The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV; 11 September 2012

They do not listen to mere words. If they are going to do it, force needs to be used. They must go in without bloodshed and establish a buffer zone. America could do it if it wanted, but I guess it is nervous of Russia and China. It is afraid of becoming stuck but they are also fed up and looking for a way out. The thing to do is for the UN to go in with a humanitarian and rational approach and to place Assad and his family in safety. But they all insist on these things happening in Syria. That is Allah’s destiny. But the hadiths say that they will end up in defeat. That story of the prayers in the Ummavid mosque in Damascus is true. Our Prime Minister spoke the truth.

A9 TV, 10 September 2012

(Syrian head of state Bashar Assad is reported to have told the Russians, “If the Syrian people vote for someone else at elections, then I am prepared to step down.” Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Goldenov said, “Assad said this himself. I do not know how sincere he is, but that is what he told us; if someone else is elected, Assad will go.”)

Why does he pretend not to understand? There is in Syria a communist, dictatorial system handed down from father to son. How could the Syrian people want Assad back? Would they want that monster back again? Will they tell him to carry on killing even more? Of course not. But we do not want him to be persecuted, either. Let him step down. Let normal democracy come in. Let the people bring whom they want to power. Just so long as Syria is at peace. He is sitting there like a plague and refuses to go. But the people are telling him to go.

A9 TV, 6 September 2012

Damascus is currently in the hands of the dajjal. The dajjal is devastating Muslims, the Sufyan Dajjal. Syria is in the hands of the godless, those who do not recognize Allah or His Book. The godless are ruling in Syria, while those who believe in Allah, Hizbullah – the people of Allah – are resisting with all their might. They are trying to be freed from this scourge by reciting the takbir. The godless are supporting the godless regime with all their might. Some support it out of ignorance. Some support it because they have been misinformed. But the main thing is that the world is backing the system of the dajjal, the godless and un-Qur'anic regime in Syria, with all its might because there is a huge slaughter of Muslims going on. The dajjal goes crazy as Muslims are killed and slaughtered, as they are raped and tortured. He shrieks with joy and excitement. The sufyan is a great admirer of the dajjal. He protects and helps him. The system of the dajjal that is supported so powerfully, the system of the sufyan and the dajjal is trying to annihilate Muslims, in its own eyes. But what does Allah say? “The people of Allah will be victorious.” Insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 30 August 2012

(Speaking at an inter-governmental summit in Iran, Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi said, “The peoples of Palestine and Syria are fighting for liberty and honor. The Syrian revolution is against a despotic regime. The whole world is responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Our humanity and faith require us to stand alongside the Syrian people against the despotic Syrian regime.” The Syrian delegation left the hall when Mursi began speaking. President Mursi also stated that they support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.)

“Peaceful nuclear energy.” They imagine that communists will stand up like they used to in the past and openly say, “I am a communist.” Not so. Communists think they have been very clever indeed, at least in their own eyes. Since the entire world reacts against, and is repelled by the word communist, they have tried to abstain from using the word communist, which is now regarded as an insult. Russia said, “We have destroyed communism.” How? Russia is still communist. Communism is still in power in the Turkic states. Communism is still in power in Azerbaijan, but only because it has been imposed on them, not out of choice. Communism is in power in China. Communism is in power in Iran, and Syria is communist. There was a communist regime in Iraq too, but that collapsed. The present regime in Iraq is uncertain; but there was a very powerful communist structure in Iraq. Ba'athists were everywhere. This mistake therefore stems from people thinking that communism has collapsed.


(Daily Yeni Asya carried a report titled “The World Sits back and Watches the Slaughter.” It described witness statements of how Syrian army units in Daraya loyal to Damascus martyred 320 people.) 

There is a Syria that has been given over to the communists. They are crushing poor Muslims under foot. They are raping young girls. Their advisors and specialists are all Russian communists and Chinese communists; there are Chinese and Russian communists and former guerilla fighters teaching them.  Putin would have no power on his own. There has to be a group supporting Putin. Muslim countries must all get involved. A sudden assault there could be successful under those conditions. Putin needs to be proposing a highly intelligent plan, and he needs to shake those horrible people off. But he cannot, because there are people on his back. Highly intelligent maneuvers are required. They managed such intelligent and popular maneuvers in Poland at one time, but Poland has still failed to shake the communists off. Hungary also failed to shake the communists off.

(In a statement, Syrian President Bashar Assad said, “The Turkish government is directly responsible for the bloodshed in Syria. Are we expected to go backward because of the ignorance of some Turkish officials? The Turkish people have been on our side throughout the crisis.”)

What does that mean? There is a communist regime in power. The communist regime has been running the state as a dictatorship for many years. There is no democracy. From father to son, from grandfather to grandson; that is no god. A democratic government must be installed through fair elections. The government the people want in power must assume power. Theirs is a dictatorial and communist regime. The country is part of the communist bloc. The Warsaw Pact changed its name and became the Shanghai Group. Communists reject democracy and elections. They are dictatorial. He says, “The Turkish people support us.” How do you think we support you? Nobody supports you. What we want is for you to espouse Turkish-Islamic Union and Islamic Unity. Let us unite. Let a legitimate government be set up. There must be elections and democracy. The matter must be resolved.

A9 TV,  August 31st, 2012

(Turkish daily Sözcü said this in its headline story regarding our Syrian brothers who have fled to Turkey because of the persecution by the Assad regime, “The Syrians who are such a problem for us are given free electricity, food and water and even money.”)

This is a shameful way to treat our guests! They have come here to save their lives. It is unbecoming of a Muslim to use such humiliating language and cast aspersions upon people who have sought refuge with us and ask our protection. This is a very wrong thing to say. Ugly and unbecoming! And also, what is it to them? We are hospitable as a nation. We help the weak and needy. We are a compassionate nation. As a nation we wish to protect people. If you do not want that, then don’t worry your head about it. That is your character. But as a nation we are compassionate and want to protect people. We are delighted to rescue them. We are delighted to free them from suffering and danger. What you are saying means you think they should go back to be tortured alongside those they left behind. And that is unbecoming.

(The Debkafile web site, known for its links to Israeli Intelligence, has suggested that Russia has withdrawn its military presence from Syria.)

 That is a good thing because Syria has no policy of humanity, compassion and affection. Democracy must come to Syria. And liberty. The days of regimes handed down from father to son are over. Democracy and liberty must come. People must be governed as they wish. They should unite with Turkey. Let us embrace one another and live side by side as brothers. I am not saying that figures from the regime should be lined up in front of the firing squad or anything. I am not saying there should be any revenge taken. Only that this disgrace must come to an end. 

(Egyptian President Muhammed Mursi has strongly criticized the Assad regime. “Our humanity and our faith require us to stand beside the Syrian people against the cruel Syrian regime,” he said.)

My dear one. Our teacher, Mursi. All Syria must be freed. Why do you not say one word about Islamic Unity? Always selfish statements. “Freedom for Syria, Freedom for Palestine.” Palestinians stand up and make statements; “Palestine must be freed at once!” But why is the freedom of the Islamic world not such an urgent matter? Why not Islamic Unity? They say not a word about Islamic Unity. So Allah visits these scourges upon them. Look, you never hear any state officials, not one person, saying, “These scourges would not exist if we had Islamic Unity. We need Islamic unity at once.” It's as if their tongues would drop off. They are terrified.


The communist bloc, the Socialist International, Iran, China and all communists support Syria. Allah says in one verse that the disbelievers  are a single nation. There are those who support it out of ignorance, and those who want to be led. But the communist bloc, the disbelievers in other words, knowingly supports Syria with all its might. The thing to do is, rather than saying that kind of thing, to deal a lethal blow to Darwinism and materialism across the world.

The U.N is not going to listen to that. The U.N. is full of communist countries. They are very happy with the communist regime in Syria. The UN does not want to see Muslims in charge there. There is a system that keeps Muslims down. What more can they want? Why should they want such a thing? There is no point in expecting any good to come from the U.N. Goodness will come from Islamic Unity and Turkish-Islamic Union. From our loving and protecting one another. From our embracing all our brothers, without distinguishing between Sunnis and Alawites. People in the U.N have a totally different mentality. You ask, “Should there be a socialist/communist system there, or should Muslims be in charge?” And they will say, “Communists should be in charge.” You say, “They are oppressing Muslims,” and they reply, “Jolly good, too. Let them carry on doing so” because they have this idea about what Muslims are and what being a Muslim means. When the word Muslim  is mentioned, they conjure up an image of the bigots in Saudi Arabia, or some of them think of the bigots in Afghanistan, or in Europe. Horrible people like that.They are unaware that a true Muslim is full of love, that he is modern and high-quality and attaches great importance to art and science, that Muslims are in favor of democracy. And because of that ignorance, they hate them. Look, they make people put posters up in various countries. They depict Muslims as terrorists. And when they do that, they say, “Why did you say that?” But bigots are terrorists. So they are right. When they speak of bigots, they are speaking of terrorists. Terrorists opposed to your own brothers. They want to kill and slaughter Muslims. We must oppose these immoral types and point to modern, high-quality Muslims who are full of love. Then Europeans will be able to relax.

A9 TV, 2 August 2011
• (About the slaughter perpetrated by the Syrian army in Hama)
These things are a classic measure of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. This is a mindset that hates and despises the people, that literally regards them as insects. It is a Baathist, communist, Darwinist mindset, the regime of the Sufyan. Those who are doing these things in Syria are an arm of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It is a system that loathes Muslims. Founded on ruthlessness, sadism and psychopathy. They oppress Muslims with all their force. Trying to impose their rule with the mindset of the collective personality, the idea that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not be coming for centuries yet, and saying “but at least we pray,” has brought Muslims to this state. This would not happen with Islamic Union. Everyone who does not espouse Islamic Union bears a spiritual responsibility for these events. But it is a religious obligation for Muslims to protect and watch over one another. But some people say there is nothing they can do, and others never say a word about it.
If we ask our Muslims brothers on the street what they think about Islamic Union, they do not say much. If you ask the followers of the Nur there, you won’t hear much from them. Everyone wants to do something different. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is a community in its own right. They regard themselves as on the true path, and insha’Allah they are indeed on Allah’s path. But they believe they can get results by themselves. Yet it is impossible for Muslims to get results without union and unity. Allah explicitly says as much in the Qur’an. You see here how they are doing something separate. The Muslim Brotherhood is one community, the Jaferis another, Sunnis another and the followers of the Nur another still. The followers of the Nur are also divided among themselves. They all think they are on the true path. That is normal. They may think they are on the true path. But we have an obligation to demand Islamic Union and coalesce around a single leader. One may think he is on the true path, but we all have a religious obligation to gather round a single person and seek to establish Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union. Any doubt regarding that is inappropriate. It is wrong to postpone it. When you have the idea of the collective personality the way of the Mahdi falls apart, brains fall apart and bodies fall apart. They are all ruined. It is a grave responsibility for everyone to keep thinking they are on the right path. Their consciences must not permit that. They must all act together. Communities may regard themselves as right, but they must make no concessions regarding union. Gathering round a single person is a fact we constantly see in the entire Qur’an.
Muslims must pray for Islamic Union as one during Ramadan.
Extraordinary things are happening in the region. There are extraordinary developments. They will see what these things mean in about 10 years’ time, insha’Allah. We do not see such events during the course of history. Volcanoes erupting, earthquakes one after the other, regimes collapsing in succession; changes are coming one after the other. Extraordinary things are happening. But extraordinary things are also happening in Israel. Our whole nation will see what these things mean all together in approximately 10 years’ time, insha’Allah.
It is very thought provoking how all political events in the world are working in favor of Islam. No political movement has turned out not to favor Islam. They are all in favor of Muslims. There is something wondrous in that.
It is the Syrian people that feed the Syrian army. But money is paid to Syrian troops through taxes collected from the poor. The jackals there are making weapons and bullets and feeding their troops with the money they take from those people. They are attacking Muslims like rabid curs. They spend their money and feed off them. They live fine lives but despise the people, looking down their noses at them, while obeying the commands of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon like dogs. They are tearing Muslims apart. They have shattered Muslims. But it is Muslims that give them food to eat and clothes to wear and homes to live in and everything. And they eat and drink and then attack Muslims and look down their noses at them. Their souls are filled with hatred toward Muslims. Because they are given a communist, Stalinist education. We can only eliminate that mindset through education. It is very hard to eliminate it apart from through education. But we have a duty to cling to natural causes, and we will strive to the best of our abilities. At the end of the day, victory will go to those who espouse goodness and beauty, insha’Allah.
Muslims are facing difficulties in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad, Southeast Turkey and everywhere. Everyone must constantly talk about Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union during Ramadan. The imams must make Muslims pray for that in the mosques. It must be on everyone’s lips. Everyone must demand it. You know it will happen if everyone keeps demanding it. For example, our Religious Affairs Department says let us help such and such a country. But I say since the permanent solution is there and everyone knows that Turkish-Islamic Union is the urgent solution to all problems, why do they not talk about that? 
People’s views of Islam and the Qur’an have completely changed. People have clearly seen that what Islam says is true and that Islam is essential to life and moral virtue to the world. I have worked hard and been useful in telling people of this, insha’Allah.
A9 TV, 24 April 2011
Do you see how Syria is putting down its own people? But when it comes to Israel it is quiet as a mouse. Israel is a danger. Their blood runs cold and they immediately step back. But when it comes to innocent Muslims they are very brave. They fire on Muslims. How can you fire on Muslims? You should embrace and talk to them, explain things and say we are all brothers. Gaddafi was also brave and ruthless toward Muslims. But he pulled back when they started bombing him. So what happened to all that bravery? Saddam was a real despot in Iraq and said he would deal with anyone who tried to stop him. Then he ended up hiding like a rat in a hole in the ground. So much for his bravery and heroism. Saddam said that his army was terrifying. But his whole army vanished entirely in one night. Our Prophet (saas) reveals in the hadiths how an army will disappear and vanish in the desert. And that happened, word for word. It is the first time in history that a whole army just vanished. They could not find any soldiers to take prisoners. The third largest army in the world vanished overnight. Nobody still knows where all those tanks and guns and planes are. They have only found a very few under the sand. It is a metaphysical state of affairs. Because they had tens of thousands of cannon and thousands of tanks.
A9 TV, 21 May 2011
A deep state is in charge in Syria. Bashar Assad cannot cope with it. Assad is a well-intentioned, polite person. Hafez Assad was utterly immoral, sufyan (a devil incarnate). But his son is innocent. But the Syrian state is terrible. What Syria needs to do is to immediately decide to unify with Turkey. Before things get any worse. They need to decide on unification before the United Nations and NATO get involved, and that will be the best thing to do.
A9 TV, 8 July 2012
Women in Syria will cry out “Where are the Muslims?” and children and old men in Afghanistan will cry out “Where are the Muslims?”. While they will say he is a collective personality. Or they will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) was Bediuzzaman, that he has come and gone. Or they will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) was the Risale-i Nur. They produce vague accounts and vague environments. Islam is still in a leaderless, wretched state. They are continuing to be saddened and suffer, to be fragmented and defeated. You cannot have Islam without a leader. There has to be a leader. There can be no conception of a way of the Mahdi that will leave Muslims leaderless.
A9 TV, 11 June 2011
Bashir Assad must come to his senses. He must say they have decided to unite with Turkey. Syria is a natural extension of Turkey. So is Iraq. The fact is that Syria belongs to Turkey. Syria must decide to unite with Turkey. Then everything will be rosy and they can really lie back. A very modern Syria will be built. Turkish troops are very great. Everyone will applaud and embrace them. There is nothing Bashir Assad to think about. He will also be very popular in Turkey. The nation will embrace him. There are some killers in Syria. Utterly ruthless. They are like an extension of the alleged organization Ergenekon. The other way would be horrible. But they cannot, because they need Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah will not allow it. It has to be Hazrat Mahdi (as).
A9 TV,  14 June 2011
• (About women in Syria seeking help from Muslims)
A longing for Hazrat Mahdi (as). Begging Allah for Hazrat Mahdi (as) to appear. Begging Allah for the way of the Mahdi. Muslims cannot get anywhere if they are leaderless, aimless and uncontrolled. For example, if 10 people gather in the street and demand that these women be left alone, they will be beaten black and blue. Instead of asking for help from Muslims, it would be better for them to beg our Lord to hasten the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as). A leaderless movement will be defeated. You cannot have Islamic Union without Hazrat Mahdi (as). There can be no happiness without Hazrat Mahdi (as). They must pray for Hazrat Mahdi (as) to appear at once. Otherwise, disasters will just keep on happening. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will put an end to it. That will be an end of the matter.
“What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of Allah – for those men, women and children who are oppressed and say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!’?” (Surat an-Nisa, 75)
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