The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV, 1 November 2012


To love is so delightful. A most delightful pleasure. But doubt and suspicion are horrible. They are very troublesome. They are as horrible as hell, may Allah forbid. For example, not to trust a person is most distressing. It is most troubling if someone is a liar, for instance, really repellent. The person has no identity. He has flesh and bone in his face, but there is no person there. You are talking with something else, something like a djinn. It could be anything. A liar is most horrible. At least you should say, “I do not wish to tell you.” But what is the point of lying? But an honest person is a wonderful thing. A trustworthy person is lovely. It is excellent to value someone. It is excellent for someone to regard himself as valuable. And that happens through the moral values of the Qur’an, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 9 October 2011

I had a talk with overseas, with Sweden, the other day. The first thing the man said was, “Salamun aleykum, people here do not like each other.” He was so depressed! And look, the first thing that comes to his mind is that scourge he admits so honestly. He says what upsets him the most. “Nobody likes anyone else.” True. They are amazed when I show love. “What is this, for God’s sake? Are you showing love? What is that supposed to mean?” they ask. They are amazed and look around them like tourists. Love has become so foreign to them that it amazes them. They are suspicious of love. “It is impossible, people cannot love one another if there is nothing in it for them,” they say. And the love that many people do show is totally artificial. That is why we always see cold, loveless faces everywhere. People go shopping and everyone looks fed up. Nobody smiles. Nobody looks at anyone else. Nobody says hello to anyone else. If they do, they are treated with suspicion. People look around as if to say “What was that all about?” They imagine it is aimed against them. That is a dreadful thing. It is a national tragedy. A tragedy for the whole world. But it is one of the greatest portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); such an extent of lovelessness in the world. There being so many people who look at one another with suspicion and have no trust in one another, that it is this terrifying. For example, someone goes to Greece and feels lonely there. Nobody says hello to him. He sits down in a restaurant and everyone treats him like a stranger. Nobody shows him any affection. The waiter in the restaurant smiles at him and says hello, but he does that for money, of course. That is how it is in many places. If he does not spend money, nobody will smile at him. They will even chase him away. For instance, he goes somewhere and people smile at him, but only because they hope to gain something. In other words, because they think he is there to do business. This is all dreadful. But one must love others for Allah’s sake. Look, a guest comes to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), and he rejoices as soon as he arrives. “Come in, sit down and make yourself at ease,” he says. He has a calf killed and cooked right away. He brings in milk and yoghurt and offers them round. There are no limits he does not go to. He asks the person to stay on longer, for Allah’s sake, so they can eat and drink. He seeks affection. But now, people never even speak unless they get something out of it. But the prophet expected to gain nothing. He just had a guest who arrived.

A9 TV; 09 November 2011

Of course we teach people love and affection. The world is very loveless. People do not love one another. I see that. We see that on the majority of programs. People’s faces are cold, like ice. They are very loveless. As if they were made out of bone. That also goes for their attitudes to women. For example, they talk in such a way as to ignore the existence of a very attractive woman. That is most dishonest and shameful. It is unfitting to act as if one were unaware of the existence of a beautiful woman. My own conscience would not permit that. When I see an attractive woman or a beautiful thing, I always stress that beauty. I went to a furniture store the other day. I was looking at the furniture. Every piece I looked at was really lovely and artistic. “What a fine person you are,” the owner said. “They come here and when they like a piece of furniture they just give a slight grunt,” he complained. “’We don’t like all the other furniture,” they say,’” “But you are honest and sincere, you still refer to that beauty, even if you don’t buy it,” he said. Indeed, the people involved have designed something truly lovely and produced a perfect work of art. How can one keep silent in the face of that?  When I see a pretty flower, I always say how much I like it. And I always mention their beauty when I see an attractive person. I always mention moral virtue when I see it. That helps me let it out. I mean, I cannot hold myself back in the face of beauty. If I do not let it out I will become tense and uncomfortable. But I can never tire of beauty or love. Of course not, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 10 September 2011

Love bestows mutual health and beauty on both sides. Love opens people up. It is the body’s greatest need. Not this or that or anything else, but love. All the cells of the body open up to love. Everywhere recognizes it. The eyes recognize love; the nose recognizes it, and the lips and ears and everything. The skin and the whole body recognize love. That is how Allah has created it. There is an intense desire for love. They are made wretched because they suppress that, may Allah forbid. They lose their light and joy and fertility and are made wretched. Is that not a shame? Allah has created loving and being loved most excellently. Cats and squirrels and rabbits are so cute as to drive on crazy. That is no normal cuteness. 

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

I have enough love for millions, or billions of people, insha’Allah. With no division. For example, there is a fear in some people. “My love would be divided,” they say. But why should love be fragmented? Our Prophet (pbuh) loved the entire Islamic community. And his love was not divided. Everyone loved our Prophet (pbuh), and he loved the whole community. There is no division of love there! I love all my brothers, and they love me. There is no division of love.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

Love is the greatest weapon of all. The whole world will be quiet as a lamb in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

A9 TV; 11 September 2011

Love is so fine, alhamdulillah. What a fine blessing Allah has bestowed on the human soul. Lovelessness is terrible. Allah sends a loveless person crazy, or makes him imbalanced. They become egotistical and selfish. They become aggressive, difficult, ruthless, unfeeling and ignorant of art, science and beauty; ugly creatures devoid of beauty and cleanliness. But with love, people literally become radiant and very lovely through love of Allah.

A9 TV; 17 October 2011

Good people are very rare. Attractive people are very rare. Reasonable, balanced, consistent, warm and loving people are very rare. That is why one must not let a good person go when one finds one. One must absolutely become friends and love them insha’Allah.

Passion means loving very strongly. Loving Allah very strongly. Love and passion are the same thing. Loving with passion, true love, fervent love, crazy love, liking someone very much and loving with the height of passion are all the same thing. The meaning of passionately loving Allah is loving Him with the highest love, the greatest fervor, the most powerful love. “One cannot feel passion for Allah,” they say. Why ever not? What does profound passion mean? It means profound love.

One must fear Allah with the most terrible awe and love Him with the most powerful love, the most powerful. Why should we love Allah only moderately? We love Him at the highest level. We will fear Him with the greatest awe. We wish to be people with the greatest devoutness, to be the finest people and the most virtuous people. Why be only moderate?

In the time of the Prophet (pbuh), the families of the Companions gave their children no peace for being with the Prophet (pbuh). Hazrat Ali (pbuh) was very young, around 11. The families attacked their children. They beat and swore at and tried to kill them. But these young people had a huge love for our Prophet (pbuh). They all abandoned their families and joined our Prophet (pbuh). Some families loved and respected our Prophet (pbuh). They also followed our Prophet (pbuh) as whole families. But Hazrat Ali (pbuh) and many other young companions were forced to migrate and leave their families. That is also the case with the Companions of the Cave in the Qur’an. They were made up of young people. They abandoned their families because of their pressure, persecution and strategies aimed at bringing them to heel, and sought refuge in a cave. Allah so praises those young people in the Qur’an that it appears the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) that it indicates the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be just like them. He says “the Companions of the Cave are the helpers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” What does that mean? The followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be like the Companions of the Cave. They will leave their families. Their families will persecute them. They will try to turn them from their faith. Allah says in one verse that “for if they find out about you they will stone you or make you revert to their religion and then you will never have success.’” In other words, they will give them no peace. Of course it is Allah Who inspires them to hide in a cave. They all join together. “your Lord will unfold His mercy to you and open the way to the best for you in your situation.” the Qur’an says. That verse applies to the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Under the influence of Pharaoh and the way of the dajjal [antichrist] of the time, their families gave those young people no peace. “No one believed in Moses except for a few of his people..,” Allah says. Only a very few young people can have faith. Because of the ruthless system in those times, the parents and families in those days were really extreme. They gave their children no peace in the time of Pharaoh. But those young people were heroic and still followed the Prophet Moses (pbuh). We are now in the End Times, in difficult days. But our job is to have affection, love and compassion.

We will love Allah with the highest passion fervor and love. We will give up our lives on Allah’s path, insha’Allah. That is why we exist. We live for Allah. Almighty Allah is our reason for living. We love Allah with the highest love and passion. We have a profound love for His manifestation and titles, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 18 October 2011

Human beings seek peace and repose. That is human nature. We are created for love and peace. People go wherever they will find peace and love.

The truth of the matter is that the way I talk to pretty women, live a pleasant life, and strong and healthy, am joyful and powerful, the way that Allah instills a deep and powerful love in my heart, and the way that other people have a powerful love for me, is all terribly upsetting to wretched and dried-up types. “We never knew there could be this much love, like paradise. We never knew,” they say. “But I do not experience it,” they say. No, not even if they want to. They give their money to a woman and say, “Love me.” But when she sees that money the woman loathes him even more. “I will buy you a car,” he says, and she detests him even further. Passion and love are something else. Loving with love of Allah is something totally different. Allah gives that love to those who love Him. They have begun to see what love and passion are for the first time, and have gone crazy. It has amazed them. Someone may have billions, a fortune, and be good-looking and everything. And he is young. But he has no love. He has a horrible, cursed wife, and he swears at her and she at him. There is a perfect hatred there. She looks at him like he is dirt on her shoe. And he looks at her like she is dirt on his shoe. But when they see the passion in you, it burns them up. It burns them to see profound love.

Love and passion are lovely things. There are hundreds of people who love me. And they love me like crazy, and I love them like crazy. Because we all love Allah. We love Allah with a passion.

Their analysis is totally primitive; “they must have hypnotized him, or put something in his tea,” they say. Or “They have must have mixed some powder or other into his jam.” If something has been put in my tea or jam, you try and do it and see how you get on. Powders do not dissolve properly in tea. This is the work of love, of faith, passion for Allah. But people become delightful when they abide by the Qur’an. They become real human beings. They become perfect human beings. They become intoxicated by the depths of their love and passion. This is a delightful aspect of Islam. Allah says He will give us the most delightful lives in the hereafter. Allah tells that to believers. And this is a manifestation of that, insha’Allah. There are numerous experts. Go and try and see how you get on with hypnosis?

Both men and women were passionately in love with our Prophet (pbuh). Our Prophet (pbuh) was loved by women with a passion, and by men with a profound passion. Love has more than one aspect. Do I say, “Only women loved our Prophet (pbuh), and not men”? We love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and all of them with a crazy love. One cannot say, “Only women are to be loved.” Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, for whom I would lay down my life without thinking… if he were alive, you would have seen me. Would I have allowed such behavior or insults in his regard? I would have brought the roof down, by Allah’s leave. I love our Prophet (pbuh) with a mad passion. I love the prophets Joseph (pbuh), Ilyas (pbuh), Isaac (pbuh), Jacob (pbuh) and Ishmael (pbuh) with a profound passion. Just so everyone knows.

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

It is Allah Who gives the eyes that color. Because matter on the outside is transparent, and there is just pitch black on the outside. Allah shows them as colored in our brains. Allah creates light in our brains and color in our brains. And creates the way we are affected by beauty. People are affected by beauty to the extent of their faith. I am hugely affected by it, for instance. I give thanks to Allah. People who love me are hugely affected by me, in turn. And that is also a sign of faith. It is a reflection of that faith. And I am affected by them. But it is not like that with disbelief. The Prophet (pbuh) had a companion with him as he was walking along. He met with Abu Jahil on the way. This is a familiar story. A true story, insh’Allah. “O, Abul Kasim,” he said. Because he did not address people he despised by their real names, may Allah forbid. “What an ugly person you are,” he said to our Prophet (pbuh), who replied, “You are right.” And he continued on his way with his companion. His companion did not ask why he had said that. On the road they met Hazrat Abu Bakir (pbuh), who stopped and said, “O the Messenger of Allah, what a lovely and beautiful person you are.” It was as if he had been hypnotized. And our Prophet (pbuh) again said, “You are right.” Then the companion said, “O the Messenger of Allah, you said ‘you are right’ to both of them. But Abu Bakir spoke the truth and the other man said the exact opposite.” And he replied: “I am a mirror. People who look at me see themselves.” Since he looks through the eyes of faith, Allah produces an enormous love in his heart. But since the other man looks through the eyes of disbelief, he cannot see. People who look at me through the eyes of disbelief cannot see. Only people who look through the eyes of faith can see. And since I look at Muslims and the people I love through the eyes of faith, I also experience that love, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 26 October 2011

(In response to a viewer who said: “You compliment your female followers too much. What if you were to make a change and not make all these compliments?)

My dear brother, these compliments stem from the powerful joy in my heart. My love is no normal love. It is not the kind you are familiar with. You cannot imagine the effect that beauty has on me. There is a huge capacity for love in my soul. Nobody who has not experienced it can understand. You would be amazed. Because in society and the world, the way of the dajjal [antichrist] taken love away from people. That is also in the Torah and the hadiths. The first thing the dajjal takes away is love. That is why even an ordinary love amazes people, and a fervent love astounds them utterly. That stems from love being taken away by the dajjal. Otherwise, you would regard this love as quite normal and very pleasant in the time of the way of the Mahdi. That is why you must set your heart to the way of the Mahdi. It is because of the harm done by the dajjal that you are so amazed. That is the reason for the general amazement in society. People are also amazed by helpful types. They regard people who want to help others as suckers. Don’t they? When you try to rescue someone they say, “What are you doing, why be such a sucker?” I saw this from China the other day. A car drove over a toddler and carried along on its way. Right in front of other Chinese people. One, two, three, they kept on showing it. People looked on and walked by eating their seeds. The child was writhing in pain. Another car came and ran over the child, too. But nobody did anything. Eventually that child died. Crushed to death. Then they took her dead body away. That is lovelessness. Now someone says to me, “You should be like that, too.” I am not under the influence of the dajjal. I am the system that drowns the dajjal. That is why that does not happen in me. You will get used to it, insha’Allah. I will teach you love. You will learn to love and be loved. You will learn to love fervor. Do not expose me to the dajjal’s propaganda, the propaganda of lovelessness. My job is to smother the dajjal. Muslims have a duty to smother the dajjal. The souls here, the little cats, also have a duty to tear the dajjal apart. We will all destroy the way of the dajjal. We will eradicate lovelessness, ruthlessness and injustice, insha’Allah. I have to be crazy in the face of this beauty, for not to feel fervor. I am powerfully affected by it. Why should I hide it? My soul is in fervor. Why should I hide it? I find relief by talking about it. I talk about my love. I look at a lovely child, at a lovely shop. Japanese children are really cute. Good enough to eat. But some people just stare around in a bovine manner. They never speak and are totally unaware. But I look, as if I were hypnotized. They are so cute and sweet. People kick cats on the street. But they are so cute. A mother and her kittens together, for instance. But people do not comprehend. Flowers grow up, but people look at them the same way a cow would. With hollow eyes. People tell me, “You are rather different.” I am human, and a Muslim, that is why. A Muslim must be full of love.

A9 TV;  September 1st, 2011

A look full of love is responded likewise by lots of love. That is to say a look full of love attracts a look full of love. But if one’s look is horrible, then he must inevitably avoid it. I say it for some certain cases. If one’s look is terrible, devoid of love, evil, lovelessness, negativity radiating  from her eyes, she can not look. Even if she looks, the other party would not like to return her look.

A9 TV;  September 1st, 2011

For us the True Religion is love; an obsession, the meaning of life. This also holds true for my friends. The True Religion is an all-consuming  obsession. The love for our Prophet (saas) is an all-consuming  obsession, so does the love for prophets. We give our lives for Allah without blinking  an eye. For Islam, for the Qur’an, for Allah. This is known by everyone. I have neither married, nor participated in business life. I have been serving  Islam with all my wealth, possessions. I expect nothing from this world. I am not after having children, any sons. I do not pursue any worldly goods. I neither got involved in politics nor this or that, nor seek any posts in the state. What we desire is only Allah’s approval. If we can attain that state of approval, it is enough insha’Allah.

When the morality of Islam dominates the world, all people will fall in love with one another. The love of Allah will prevail the world. All people will fall in love with another. Every one will be exuberant  with the love of Allah. People will have love for animals, for plants, for butterflies, trees, flowers, for everything. They will see the manifestations of Allah everywhere. They will fall in love with music, arts, with Paradise. What will be its source? From the love of Allah. Now we are in this state but all the world will experience this.

A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

You may live without love, but I cannot. May Allah forbid, I would die without love. Love is my soul. I am in love with Allah. I am madly in love with Allah. The source of this mad love is the love of Allah, insha’Allah. Look at my life and then at yours. All my life was spent in prisons, police stations, mental hospitals. Could have they ever deterred me even a little bit? I have been threatened hundreds of times. When I came to Istanbul, they fired seven bullets on me. In no way have  I given up. Would I ever give up? Never. Every day my crazy love increases even more. My exuberance increases even more. I came here with an hour's sleep yesterday. The day before I slept three hours. There is no time. We have so much work to do, masha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 8th, 2011 

We see devastated people. People with a complexion  of a filthy-yellow color. Surely those who are sick are exceptions; but in general the reason is lovelessness. For instance they suffer from a hernia. They become tense. They become nervous because of lovelessness. People who are loved do not become anxious and in the absence of anxiousness, there exists no hernia or cervical disc  hernia. Except from traumas, it is also medically proven that stress causes such diseases.

Human beings are created weak. Cells can not resist lovelessness. A cell asks for love, for compassion. Cells asks for water and food but their vital need is love and you do not give it. You can give food and water to a person. But what happens when you do not give them any oxygen? They  die. Love is like oxygen. Once you do not give love, even if you give the best of food, the body simply dies because he does not have the most vital need. In lovelessness the body tragically dies.

There are  young girls. They are extremely beautiful, bright, very fine and attractive girls. Some get married to a jackal in pursuit of having his money, his car. That dog exerts such a psychological pressure on her, he shows such lovelessness that, only in a few years time I see her growing old. She becomes like a grandmother. She degenerates. You probably see many such examples around. You ask, “A few years ago she was a young girl, very fresh. What has happened to her?” This is the result of a severe poisoning that comes about as a result of injecting the lovelessness of that man into that young girl. The body simply collapses. If she is treated with serious love and compassion, she becomes robust and more beautiful. But she lives like a corpse and her husband becomes her guardian. The house becomes her prison cell. The guardian comes from evening to evening and gives her food, money then he goes away again. At the end that poor lady dies slowly. Similarly, the workplace is a prison for a man who can not experience real love. His house is also a prison for him. He awaits his death in that prison. He is like a person who is sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. Wherever he goes, he suffers from the torment of that imprisonment, because he goes out, he does not love anyone, he goes out, he does not love anyone. He is always alone. It is like experiencing isolation in a prison; all alone. Everyday is a separate suffering, a separate torment. His body can not tolerate it and then collapses. Islam, first of all, eliminates this torment. This is one of the scourges that Islam eliminates. It is a healing for this illness. Almighty Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan: “Those who have faith and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah.” This is what is meant by this verse. Otherwise the world is like a nightmare, it is very dreadful.

A9 TV;  October 13th, 2011

Love flows from a faithful person to another faithful person. Only curses flow from a faithless person. If one is ruthless, and if his soul is adverse, filth flows from the eyes of a hypocrite. No matter how hard he tries, he can not find love. It is amazing that Allah gives so much beauty to the eyes. What a striking thing it is! Nothing else has such impact. Eyes almost break out in one’s soul. They are astounding. But this holds true only for those eyes that look with love. Allah says that faithful men are for faithful women. This is  valid not only for marriage. This also holds true for friendship and brotherhood, Insha’Allah. Surely, primarily it refers to marriage. Good people take  much pleasure from good people because both of them are honest, sincere and good. Now, you tell the truth but the other party always tells lies. You get bored; he is like a madman. You are sincere but he is not; that would make you feel uncomfortable.

Love is a miracle given by Allah. It has no explanation. It is a feeling that we have in ourselves towards human beings, animals, plants; it is an amazing feeling that we feel in our hearts, souls and  bodies and which also spreads to our limbs. We are unable to express it. Sometimes its dosage becomes very high, sometimes moderate, but it is a very fine feeling. For one thing, it ensures us to live a normal life. This is a very great need. It is a blessing from Allah. Therefore we must constantly pray to Allah. It is the greatest blessing. How nice it is to have faith in Allah and to experience love as a manifestation of Allah. It is something from which we take the most pleasure. It is something with which we are most happy. The finest feeling. Having love of Allah and loving the manifestations of Allah, Insha’Allah. Love is not love without having love for Allah; this is a great miracle. Without having faith in Allah, without having a bond with Allah, without having fear of Him. Why would it be? It would not. The soul gets locked. Everything loses its meaning for the soul. Allah must  definitely be loved very much; we love human beings because we love Allah. That is because, first of all we become very patient when we love Allah. Without patience, love does not have persistence, we can not keep  it. With love, we tend to see the good aspects of everything. Seeing the good in everything, to make an auspicious interpretation of it. For instance, if one looks in a beautiful way, we make an auspicious interpretation of it. If one says something, we again make an auspicious interpretation of it. We see something unfavorable, then we remain patient and try to correct it. Otherwise we can lose love in an instant. Love is like a very little baby, it is essential to protect it meticulously. Love is not something that we can experience in an easy way. Love is not easy. It demands effort and attention. For instance, one needs to make his choice of words very wisely. Love blossoms very beautifully with good words. Ordinary words do not work. “I love you very much.” This makes no sense to a man, or a woman. You repeat these words as much as you can; you can read them in a book and convey them but they would not have any impact. If you say it with love and  passion, then it makes an impact. The woman understands that they are true, sincere. She understands it from the eyes, the tone of voice, the style. Then she feels very impressed. Otherwise the man speaks like a recording. For instance, there are some men, they memorize the words. There are even  books like, “Impressing The Other Party In Ten Lessons”. No, nothing comes out of it. He must not be affected. For instance, I look and see they have taken the souls of the majority of the young people in Europe.

For instance, in order to love, one needs to cherish someone. One can only cherish people with faith. How would it be possible without faith? Once you do not cherish, the man will simply go away. You no longer have any love; it comes to an end. You need to feel respect. Of course we do not mean waiting hand and foot.  That also kills  love. We do not mean it in that sense. Respect is a severe sense of protection; loving fervently, having an intense closeness. Otherwise, not talking, waiting hand and foot is not “respect”. This is “formality”. Formality is one thing, respect is another thing. It makes one feel uncomfortable. Never talking, waiting hand and foot. Is it possible to call this “respect”? If you have a love with crazed fervor, then it means you feel respect. One feels protection; you protect her. You choose your words.

For instance even a seemingly insignificant word, even a word may disturb and give harm to the other party. One needs to be very wise. Every word must be chosen with attention. The guy speaks as he wishes. He causes devastation. That is unacceptable. The human heart is very fragile, it is sensitive. One cannot tolerate nonsense words. That would torment that person in an instant. One needs to be very meticulous. You can also cope with mood which is in devastation with patience, love and compassion. That is one needs to select his words very wisely. You must make a very good appreciation of the other party. You need to have a very good eye as to  his state of mind and the changes in his mood. At every moment, you need to evaluate his mood from his eyes, from his style and voice and then make the best choice of words. You need to select the best sentences. For instance, if you give a little bit higher dosage,  you will ruin it. If you drop the dosage a little bit, you will again devastate the situation. This can only happen by Allah’s help. Allah will inspire, so that you can speak in a sagacious manner and make impact on the other party. For instance in the eyes of a woman there is a tremendous power of passion. This can only be given to wise people. She does not give it to a fool no matter how well-built he may be. For , the guy is two meters tall. What would be different if he were taller or shorter? It does make no difference. Derisive, snob, adverse, irritable, soulless. With artificial looks…they have various artistic looks, they assume fake and insincere attitudes. This irritates a woman, it annoys her. He does not mention Allah’s name and talk about religion. No religion, no faith, no Allah, no Book but a mere, “I love you.”  understand Allah. How will you love a woman? You have no wisdom to love Allah. You are deprived of love to the point of not being able to appreciate Allah. How would one who is unable to appreciate Allah  be able to appreciate a woman? What will he recognize? How will a  person who is unable to notice so many blessings  notice the blessings granted by Allah? If you can not recognize Allah, you can see no one. Allah’s infinite blessings, you are unable to see them. But he says to the woman, “I see you.” You only recognize the interests at hand. Many people have this mindset in the society of ignorance. For instance a girl sees a man and says, “I love you with a crazed fervor.” What is your criteria? You look and see that she gets off from a luxury car. Then has a good profession, he says he has a good job. I earn so much money. In this case, the girl says, “I am in love, I have such great feelings, my love gets deeper and deeper.” What else? He says that his family is also very wealthy. In this case, she becomes more and more attached. Then the guy experiences a bankruptcy. The girl says, “I don’t know what happened to my love; I lost all my love in an instant.” You have never had love. You merely had your interests in mind; with an animal instinct, you have concentrated all your attention on your interests and now that they are at stake, you sacrifice that guy. This is the whole story. It is that simple. Those who come for possessions go for possessions. Those who come for one’s attractiveness  leave for the same reason. Those who come because one is young go again for the same reason. Those who come for faith stay with  faith. Other than that there is no love. The other flies away like refuse. One drifts off to another place where she considers something to be of her interest.

A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

One does everything for the good pleasure of Allah. Love is for Allah’s approval. Service rendered for Islam is for Allah’s good pleasure. Everywhere, everything is a manifestation of Allah; flowers, bugs, human beings. We also love human beings as a manifestation of Allah. The love you feel for me and the love I have for you; this is in terms of the manifestations of Allah’s names because they manifest everywhere. It manifests here as a color, while in another place it manifests as an image. This is a manifestation of His names, not His own being. We admire the manifestations of Allah’s names. We feel profound love. This is a blessing, a beauty, Insha’Allah. The measure in love is taqwa (awe or fear of Allah, which inspires a person to be on guard against wrong action and eager for actions which please Him). When one loves someone, he assesses him according to the service he renders on the path of Islam and his viewpoint towards Islam and the Qur’an. He loves one according to his person’s taqwa. Why do we love our Prophet (saas)? Because he is the prophet; because he serves Allah and His religion. Why do we love the Companions of our Prophet (saas)? Because of their  taqwa. Hazrat Omar (ra), Hazrat Uthman (ra), Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra). Why do we love Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra)? Because he was the one with the highest level of taqwa. After our Prophet (saas), he was the one who had rendered the best services. Then we love Hazrat Omar (ra), right? According to the account of our Prophet (saas), he has a special place in our heart with his courage, moral perfection and humaneness. What is this? They are the manifestations of the names of Allah. Allah manifests in them, for instance, as Hazrat Omar (ra). Who do we actually love when we love Hazrat Omar (ra)? Allah. The same thing holds true when we love Hazrat Ali (ra) and our Prophet (saas), Insha’Allah.

While we love a rabbit, for instance, we love it as a manifestation of one of Allah’s names and we feel very pleased with it. That is why we love a lot. Otherwise love does not have any meaning. For instance, while loving a person, if one loves him as a being independent of Allah and not as a manifestation of one of Allah’s beautiful names  that would be ascribing partners to Allah. That would be unacceptable. That is to say, this is not something a Muslim can ever attempt.

A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

It is related in the Qur’an that Allah sees all eyes but eyes can not see them. Notice that the One Who looks within from those eyes is also Allah. He manifests within those eyes with His beautiful name, Insha’Allah. For instance, Allah speaks of the existence of beautiful women with big black eyes in the Heaven. But their eyes are only directed to their spouses. They only belong to their spouses. Here Allah mentions passion as the most important feature. It is the most important feature of  Heaven. Insha’Allah, Almighty Allah will grant this blessing to all believers in the Heaven for all eternity because in this life we have an insatiable love for human beings. We have love for all kinds of beauty. The human soul can not get enough of love for cats, rabbits, flowers, the beauty of women, the sweetness of children. This can only be satisfied in  Heaven, Insha’Allah.

A9 TV;  October 16th, 2011

Because my love is for Allah’s good pleasure, it is seated on very sound grounds. In my mind, I make these grounds very clear. In my case, compassion, respect and appreciation flourish in line with love. This aside, when I love, I love for a lifetime; that is to say, my love is not temporary. Mine is a love that strengthens very steadily and flourishes on good grounds. I feed the grounds of my love very well. For instance, I steadily make an assessment in my mind and make those grounds more solid by considering the reasons of my love. I also do not take any steps backward. For instance, I erase any unfavorable incident from my memory right at that moment; I simply avoid thinking over it. I do not let anything remain that will tarnish my love. If there is something wrong, I am not offended or get angry; I correct it and then go on loving. I do not allow  acts that will harm my love. That is why I have a love that is very consistent, resolute, strong and progressive.

A9 TV; October 15th, 2011

Muslims will consist of love, there will be pure love. They will be very compassionate and affectionate. They will approach Jews, Christians, atheists, all people with compassion. They will not be in a blood-shedding, ruthless mood because according to the Qur’an, this is siding with dajjal, pharaoh, this is persecution. The Pharaoh is merciless, but a Muslim will be compassionate. If we look at everyone with compassion, especially if we approach  the Islamic schools with love and compassion, this will be very right. We are all brothers; Alawites, Sunnis, Jafferites, Shias, Wahhabis. Both Christians and Jews are the servants of Allah. Allah created them in this way in the destiny. Allah named them in the Qur’an as the People of the Book. We will approach them with profound compassion. We will pray for them to be good and pray for their guidance. We will preach Islam to them  and the Qur’an with love, but rage and hatred will never happen, Insha'Allah. This is the order of Allah to us.

Love one another very much; show a lot of compassion. We are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  and the time of Prophet Jesus (as). We are in a time when Hazrat Khidir (as) is engaging in activities. The morality of Islam will dominate  the world in ten to fifteen years. We will see this altogether. I am not a person who believes in superstition. I am a realistic and a very rational person. What I say is true. You will see that my words are accurate. Live the joy of this. Attach to one another with profound love and affection. Be very forgiving and compassionate. Very nice days are close, Insha'Allah. I greet all of you. May Allah grant guidance, health, beauty, blessings to all of you. May Allah grant relief and contentment into your hearts, Insha'Allah.

Why are they jealous abut the love they feel for me? I can not comprehend this, masha’Allah. If they see my other female friends, then they would be hospitalized. They are incredibly beautiful, masha’Allah. They are all in love with me, with the love of Allah. They are madly in love, they love very, very much, Insha'Allah. What is the point in being jealous? Just admire, right. Masha’Allah. How nice! They cannot grasp it. They ask, “How does this happen?” If you love Allah  candidly, Allah also loves you candidly and manifests on you with His beautiful name al-Jamal, Insha'Allah. But if your heart is pitch dark, if you are misguided and if you are in darkness, then Allah shows you horrible manifestations, and make you meet terrible people. You lead a terrible life, Insha'Allah


A9 TV, 1 May 2012

However, since love comes from Allah it is very important for love of Allah to be properly directed. It is a violation of conscience to distract attention from Allah. One has to maintain the highest attention on Allah. We say, “We love Allah most.” All love is for Allah. Because Allah created. And Allah also causes us to love. He gives an affective power. What would happen if He did not, may Allah forbid? It would be very bad. Allah bestows the mutual power to affect others. Look, this is very important. Allah could have bestowed it in a one-sided manner. That would represent a huge deficiency. But Allah bestows it in a two-way form. This is a great thing, a great blessing, masha’Allah. That is who it is so important for all love to be directed to Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an that human beings are cruel and ignorant and ungrateful. People’s thoughts have departed from Allah in one way. That is why, when we pray we must say, “O Lord, keep my attention always on You.” And “Make us love You with an unconditional faith, O Lord,” with great love.

It is Allah Who also provides love of Him. This is a most amazing thing. It is Allah Who creates that power. Once you have that, you have obtained the greatest blessing. A ton of weight is lifted from you and you can really be at ease. That is the root cause of all people’s troubles and tribulations. We go to bed at night and sleep so the body can recover from all its tribulations. But it is forgetting Allah that causes the body the worst suffering. The body really suffers from that. The body then recovers during sleep. It recovers from that damage by sleeping. But when all love is directed toward Allah, then the need for sleep declines considerably. Our Prophet (saas) slept very little, for example. Weakness of faith, forgetting Allah, causes terrible damage. It wrecks the body. Then that poor body can only recover by sleeping. It takes 7-8 hours for it to pull itself back together. That terrible damage stems from forgetting Allah.

A9 TV, 28 April 2012

Allah creates His servants to love. Allah Himself wants to be loved, and He loves His servants. He likes Himself to be loved. Of course, Almighty Allah is not like a human being. But He likes things. He likes beauty, for instance. He likes beautiful people. He creates them to be beautiful. He likes the entities in paradise. Allah delights in their happiness. He likes pleasant words and pleasant moral values. But Allah does not love bad moral values. He says He will take revenge for them. We do not like them, either. We also loathe them. We do not want there to be bad people. We want there to be good people. That is how we can rest easy. For example, if there is one bad person here, we will all be troubled and uneasy. But since everyone is good, we can relax. Allah wants to love and be loved for all eternity. How lovely, look, He has created human beings. Let us love and be loved, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 1 April 2012

n films and novels, you know, when they talk about love, the person finds love in proportion to his exertions for Allah’s approval. Like Majnun and Layla. The important thing is the suffering there. Had they loved one another in a palace, that would have been of no interest to anyone. There would have been no such legend. People would not feel that degree of love there. But a spirit of passion emerges when one seeks to be united with the beloved through those pains and sufferings in the deserts. The spirit of love emerges, and is then convincing and satisfying. And that is what Almighty Allah wants.

Weak love of Almighty Allah is unworthy of His glory. But loving Him with passion is most fitting. That is why Allah creates the prophets, mahdis and guides. They are few in number, but that is enough for Him. That pleases Allah. In this world of ours, of course. But who knows how many other worlds there are? Allah may have created an infinite number of worlds, we cannot know. Allah does not want a poor-quality love. The whole system is built on that at the moment.

A9 TV, 29 March 2012

when one loves a person with passion, one feels sympathy and compassion for them and wants to protect and watch over them for all their lives. The most important thing of all is to want to be together for all time in the hereafter. It is only meaningful if you love like that. The other way is terrible. You are treating her like an animal. Allah will always punish such a character in people. He always makes them deformed in some way. Then they become sexual perverts.

A9 TV, 20 March 2012

Matters will be settled not with clashes, but by love. They insist on thinking that they will handle  issues with fighting. Fighting brings forth more fights. Human beings are arrogant beings. If you try to give shape to a person by force, the other person also tries to do the same for you. A balance can never be accomplished. But love makes people be at peace. Everyone is in favor of goodness, everyone is self-sacrificing. Everyone gives up his interests. In egoism, everyone protects his own interests. They do not want the best for others.

A9 TV, 4 August 2011

The more difficult it is, the better. The more people suffer pain and difficulty, the better they live by love. The more intelligent they are, the more profound. For example, Kim Kardashian was speaking in an interview; “I have never known true love,” she said. Stress led to her contracting psoriasis, and open sores appeared on her head. Because she has no love, no passion, no depth, no ideas and therefore contracts inward. A non-lawful lifestyle results, and that of course drags her down. Yet if she acted in the light of the Qur’an, if she knew true love and passion, she would be perfectly healthy. Stress is the sole reason for that psoriasis. She looks really happy, but in reality she is not, her real life is not like that at all. It results from suffering. I had a friend covered in psoriasis from head to foot. I had only recently met him. I told him his problem was in the mind. He was like that from lack of love, I said. If you experience love, if you submit to Allah, if you become a good, honest and sincere Muslim, Allah will lift this affliction from you. The disease healed completely. Not a trace remained. That is obviously the cause. Intense suffering damages the body’s defense system and the body attacks itself. Lovelessness devastates women. Those lovely things just waste away. But it is love that women need most urgently. More than water or air.

Muslims must be full of love for one another. They must protect and watch over one another. They can invite the followers of the Nur to their discussions at home, and people from all other communities. They must form alliances around what they have in common and talk together. They can talk of the fine moral values of our Prophet (saas) for instance. That is something all communities can agree on. But they must not discuss political opinions. Talking at home is fine, but without political discussions. What we do from time to time is giving dinners and conversing in yacht, and they are very good. Our brothers from the MHP came to the last dinner we gave, and brothers from the AKP and the Felicity Party. There were people from all parties. Members of Parliament and professors. But we did not discuss politics. We talked about Turkish-Islamic Union, Islamic Union, brotherhood and love. That is how it should be. Tensions rise when people talk about politics. Politics must be avoided there. You cannot talk about politics in discussions among friends.

The Qur’an teaches us the basis of love. The Qur’an does not tell us to love alone. Love requires patience, self-sacrifice, generosity, care and protectiveness. A selfish person cannot love. A selfish person will always lose love. Impatient people will always lose love. People who are not forgiving always lose love. Love cannot grow out of nowhere. It needs work, to be tended and cared for. Love must be protected in the same way you tend a flower. Love cannot grow spontaneously. One cannot love eyes or eyebrows. These can become ill or grow old and vanish. Wealth can also vanish, but faith and moral values, the virtues arising from faith, are permanent. This has a profound effect on the soul. And so we love people. Otherwise, one cannot love a person who is just flesh and blood. Lift off a person’s skin, just a millimeter thick, and they are all bloody. Underneath it is all blood red. Flesh and fat and that is all. So nothing remains to love about someone.

The world must concentrate on love. Most people have no love. This is a terrible scourge and people are very unhappy. It is a national tragedy, a tragedy for the Nation. A disaster. The whole world should be declared to be in a state of emergency. Lovelessness is a terrible affliction. Lack of trust is a terrible affliction. Why should people fear other people? It is a disgrace for people to fear one another. People should love one another with joy. But fear is everywhere in the world, and suffering is unrestrained. People distrust one another. Everyone is on tranquilizers. But people would be happy if joy prevailed. They would be very healthy. We are being out through a brief test. This world is like an exam for paradise, insha’Allah. We will learn proper moral values, insha’Allah.

Loving with passion is very important. With passion, for Allah. To love things as manifestations of Allah. Love knows no bounds. One cannot say, let us love a little bit. We must love to the greatest extent possible. Love is a most delightful thing, a great blessing. We love as manifestations of Allah. We cannot love independently of Allah. If one tries to love independently, the result is polytheism. But if you love something as a manifestation of Allah, then Allah bestows the flavor of love. Love has a beauty that rocks the soul. It is bestowed on you then. But the souls of people who turn to polytheism are burned up. You become just flesh and bone. Nothing comes of flesh and bone. But the other way you see the manifestation of Allah’s title of al-Jamal. You experience the beauty and depth of that love. Almighty Allah causes you to experience it. People who say they prefer to love as they see fit, cannot love or know love at all. Allah bestows no love on their hearts. They cannot take pleasure from love. They try to love, but cannot do it. You cannot impersonate love. They try to impersonate love in films and in the theater and novels. There can be no impersonation in love. No matter how much they try. Love is a special power given by Allah. A special force. A candy has a taste. But if Allah does not bestow the flavor, one cannot enjoy it. No matter how much he eats. “How delicious it is,” he says, “just like honey.” What flavor does he taste? A bitter one. So why say it is like honey? In order to make a display. Allah bestows a special delight in love on Muslims. To those who love manifestations of Allah.

I feel affection for everyone, masons, Jews, Knights Templar, irreligious people and atheists as servants of Allah. I harbor no hatred or anger toward anyone. I affectionately want them to be saved and to be good people. I meet with all sections of society. I speak to people whom some others have cursed and I show them affection. And I strive for their salvation.

For one thing, believers have affection. People who believe in Allah have affection. Affection is a feeling that never dies away or decreases. Affection reaches a peak when a woman is ill. It reaches a peak if she is crippled, may Allah forbid. Or in old age. If she trips over, affection enters the equation, or if she is not strong enough to do something. Affection is a most pleasurable feeling. A particular feeling, like physical passion. It has a huge effect on the soul. It is a lovely feeling. A state of soul that never ends. It constantly rules the soul. Affection is a great blessing. It is a special feeling given to believers by Allah. It is believers’ internal energy. Allah loves this moral virtue. Affection is a manifestation of the names of ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim.

Some people think it is fame and money that matter, and not love, passion and depth. You look and see them following along behind some famous person. Just because they are famous. They are putting themselves down, humiliating themselves. Then you see they make not a penny. But if one seeks faithfulness and Allah’s approval, Allah makes one blessed and lovely because He creates one with nobility. That continues in paradise, too. But the other way means disgrace in this world and in the hereafter. But if one has faith for Allah’s sake, that leads to purity in this world, and love and passion. Love and passion also persist in paradise. That is true love, because one seeks faithfulness and the approval of Allah.

There are very grave misconceptions of love and affection. Ask a young girl, and she will say she only trusts her mother. People need large numbers of friends. That shows how corrupt this age is. I go out and everyone is downcast. There is no question of greeting anyone. But being friends and greeting people is delightful. One should compliment beauty. Insha’Allah this will happen in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Love and friendship are as essential as bread and water. If any is lacking, then stress starts and one’s health is damaged. Hazrat Mahdi (as) provides the most essential thing. To live with a profound passion. To love all things as manifestations of Allah. To trust and respect and value them. In their absence, obstinacy, pride and arrogance appear instead. Modesty, warmth and humility prevail under the way of the Mahdi. This is human being’s greatest psychological need. It is more important that bread and water, eating and drinking. Insha’Allah, this will all happen.

It needs to be opposed through reason and knowledge and information, through science, and philosophy and art. If that is not done, people will turn to weapons. One warlord will be replaced by another. But our Prophet (saas) described religion with love. Love is the essence of religion.

We are people who live for Allah. We become completely different if our country or flag are attacked. Has the nation not proved that time and time again? They saw that at Gallipoli. And at Antep. They have seen it everywhere. This country and religion are ours. We will establish Turkish-Islamic Union. Look, we do not call these places Maraş, but Kahramanmaraş (Brave Maraş). Not Antep, but Gaziantep (Victorious Antep). We are the children of the same father. They imagine we desperately want to live. We live for Allah. But we will become something different again if they try to take our country, nation or flag away from us, if they try to deprive us of our religion and faith. They will regret it terribly. They must come to their senses.

Criticism alone is no good. One must speak pleasantly of the good aspects of things. Love is very important. Complements and winning people over lead to love. People know their own good points, but they still like to hear them from other people. That helps to reinforce them. It has a positive effect. It makes them even better, insha’Allah.

People who come to hospital are already suffering. Patients need love and affection, they must be helped if they are in difficulties, but no money must be taken from them.

How wonderful that Almighty Allah exists. We came into being out of nothing. Absolute non-existence is impossible, there has to be the existence of Allah. Absolute non-existence is not possible. Apart from in people’s imaginings. Allah exists absolutely. There is no other way, no question. The moment a person says he exists, that presupposes the eternal existence of Allah. Allah has of course existed for all time. I am speaking in terms of individual belief. There can be no going back. Images and sounds never cease to exist. And this makes human beings eternal. It makes eternal life inevitable. For example, these words of mine will never disappear for all time. That is technically impossible. They will remain for ever, in this form. In the same way that our childhoods and every word we speak remain. Nothing changes. Our pasts are also the future. If Allah built such a system it could run the other way. We speak of the future, but it is actually our past. We call the past, the future. Our childhoods are over with, and so is the future. Allah is Omniscient, alhamdulillah, and that is a wonderful thing. But Allah does not want to be alone, He wants there to be human beings. Allah does not regard the angels as enough. He wants human beings. He loves human beings most. And among human beings, He loves the prophets and guides the most. Allah also enjoys the defeat of satan. He likes that very much, satan’s defeat. He created human beings as a delight, and that is a great thing. A great blessing. We must look for beauty everywhere.

Allah tells us not to oppress one another. But people build bombs. This is extraordinary. Why should people be killed, why should bombs be built? Love is beautiful. They make machine guns and boast, “look how many bullets it can fire in a minute. It can tear things apart.”  Nobody should be killed. There should be no wars. What need is there? Let us all live normally, as servants of Allah. They teach ways of killing. The courts and prisons are full. There are lawyers’ offices everywhere. What need is there? Nobody should quarrel with anyone else. We should all be friends. They go to court over the slightest thing. It is wrong to regard this system as normal. I go outside to see whether people look one another in the face, and they do not. I pass in front of a restaurant, and everyone looks down at his plate. They should spread love around, take an interest in people, extend greetings, ask after one another and invite others to their table. That is the best thing. Otherwise, why go out at all? Why go out if nobody is going to look at anyone else, if there is no love or interest out there? They do not even look at the view or the flowers. There are no birds or animals to love. There should be trees everywhere and birds, but instead there is concrete. We go out in the evening and sit down to talk instead of walking along the road. That is what makes life pleasant. Everywhere is the same. Egypt, for instance, is dirty and badly maintained. India, the same, all covered in dust. Most people make no effort over themselves and are not concerned if they look nice. But being liked by others is an expression of respect. They should be clean and well groomed out of respect for others and for themselves. There is an extreme emptiness in the world, and that is very frightening. Whoever shouts loudest is most admired. “He really put the others down,” they say admiringly. Why? Pleasant speech is to be admired. This is not how we were created.

If people genuinely believe and are joyful, their artistic prowess grows. Excellent architecture appears. They can make very good films. But if people lose joy, their brains shrivel up. The blood vessels in their brain shrink, no blood reaches the brain. They can no longer think or talk properly. Their horizons narrow. They become depressed. They have no creativity, by Allah’s will. But joy of faith expands one’s horizons. People can make great statues and build giant facilities and lovely gardens. Painters can produce fine pictures, for example. If a sculptor is possessed by love, he can make great statues. Scientists make great discoveries. People who speak open up our minds. We feel great joy when we enter a store. Or when we go out. When one gets into a car one develops a great joy and happiness stemming from the joy and happiness of the driver. It is a chain reaction. It triggers a reaction. When there is unhappiness in society, an unhappy chain reaction is set off. For example, the boss comes to work and is unhappy. The staff then pick up on that and become unhappy. But if he is happy, that spreads all around in a chain reaction. That is what Hazrat Mahdi (as) will do. He will set off a chain of love. But Allah will give him his true strength when Hazrat Mahdi (as) has been given that authority. That strength is increased many times over. Then Allah will start to bestow blessings on people.

A9 TV, 04 March 2011

People who are full of love having dominion is the way of the Mahdi. Passion, love and sincerity is the way of the Mahdi. Because Allah wants us to love and be loved. He wants us to be good natured. He does not want us to suffer. Neither does He want others to hurt us. Nor for us to hurt ourselves. He wants us to live in peace, giving thanks, observing what is lawful and unlawful, as brothers, with a passionate fervor for Allah, harming no-one. The way of the Mahdi is an instrument that will put an end to corruption and disorder. Disorder will end at once. Overnight. Hazrat Mahdi (as) acts very fast. Let us imagine that strife breaks out in Libya. How long will it take Hazrat Mahdi (as) to deal with it? One hour or two, not even a whole night. The way of the Mahdi is as fast as lightning. It also builds. Let us imagine that fine homes need to be built. How long do you think that will take? They may say it will take 20 years. But Hazrat Mahdi (as) will say, “No. It will take just 6 months.” And 6 months is all it will take. That is another characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (as). So long as there is the determination. Determination is very important.

When love reigns, laws will be applied in the finest manner, and everything will be very excellent. How good it will be to have women in Parliament, won’t it? Because women are immaculate, warm, loving and kind people, secret teachers of love. A community with no women is very peculiar, may Allah forbid. They are teachers of peace. They quietly maintain equilibrium in society. Allah has created them specially. If there is no love, all the balances will go wrong. There is an excellent example from Ottoman times, of two traders. When a customer came to one of them, he suggested the customer make his purchases from the other trader. That is love.

A9 TV, 09 March 2011

The things that most sharpen people are faith, sincerity and love. When these are missing, a person becomes sick and unbalanced. A person collapses physically and mentally. The world also collapses. And people. The world will go mad when love is removed from it. The world will collapse physically and mentally when faith, sincerity and love are taken away from it. Then it will be the Day of Reckoning, may Allah forbid. That is why Hazrat Mahdi (as) is bringing sincerity, love and faith to the world. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the teacher of faith, love and sincerity. That is why Allah is putting back the Day of Reckoning. "Even if only one day remains, Allah will extend that day. He will send the Mahdi (as) from my Ahl al-Bayt and he will make the world prosperous” he [the Prophet Mohammad (saas)] says. He described it in great detail. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is an instrument in the halting of the Day of Reckoning.

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