is unlawful for her.” Look, the bigots have sorted that out, as well. So the woman cannot flee to save her life … A precautionary measure. But divorce is lawful. Why should she have to put up with filthy types like that? “O women, if you knew the rights your husbands have over you, you would wipe the dust from their feet off on your faces.” She should use her face to wipe the dust from his shoes. That is how much they despise them. “Out of 99 women, one is in paradise and the rest are in hell.” Paradise is full of these horrible bigots but just 1% of women go there. “Do not teach women to write.” They must not learn to read and write. “Leave women hungry, though not enough to harm them, and short of clothes, though without going to extremes. Because if women are well filled and attractively dressed, there is nothing they like more than going out. 
But if they are left rather hungry and unclothed, then there is nothing more auspicious than for them to stay at home.” You must make them utterly wretched, in other words. The poor things must always go hungry and must never receive any clothes. It must be impossible for them to go out.  They must be too tired and hungry to go out. And they have no clothes, so they cannot go out.  These are not just empty words, either. The bigots literally sign up to them all. You will be amazed, but they all subscribe to this. They regard it as absolute law. Nobody who is a bigot denies it. They all say it is true and act upon it. “Woman has eight natures. She resembles the ape in terms of her eagerness to dress up.” And the bigots resemble swine. Why should a woman resemble an ape? “But she is a dog in terms of not accepting poverty. She is a snake in her arrogance toward her husband and others. She resembles a scorpion in what she says day and night. She resembles a mouse for selling goods in the home. She resembles the fox in setting snares for men. And she is a sheep in her obedience to her husband.”  If you hate and despise them this much, then you yourself are no longer human. Look what they say about a good woman; “A good woman among women is like a rook among a hundred crows.” She is still basically a crow, in other words. The best she can manage is to become a rook instead. These are not just empty words going from one person to another. Ask any bigot and he will say they are true. One of the bigots’ main principles is that “The presence of five things invalidates prayer; the donkey, the pig, the Jew, the Zoroastrian and woman.” Look at the connections. Disgraceful. These words are very highly regarded, let me tell you. “Things that invalidate prayer – a black dog, a donkey, a pig and a woman.” That is from another bunch. “Were it not for women, all men would go to paradise,” they say. They are a total nightmare, in other words … “The prayer of a clean-smelling woman is unacceptable in the Sight of Allah.”  If she smells of flowers or perfume, her prayers are unacceptable in the Sight of Allah, they say. Bigots utterly and totally loathe women. You can see that on Facebook.
You can see the bigots’ hatred of women. People imagine this is just empty talk, but any bigot you may ask will believe it completely. Otherwise they will think he is irreligious. They have to sign up to it, in their own eyes. All bigots share that mindset. These horrible things they say on Facebook all stem from that mindset. May Allah bring them to their senses. Look what horrible things they say. These people of no character also defame both Allah and Rasulullah (saas). But in the Qur’an Almighty Allah says they are raised like flowers. And Allah spares them all kinds of work in the Qur’an. The provisions in the Qur’an are all of such a kind as to liberate women. They make life easier in all regards. They are all in women’s favor. Allah loads all the difficulties onto men in the Qur’an. Some idiots say, “He always addressed me.” Idiots. That is in any case a statement that protects women. It puts the responsibility onto men. Allah always places the responsibility onto men. Woman has no such responsibility, she is a blessing. Allah spares her everything. Allah spares them the responsibility of war, and everything else, so they can live at ease. The responsibility is always loaded onto men. You must look after your brother and father, He says, and your husband. Allah makes women responsible for protecting everyone.
Allah shows that women can be leaders through the Queen of Sheba, through verses. Allah shows how her people and troops obeyed her. These horrible people go round saying these things. They say the same things about Hazrat Ayesha (pbuh), Hazrat Fatima (pbuh) and Hazrat Maryam (pbuh). What horrible, vile people these are. May Allah forbid. Bad words lie with those who speak them. Then they wonder why Ataturk had such a problem with bigots. “Why did Ataturk do that?” they. What do you expect him to do? Should he tell them they were free to carrying on doing as they were? He did what needed to be done. He stopped them in their tracks. What is surprising in that?
Almighty Allah has created women beautiful. Women must be loved. This bigot immorality and lack of honor must come to an end. Of course women can be in charge. They make excellent prime ministers or administrators. They are most blessed entities. They do not spoil prayer, but they honor the home. They are luminous, the jewel in the home. Women are highly intelligent and give good advice. It is good to follow a woman’s advice, and it will work out well. But if a bigot walks by, of course that will annoy. Women are the finest adornments in the world, there is nothing better. They are most blessed beings. They are highly intelligent and give good advice. They benefit wherever they are, insha’Allah. Sins cease where women are present. Lawful things take their place. And the perversion and immorality of the bigots is fully revealed.
A9 TV, 20 April 2012
Men and women are mutual blessings. The fact Allah speaks of men first changes nothing. It would be the same if it were women. For example, Almighty Allah tells women He has created them for men. He has created spouses. Women are blessings for men, and men are blessings for women. But that is impossible without faith? Why not? Because otherwise Allah makes them repellent to one another. He makes them scourges for one another. They come like denizens of hell. And they make one another’s lives a misery. They become lovers and swear at one another over the telephone. They say hurtful things to one another. They make life difficult for one another morning, noon and night. I know many cases like that. They upset one another every half hour. Everyone knows how widespread that is. People become a scourge if you do not love for Allah. But you can rest easy if you love for Him Allah.
Polygamy was common in the time of our Prophet (saas). That was a wonderful thing. There were women who were in love with our Prophet (saas). What a great blessing! Every lover marries the one they love in that way. That was a blessing for women in those days. Otherwise, those women would have been in love with our Prophet (saas) but could never have married him. They could never be his. Allah bestowed this on all those who loved. This is a great advantage for women. A man could not win a woman he loved in those days. But Allah bestowed this on women as a kind of liberty then. He bestowed it as a beauty. Allah says you can be with whoever you love. I am speaking from the point of view of the Prophet (saas). Women could make themselves his free concubines. There was no need to marry them. O Rasulullah (saas), I am yours, they said. And that was that. The Prophet (saas) said he accepted them and that was that. She was his free concubine. Or else his betrothed. This was also very good for the Prophet (saas). If I had a daughter, I would have wanted her to marry our prophet (saas). I would be proud. I would beg him to marry her.
A9 TV, 14 April 2012
Women look for someone with money, for instance. OK, he may look good and have money, but he stinks to high heaven. He is filthy, devoid of character, speaks badly all the time and constantly behaves immorally. Will a woman want to offer her beauty to him. She will be repelled by him. Because a woman has to love really intensely to surrender herself with passion. She sees this person has no idea of Allah or religion. Why should she feel any proximity to someone who does not love Allah? A mutual hatred develops. Women are highly intelligent beings. They possess a very sharp intelligence, and look at even the finest details. Men think more simply and do not consider the details too much. A woman’s soul is like a wide ocean. One has to be very intelligent not to clash with that soul and to find aspects that she will like. The man behaves artificially. He becomes angry and irritable, and she can no longer give him her love. Those who fail to calculate that literally suffer the pangs of hell. A woman’s qualities cannot come out if he has no faith. Do you believe in in Allah? Yes. What else do you do? I pray, he says. And do you preach? No. Since you love Allah, do you not want His religion to reign on earth? If you love Allah, you should want everyone else to love Him, shouldn’t you? If you disregard Allah, He will disregard you. Allah will not let her love you. He may look great, but the woman will think of him as an animal. She will not value him. That is why women should initially keep their distance from such brutish types. Once they have paid these men any attention it becomes hard for them to get away. It is very important to keep their distance initially. They must always go for Muslims, who have faith and act on that faith. What they need to see is faith in practice. Someone who devotes himself to Allah. Then a woman will love him with all her might. If not, why should she love him?
A9 TV, 11 April 2012
The bigots loathe women. Communists also undervalue them, with their Darwinist and materialist mindsets. They regard them as creatures that have not yet fully evolved, may Allah forbid. Bigots hate women, and say they are like devils. They say that if you do the opposite of what a woman tells you, you cannot go far wrong. So it is very difficult to expect people raised with this hatred, from Darwinists on the one hand and bigots on the other, to value them properly. So they want to kill them or injure or degrade them, not take them seriously. That scourge can only be lifted with the way of the Mahdi, and with Islamic Union. We can see this from the hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says in a  special hadith that women will enjoy great security and live in peace.
A9 TV, 5 April 2012
I have described the life of the Prophet (saas). But they say, “Our Prophet (saas) did not look at women.” He did, but with luminosity. He was a trustworthy person, he looked with love. He did not look out of evil intent. He looked, and if he liked the women, he would marry her. That is all. Well done to my ancestor, masha’Allah. If he looked, he must have liked their beauty. There is a verse that says, “After that no other women are lawful for you nor may you exchange them for other wives, even though their beauty might be pleasing to you,..” But then the verse goes on – Allah’s mercy is very wide. “..with the exception of any you own as slaves.” It is boundless, masha’Allah. Allah has bestowed many times more beautiful women in paradise, insha’Allah. As houris, and our mothers also appear very beautiful there.
 I gave an example from the Prophet Moses (pbuh). What did he do? He met two women? “My Lord, I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me.” he says. Daughters of the prophet. He looks at them both very carefully. And both look at him very carefully. One of the women says, “Hire him, father. The best person to hire is someone strong and trustworthy.” How can she understand your might without looking? How can she be sure he is trustworthy without looking and talking? Is that possible? She forms an opinion, and Allah says it is correct in the verse.
What was the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) purpose? He wants her [Balqis] to be saved in the hereafter and to go to paradise. The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) first had a floor resembling a pool made, the floor of the palace. That would need light and many other things. A glorious technology would have to be used. The woman was also highly intelligent, a head of state. He brings her to the palace and tells her to enter the pool. The woman could have said this was not a pool. She could have said it looked like a pool but was not one. But she was convinced it was a pool. She bared her legs. Did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) know she would bare her legs? He said that so she would bare her legs. So he knew she would bare them, and was joking with her. The woman bared her legs, but when she put her feet there, she encountered a hard floor. Then our blessed ancestor Solomon (pbuh) said that this was a floor that resembled a pool. The woman was astonished, and this was instrumental in her coming to faith, masha’Allah. She was a most wonderfully attractive woman, famed for her loveliness. Balqis the queen of Sheba has gone down in legend. All of Sheba was devoted to him after that. Do you see the effect of the love he showed that woman? Masha’Allah.
Allah tells us that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) would rub his horses’ necks and legs. Would a bigot do that? Allah is emphasizing love here. He is teaching love, how love should be. Bigots are enemies of love. There is love in paradise and in this world. Love is a great blessing in this world. But the distinguishing feature of bigots is that they try to kill love.
The queen of Sheba became our mother. He was instrumental in a whole nation coming to believe, do you see? The love he showed her there. He joked with her, and won her over. If you leave the job to a bigot, he will just say, “You unbeliever, you impious thing.” He will order her head to be beheaded. But the prophet shows love and affection and invites her to his palace. A bigot would just turn his back. But the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) shows lobe and jokes with her and wins her over. He becomes close to her. They are alone in the palace. Would a bigot ever do that. Never. That could never happen. But it can happen with the moral values of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).
There can be no compliments like the ones I make. They are unique to me. I repeat time and time again that I love women with the love of Allah. My aim is to protect them. I want them to be good and beautiful and happy in the hereafter. I want them to be healthy. I love them with a deep love of Allah.
I have overcome that, too. Indeed, pretty girls do tend to have their noses in the air. As if they can create great things. But life is very short. In two decades’ time, you will be a middle-aged woman of 40. Two decades is all you have. There is no cause for arrogance in that.
Lack of chastity ruins a woman. It ruins her mind and brain. Muslim women are also highly intelligent. Very intelligent indeed. But irreligious women are difficult and obstreperous. Really troublesome. Not worth getting involved with.
A9 TV, 28 February 2012
All young girls could be very beautiful if they were religious. A man who will like a devout woman will also be devout. A devout woman will be repelled by an irreligious man.Some people do not realize. Allah makes that repulsion part of their human nature. They are truly repelled. There is nothing they can do about it. It is a physical repulsion. They are repelled by their looks, their bodies and everything. Allah gives them this feeling of repulsion. But a devout woman can be really affected by a devout man, if the relationship is lawful.
Allah destroys all attractiveness in a person of no faith. But since they (disbelievers) do not realize this, they imagine it stems from what they eat or some psychological condition. But that scourge is deliberately sent by Allah. They fail to realize their own coldness. They see nothing wrong with their bodies, but there is that coldness within. That stems from lack of faith. It comes about as a miracle, from Allah. The more piety a male believer has, the stronger and more powerful he is. And the more piety a female believer has, the stronger and more powerful she is. 
A9 TV, 29 March 2012
Woman is a blessed and sacred being. She is to be loved with passion as a manifestation of Allah. One must love and protect and watch over her all her life. She is entrusted to you by Allah. You cannot enjoy a woman just for lust. You must enjoy her passion, enjoy her as a manifestation of Allah and feel compassion for her. You must delight in protecting and watching over her. You must enjoy her joy and goodness and beauty. You must delight in her loyalty and devotion, and, above all, her religious piety. That is the way. But such relations for an hour or two is prostitution and just disgusting. That is why Allah makes such men and women weak. Allah takes away their strength. They lose their sexual powers and grow cold. Allah dries them up inside, as a punishment. Believers are very strong. Allah creates them to be strong, both men and women because they love one another with faith and passion, as manifestations of Allah. Allah bestows that strength as a miracle, a marvel.
A9 TV, 27 March 2012
Our Prophet (saas) said that red hair is attractive. They dyed their hair black. Our Prophet (saas) dyed his own hair black. He used the same dye as our mother Hazrat Ayesha (r.a). Our Prophet (saas) would dye his hair at the same time as our mother Ayesha (r.a) dyed hers, insha’Allah. But one of the Companions arrived with hair dyed red with henna, and he said that looked attractive. So Muslims are well-groomed. Our prophet (saas) wore a very attractive Byzantine robe at that time. His shoes were very well maintained. He parted his hair down the middle. It was long, reaching down to his shoulders, and the Prophet (saas) plaited it on either side. Our mother Ayesha (r.a) plaited it. He also plaited it himself, though our mother may also have done it. That is an adornment, isn’t it?. Our Prophet (saas) used kohl on his eyes. His eyes were dark from birth, but he used kohl on them, as well. He rubbed a perfumed olive oil into his hair to make it shine. That is an adornment, isn’t it? The hair cream in those days was a perfumed olive oil, so his hair shone very brightly, masha’Allah. His eyes were pitch black. He rubbed it into his beard, so that also shone brightly. He dressed very well.
“Hazrat Ayesha (ra) narrates: Rasulullah (saas) called on the women of Ansar at one of their weddings. They were singing songs.” That kind of thing drives the bigots crazy to hear.
“Our Prophet (saas) attended the wedding ceremony of the daughter of Muavviz Ibn Afra, Ar-Rubayyi. He sat next to her.” He sat next to the woman. That drives the bigots crazy. That kind of thing. “Some girls started playing the tambourines and singing songs about the deeds of the martyrs at the Battle of Badir.” From Bukhari.
“Hazrat Ayesha (ra) arranged for a woman of the Ansar to marry. Our Prophet (saas) said, “O Ayesha, do you have no singer to play the tambourines with you. Because the Ansar enjoy such entertainments.” Look, the Ansar like singing and dancing. Rasulullah (saas) says this in Bukhari, in the Nuptials section.
 Young girls who welcomed our Prophet (saas) did so singing songs.
“Rasulullah (saas) used kohl when he was fasting.” He even used kohl when he fasted.
“The ladies of paradise sing for their husbands with lovely voices that have never been heard before,” he says. This happens even in paradise.
The Companions, too. Aba Qatar also rubbed in hair cream made of olive oil into his hair twice a day. It shone very brightly. They used all kinds of adornment.
“An account from Ibni Abbas; A man who had dyed his hair with henna passed by our Prophet (saas). Rasulullah (saas) said how good that looked. Later on, another man who had dyed his hair black with henna and hemp passed by. He said that he looked even better. The man with black or brown hair. Then another man who had dyed his hair blond passed by. He said that he looked the best of them all.” So what is the bigots’ problem?
A9 TV, 4 May 2012
There are some idiots who lie about Allah and the prophets and the Companions, shamelessly and basely. Why should a woman be beaten for looking out of the window? What a disgraceful, vile and immoral thing to say! Look at the respect given to women, the value placed on them. They say things like dogs, pigs and women all invalidate prayer, that 99% of women are in hell. That one should consult with women and do the exact opposite of what they say. They must no spread lies about the Companions. No Companion would beat his wife for such a reason. They all loved their wives. They were in love with Allah, and their wives were in love with them, and they with their wives. They were pleasant, warm and humorous people. Rasulullah (saas) was also like that. He would never slap a woman. He always treated them with love. They would look out of the window, ascend to the tops of the towers and look down on the castle from there. They could go where they liked.
Look, Rasulullah (saas) says; “The light of my eyes is in prayer, and my delight and love have been appointed in women.” That is how Allah made me, he says. The Prophet (saas) loved and delighted in women most of all.
Abu Abdullah Jafri Sadik said; “Loving women is part of the moral values of the prophets.” All the prophets loved women. Prophets and Mahdis have a huge love of women.
Imam Jafri Sadik said; “I do not think that anyone’s faith will grow so long as his love of women does not increase.” It is correlated with faith. The more faith one has, the more one loves women, he says.
Abu Malik al Harzami related from Abu Abbas. I heard Imam Sadik say, “The more a servant loves his woman, the more his faith grows in terms of virtue.” It is directly correlated with faith. Love grows as one’s faith grows, and love of woman grows as one’s faith increases.
“People of the house, hang whips and sticks where the woman can see them.”
“Do not let women occupy rooms where they can be too comfortable.” Another false hadith. What immoral guys! What harm have these women done to you?
 This is related from Ibn al-Abbas; “Do not teach your women to read and write. Do not let them occupy high places.” Otherwise they will look around and see one another. You must not let them communicate in writing. No reading or writing. Nor must you let them look out of the window, they say.
“You must train women with good words, because they are weak. If you obey them, they will destroy you and annihilate you.” You must constantly deny and train them.
Ibn al-Hajar al Askalani says, “Misfortune for a woman is not to bear children.” They have a terrible time in Anatolia if they cannot have children. They are totally humiliated. But that is what Allah has ordained. Allah says they will have children if He so chooses. Men do not seek the reason why they have no children in themselves, only in their wives. But it is quite normal that they may not have children. The problem may lie with the man or the woman. Or Allah may not visit any such problem on them.
Ibn al-Arabi’s prayer for the Mahdi; “O he whom the looker sees (the Mahdi)!” Maybe on television or in the streets, he says. “O Allah’s friend, al-Malik, the successor of al-Kahr! You have sailed from the offspring and wombs and you’re charged with changing these clauses. All skies, earth and in-between wait for your coming. Creatures long for you (your emergence). I (Ibn al-Arabi) believe that he is a wali, khalifa, imam and guide, we don’t reach to heresy like unwary people regarding him, and we don’t deny him like people who assume superiority. O my Lord, we wait for him while believing in You and asserting the Prophet (saas). If You give us the blessing of seeing him, don’t  deprive us of obeying him, include us in his helpers and lovers! (Amin) Ibn al-Arabi says of the Mahdi
A9 TV, 7 May 2012
If a woman becomes a prostitute, one can expect all kinds of calamity. She becomes very dangerous. Maniacal. And physically unclean and mentally unclean. Bad, may Allah forbid. But that does not mean we have to hate her. We will pity and try to save her. Some idiots say, “This is a prostitute. She is accursed.” So what should we do? “You must beat her with sticks, that is what you must do,” they say. This is immoral. There were women, prostitutes, around Jesus the Messiah. That is in the Gospel. He felt affection for them. He loved them. There were many female prostitutes in the time of Rasulullah (saas). They became Muslims, believers, Companions. There were men who engaged in illicit relations. There were men who prostituted themselves. They entered Islam and became Companions. Rasulullah (saas) always showed them love. That happened in the time of every prophet.Prostitution is not limited to sexual relations. You also engage in prostitution when you fail to abide by Allah’s commandment and do illicit things. You assume the position of a prostitute. Prostitution means wrong things, abnormal things.
It is quite normal for ladies to be beautiful and well groomed. What do they say? “Muslim women cannot be attractive and well groomed. They cannot laugh. They must be beaten a lot. That stick needs to be hung on the wall. They are like dogs and pigs. If a woman passes in front of someone praying, that prayer is spoiled. When one asks them something, one must do the opposite of what they say.” They ask them, “No would you accept such a model of woman?” Look, “you must be covered up, you must have a beard and a moustache, you must be like an ape, you must be repellent, stink like hell, be filthy, degraded and never step. The windows must be closed up in case of illicit liaisons. You must not be able to see the street. Is that the kind of life you want?” “Or do you want the kind of life where you can wear low tops, be modern, go to the cinema, watch TV, play as you like, speak and laugh?” And the person says, “The other one is hellish. I do not want that.” “So you have become an unbeliever,” he is told. And he replies, “May Allah forbid. In that case I accept.” And that is how they have made great masses of people irreligious. They have turned people away from religion and being Muslims. But I have thwarted that satanic ruse.
People who wear low-cut clothes are also 100% Muslims. And those who cover up are 100% Muslim. One must reach out to them all, and talk to them all. One must respect and value them all.
You can have ladies wearing low-cut clothes and who cover up entirely all in the same place. And you must respect them all. You must demonstrate that in practice. If you do not, you are dishonest. Because it is easy to eliminate the devout by such a method.
A9 TV, 11-April-2012
The bigots loathe women. Communists also undervalue them, with their Darwinist and materialist mindsets. They regard them as creatures that have not yet fully evolved, may Allah forbid. Bigots hate women, and say they are like devils. They say that if you do the opposite of what a woman tells you, you cannot go far wrong. So it is very difficult to expect people raised with this hatred, from Darwinists on the one hand and bigots on the other, to value them properly. So they want to kill them or injure or degrade them, not take them seriously. That scourge can only be lifted with the way of the Mahdi, and with Islamic Union. We can see this from the hadiths. Our Prophet (saas) says in a  special hadith that women will enjoy great security and live in peace.
Some people ask me, “How should women dress in front of their fathers?” They can look at verse 31 of Surat an-Nur and see. But what happens when you tell this to hypocrites and bigots? The bigot will say, “If Allah said that, then I am not a Muslim.” May Allah forbid. Allah tells us in the Qur’an how a girl should dress in front of her father, or a mother in front of her son. 
Look, it says, “Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyes and guard their private parts,” they should avoid illicit relations. “and not display their adornments – except for what normally shows.” What is normally visible. “and draw their coverings across their breasts.” They must cover their breasts. Women who wander round totally uncovered with their breast exposed, must cover them up, says Almighty Allah.  “They should only display their adornments to their husbands or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire,” who have no sexual urges “or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” Who have no knowledge of women’s sexual organs or female sexuality. They should only display them to children. Allah’s commandment is explicit. For example, there were Adam and Eve when Almighty Allah first created the Earth. They were twins. Almighty Allah had the brother marry the sister. That is lawful. Allah determines what is moral. But this is immoral for us now. But it was moral at that time. Morality is what Allah says. Then Allah made it immoral after a certain time. Allah says that brothers and sisters should not enter into relations together.
A9 TV, 29-March-2012
Woman is a blessed and sacred being. She is to be loved with passion as a manifestation of Allah. One must love and protect and watch over her all her life. She is entrusted to you by Allah. You cannot enjoy a woman just for lust. You must enjoy her passion, enjoy her as a manifestation of Allah and feel compassion for her. You must delight in protecting and watching over her. You must enjoy her joy and goodness and beauty. You must delight in her loyalty and devotion, and, above all, her religious piety. That is the way. But such relations for an hour or two is prostitution and just disgusting. That is why Allah makes such men and women weak. Allah takes away their strength. They lose their sexual powers and grow cold. Allah dries them up inside, as a punishment. Believers are very strong. Allah creates them to be strong, both men and women because they love one another with faith and passion, as manifestations of Allah. Allah bestows that strength as a miracle, a marvel.
A9 TV, 3-March-2012
“The verse says it is the upper chest that should be covered. It does not refer to the head. The Arabic name of what women use to cover their heads is the ‘mikna,’ not ‘khimar.’ Why do you still refuse to understand? The Arabic word for the headscarf is ‘nasiyf,’ or ‘mikna. “Look in an Arabic dictionary and the plural of mikna is makani, and nasiyf is the plural of nasif,” it is the cloth of the headscarf. If it said something like Khimar al-ras, yes, that would be the headscarf. “The word ‘Ras’ emphasizes the region of the head. Together with the word covering/khimar, it clearly refers to a headscarf. As a matter of fact regarding ablution the word “ras” is used to say that head should be rubbed. The word ‘ras’ does not appear in the Qur’an [regarding covering], but ‘khimar’ does. It appears where the place to be covered up is the upper chest region. In other words, by the word khimar, it is the open chest that should be covered up, not the head. The world ‘jilb,’ meaning exposed chest, that a woman should cover her exposed breasts, is used in the verse to describe the area to be covered and also appears in verses saying the Prophet Moses (pbuh) put his hand in the area on his breast. The same word is used. Breast.
“Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyes [from what is unlawful] and guard their private parts” They must not enter into illicit sexual relations. “and not display their adornments – except for what normally shows” apart from those parts that are seen naturally. “and draw their coverings across their breasts.”  let them cover themselves up. “They should only display their adornments to…” Look, Almighty Allah is saying who they can reveal their adornments to. He says they can only reveal them to these people. Who? “Their own husbands or fathers.” To her husband or her father, “or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” Almighty Allah says they must not expose them to anyone else. The commandment is explicit. It is impossible to misunderstand. Allah says they can only reveal their adornments to these people. “Nor should they stamp their feet so that their hidden ornaments are known. Turn to Allah every one of you, believers, so that hopefully you will have success.”
Patriarchal; show me one single verse referring to male superiority. Women are always protected and watched over in the Qur’an. The whole responsibility is given to the man. Women are shown the easy way. Allah always places the burdens on men. He always frees women from responsibilities. Allah makes women’s lives easier. 
The right of inheritance; Yes, the man is given many shares in the right of inheritance, but a brother has a duty to care for his sister. The religion makes that compulsory. He has a duty to protect and watch over her in every way. And the girl has no need of it.
A9 TV, 29-February-2012
(In response to a view who requested a clarification of verse 31 of Surat an-Nur)
Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyes and guard their private parts and not display their adornments – except for what normally shows – and draw their coverings across their breasts. They should only display their adornments to their husbands or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts. Nor should they stamp their feet so that their hidden ornaments are known. Turn to Allah every one of you, believers, so that hopefully you will have success. (Surat an-Nur, 31)
“Say to the believing women that they should lower their eyes and guard their private parts... and draw their coverings across their breasts.” They must pull their coverings over their breasts so as to cover them up. In other words, their breasts must be covered up, and they must not show them to people outside. The people to whom they may show their adornments are;  “their husbands or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” “Nor should they stamp their feet so that their hidden ornaments are known. Turn to Allah every one of you, believers, so that hopefully you will have success.” What is Almighty Allah saying? “they should not display their adornments – except for what normally shows...” They must pull their coverings across their breasts, in such a way as to cover them up. But Almighty Allah says it is permissible to reveal them before their husbands or fathers. Yet the Qur’an says this, Allah says it. But these idiots say that out of a bigoted mindset. Look, Allah explicitly sets the commandment out, but they reject and deny it. She can reveal her adornments to her husband. And to whom else? They can show them to their husbands, and to whom else? “or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” Allah says in the verse that they may reveal their adornments to these, but not to strangers. Allah lists fathers, sons and relatives separately and says that women should not reveal their private parts apart from these people and children. But what do the bigots say? “Unacceptable,” they say. Allah says something, but the bigots reject it. ”Nor should they stamp their feet so that their hidden ornaments are known. Turn to Allah every one of you, believers, so that hopefully you will have success.”
Omer Nasuhi Bilmen hodja interprets verse 31 as follows: “apart from their hands and their faces, they must not reveal those parts of their bodies that should not be exposed, neither to strangers nor in prayer.” They must not show them to people in the street. “but they can show them to people to whom it is permitted for them to reveal them.” This is what Allah says in the verse. He says there are people they are permitted to reveal them to, and they can show them to them. But the bigot says they must not reveal them to them, either. How idiotic! Allah says they may reveal them. But the bigots say they may not! “they may show them to their husbands, or to their own fathers, or to their parents’ fathers, their grandfathers, or to their husbands’ fathers, or to their own children and grandchildren or to their husbands’ children and grandchildren or to their stepchildren and grandchildren, or to their own brothers or their brothers’ children, or to the sons of their sisters, and to their sons.” Who says this? Omer Nasuhi Bilmen. I just relate it, and the bigots go crazy. “Such permission is granted to them since there is little chance of corruption arising when they meet openly, and it is also permissible to be seen by maternal and paternal uncles.” Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen says this. “If that slave is very old or if an elderly servant’s male parts have been severed so he has no more need of women, then they can be shown to them,” he says. “Or women can also expose their private parts to children who have not yet reached the age of sexual desire,” he says. “It is permissible to expose them to these people, but they must not expose the parts from the stomach to the knee caps to any other than their husbands,” he says. She can only expose the area from the knee caps to the stomach to her husband. But in the Maliki school it is not as far as the knee cap, it is enough to cover the private parts. Here he writes, “In the Maliki school, both male and female private parts are described as ‘secret and private.’ For a man, it is enough to cover the private parts, the sexual organ and private parts of the body, that area covered by shorts, from the front and rear, and that is enough, in the Maliki school. That is regarded as covering them up in the Maliki school, but that area definitely must be covered. That is what I have to say. Now, Allah says in this verse of Surat an-Nur that they can walk around like that at home. The verse does not say to avoid your father or brother in that state. She can embrace her father, kiss him, ask how he is and embrace him. That is Allah’s commandment. No immorality or perversion or wrongdoing would ever occur to a Muslim, since he fears Allah.
The Islamic scholars clarify it so there should be no misunderstanding, “like a man exposing his parts to another man.” The verse says the woman can behave freely alongside the people listed therein. “In the Hanafi and Sha’afi schools, the man’s private area is between the stomach and the knees. In the Hanbali school this is not private. The private area is only the sexual parts.” In other words, as I have said, the sexual organ and rear that can be covered with shorts. “In the Hanbali school, the private parts are only the front and rear. “Maliki agrees with the Hanbali school.” In other words, it regards short briefs as sufficient, but Hanafi and Sha’afi require a longer covering. Very short briefs are sufficient in the Hanbali school. This is also the view of the Department for Religious Affairs, as well as the view taken in Hamdi Yazır of Elmalı and other commentaries.
A9 TV, 19-March-2012
The most impressive attribute of a woman is her beautful, meaningful eyes full of passion. This superior quality in devout women does not appear in disbelievers. That is why they suffer a lot of trouble. Your looks which are full of passion, the love you have for me.A disbelieving man looks at his own wife- she looks like a cow to him and the woman, in return, looks at him like a swine. He is impure and unwise like a swine. One sees the difference between faith and disbelief and he feels its pain because he experiences it in real life. 
A9 TV, 18-March-2012
“Say to the believing women” This holds true for all believing women “that they should lower their eyes and guard their private parts and not display their adornments – except for what normally shows – and draw their head-coverings across their breasts. They should only display their adornments to their husbands or their fathers or their husbands’ fathers, or their sons or their husbands’ sons or their brothers or their brothers’ sons or their sisters’ sons or other women or those they own as slaves or their male attendants who have no sexual desire or children who still have no awareness of women’s private parts.” These are the ones that believing women can display their adornments. The verse is very explicit. I have spoken of this several times.
A9 TV, 15-March-2012
One with strong love for women in this world will also have love for women in a strong way in the hereafter insha’Allah. Women are one of the greatest blessings of the garden. Actually some people are afraid of using such a manner of expression. Sexuality is not something to be ashamed of. It is bad if it is not legitimate. As long as it is legitimate, it is the greatest blessing. Our Prophet (saas) says; “Good smell, prayer and woman.” Our Prophet (saas) says, “These three, I am made to love.”
“Good women”. Of course, not a mindless and negative woman; that would be very disturbing; it is a torture. Therefore, our Prophet (saas) pointed that out and he says, “Good women.” Sincere. Because with a sincere woman,  her true beauty is displayed. When she is not sincere, she has a bad attitude, assumes a pose, acts mean, makes an insinuation, worries about silly things and acts like a crazy person. But there would always be a positive, nice and warm electricity with a sincere woman. She would be very sweet. It is a great blessing. Of course a good man is also like that for a woman.
A9 TV, 23-February-2012
The Qur’an is full of protective verses about women. “I will call them to account for that little child who was buried alive,” says Almighty Allah. “That girl,” He says. The fanatics of the time hated girls. They would immediately bury female babies alive when they were born. Allah says in a verse that, “when the baby girl buried alive is asked.” Fanatics have no qualms about behaving so horribly. They have an unbelievable hatred of women.
A9 TV, 22-February-2012
This is a defamation of our Prophet (pbuh). It is unconscionable and bad manners. “Seek women’s advice and do the exact opposite of what they say.” All women, without exception. Our Prophet (pbuh) is said to have said that, may Allah forbid! “Consult with them.” What shall we do, where shall we go, what shall we wear? What should we eat? Which house should we move to? Which school should the children go to? “Consult with them and do the exact opposite.” One must do the opposite of what satan says, not women. Why do the opposite of what women say? They are our mothers, our wives, our dears. How can that be? Women are highly intelligent. People thought that people used to fly in those days, marvelous things happened, but that these miracles have all stopped with scientific progress in the End Times. They imagined that the age of myth and wonder is over. But then they looked and saw that everything our Prophet (pbuh) said is coming true. Everything he said, after 1400 years. They then realized that marvelous things were happening.
“Obedience to women is a filthy thing.” Look, a fabrication by fanatics. Look, “You must leave women behind as Allah has left them behind.” They would have us leave them behind everywhere. They walk along with their guts dragging on the ground and their women behind them. Let them walk beside you. What is wrong with that? Do you not love them. What a dangerous and wrong way of thinking! This mindset undervalues and degrades them. A Muslim could never be so rude. And it is especially and hugely immorally to make such an accusation about the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).
“One out of ninety-nine women is in paradise, the rest are in hell.” Meaning they are all in hell. They imagine that paradise will be full of men. If you are a woman, you are in hell. The most amazing accusations. Look how humiliating it all is. And then to ascribe this to our Prophet (pbuh), may Allah forbid! The worst oppression and lack of conscience. Terrible defamation and cruelty.
“Women are like monkeys because of their fascination with clothing. They are like dogs as they are unwilling to be poor. They resemble snakes because of their arrogance toward their husbands and others. They resemble scorpions because they chase people away night and day, they resemble because they sell things from their homes, they resemble foxes because of the snares they set for men and sheep because they obey their husbands.”  Unbelievable! They insult women in every way they can think of. This is all a fabrication by losers, fanatics devoid of love and frozen minds.
“Women’s minds are in their private parts,” in sexual relations, in other words. If it is a lawful relationship, why should she not? A man can also think about it, if it is lawful. That is how Allah has created them, in such a way as to think about it. Is that a crime? But only if the relationship is lawful, insha’Allah.
“I have never seen an entity capable of distracting a man, so deficient in reason and faith,” our Prophet (pbuh) is supposed to have said that, may Allah forbid. The fanatics have fabricated everything that entered their heads.
“Women are ungrateful,” he says.
“Even if her husband’s body is covered in filth and the woman licks it all off, she has still not done enough to repay her husband.” Look at the immorality of that. What is so special about that man? How can anyone say that to a Muslim woman? What a terrible insult and lack of conscience! Yet this filthy types still say “We fear Allah,” as they go out and about in their white turbans.
“A woman cannot fully repay her husband even if his body is covered in pus and she licks it all off.” See how filthy these fanatics are? Only because he feeds and clothes her.
Our Prophet (pbuh) walked around the market of Ukas in Mecca. Women’s breasts were completely uncovered there. And he preached to them, too. There were women wearing underwear only, and he preached to them. Everyone was there in the market. There were Christian ladies all covered up, and he preached to them. There were women semi-covered up, and he preached to them. He preached to everyone. People fail to understand those times. They have no idea of the Meccan period. Most women went around with their breasts uncovered. Some were even totally naked. The verses were sent down for them. Almighty Allah made them cover themselves up. The same with men. They would wrap something round themselves quickly and go out. Just enough to cover their private parts. Some were even worse than that. Those days were very different to how you imagine. Study the history of those times, and learn.
Good conscience and love require we win women over and take care over their health and well-being. Their happiness is a religious obligation. There can be no question of upsetting or hurting them or making them ill. Harming their chastity, honor or good character is oppression, insha’Allah. Everyone must do all he can to ensure they live peaceful and pleasant lives. Allah has entrusted them to us, like flowers.
A9 TV, 18-February-2012
I feel sorry for unchaste women. How sad they are. Allah makes them mad. They lose their senses, by the law of Allah. Aggressive. Slyness is a terrible thing in a woman. She turns into a very strange being indeed. Really dangerous and aggressive, so there is no telling what she will do next. But a devout woman, chaste and well-raised, is a wonderful and sweet thing.
A9 TV, 20-February-2012
They claim that our Prophet (saas) said the following and thus slander him: 
“Consult women. Consult them.” Consult woman about the things that youwill do, for instance. “But do what is just the contrary of what they say.” Notice that as a provision this is a practice that is appreciated by the bigots. And I ask why Islam is perceived wrongly? Why do people have so much objection to Islam?
What does it say here? “Do the opposite of whatever a woman says .” For instance you will ask, “What shall we eat today?” The lady says, for instance, rice. You will go and say, “No, lets cook something else.” For instance, you want to go somewhere the lady says, “Let’s go to our parents.” But you have to say, “No, I changed my mind; we are not going anywhere.”
Half of the world is women. Half of the Muslims are women. Have you now started to understand the reason of the hatred bigots feel for women?
“Abidance to women is regret.” That is to say, if you obey any of their words, you will feel regret. For instance a lady says, “Do not go out, it is cold today.” A sound-minded Muslim lady says this. You know that these insulting words are also being said about Hazrat Aisha (ra), Hazrat Fatima (ra), Hazrat Mary (ra). That is to say, for all women with no exception.
“Just as how Allah leaves women behind, you also leave them behind.” They mean, “....leave them behind” in all walks of life. For instance ,while walking they make the lady walk behind them because they consider ladies as unworthy. The fact is however, they need to keep them before their very eyes and watch over them. But they make them come behind, because they don’t see them precious.
“One of out of ninety nine women are in paradise while the rest are in hell.” Now how many women are there in Turkey? The population of Turkey is 70 million. 35 million of whom are women. Then, according to this hadith, at least 34 million of them are in hell. But this is not the case for men. Their abode is paradise! What they think is wrong with ladies?
“If a woman divorces her husband, the smell of paradise to that woman becomes haram.” For instance let us say that her husband is immoral, a swindler, a dishonorable man. A bigot, a fool . He assumes a negative attitude towards Allah and the blessed values. No matter what the husband does, they tell the woman not to divorce; that she must not divorce. If she divorces, notice that the provision is clear. She can in no way divorce. Can a man divorce? Yes, in any case. As much he likes. Why would a lady be together with an immoral man? Why on earth should she?
“Do not consult women. Oppose them. Contradict them, since contradicting women brings blessings.” Then how come she became your sweetheart? Why did you fall in love with her? Why do you feel profound love for her?
“Whoever obeys women, Allah throws him into hell face down.” For instance his wife asks him to go out into the garden. The man answers, “You dimwit, you fool. .”
“Do not teach women how to write.” That is to say, leave them ignorant. That is why they also do not want to  send them to school. They also ban them from going out. They keep them away from windows facing the street. The fact is however, it is men who commit adultery, because if a man and a woman have intercourse and they both agree to do it, they are both adulterers, but they only call the woman an “adulterer”. They call her a “prostitute”. The fact is however, the man also becomes a prostitute.
“It is a fact that a woman appears in the form of a satan and leaves in the form of a satan.”
“Those things making prayer invalid: black dogs, donkeys and women.” For instance , a woman passes by; your prayer becomes invalid. If a chicken passes by, it is valid. The same in the case of a horse, an elephant or even a hyena. A white dog also does not render the prayer invalid. Or a grey dog. It must be a black dog. A mule also does not render the prayer invalid; a pig and a woman. They are all of the same kind. If you introduce this as “Islam”, people would hesitate to embrace Islam. That is why we say bigotry and radicalismis a great evil.
“Even if every part of a husband’s body is covered with pus”, you know there are those bigots stinking like corpse, and if he is covered with filth, blood and pus all over, “his wife can not make it up to him.” According to them, a wife is responsible for cleaning his blood and pus. But still she can not make it up to her. The man is so worthy, that is to say. The woman, on the other hand, is so unworthy. Aren’t we right when we say “bigotry” and “radicalism” is a scourge?
“Leave women hungry as  long as not giving harm to them, and leave them without clothes as long as you do not go to extremes. Because when women feel fully satiated and wear beautiful clothes, there is nothing more loveable for them than going out.” That means to say, they will become furious. The woman is left at home in a desperate situation. No clothes. She sits at ऀhome. She cannot go out. According to the bigots this is the most reliable way.
“A woman has eight attributes. In her aspiration for apparel, she resembles a monkey.” they say. “She is a dog because she does not consent to become poor. She is a snake because of her arrogance towards her husband or other people.” “She is a scorpion because she dismisses people day and night.” “She is a mouse because she sells the goods in her house.” “She is a fox because she plots against men, she is a sheep because she abides by her husband.” Do you see that scene! They sincerely believe in this. That is why they feel so much hatred for women. Such information is the root of the hatred felt against women by the radicals.
“The religion and wisdom of women is deficient.” They say, without exception, they are both deficient in wisdom and their piousness. That is to say, according to them, this holds true also for our mothers Hazrat Aisha (ra), Hazrat Fatima (ra) and all others. And they sincerely believe in this. They believe like a provision.
“The majority of the people of hell are women.” They indeed say that only 1 percent of women can go to paradise and the remaining 99 percent are in hell. According to them, women must be beaten harshly, insulted, humiliated. Also they must follow you behind while walking, tell them that they are deficient, never give them any assignment anywhere and do the opposite of whatever they say. In this state, they simply kill the women. You kill them in the spiritual sense. They annihilate them. This is an intense resolution for murder. How do you marry a being that you despise, loathe, consider to be base so much?! How do you live in the very same house?! That is why they can also not look into their faces. They do not consider to be human beings.
“Hazrat Aisha (ra) relates: “ Our Prophet (saas) visited the women of Al Ansar during one of their weddings. They were singing.” They were entertaining, they were singing. That means that singing is a beautiful thing.
“Hazrat Aisha (ra) made one of the women from the Al Ansar marry. OurProphet (saas) said: “O Aisha, don’t you have anyone playing tambourine and singing? Because Al Ansar likes entertainment.” Notice that they are enjoying themselves, singing. They like entertainment. They use the means of their time. They have tambourine of that time and they are using it.
When our Prophet (saas)  visited somewhere in Madina, he heard the young ladies singing and playing tambourine. “We are the girls of ibn Najar. How  pleasing a neighbor is Muhammad (ra).” These are the lyrics of the song, Insha’Allah. 
A9 TV, 20-February-2012
A woman and a man are both lower selves. They are souls. They are both beings that come into being by Allah’s breathing into them. Consequently they have both the very same rights. A woman divorces as she wishes, if she considers him to be abnormal and insincere. If he is far removed from faith and religion, she divorces him. Even if she does not divorce, their marriage becomes legally invalid.
A9 TV, 13-February-2012
They have come up with amazing ways of separating women from the Qur’an at the incitement of satan. According to what they say, women should neither come anywhere near the Qur’an, nor appear on television. In these foolish people’s eyes women are not human at all. They regard them as something between human beings and other creatures, not as fully human.
A9 TV, 30 August 2011
A response to the question, "Why do you always make programs with attractive women?")
Attractive women appear on all television channels. On Kanal 7’s advertising and on Samanyolu TV's advertising. You see them all.  I have the fine manifestations of Allah before me. My heart sings when I see them. I love them. They delight me.
Allah always smoothes my path, because I follow in His path. Allah says He will take 10 steps toward someone who takes one step toward Him. The good things I ask for will inevitably come about, insha’Allah. And you see that happening. But we must think deeply and be honest. We must love Allah and never forget Him. For example, why should Russian TV turn up? It is a miracle. Allah sends it. And it is a really big channel. We preach to the American military in America and tell them of the existence of Allah. What a glorious thing, masha’Allah. Busses travel round in England with “God exists” on the side, masha’Allah. There is a picture of that handsome man on one side, and the Atlas of Creation on the other, masha’Allah. It is wonderful, glorious.
A9 TV, 10-August-2011
Women are the adornment of the world. They are very blessed entities, valuable entities. They must be cared for, like flowers.
A woman analyzes a man very well, but a man cannot analyze or understand a woman. But women see them in all regards, and see their weaknesses and deficiencies. Woman is a superior being, really intelligent. They have a predisposition to art, love, depth and passion. Women are wonderful entities, a great blessing. Their passion and depth and delicacy. But they are also predisposed to doubt and sorrow. That is their weakness. Sorrow wipes a woman out. Bearing grudges wipes a woman out. She is finished when any of these things touch her. Women must be freed from these negative aspects. She will be wiped out if she holds grudges or fears. Women have this negative side, and must be freed from it.
People must see the manifestation of Allah in women. If a woman is properly valued she becomes like a heavenly being, a wonderful entity. Woman is the loveliest adornment of the world. She displays unbelievable love and unbelievable moral virtue. She has an unbelievable artistic power. But if she is saddened, she collapses. She loses her beauty and health. She is a very delicate entity. Allah speaks of women being “brought up among pretty trinkets”, like a flower. That is noted in the Qur’an. A very delicate being.
(About violence against women)
Protect and watch out for women when they go out. The press must constantly report on these aggressors. They must clean up their districts and tell the local officials. Aggressors must be kept under constant surveillance. Hundreds of eyes must watch them. They must watch their every move. Such aggressors are people who must be kept under control all their lives. It is a lovely thing to protect someone else. It is a great delight to protect a woman. A lovely thing. It is lovely to bring them peace of mind. Women police, we can pay them ourselves if need be. There must be more police. How many police are needed? Well, more than 2000 women are under threat. So let them recruit 4000 police. The State needs more money? We will provide it. We will eat a bit less, and that will be good for us. Or instead of taking flowers to someone, we won’t bother. Just so long as these women are safe.
Our Prophet (saas) had an elevated love of women. His moral values were the greatest kindness, moderation, respect and gentleness. He reflected this very well in his wives. In terms of language, he approached them with love of Allah. He showed them deep respect.
Women are treasure troves of affection. They know about affection, since they are mothers. Because they have the spirit of motherhood. They live by love and passion in the finest way and hand them on to others. But women are also fragile. They are easily saddened and hurt. They can easily start sulking. One has to treat them very carefully. Allah compares them to flowers in the Qur’an. To carefully grown flowers. That is why only a highly intelligent Muslim can keep a woman in a good balance. An unintelligent person just damages a sensitive instrument. If you give someone a very delicate instrument, they will make the best use of it if they are an expert. But if they are crude and stupid they will just break it or tear it apart. That is why Allah speaks of “good men for good women” in the Qur’an. Allah has divided people into good and pure men and good and pure women. That is why believers are very fine, intelligent and pleasant people; and they must be together with pleasant and intelligent. These are the people they get married to. Then they can be happy together. Otherwise, the result is suffering, as one sees all across the world. A woman then becomes a terrible problem for a man. And a man for a woman. And they turn into machines that wear one another down. He wears her down, and she him. They constantly irritate one another. They are constantly tense and a fierce hatred results. If a believer is pious and both sides are intelligent then they bring out the best in one another. They appreciate their moral and physical similarities. They take pleasure from that. And that causes them to love one another.
(regarding women beaten and murdered by their husbands)
If you abandon someone who is fighting for his life, that is murder. The government should pass a law on that, because it is equivalent to murder. Such people should go on trial. If you ask such a person “would you like people to abandon you in such a situation?” He will say “May Allah forbid, of course not.”  So why did you do that? It is a serious offense. That is why we need an explicit law. Men beat women up in the streets, for example, and people stand by and watch. Is your own skin that precious? Go and save that poor woman. Call the police, do something. What if it was your own child or daughter? Is that not a sin? Intervening in such situations is a moral necessity. The law needs to encompass that. Simple as that.
Women will be very free. That violence and oppression toward them will be lifted in the End Times, in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Women have been suffocated. They are not allowed to speak or go out on the streets. That will be done away with. Women will stop being a model regarded with suspicion. They will be free in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They will be happy and joyful and immaculate. They will speak as they like and be leaders everywhere. This scourge will be lifted from them. There will be no more distrust of women. Men and women are equal. I trust them all. I will not let anyone say a word against them, insha’Allah.
I am a person of love and passion. Love of woman is very important for me. Female beauty is a wonderful thing. Women are immaculate and highly intelligent and see things in great detail. Men are not like that. If you ask for details, a woman will give you a hundred. Ask a man, and he will only manage two or three. Women have a huge power of detail, a power of depth. Women are also predisposed to faith, to submission to Allah, affection, compassion, loyalty and patience. They are most blessed beings. The important thing for me is ultra-modern thinking.
A9 TV, February-14-2011
"The fine moral values of our Prophet (saas). “A daughter is an excellent child. She is affectionate, helpful, meek, blessed and filled with maternal feelings.”
“A daughter is a fine child.” Look at the bigots’ attitude toward women and the language our Prophet (saas) uses. Bigots have a huge hatred of women. Some people, hypocrites and pagans, failed to understand the way our Prophet (saas) played with and took an interest in children. Our Prophet (saas) emphasizes this abnormal mindset and describes its erroneous nature.
One one occasion, Akra ibn Habis saw our Prophet (saas) kiss Hazrat Hassan and said: “I have 10 children. But I have never kissed any of them.” At this, our Prophet (saas) said, “there can be no compassion for those without compassion.”
Not liking children is really strange. The hypocrites at that time were very cold and unfeeling toward children. The way our Prophet (saas) showed love for children and treated them very warmly was regarded as abnormal. They were unable to reconcile that with the prophethood. “They never approach most of us and we show them no love,” they said. That wrong tradition even continued in several places. The hypocritical tradition finds it hard to show love for children. It finds it hard to show love and regards it as something embarrassing.  The Companions sometimes made mistakes, and the Prophet (saas) would warn them, and they would amend their behavior. My apologies to them. But this is a particular characteristic of hypocrites.
The fine moral values of our Prophet (saas). “A daughter is an excellent child. She is affectionate, helpful, meek, blessed and filled with maternal feelings.”
“A daughter is a fine child.” Look at the bigots’ attitude toward women and the language our Prophet (saas) uses. Bigots have a huge hatred of women. Some people, hypocrites and pagans, failed to understand the way our Prophet (saas) played with and took an interest in children. Our Prophet (saas) emphasizes this abnormal mindset and describes its erroneous nature.
One one occasion, Akra ibn Habis saw our Prophet (saas) kiss Hazrat Hassan and said: “I have 10 children. But I have never kissed any of them.” At this, our Prophet (saas) said, “there can be no compassion for those without compassion.”
Not liking children is really strange. The hypocrites at that time were very cold and unfeeling toward children. The way our Prophet (saas) showed love for children and treated them very warmly was regarded as abnormal. They were unable to reconcile that with the prophethood. “They never approach most of us and we show them no love,” they said. That wrong tradition even continued in several places. The hypocritical tradition finds it hard to show love for children. It finds it hard to show love and regards it as something embarrassing.  The Companions sometimes made mistakes, and the Prophet (saas) would warn them, and they would amend their behavior. My apologies to them. But this is a particular characteristic of hypocrites.
2012-10-31 17:10:58

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