The Secret Beyond Matter

The life of this world


A9 TV; 3 October 2011

(In response to the question “what is the meaning of life?”)

Once a person has achieved a certain level of consciousness, he starts wondering: “What am I? Where did I come from? Why was I created? Who created me? What is my task?” Because everything has a cause. I am holding a pen, that serves to write with. That glass is for drinking out of. Cameras. Everything has a purpose. Human beings also have a purpose. We have to reflect on that. We see something amazing when we look at ourselves. There is colored world. Blue and red and green, and everything is very sharp and regular and properly formed. Sound come in a high quality form, better even than on the best tapes. We look at the system within our brains; it all comes from a tiny piece of flesh. We look at sight, and there are two cameras. Made from water. How can a lens made of water provide such clarity? How can it provide such a sharp image? Not even crystal glass can give such a sharp image. The image is really sharp and three-dimensional. I see you in such clarity it is hard to believe. I am seeing you as an image in my brain. But you appear to be at a distance. As if you really were far off. You appear to be about a meter away from me. Yet you are inside my brain. Your voice comes from far away, but it is not far away at all. Your voice is also in my brain. Touch is also three-dimensional. But the resulting sensation gives the impression it is at a distance from me, whereas it is again in my brain. It is utterly amazing. The whole world must see the marvelous nature of this and be bound to Allah with love and passion. How glorious! Allah also creates paradise with this system. How excellent! I think to myself how not one (of the people living today) will still be around in 100 years’ time. Not one. They will all be dead and buried. And then I wonder, which of them is thinking of Allah there? Do they ever think of Him? Think of young people aged 17 or 18 today. Those model girls. When they get to 22 or 23 they tell them they are too old and to be on their way. Maybe they can cling on till 25 or maybe 26 at most. They don’t let them stick around, but send them packing. Then what happens to them? During their prime they are very proud of themselves, those young lovelies. As if they are doing something really important. They twist their hands and faces into different positions and expressions. But those days pass very quickly. They look as if they have no time to think of Allah. But one should think, “all right, I suddenly grew up, but these people get rid of us once we are 23 or 24.” That means you suddenly grow old. So, if you are old at 24, just think… Just think, people regard you as old at 24. So by 40 they will treat you like an old grandmother. That is how it is. So what is the point in becoming totally caught up in this world? OK, let us love the world. Let us love its beauties, and people, and music, and joy and fine houses, but why not also give thanks to the Creator? We just have to be grateful, and say “alhamdulillah.” “O Lord, how well You have created, thank You,” we must say. But some people do not want that. They find the idea of Allah very difficult. So He then sends them afflictions. That blessing is then taken away. What is wrong with everyone loving everyone else? What is wrong with everyone being friends, with nobody backbiting anyone else, with nobody thinking badly of or hurting anyone else? Let young girls be free to travel around in the open, for instance. Nobody should distress them, or gossip about them. Nobody should be selfish or egotistical. Let us love the poor. There must be no more such thing as poverty. Why should we have poor people? That is a terrible disgrace. How can I live richly and eat the finest foods while others are scratching through piles of rubbish for a living? That is a most troubling state of affairs. How great it would be if we could eat delicious chops together. Why should they make the elderly unhappy? People take them off and abandon them in old people’s homes. That is awfully sad. A terrible thing. I see it on films, and it twists the heart. I cannot look. It is so distressing. Old people are the jewels in the neighborhoods. It is lovely to see an old man come home with his walking stick. Can you imagine a home with a bearded grandfather living in it? That is a lovely thing. A grandmother with her headscarf on is a lovely thing. The way she sits in a corner and talks and jokes. That is so lovely. Then to sit and eat with her. It is so wrong to inflict suffering on them. And countries. Israel is uneasy. Why should Turkey attack it? Turkey is a most affectionate and compassionate country. Our nation is filled with love. We have never attacked anyone, so why should we attack Israel. Turkey calms problems down. We are a most reasonable nation. Reasonable and humane and consistent. The Turkish Army is also most reasonable. And that makes our nation so good and fine. Our nation is filled with human love. The younger generations are also very excellent.

A9 TV, 4 September 2011

 (An answer to the question “Since Allah knows the future and determines destiny, why did He create satan?”)

Allah does not like to be alone. He wants there to be conscious entities and human beings. He wants entities that appreciate Him and His creations, that are good and know all things and that are pleased with Him. But when human beings are created directly… You know He created the Prophet Adam (as) and Hazrat Eve (as) in paradise. That desired excitement, depth and submission do not form. Hazrat Adam (as) was a great prophet, but those things did not come about. But in the face of satan, earthly desires and hell, then human beings acquire a wonderful depth. Everything acquires a significance after that. A cup has a significance, and a mug, and life acquires a wondrous richness, and beauty acquires significance. There is no testing without satan. And without testing, the meaning of life largely fades away. In other words, it becomes unclear. Imagine a plain white wall, nothing else. That is where you end up. For instance, why do we like this cup? We like it in comparison to other cups. The only reason is that comparison. This pen of mine is attractive. Why? Because we compare it to other pens. Otherwise we would think it very ordinary. But it becomes a blessing when compared to other objects.

For example, what could we strive against in the absence of satan? We need to strive. Maybe I could not preach like this without satan. These things need to be described because of the existence of earthly desires and satan. When these things are described, one becomes a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and that is delightful. There is an excitement, and you become brave and passionate, don’t you? You smash disbelief with your mind and ideas. That is a delight, a beauty and real excitement. But without those you destroy the beauty and excitement of life. Allah creates satan, and earthly desires and the dajjal in order to add excitement to life. He creates Hazrat Mahdi (as) against the dajjal. He sends back Jesus the Messiah and creates Hazrat Khidr (as). Allah gives rise to events. The result is excitement and beauty. Life acquires meaning. Monotony and dullness are eliminated. There are the angels, for instance. Allah loves human beings with faitfulness much more than the angels. An angel is not enough for Allah. He wants human beings. Allah greatly prefers human beings. Because they strive against satan and earthly desires and have faith in Allah without seeing Him.  Allah much loves this aspect of human beings, of human beings with piety. For example, Allah tells our Prophet (saas) that He created the universe from his light. He loves our Prophet (saas) very much. Allah refers to the Prophet Abraham (as) as “Khalil al-Allah, My Khalil”, meaning ‘Friend of Allah’. He also loves him very much. Allah delights in beauty. He loves all beauty. He loves attractive people and lovely views. He loves attractive speech and wants us to delight in all these. He loves them Himself. But we are of course weak. There is no weakness in Allah. For example, Allah sends His verses in a musical, majestic and harmonious form. If He wished, He could send them in a completely bland form. There might be no harmony. He might just have written them article by article. Allah produces Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil for our Prophet (saas) to strive against. Allah inflicts Hazrat Wahshi on Hazrat Hamza. He causes him to be martyred. It is also Almighty Allah Who causes Hazrat Wahshi to eat his liver. A fervent spirit of zeal arises among Muslims then. Hazrat Hamza feels no pain, as he is in paradise. There is no pain of martyrdom. He feels nothing at all. His soul has long since been taken. The aim there is to give rise to a feeling of zeal among Muslims. For example, Allah had Afghanistan invaded, in order to inspire feelings of zeal. He had Iraq invaded. It is also Allah Who allows children to be hungry and wretched. It is also Allah Who creates them. And feelings of zeal arise in us. Otherwise no child would suffer. A martyred child would feel nothing. But Allah shows us these things in our minds, to test us. We cannot know their state in the outside world. That is between them and Allah. But you must know that no innocent entity will suffer in any way. But that is how Allah shows it to us in our brains. In order to encourage and excite us and to hold us to account. “Allah does not oppress people,” says Allah in one verse. That is impossible. He may appear to die in agony; but he does not really suffer. His soul has long since been taken. There is a verse that says that Allah places no greater burden on any person than he can bear.

A9 TV, 4 September 2011

Difficulties are instrumental in one thinking deeply, becoming a person who reflects deeply. Allah likes such things. And finally, He bestows paradise as a reward and causes one to live there for all time. Only then can paradise seem delightful. The other way, one will not enjoy it at all, paradise. If you put someone into one of the masions of paradise he will look around baffled if Allah so wishes. He will not appreciate the foods in paradise. But if he has suffered troubles here, and difficulties, if he has fought against satan and the dajjal and his own earthly desires, then they acquire a huge significance. Even a small in paradise will amaze one. Allah speaks of an “fine silk and rich brocade” worked with fine pearl. But one needs a profound soul and mind to appreciate such fine work. Otherwise, one will not even see it. Someone who is unable to see the details in insects, ants or the cell here on earth will be unable to see the details in paradise. We look at a bee in this world and it takes our breath away. So our breath will be taken away when we see a bee of paradise, insha’Allah. There are animals there, too. No animals are missing from there, they are all there in the Presence of Allah. Not one will cease to exist until the end of time. When we ask it of Allah, Allah will produce whichever one we wish for us. A cat or dog or horse, whatever one loves. Not even an insect will cease to exist in any way. It is impossible for anything that has once existed in the Sight of Allah to cease existing thereafter. May Allah forbid, He Himself would have to cease to exist for that to happen. And since it is impossible for Allah to cease to exist, they cannot do so, either.

A9 TV; 28 October 2011

The life of this world is like a flower. A violet or tulip. Look, they plant tulips. They are lovely in the spring. But then they suddenly fade and die. Violets are lovely in bloom. Daisies look beautiful in summer. Those wild violets and poppies are so lovely. But they soon wither and die. Allah has created the life of this world like that. So we should be close to Him and not have greed for things.

A9 TV; September 8th, 2011

(In response to the question related to the life of World)

Bediüzzaman said; “A group of my ummah will, by Allah’s leave, remain on what is just until the Day of Judgment.” A hadith from our Prophet (saas). Bediüzzaman says, “Based on these eight hadith and the numerological analysis, the numerical value of the section “a group of my ummah” being 1542 (2117) refers the end of their existence. Until 1542, the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will continue their ideological struggle, but in a concealed and defeated form. These are the second generation of Hazrat Mahdi’s (as) followers. They are not those who have seen him. They are the second generation. The numerical value of the section, “remain on what is just” is 1506 (2082). Until the year 2082. So the period during which  the morality of Islam will prevail, and Islam will be powerful, will be until 2082. Following 2082, Christianity, Judaism and Islam will disappear. Nothing remains after 2082. In time, they become fewer and fewer and ultimately disappear. “Until this date, it will be obvious and overt. Hazrat Mahdi’s followers will continue their efforts in a victorious manner until 2082. “Maybe in a defeated manner; it closely refers to the continuation of the task of enlightening until 1542 (2117) in a concealed and defeated manner.Until Allah’s command comes”; the numerological value of this section is 1545 (2120) and it refers to the DAY OF JUDGMENT.”  2120- Two, one, two. 2 is repeated twice; there is one 1 in the middle. There is some wisdom in the repeating of the  twos. 



A9 TV, 17 March 2012
Wherever we look in the Qur’an, there is always mention of the signs leading to faith and weakness of faith. Despite all the weaknesses of man and the closeness of death, people’s attachment to this world is a miracle,  a great miracle. How can people have so much ambition despite all those weaknesses? It is unbelievable how they lose their minds for this world. Every part of the human body suffers from weaknesses. Furthermore, it is nothing but an image. Despite this, Allah creates such a system. Allah says that the majority of people do not give thanks and do not have faith. This is one of the evidence of Allah’s existence. It is an evidence that Allah creates the trial with a glorious system. Normally every individual, with no exception, must be a servant to Allah. With such weaknesses and such a poor state, it is impossible that a man can feel attached to the world. With the structure the world has, it is impossible to embrace the world. We look and see that 99 percent of people embrace the life of this world. This is a very great miracle and a great evidence of Allah’s existence.
Being attached to this world is a great incident. Being attached to this world is, excuse me but, nothing but being idiocy. A person must be insane to be attached to this world. There is only enough time for being a servant to Allah. It is explicitly seen that this is the most reasonable method. Let’s say that there are a few insane in the world, the fact that 99 percent of them is in this state is a very weird situation. This is always stated in the verse, “A majority of people do not believe”. “A majority of people do not give thanks.” Allah always states this.
A9 TV, 1-March-2012
Even the most beautiful woman will grow old after 40, or even before 40. Her hands and face will become wrinkled. Her hair will lose its beauty, her eyes will lose their sparkle. The corners of her mouth and eyes and hands will become misshapen. That happens in order to break people’s pride, to draw them closer to Allah, and so they will renounce this world. This is one of the most important ways that people’s arrogance is tamed. They even begin falling apart, not at 40, but at 30. This is a warning. Additionally, 40 is the age of maturity, when serious changes begin, when the signs that life is but short start to intensify, insha’Allah.
A9 TV, February-8—2011  
Everyone dies. Life is very short. Look at photos taken in the previous century, how happy people look. Children play in the streets, women are very content, some people play in the fields and enjoy themselves. The thousands of people seen in these photos are all gone now, not one remains, they are all dead. Nothing is left, not the children in their laps, the horses and other animals there, nothing, they are all dead. If you told them at that time, they would wonder what you were talking about. But time passes very quickly and is soon over. It is over in the blink of an eye. Almighty Allah issues warnings in this way, with the unexpected deaths of young people in the End Times. They can try to forget it all they like, but Allah always prevents them from forgetting it. Allah visits sickness upon them, for instance. A minor illness arises, and at once the fear of death fills them. A mole develops on their bodies and they immediately develop a terror of cancer. It is obvious to us all how spoiled people would be were it not for these things, how predisposed they would be to this world and to self love. We can all see how prone they would be to arrogance, pride and anger. Allah creates events in order to prevent that. And just a hint of them suffices. Allah produces them in just the right measure. Sickness, troubles, sorrows and death produce only the outcomes that Allah desires. People become partly capable of thought. There can be no test any other way. Otherwise life would be flat and meaningless. Either you have the test, in which case the world will be very lovely and bright, the life of paradise, or else the world will be totally flat. That is why Allah has created the test. Allah knows what we will do in the test. But we do not know what we will do. Allah thus shows us what we are.
People are helpless, but they ignore the fact. It is important to tell them that from time to time and encourage them to think. That is a commandment of the Qur’an. Our Prophet (saas) also says, “Remember death very often.” There can be no maturity in someone who does not think of death. Such is person is as if half mad. He becomes unbalanced if he does not think of Allah, religion and the truths of the Qur’an.
111- Today I have rewarded them for being steadfast. They are the ones who are victorious.’
Steadfastness is vitally important. For example, the way of the Mahdi will last a long time and, and we will go through many unexpected events. It requires fortitude. One’s whole life will be spent with fortitude, insha’Allah.
112- He will say, ‘How many years did you tarry on the earth?’
113- They will say, ‘We tarried there for a day or part of a day. Ask those able to count!’
They think they stayed a very short time. That is their honest opinion. Not even one day. Just part of one day, they say. Yet they actually spent a whole lifetime.
114- He will say, ‘You only tarried there for a little while if you did but know!
Allah says you spent only a little time there. As little as a second or less in the Sight of Allah. Normally people remain just for a moment. How long is a moment? An infinitely short space of time. But they regard it as a long lifetime. The whole life of the universe has come and gone in an infinitely short moment. Less than a trillionth of a second. Less than a quadrillionth of a second. Do you know how brief a space of time? An infinitely small one. A person remains on Earth for an infinitely short period of time.
115- Did you suppose that We created you for amusement and that you would not return to Us?’
Not for you to have fun, jump up and down in discos, chase after money and chat away on Facebook. They eat and drink, shout, laugh at people and get married. They have children and worry about how to put them through school. They fight with their wives and retire. Then just as they are about to relax and enjoy retirement, they die.
116- Exalted be Allah, the King, the Real. There is no god but Him, Lord of the Noble Throne
2012-10-31 16:32:25

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