The Secret Beyond Matter

Middle East Conflict


A9 TV; 5 November 2011

Israel belongs to Allah. Russia belongs to Allah. America is Allah’s. They are all under the Might of Allah. They are all under His control. They are all entities created weak by Allah. Of course Islam will rule in Israel, and in Russia. Islam will reign everywhere. Allah makes us His instruments, of course. Israel supports it, and the masons and the Templars. For the first time ever we are going and talking about the Qur’an in masonic lodges. We tell them of the existence and oneness of Allah, and of the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism. So we go there. We go to the most intensely protected and hard to enter places in the American Army and tell them about Islam and the Qur’an. We go to Israel and tell them. We speak in the Israeli Parliament. We go to places that extremists could never even imagine, alhamdulillah. We enter Pharaoh’s palace and talk about the Qur’an there. Things the extremists could never dream of, alhamdulillah. Thanks be to Allah, many masons have become Muslims. That is snowballing, alhamdulillah.

A9 TV; 11 September 2011

(About a report on the Israel National News web site considering Turkish-Israeli relations and including statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar)

We do not want tension or conflict in the region. We are pleased at Israel’s presence in the region. They are servants of Allah. Where are they supposed to go? They have to settle and live somewhere in the world. One cannot tell them just to go away when they come. That is unfitting. What we really want is for that tension to be lifted from Israel and from Palestine. There is unnecessary conflict and tension. The land there is vast. Boundless. And only a handful of people live there. The numbers of Palestinians and Israelis are very low. But the land is vast. The land is broad and fertile. Money is being spent on armaments, and on conflict and tension. That prevents Israel and Palestine becoming wealthy. There are walls, thick walls. These must all be eliminated. Israel must be able to relax and rejoice. As must Palestine. Let us do away with conflict. “What is the problem? What is it that cannot be settled?” we will ask. There is nothing that cannot be settled. If the problem is land, then help yourself and settle where you like. If that happened, Israel would be one of the richest states of the region. Palestine would be one of the richest states of the region. I already regard Palestine as a state. There is a state there. They must therefore embrace one another … Let them work in one another’s workplaces. Let them send doctors and engineers to one another. The area could be like paradise. There is no need for conflict or tension or unease. A dead-end has grown up, and satan is just encouraging it. We will do away with that, insha’Allah, by Allah’s leave. And we will ensure that all our Palestinian brothers are free, insha’Allah. I refuse to accept even one Palestinian in prison. In the case of murder, then that is different, of course. Those responsible must be punished, there can be no excuses. But I want to see no political detainees. I want Israel to live in complete peace. They have suffered for hundreds of years. They have never been at ease. Hitler came as a plague on them. They have suffered everywhere. They made them suffer in Spain. This will be the first time ever they can live in peace. For good, insha’Allah. We will strive with all our means to bring that about. My dear Palestinian brothers are also literally suffering the pains of hell. We will bring a festive atmosphere to the whole of Palestine. The whole region will be theirs. They will be totally free enter and leave wherever they wish, insha’Allah. Through the Qur’an, the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas), love, affection, science and reason. That is so easy, yet satan keeps stoking the flames. Satan first creates an impasse. There is a verse about it. Almighty Allah says, “from the evil of women who blow on knots”  They first create an impasse and then stoke the flames. We will also resolve this and not allow them to stoke the flames any more. Insha’Allah, by Allah’s leave. As followers and the vanguard of Hazrat Mahdi (as).

A9 TV; 15 November 2011

(About the usefulness of Mr. Adnan Oktar’s activities aimed at eliminating the tension between Israel and Iran – Shimon Peres recently made a statement saying that time was running out for Iran. But now he has issued a different statement, saying he is opposed to a military intervention against Iran, recommending economic and political sanctions instead, and using the words “I do not advise an immediate military  operation to prevent Iran building a nuclear bomb.”)

A military operation would be totally wrong, not a humane action. It would be highly illogical. An action aimed at bringing them to heel would be quite irrational. What does Iran care about an economic embargo and things like that? The thing to do is show them love, peace and brotherhood. The countries of the region must watch over and protect one another. We all believe in the same Allah. We believe in the one Allah. We must improve democracy, human rights, freedom of thought, mutual respect and love of art and science in the region, and thus eradicate that tension. What is the first thing needing to be done? To eliminate Darwinism and materialism. Materialism is ruining the region, ruining Israel. Fanaticism, bigotry and radicalism cause the same damage. We must break these twin horns of the dajjal [antichrist]. Education is needed to eliminate extremist thinking. And education comes from being allies, coming together and talking. The other way, you get a different extremism developing in every country. There is one extremism in Iran and a different one in Israel. And the extremists then take that opportunity to kill one another. Yet if extremism is eliminated, there will be no more problem, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

(About a report of the death of Gaddafi)

The spirit of defeatism and of being crushed that dominates the Middle East. That is the disaster that afflicts people who turn away from Islam and the Qur’an. That Gaddafi was brought up as a Darwinist and materialist. He was a classic socialist and communist. He espoused dialectical philosophy, and Darwinist, materialist philosophy. He lost all his sense and reason. Allah took his mind away. And thus devastated him. He developed the most enormous pride and arrogance. And then he died under appalling circumstances. But a long time before that I said; “Come to Turkey. Say something to unite Turkey and Libya together. Let Turkish-Islamic Union develop and you can then relax. Bring your family and children and come here. Let us resolve matters in that way. Otherwise they will catch you and kill you.” I told him. But he did not listen, and it all happened just as I said it would. They walk around with their heads in the air and never listen. And then that is the end esult.

A9 TV; 22 September 2011

I am always saying that “Muslims must be brothers.” “The Palestinians must be free,” I say. “The prisons will be emptied out,” I say. “The bloodshed will cease, not a drop will be spilled,” I say. “The sleeper will not be wakened,” I say. But what does all that mean? If there is no bloodshed in Palestine, if they are completely free, if they can use the whole region as they wish, if the sleeper is not wakened, if the prisons are emptied out, apart from people who have killed… I say, “The prisons will be emptied out. Is that not answer enough? What else do I have to say? Should I say, “Israel be damned?” To say “Israel be damned” is disbelief. Israel is the name of a prophet. That is a wrong thing to say. Why should I want Israel to be devastated? I want it to be well off. And Palestine, too. I want everyone to live in peace. What do they want me to do? I guess they want me to say that Israel should be bombed into oblivion, wiped from the face of history, that its children and everyone should be slaughtered. Is that what you want me to say? What kind of thinking is that? Where does it all end? Why do I bother talking at all? “The Palestinians must be brothers, and we will embrace them all,” I say. Young Israelis and Palestinians will embrace one another. I say there will be peace. What do we need to do? Seek revenge? In that case we would have to slaughter all of Israel. Do you want us to draw our swords? Forgive me, but that would be utterly foolish talk. Mindless talk. Islam is all about peace. Its name means peace. It is a characteristic of paradise. Of course, we must call people to peace. What do we need to do? Should we demand conflict? They want bloodshed day and night. I am trying to stop bloodshed. But they want more of it. It is terrible persecution, immorality and lack of good conscience to bomb and slaughter innocent men, women and children in Israel. What else could it be? The same goes for Palestine. It is equally immoral. What I am saying, is that it must all stop. Have I ever said, “One side must stop while the other carries on regardless?” In other words, have I ever said: “People in Palestine are evil while those in Israel are good”, “Let Israel go and butcher people in Palestine as it pleases”? All the persecution here must stop. All of it.” That is sufficient answer. I have always said, “Let there be peace and brotherhood; they must embrace one another.” I say, “There is plenty of land, so let them use it as they like.” Let them live freely, as brothers. I have always said, “One people are the sons of Ishmael and the others the sons of Israel. They are the children of the prophets Ishmael (pbuh) and Israel (pbuh).” That is word for word what I said. It is on the tapes. But these psychopaths are crazy for blood. They insist on bloodshed. They are also base and cowardly people, who will flee at once if fighting starts. They throw their weight around, but things are not as you might imagine. They threw their weight around in Iraq. Then they provided girls and women for the American troops. They sell drugs. They sell Marlboro. They engage in wrongdoing of all kinds. The Iraqi Army disappeared overnight. In one night, when the U.S. invasion began. They used to throw their weight around, but then tried to find burrows to hide in. The newspapers described how “the huge Iraqi Army vanished overnight.” But that it one of the omens of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). And this has also come about. They also threw their weight around in Afghanistan. Now they are selling drugs to U.S. troops. That is how they make a living. Do not imagine that those who throw their weight around will stand up if anything happens. They will immediately go and hide. The way of the Mahdi means love, peace and brotherhood. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is coming to stop the bloodshed. We are followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

The Qur’an beckons us toward peace. Whoever commits a crime should be punished. But what can we want from Israeli children? Why should we try to punish innocent women and children? Whoever commits a crime should be punished. They must be punished according to what the law dictates. But in terms of societies and communities, it is peace that counts. Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs, the peoples of Morocco. Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and everyone must all embrace one another. They must love one another. Be friends and brothers. Satan wants bloodshed. What I see is that they are desperately trying to get Turkey and Israel to go to war. In their own eyes. There is a handful of atheist freemasons in Israel. And there is that alleged terror organization Ergenekon in Turkey. Those jackals are all in cahoots. The two sides are inciting one another. They are determined to make things happen. The evangelicals in America will say, “Look, the Gospel says ‘the antichrists will fight with Israel’. And that has happened. Muslims are the army of the antichrist and they are now fighting against Israel. And now they are saying that Jesus the Messiah will come.” They are planning for a huge, bloody world war. But we are thwarting this plan of satan’s. That is the truth of the matter. Plain and simple.

A9 TV; 25 September 2011

(About reports of reactions in Iran against the radar system to be set up in Turkey)

But those false beliefs represent a danger. That is the truth of it. North  Korea is also a threat; but that false belief in Iran is a danger, as well. Because it is so wrong to say that a person lived as a phantom for a thousand years or so and that they then have to obey him. That constitutes a danger. Of course, everyone will take precautions. Not just Turkey, but everyone. It is a serious threat.

A9 TV; 25 September 2011

Egypt, Jordan and Syria were all in the hands of unbelievers. Palestine was once in communist hands. Israel crushed them. They were shattered, pounded into dust and rubble. They turned Egypt into rubble.  The Egyptian Army was irreligious. The great majority of them were irreligious. They did not knew Allah nor the Holy Book. They were under the influence of the dajjal. Syria is still under the influence of the dajjal. It is communist. The majority of them don’t know Allah nor the Holy Book. But the Turkish Army is devout. Look, nobody can throw their weight around. It is all a matter of religious belief, having faith in Allah and the Book. An irreligious army will be defeated. An army that does not recognize Allah or the Holy Book will be defeated, collapse, devastated and have to beg for mercy. It will lose the means to fight, its heroism and valor. It will no longer be self-sacrificing or loyal. It will become cowardly and start trembling when the enemy appears in sight. The Turkish Army is the most valorous one in the region. The Iranian Army is also relatively good, since it has religious faith, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 26 September 2011

Hazrat Muhammed Mahdi (pbuh) is descended from our Prophet (pbuh), the Ahl al-Bayt. His appearance and everything have been described. His time has come. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is a rational, loving, affectionate and reasonable person. The whole Muslim world will follow him. But what would happen if they followed a phantom? Every lunatic will develop his own ideas, that is what. Every crazy, psycho and schizophrenic would have his own idea of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). One crazy will say, “I saw Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) on a wall.” So what? “And he commanded me to kill and slaughter,” he will say. Then the next crazy will say, “A mysterious voice came to me.” And the next will say, “I saw an image in corporeal form. As real as anything.” What can we say to people like that? Who are mad as hatters. Would we have to waste time on them? We do not need any of that craziness. From whoever it may be. I respect everyone’s beliefs and am full of love. But I will not permit bloodshed because of a schizophrenic or paranoiac logic. From anyone. We will not allow our neighbors to do it, and will not allow ourselves. We will not let anyone do that We have a responsibility to the whole Middle East and the whole world, insha’Allah.

Turkish people are all loving, warm, good-natured, hospitable and compassionate. We showed that in Ottoman days, too. We brought our Jewish brothers over from Spain and settled them in the best places in the finest city. There was no trouble between us. We are all descended from the Ottomans. That same nature and character of ours still persists. So relax! Look, let me give an example. This is very clear. You know they are working on the missile shield in Malatya. It is being installed in the Malatya district of Kürecik. The aim is to protect Turkey, but also the region as a whole. And therefore also to protect Israel. Protecting Israel is a major, major priority. Because Turkey is where missiles can be intercepted in the event of a nuclear war. The region with Syria and Iran. I mean, this is where the missiles can be intercepted. This is an unbelievable act of self-sacrifice and valor. It is altruistic behavior aimed at protecting others, protecting Israel. Turkey is building the system that will intercept missiles in mid-air in its own territory. And let me say that the priority objective here is to protect Israel. And a response to any potential attack by Iran. Let me make that clear. I am not beating about the bush here. I speak the crystal clear truth. It is not aimed against an attack from anywhere else. It is particularly against Iran. Because North Korea is a long way away. The main objective cannot be North Korea. Iran is the objective, and Israel the objective to be protected. Because no other country apart from Iran can be regarded as a threat now. But on the off-chance that such a thing does happen, then it is Turkish and Iranian territory where a missile will be intercepted in the event of a rocket attack. It is Iraqi and Syrian territory, and a system designed to prevent a rocket falling on Israel. What more proof is needed? What more can I say?

In my view, that will not be possible for a time. Disorder will continue for a while. But peace will come once the system beds in, with Islamic Union and when the wave of the way of the Mahdi reaches there. There is this idea on Egypt of taking Turkey as a model. That means adopting the Turkish idea of the way of the Mahdi as a model. Democracy, peace, brotherhood, toleration of others, warmth and the defense of art and science have all been agreed within this framework. They adopted Turkey as a model. But the model in Turkey is the way of the Mahdi. So I am therefore saying they have turned to the way of the Mahdi, and that is a good thing for Egypt.

The Egyptian people are not so interested in the economic framework. Religion is now regarded as the important thing. They are concentrating on resolving problems in religion. The people are content with very simple lives. That is so in all Islamic countries, but especially in Egypt. The people are not looking for well-being. Their aim is to live by the Qur’an and the way of the Mahdi and enjoy spiritual satisfaction. Otherwise, Egyptians are not worried about eating good food or driving round in luxury cars. Anyone who looks can see that. Their sole aim is Islamic Union and for people to live by the moral values of the Qur’an. Anyone who looks rationally can see that.

The Muslim Brotherhood predominates in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood are the party coming to power. The Muslim Brotherhood organization. Their main idea is again the way of the Mahdi. They have said that quite explicitly. At their meetings they have said, in Arabic, “No madrassa, no education, but the Mahdi will come.” They therefore believe that the Mahdi has come. They believe we are in the age of the way of the Mahdi and are beginning to live like Muslims. They may be content to sit on the floor at home or to live on a little bread and cheese, but they do insist on living by Islam. That is what they really demand. Otherwise, only 1% or 2% of Egyptians are preoccupied by the idea of “Let us establish industry and have economic prosperity so our children can be well-off.” But the other 98% think along the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is easy to confirm that with a bit of research. It is a visible fact.

We will see such an organization in the entire world. The reason for the economic crisis in Europe is their turning away from religion. The crisis began because they abandoned religion. The reason for America’s prosperity is also that they believe in Allah. That is even on the U.S. dollar, words expressing their belief in Allah, as you know. States and nations that believe in Allah are more successful. But when people do not believe in Allah, when there is no faith, then crises and collapse follow. The whole world has seen. Even in Greece the clergy came together and prayed. They asked for policies to help faith flourish. They all agree that they have ended up like this because faith has been weakened by the lack of religious education. Irreligion kills people’s strength and activity, it kills off their excitement and creativity and joy of living. And the result is economic crisis and collapse. 

A9 TV; September 28th 2011

It is a fact that Israel sheds blood. It has shed so much blood. So have the Palestinians. This is not something deniable. This has to be eliminated. Bloodshed must come to an end. This is what Prophet Jesus (as)  and King Messiah (as) will do. Hazrat Mahdi (as), that is what Shiloh will do. This is related in the hadith of our Prophet (saas). As the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), we are assigned to stop this bloodshed. If one says, “There is no bloodshed”, that would be a lie. This is a fact. There is bloodshed in every corner of the world. Not only in Palestine. There is bloodshed also in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, everywhere. We will stop this bloodshed,  Insha’Allah.

A9 TV; October 27th 2011

Algeria suffered a lot, it suffered a great amount of anguish. The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) was running rampant there. Look, they have been razed to the ground.  One might assume that the university students, all those people coming there would be against Darwinism, right? Look, you will see that those kids are all Darwinists. Saudi Arabia is full of Darwinists. We go to Egypt and see that Egypt is full of Darwinists as well. People from Azhar are calling us and they keep saying, "What do you think you are doing? Darwinism is the truth." And without shame they say, "It is compliant with the Qur'an." We have defeated them intellectually there as well, Alhamdulillah, masha'Allah.  And for some, we take them out from under the wreckage and see that they have became miserable and they say, "Where is Darwinism, where do you see the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah)?" Your face has been smashed in don't you see, you have been exhausted you cannot even stand on your feet. Can you see one teacher who could say,  "Allah created" in the universities? Let them show me one single teacher who can say, "Children, Allah created man" while talking about the creation of humans in the biology class.   Let them show me one single teacher. Darwinism is obligatory everywhere, it is imperative all around the world. Also in Saudi Arabia, also in Iran, it is obligatory everywhere. The man says, "How could that happen?" Darwinism is taught in all the text books of the state and this one says, "Where is it?"

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

Egypt is waiting for the Unity of Islam as well. They are saying this openly. They say "Come on, what are we waiting for?"  Was this the case previously? We have paved the way step by step, knot by knot. Allah gave a magnificent result for us. We have internet connection with all the Egyptian youth. They all have learned the invalidity of Darwinism, materialism. First Egypt resisted greatly. Their scholars came, their journalists came, they attempted to defend Darwinism because there was a socialist-communist mindset in Egypt. We have crushed that mindset with science like a bulldozer. We have intellectually razed that mindset to the ground. We have started our activities in Egypt six to seven  years ago. Look, we have destroyed the communist mindset in Egypt. And the spirit of the system of the Mahdi prevailed in Egypt Masha'Allah. 

A9 TV, 27 August 2011

(About a claim in the New York Post that Turkey and Iran disagree over Syria)

Iran and Turkey are friends. These are empty words. But of course it is again the way of the Mahdi that will eliminate this strife. Look, can you see the need for Hazrat Mahdi (as)? The collective personality is literally swamping the Islamic world. But it is not happening. It has to be Hazrat Mahdi (as). It will come to an end if Turkey and Iran unite. That will be the greatest alliance, because they are two regional super powers, in the Middle East. Then things will happen in a chain reaction. In particular, unity and an alliance between these two countries in particular will really enrage the unbelievers.

Some of our brothers want the prime minister to be friends with everyone. Nobody can bear such stress. It is too hard. “I have a friend, how about if you do this or that for them?” A million people like that would turn up. How can he do that? The alleged terror organization Ergenekon is putting pressure on from one direction, and others from other directions. A thousand things are going on. In that situation the only thing to do is provide good support, show affect, try to direct the spiritual backing of the nation and make it possible to act comfortably. For instance, some of our brothers say, “We were close once, but then he gave me the cold shoulder.” What do you expect him to do? They want him to take an interest in all their doings, find jobs for their children… But then he could never do his own job. They should put themselves in his place. Impossible. It is a very hard job. Not everyone has the strength to do it, insha’Allah. It is a really stressful job, really hard. That is why everyone has to display compassion. It is wrong to make it a matter of pride and arrogance. Otherwise it is very hard.

Turkey’s Daily Vakit is a very courageous and outspoken paper. There is no reason for doubt. It is a courageous paper that informs and enlightens people with reliable information. It fears Allah alone, and is completely honest. Its owner and his children and its employees are all very respectable. It uses a courageous language. And it always writes the truth. They write it bravely and forthrightly. That is why it has been the target for various sinister forces. They have been shot at and raided several times. Various things have happened. But they are still heroically going as strong as ever, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 26 August 2011

(About the soldier who admitted that he had been ordered to fire on innocent Syrian civilians)

The traitors tell them to open fire on their own people, on Muslims. What must a Muslim do? Of course, he must refuse. That would make him a murderer. Can a Muslim open fire on other Muslims? They must of course refuse to obey those jackals, those curs. How can one obey an order to fire on Muslims? That would make one a murderer, may Allah forbid. The reward for that is hell. Well done to that young man. He says. “We refused to obey.”

A9 TV, 23 AUGUST 2011

(About Ahmadinejad’s statement that we should resolve the Syrian problem without America)

Assad is being patronizing, saying things along the lines of “Turkey can tell us its opinion, and we can speak, but there is no need for it to say too much.”  That is a rather patronizing way of speaking. He is not using any warm, friendly language. He is not saying, “Turkey is our older brother, Iran is our brother, so let us come together and decide together.” He is saying, "We don’t need any suggestions from anyone. You can tell us them, that is a different matter. You can get it off your chest. But it is me who will take the decisions.” You are taking the decisions, but you are devastating Muslims. You force people to say “Assad is Allah” (may Allah forbid!) For one thing, you do not control the army. The secret state controls the army. They are devastating Muslims there. Young girls and women are being raped. The Syrian army is godless and irreligious. The greater part of it are godless; they have all been brought up as Marxists, Leninists and communists. Darwinism has fried their brains. They have a huge hatred for Islam, they loathe it. They feed on the nation’s money. They draw their wages, they enjoy really high salaries, they have all kinds of privileges, they have military hospitality centers where they can eat and drink, but they assault the nation’s religion and faith and spiritual things.

They beat Muslims and force them to say that “Assad is Allah” (may Allah forbid!) He is perfectly well aware of this, as he sits there quite calmly. All of Syria has been devastated. They are bombing Muslims from the land, air and sea, everywhere. If the Syrian Army wants to act tough, it should go to Israel and try to act tough there and see how far it gets. They are acting tough and flexing their muscles against Muslims. Tell them not to mistreat Muslim women, young girls, and they may behave in any disgusting fashion possible. They are acting tough against their own people. What is the essential characteristic of the army? To protect against external forces, isn’t it? I am not saying that they should be attacking Israel. Of course they must all be brothers and live together as friends. But they are afraid of them. And weak. But the Muslims they beat up cannot make their voices heard. They are quiet and innocent and say nothing. They crush them under their boots, beat them black and blue on the streets or in their cars. But when they see Israeli troops their legs give way and they fall in a dead faint. But when it comes to Muslims, they mistreat them and feed on Muslims’ money. Muslims pay you taxes, and you grow fat on them. Let Turkey and Iran unite, but Assad can no longer speak. The secret state is in charge in Syria, the jackals have taken over. If he tells them to stop fighting, they will snap his neck that very moment. But there is no sign of that. Iran and Turkey should establish a military force and go into Syria, and Syria would go along with that. They must establish a joint military force and go in. There is no other way. There is no other way of dealing with this gang of jackals. The Syrian secret state is an extension of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. They are the same thing, and share the same mindset. One of the many-headed monster’s heads is here.

Gaddafi is also the product of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It was those jackals who produced him. They went to Libya and raised him. The oppressor learned how to be a jackal from them. But Allah has now brought the system crashing down on his head. This is what needs to be done here. The Turkish Army is a heroic one, opposed to materialism and Darwinism. They are all very devout. They all pray in accordance with the Sunnah at the funerals of martyrs. The Chief of the General Staff, all the force commanders, colonels, brigadiers and everyone all pray in accordance with the Sunnah. This comes from their deep faith in Allah. The troops are all very devout. And our army is very modest. Let them go in and clean the place out. Our army will not shed blood. Its voice is more than enough. All they need do is set the streets of Damascus ringing with “everything for the motherland.” And that will put an end to it. Send one brigade and that will end it. They will sort them all out and bring them to heel. To tell the truth, there is no need for the Iranian army, but if they insist they can send them in too, in a symbolic sense. Turkey will appreciate that. Syria and Turkey need to be united. There needs to be a democratic election for a change of administration, and all the parties should go into Syria. Whatever party takes power will be the one the people want. Under an alliance with Turkey they can abolish passport and visa requirements and do away with the borders. Then we can go and eat evening pastries in Damascus. It is as easy as that, insha’Allah. The other way will cost the lives of tens of thousands of martyrs. But Assad’s gang in Syria will have to go. There is no way out of that, let me say. If I say that, I know what I am talking about. So he should pull himself together and come to his senses. If he is afraid he can call in a delegation from Turkey and talk to them in secret: “these people are jackals, they are in cahoots with the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. The secret state is all over the place. I am afraid of them.” Our minister of foreign affairs is a heroic man. He will resolve the problem all on his own. Turkey will take the requisite measures there. That is why Syria needs to be made to adopt a rational approach to the matter before the things that have happened in Libya happen there. I will say what will happen. It is impossible for any oppressor to stand against Khidr (as) once he arrives somewhere.

Ahmadinejad is an intelligent person. He can form an alliance with Turkey and call Assad to Ankara if necessary, or to Tehran. They can come up with a plan to act rationally and resolve the problem, insha’Allah

There is no need to take on the bigots. The nation just has a laugh at them. There is no need to take them so seriously. If we start targeting a group of fanatics there will be no end to it, as their nonsense is boundless. They keep inventing nonsense and fabricating things. They are a horrible sea of nonsense. They are utterly shameless types who constantly lie in the name of Allah. It is therefore a waste of time to sit down and take them seriously, name by name.

Of course, satan whispers in people’s ears. “What need is there?” He will say. “This is all a long time away” or “it is over and done with” or don’t bother yourself with it,” “what good can you do?” or “this is how things have always been,” he will say. They will talk very foolishly, but you must not take them seriously. When I first went to the academy, people used to say things like, “you just graduated, find a job and get married. It is no business of yours. You can’t change the world all by yourself. The Ministry of Religious Affairs will do what is needed or, these things are dangerous, you could end up dead.” But I took none of it seriously. And I strove, intellectually, on the path of Allah, the path of the Qur’an, the path of truth. Look where the way of the Mahdi has got to now. Look how far Islamic Union has come.

I did not strive to become a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as), I declared myself to be a student of Hazrat Mahdi (as). And look at the path I took, alhamdulillah, masha’Allah. That is why, had there been a specific place at which to apply to become a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as), that is what I would have done. But you have to declare yourself to be a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as). You have to declare yourself to be a follower of Muhammed (saas). And then you will serve them, insha’Allah.

Why are they [the Islamic world] in this predicament? Because ascribing equals to Allah is widespread in the Islamic world. It is as simple as that. When Allah sends an affliction, when Muslims lose their belongings, the reason for that is set out quite explicitly in the Qur’an. It also sets out quite explicitly when they will have dominion, be well off, become strong and collapse. If you associate anything to Me, I will collapse down the earth on to your heads, Allah says. But if you do not associate anything with Me and you abide by the Qur’an I will dominate you intellectually, He says. Our prophet (saas) has only one complaint, because they abandoned the Qur’an. He has no other complaint, “The Messenger says, ‘My Lord, my people treat this Qur’an as something to be ignored.” he says. Then disaster struck, and the Islamic world was fragmented. But when there is no ascribing of equals to Allah, when people admit the sufficiency of the Qur’an, and only the Qur’an, then the Muslim world will have intellectual dominion over the world, just as described by our Prophet (saas). That is very clear. There are more unbelievers and hypocrites around than there are grains of sand on the beach. Their forefathers demolished the Islamic world, and their descendants are continuing the tradition. This is not, of course, something maintained by way of race, or sect or by genetic routes. It is because they are all followers of satan. The hypocrites among us now are the same as the Abu Lahabs and the Abu Jahils of the past. They were also hostile to the Qur’an and wanted to alter it. And these people are also changing the Qur’an. It is the same mindset.

Freedom is vital, terribly important. Allah will grant this blessing in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the End Times. Otherwise, there would normally be no question of preaching Islam and the Qur’an in the U.S. military and on its largest base. That happens through the will of Allah, masha’Allah.

Once we have Islamic Union, all the wealth and money that is now wasted will be channeled in the finest way, and will be more than enough to help the Christian and Jewish worlds and well as the Muslim world. And it will be instrumental in everyone living in well-being, in being wealthy and developed, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 22 August 2011

(About Gaddafi’s defeat and the latest events in Libya)

I told Gaddafi right at the outset. That he would be crushed and humiliated and brought down. Then he will now be brought to heel and they will probably hang him, and maybe his sons, too. Nobody listened. But if he had come to Turkey and entered into negotiations, Turkey could have resolved the matter very well. There would have been no upheaval. Nobody would have died. Nowhere would have been bombed. Business and life and all fine activities in the world of worship would have assumed the most excellent form. But he refused, and this is the result. They will now either capture him or else he will kill himself. Something will happen.

Now Assad in Syria is not heeding me, either. He is going to have a huge trouble, as well, and Allah knows the truth. They refuse to listen. Yet Turkish-Islamic Union is a union full of love and warmth, a most fine one. It is a system that will please everyone, but they are so arrogant. He imagines he is very powerful.

(About the large structures being erected around the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia)

The way of the Mahdi will put them right. That is no problem. I mean, if any errors are being made, it will correct them. Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) will design the whole world. Both Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) are expert architects. Both are also expert artists, with a fine knowledge of art. They will give it the most beautiful appearance. As you know, Hazrat Khidr (as) is also an architect, a teacher, insha’Allah. He also has an excellent understanding of art. Imagine a picture of the world in the 2030s. You will be amazed at the speed. “When did these districts appear?” “When did this beauty appear?” and “How quickly this all happened,” you will say.


A9 TV, 7 August 2011

Some people say, “Is the timing right in Syria? How can you kill people during Ramadan?” So which month is it all right to kill people, then? In which month can you cut their heads off? What nonsense is that! They have taken people’s heads off with shells and rockets. But they say, “You cannot do that in Ramadan.” So when can you, in that case? They are suggesting they should have held off until December. That is out of the question. There must be no bloodshed whatsoever. There can be no justification for bloodshed. Bloodshed is savagery. Something unique to animals. People have to be won over with words. May Allah forbid, arms can be used only in self-defense. They cannot be used otherwise. Bloodshed is something satan desires. We must scrupulously avoid it. Satan always wants bloodshed. Good people avoid bloodshed. That is why the way of the Mahdi will never shed blood.

A9 TV, 6 August 2011

(On the reports regarding the unrest in Syria)

Everyone knows what Syria is doing is unconscionable. What should be done is to reflect with a normal conscience. They say so many children have died of hunger and thirst. They collect aid for them. Some give 1 billion, and others 2. Money is fine, give that, but nobody says a word about wanting Turkish-Islamic Union. You give money, but what is wrong with saying that, too? You must say that Turkish-Islamic Union must rule, but the wickedness in Egypt and Syria will not end throughcollecting money alone. China is preparing another major plan for our brothers in East Turkestan. Everywhere will be lovely and calm if we have Turkish-Islamic Union. China could not perpetrate that oppression in East Turkestan. They are intimidating people for nothing on this. Turkish-Islamic Union means people being peaceful and happy, and end to arms and the dominion of brotherhood. They say America would oppose it. But everyone wants such one, America and Russia. It is not a fascist-type union, but one based on friendship and brotherhood. They seek a solution to terror and the PKK. There are 100 diseases but the cure is the same. The whole world is now sick. They can all be treated with a single drug. All 100 diseases will disappear when we have Turkish-Islamic Union. Sick people will leave their beds and start running around. They are trying to treat all patients, who are seriously sick each in a separate way. But under Turkish-Islamic Union the sick will rise up, happy and laughing, and that will be that. That is what I want.

A9 TV, 4 August 2011

(About the events in Syria)

You see just how psychopathic the bigot mindset, the communist mindset and the alleged terror organization Ergenekon mindset are. You can see how crazy and ruthless they are. That is why it is a religious obligation for Muslims to strive to eliminate that system. One of their main duties. From what I can see, they are trying to get America and Great Britain to invade Syria. They will turn that place into another base, after Iraq. And they have such plans for Turkey. But if we had Turkish-Islamic Union there would be no invasion, no bloodshed and no humiliation. People would be wealthy and live in plenty. But now they are arrogant and wild. They have very bad characters. They will be able to relax when those people are crushed. If foreign powers were to invade Syria, they would be selling cigarettes to them this time, too. They would behave in other such poor ways. At this stage the whole scholars has to be as one in calling for Syria to be unified with Turkey. When Turkey’s democratic behavior, warmth, humanity and intelligence dominate the region, when the way of the Mahdi rules, in other words, it will solve the whole problem. There will be no invasion or anything else. Bashir Assad and his brother are making huge problems. They keep warning him, but they don’t listen. Nobody will forget this tragedy, and at the end of the day they will overthrow and hang them, you will see. They see being in charge of the State as an element of superiority, as an indestructibility. Saddam thought the same way, but he was brought down, ruined and hanged. Pharaoh in Egypt had the same mindset and he was put in a cage. He is expected to be hanged. These people are heading in the same direction, they are heading to be hanged and will ruin Syria, from what I can see. They refuse to listen to reason. That is why the public must motive Syria and Turkey to unite. Particularly the Syrian people. For one thing, the government in Syria must step down. To be replaced by a government that wants unification with Turkey. And they must unite with Turkey and thus resolve the issue.

But the reckoning has to be a legal one. They have made terrible mistakes. They are responsible for murders. That crow, Pharaoh, will have to account for his actions. They will probably hang him.

Everyone needs to wake up to the way these things are happening one after the other at a time when the way of the Mahdi is making rapid progress. It is incomprehensible. People are being numbed on the internet, on Facebook and other places. They cannot see these realities. They are unable to see them as they all have negative impacts on one another. They have to see the facts. Countries are falling, one after the other. Egypt, then Syria and then other countries. Iran also needs to collaborate with Turkey on this issue. Iran needs to be an intermediary for the unification of Turkey and Syria. And it needs to encourage Turkish leadership. It needs to raise the issue of the way of the Mahdi more. In fact, the Iranian head of State and other senior figures say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has appeared. They speak about him, but they need to do so with more fervor and attract the world’s notice in a more determined way, and if they do that, results will come very quickly.


2012-10-31 14:29:23

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