The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV, 11 November 2012


(Israeli war planes and helicopters are reported to have bombed Palestinian towns on the border with Israel. Israel said that Hamas alone is responsible for all the attacks made from Gaza. In a statement, Hamas responded that it would not remain silent in the face of Israel’s killing of civilians in Gaza.)

There is such totally unnecessary fighting going on. For one thing, the Palestinians are the children of Ishmael. The others are the sons of Israel, of Jacob. Both are descended from prophets. Both believe in the one Allah. So what is going on? There is plenty of land there. Just a handful of Jews are living on it, three or four million. Just a very few. Stop the fighting. Open the borders up. Embrace one another and let things calm down. This is all wrong. May Allah produce the Mahdi (pbuh) right away, insha’Allah. May He show us Jesus the Messiah right away, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 13 September 2012

“We will annihilate Israel,” they say. Where are these people living? Are you crazy?” “We will obliterate them from there,” they say. “We will wipe them out,” they mean. That is utterly immoral. What you are really saying is, “We will wipe out a line of the prophets.” Some one-third of the Qur’an talks of the people of Israel. Hazrat Israel is the name of Jacob (pbuh). That is how the name Israel appears in the Qur’an. You ignorant man, Israel is the name of a prophet. Do you realize what you are saying? You do not refer to the state, but directly to Israel. You are insulting the prophet. Then Allah will visit scourges on you. So pull yourself together. And why should they leave the region? They are entrusted to us by the Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Their living does you no harm. I speak with rabbis, and they say, “Of course Hazrat Muhammed (pbuh) is a prophet. That is obvious.” “But we do not wish to abandon our faith. How could we do that?” they say. I say, “Be Jews who follow Muhammed. Love and believe in the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).” That will be an end to it.

A9 TV, 6 September 2012

(About a wine festival scheduled to be held in a mosque in Israel being transferred, at Mr. Adnan Oktar’s request, somewhere where it will not offend Muslims)

Our Israeli friends have shown how sincere and well-intentioned they are, how open to dialogue and how reasonable they are. They showed how much they respect me by immediately going along with my request when I made it. It happened when I asked them. You can go and ask them if you like. A few opinion pieces came out before that, and several people talked about it. Everyone talked about it and expressed his opinion. Then, after everyone had had his say, I said the last word and they immediately went along with it. Once again, we have seen the importance of Israel’s friendship and closeness. I have been instrumental in many matters. I have been instrumental in many auspicious matters, insha’Allah. I have also prevented the attack on Israel that was planned, alhamdulillah. Israel was thinking of launching a bombing strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. But I asked them not to, and that stopped them.

A9 TV, 5 September 2012


(Great support for Israel was again given by delegates approving the party program at the Republican Party National Convention in America. But for the first time, it also said that “Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel.” This is a major development in U.S. policy and was interpreted as a major step by Muslims.)

My congratulations again to the Israeli government for granting my request (the cancellation of the wine festival planned to be held in a mosque courtyard in Israel). My particular thanks to the Prime Minister; because I sent an Israeli member of Parliament to make the special request  they then met with the mayor and the matter was pout right. This is evidence of how humanely and reasonably Israel approaches issues.

A9 TV, 4 September 2012


(About reports that Israel has abandoned the idea of holding a wine festival in a mosque courtyard)

The reason why this has happened is that we spoke with Israel. We called Eyüp Kara, and the deputy minister called the mayor. We also sent a separate notification to the Prime Ministry. And the festival has been moved out of the mosque; they heeded our request. My thanks to the Israeli government and the Prime Minister. And thank you to Eyüp Kara. And thank you to other people who contributed. My thanks to the mayor. Israel has shown its peace-loving nature, warmth and sincerity to the whole world. They have shown it to the Islamic world, too. They have clearly shown their spirit of compromise, intelligent attitudes and the way they favor peace.

A9 TV;  September 18th 2011

We send our greetings to all our brothers in Israel; to Muslims, Christians, Jews. We send our greetings. We love them all very much. We feel compassion toward all of them. We want them to be in peace.

There is no problem whatsoever between Israel and Turkey. They all love one another, they know each other as brothers. This has been so for centuries. In the time of our Prophet (saas), our Prophet (saas) used to take off his cloak and lay it underneath Jews and conversed with them. Our Prophet (saas) married a Jewish and a Christian lady. Besides, you know the era of Spain when Jews were persecuted. We took them from Spain and brought here, to Istanbul, to the most distinguished district of the beautiful city of Turkey. We made them settle in Istanbul. We presented our friendship and brotherhood to them. This is a tradition of us. We have always had feelings of compassion and protection towards Jews and we always will . That is why this crisis is temporary. In other words, it is impertinent to think that this will grow worse and that it will end up in conflict and war. There will be no war, no fight. On the very contrary, because we are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), there will be peace and brotherhood. Together with Palestine and Turkey, Israel will be in the midst of all kinds of goodness. Our Palestinian and Israeli brothers will embrace one another, the fight will come to an end. Those walls will be demolished; those giant, tall, high walls. The control points will also be removed because peace and brotherhood will come. We see this in the hadith of our  Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) spoke of  the End Times and the era of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in detail. Similarly we see it in the Torah. We read it in the Torah, you saw it. We are in this era depicted in the Torah. The King Moschiah has come, Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come. Let us rejoice in this. Consequently the sounds of conflict, the noises of war must disappear and they will disappear. You will also see them. In 10-20 years, a great peace and brotherhood will reign in the region. Consequently, noises of strife and war must disappear and they will disappear. You will also see them. For about 10-20 years, a great peace and brotherhood will reign in the region. Our brothers must rejoice in this. That is, they must have unease for no reason. Surely Jews are brothers of religion with one another. So are the Muslims. We are also brothers of this world with our Jewish brothers. We feel compassion for them; we respect their opinion and beliefs. We do not believe in intervening and putting pressure on anyone’s beliefs as Allah openly relates in the Qur’an, “There is no compulsion in religion.” No one can ever violate Allah’s provision. No one can be converted to Islam by force. A religion is a religion if it is embraced by one’s own free will. By compulsion, that religion becomes unacepptable. Our Israeli brothers must know this notion and make their assesments according to it. Three thousand years ago, the Torah gave us the good news that we will see these beautiful days. Our Prophet (saas) also gave a detailed account of this age 1,400 years ago. All the portents have appeared. The portents of the King Moschiah. The flow of the Euphrates stopped. Two comets, Halley and Lulin, appeared. The Qa’ba was stormed. Eclipses of the Moon and the Sun 15 days apart during Ramadan. They all happened. Conflicts are temporary. They must be evaluated in the context of political affairs. In the realm of politics, such crises, such tensions happen. The general opinion of the Turkish public is important. Likewise the general opinion of the Israeli people. We must dwell on these, and they can be determiend by public surveys.

Both the sons of Prophet Ishmael (as) and the sons of Prophet Israel (as) are my brothers. I surely have love for all of them. I would surely not want any fights and tension to happen between them. We make efforts for this end.

In fact what must be done at this point is the following; let’s ask the general opinion of the Israeli people. Their conviction reflects the truth. Nothing other than this remains, because apologizing is not done by force. It is an apology if it comes from the heart. If the Israeli people are in favor of an apology, then they apologize.

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

There will be no collision with Israel. Turkey is having a radar base built in Malatya to protect Israel. And this is a very comprehensive system that will protect Israel from a nuclear attack. It is intended specifically to protect Israel. And of course it is intended to protect other countries as well, but it aims specifically to protect Israel.  Turks have always been protective, compassionate and had watched them over. However that is correct, they really have reacted very aggressively and acted with an unnecessary fierceness. They could have used a more proportionate force, they could have acted more reasonably, but let bygones be bygones. What we want is, insha'Allah, an apology and a payment of indemnity and closing the matter in this way.

Besides we, as a nation, love Jews. I mean the Turkish people love Jews and feel great compassion for them. And the people of Israel have a profound love and respect for the Turkish nation. That is a fact which could be determined if asked [to the related parties].

Israel might of course have created a rage in the hearts of people. That is because they have shed a lot of blood in Palestine, the blood of many Palestinians has been shed. And they have of course responded with suicide attacks. A mutual tension has formed. As a result of this, a rage could have been formed in some people. However, we are in the End Times and we are in a very beautiful period of time, we are in a beautiful time. In the Torah, there is the mentioning of King Messiah who will guide the Jews to salvation, who will be instrumental in enabling the Jewish people to live in peace. As you know this is one of the basic beliefs. The King Messiah is an individual that they have been waiting for for 3,000 years; he is a descendant of David. Messiah, the son of David. They define him as the King of the world.  We call that individual the Mahdi (pbuh). This is the person known as the Mohammed Mahdi in the Islamic belief. The time of the Mahdi has come according to the Torah and according to the hadiths. I mean the time of the King Messiah, known as Shiloh, has come and we believe that the King Messiah -that is the Mahdi- is on the earth at this very moment. The Mahdi will put an end to this dissension, this disturbance, and Israel and Arabic countries will embrace each other, other countries will embrace each other as well.  Moreover, according to the expression used in the Torah, children will play with the snakes and the snakes will not have an effect on them. The children will play with lions and the lions will not harm them.  We have come to such an age. We will put aside the grudges and rage. If we look at things with a grudge and rage, no one can ever be friends with another. For instance, if you look at things with this mentality, an American animosity might develop because America had caused an enormous bloodbath in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  I mean millions of people have been slaughtered, millions have been martyred. If we look at things with this mentality, we should not forgive America under any circumstances. But that would be very illogical because the American people have no fault in that. Those who are at fault are a handful of administrators. We believe that they are the ones at fault. We evaluate the American people separately. We evaluate the Israeli people separately. Peoples are, in general, innocent and inoffensive. None of them would support war. People hate wars. A handful of administrators under the influence of satan drag them into  blood, sufferings and pain. There were a very few people who supported Hitler at his time. But through the use of  mass psychology, a significant part of the German people supported Hitler. But now, they are feeling embarrassed because of this. We do not feel an ongoing hatred, rage towards Germans.  We feel anger towards those who are at fault there, we feel rage towards those and we want them to be punished. But we believe that the German people are innocent and immaculate. The events should be evaluated with this mentality. If one does not evaluate things with this mentality, no country could ever be friends with any other country.  Then we would have to feel hatred for Greece, we should hate the Russians as well. We should then hate the Serbians, the Greek, the Arabs; we should hate everyone. That is very very wrong. What happened in the past stays in the past. We are at the time of the King Messiah, we are at the time of the Mahdi(pbuh). By embracing each other with love and compassion and by apologizing to one another, this matter should be closed. Otherwise, this world would turn into a living Hell and we will not let that happen.   

No Islamic country would have a war with Israel. Such an incident would not happen. And it will not happen anyway. That is because we are in the age of peace. There may be a pressure applied psychologically; I mean they might give an impression that says; "None of us loves you".  And that would be a grave mistake as well, because the Israeli people do not have any fault in this. Some certain people among the executives are at fault. Those who are acting are some certain people. They are the ones at fault. Consequently, there will be an environment in which the Israeli people will be embraced, protected and watched over with love and compassion. This shows itself in the system of the Mahdi. At the moment, Israel is under the shadow of the system of the Mahdi. I mean she is under the shadow of the King Messiah, Shiloh. For that reason, that is why there are no negative moves in the region if you pay attention and there will never be. It might seem that there will be a crisis, but the system of the Mahdi will prevent that from happening. That means the spiritual power of the Mahdi, the wisdom of the Mahdi will deem these incidents impossible with Allah making the Mahdi instrumental in this. You will see that it is impossible.  The people of Israel will go towards better and more beautiful conditions as time passes. But under one condition; they will show their love for the King Messiah, they will completely submit themselves to Allah, they will increase their fear of Allah, they will grow closer to Allah with love; if they love Allah very much, the protection of Allah will be upon them, they will see this. But now the time for the global dominion of Islam has come, what they call the Arab Spring is actually the spring of Islam, I mean it is the spring of the system of the Mahdi. They are misstating it by calling it the Arab Spring. Actually it would be truer if they had evaluated it as the spring of the system of the Mahdi, the spring of the King Messiah. That is because the Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has stated that such a period will come, this has also been foretold in the hadiths as well, and at the moment it is happening exactly as it was foretold in all its details.   

A9TV; September 12th, 2011

(In response to the question; "When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established would Israel not have a war with us?")

These people [the Jews] are in need of compassion, they are people who are in need of friendship. They have always been hated, have always been suppressed, they have always been humiliated, always been beaten up and been sworn at. If Muslims were to show them compassion and mercy -the whole Islamic world- if one and a half billion Muslims were to embrace them and say " we will protect and watch over you," if they were to say "you are free as you like". Then what would be wrong with those men my brother? Are they crazy? Why would they do that? If they did, it would be something else, the response to those who act like that would be given; that would not be a matter of discussion; that is completely a different matter. But what is just is to treat them compassionately, I mean it is to show them compassion and mercy, to protect them and to watch over them. 

(Upon the letter that says "We expect a fiercer statement against Israel")

Let us not do that but show compassion to these people. Why don't you try this, instead? Let us try this instead! All the world hates Jews.  Do not do this; that is a sin. There is no need for such bitterness in one's standpoint. As a Muslim. There are 1.5 billion Muslims. Let us show compassion, let us watch over and protect them, then these people would relax. I mean it wouldn't be as they assume it would. Of course their full obedience to the Shiloh-Mohammad Mahdi is a necessity. Otherwise they would be waging a war against the Torah. I mean if they do adopt an attitude against the King Messiah, Shiloh; that is the Mohammad Mahdi, then they would be adopting an attitude against the Torah. They are praying day and night saying "O Lord, send us the Messiah"; they are praying night and day saying "Moshiach, Mosciach".

Consequently you will see that everything will be good. Fierceness will bring about fierceness; it would not bring about anything else. For instance Muslims are fragmented in Iraq, in Afghanistan,  here and  there. Every country is acting like a bully on its own and then they end up tragically. Instead of doing this, let's unite as  Islamic countries and show compassion to the whole world. Let us bring about civilization, peace and brotherhood. Let us approach everyone in a friendly way and we'll see how nice will be the results we attain. Let me say that you cannot reach anyone or anywhere by bullying. I mean this is not reason; that is very wrong. All of them are the servants of Allah. It is a good thing that they show love for the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and that they are loyal to him. It is good that they love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We believe in the same Allah, we love the same prophets. Of course our hearts desire that they would become Mohammedans. That will happen at the time of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) anyway insha'Allah. Almighty Allah has assigned the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) in this matter. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will govern them with the Torah and the Gospel. He will govern the Jews, I mean all of them, the whole Israel with the original of the Torah, and he will govern the Christians with the original of the Gospel.  Consequently there will be no bloodshed.  We should abide by the words of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) does not say that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be fierce, he (saas) says that he will show "compassion". He (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will act on mercy and that he would “not let anyone's nose bleed, not shed even a drop of blood." At the moment we are at that time. Consequently, going by any other policy would become a deadlock. I mean it would not be compliant with the spirit of the Qur'an. When 1.5 billion people in the Islamic world unite there will be an amazing power, it would constitute a giant power. There would be no atheistic Zionism, no atheistic masonic persecution, no PKK persecution; none of them would remain.  Strength comes from unity; but compassion befits strength, mercy and justice befit strength. I mean if one engages in violence saying that he is strong; Allah would not let him, He would not let that happen; that would not happen. I mean what Allah wants from us is compassion. That is because we always ask for forgiveness from Allah don't we? We want Him to forgive us. We should be forgiving, compassionate as well insha'Allah. But of course it does not mean that we will be silent at the face of persecution. Strength means saying stop to persecution. What does strength, unity mean? It means stopping the persecution. My brother when a squirrel sees a tiger, would it jump on it? What does it do? It climbs up a branch and flee, right? That is because the other one is a tiger. But at the moment the Islamic world, it seems like hundreds of squirrels or hundreds of rabbits from the outside and thus seem powerless. Since they are one by one separated, they can be inactivated one by one. That is because they are struggling against each other. As they struggle against each other, that becomes much  easier. As a matter of fact that is why they are that easy. Bediuzzzaman says; "the Dajjal (anti-messiah) benefiting from the ambition and the discord among the Muslims will enslave the great Islamic world and cause utter confusion among the humans with a very small power". "That is what has happened at the very moment," says Bediuzzaman. For that reason unity, solidarity, compassion and justice should prevail. No one would ever go against such a structure. Russia would want to unite, America would think very highly of this; Israel would want this, everyone would want that. For that reason pretended bullying, empty bullying, acts that would not give results have only brought calamity to the Islamic world, they always brought pain; and nothing else happened. For instance Saddam acted like a bully, they have taken him down, you have seen the result. They have riddled his sons and family with holes. Where are all those bullies? They all sneaked off. The whole Iraqi army disappeared in a single night. They were known to be the world's fourth biggest army and they have disappeared in a single night. That means, it has nothing to do with bullying. Afghanistan acted like bully as well, look they are over now, they were finished  within five minutes. Since it does not have anything to do with this, what is the real deal? It is unity. The union of all Islamic countries, their loving each other and becoming friends with each other,  their being in search of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and their forming a union within that beautiful unifying spirit of the system of the Mahdi (pbuh) and their approaching everyone lovingly with compassion. Allah says that He will deem them victorious if they do this. This is the formula, this is the path for it; there is no other way. Strength would say stop to persecution anyway. When you are strong, would there be any persecution? When a tiger passes by, rabbits would go under the ground. Which rabbit would ever go up against a tiger? 

A9 TV; September 14th, 2011

We want both the Palestinians and the Israelis to live fraternally, friendly, amicably in the region in wealth and abundance. Not only them, we want the Christians and other people, all of them, all these people who are the servants of Allan to live nicely. And Islam will progress in such an environment. They can observe the beauty of Islam, the height of  Islamic morality in such an environment. In the war environment, in the anarchy environment, in the tension environment, the human brain  practically stops. It is very difficult and the Qur'an does not accept that. Islam would not accept bloodshed.  Being anti-blood is a characteristic of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), he is the Mahdi adh-Dam; the Mahdi who stops bloodshed. Since we are living in the time of the Mahdi, neither a sleeper would ever be woken up, nor person's nose would ever made to bleed. These are the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Not even a drop of blood would be shed. We, as the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), are after this, insha'Allah. There will be an accord on the least common denominator. Disputes will be solved by talking. Instead of solving disputes by fighting, solving disputes through agreement, through talking is the most wise, most accurate solution. In some places they are creating a tempest in a teapot; this is done in many places of the Islamic world. In our relations with Israel, in our relations with Armenia, in our relations with other countries, we will strive to follow the wisest, the most peaceful, the truest path insha'Allah. 

We feel compassion towards the Jews, we want them to be well. We want them to live in the region in abundance, in beauty and in peace. They should be able to perform their religious observances in comfort. They should be able to wander around in comfort. Let them do business comfortably. Let them live there nicely in comfort. The same for our Palestinian brothers as well; let the Palestinian children wander around as they like, let their youngsters perform their religious observances as they like, let them have fun, the whole region is theirs, insha'Allah. We will ensure this beauty, insha'Allah. The prisons will be emptied. Except for those who commit murders or those who give grievous bodily harm, etc., there will be no one left in the prisons, this is the hadith of our Prophet (saas). Everyone will enjoy democracy, freedom, beauty in peace and in safety, in the true sense of the word. The magnificent spirit of Islam, the beautiful spirit of Islam, that pleasant spirit will pervade all around like the beautiful scent of roses, insha'Allah. We are expecting both the Chief Rabbi and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Israel, insha'Allah as our guests. We will, insha'Allah, be in a calming, peacemaking, loving effort that aims beauty, friendship and companionship, insha'Allah. 

A9 TV, 18 April 2012

The best result for Israel would come from seeking the King Messiah, Moshiach, the Mahdi. They must obey the commandments of the Torah. Allah has given them the time in the Torah. The Torah says 2012. It tells us to seek the Messiah, the Mahdi, at the gates of Istanbul. The Torah says this, not me. The Mahdi will speak of peace and goodness and beauty. He will reign across the world and bring about freedom from Israel. It says he will put a stop to war. Hands raised against him will be broken, it says. [The Prophet] describes his appearance and activities. He says he will appear at a time when Allah is openly denied. He says that Israel will be a state at that time. He says the state of Israel will be established. He says this is a sign of the coming of the Mahdi. They must seek true salvation. But of course they say all these things within the framework of destiny. What I am saying is the truth. Iran will never listen to Israel. Nor will it heed Turkey, nor America, nor anyone else. It will do what it wants. They have long since made the atom bomb. Iran has the atom bomb. It is not that hard to acquire. It can get enriched uranium from China or Russia. It can buy it secretly. It may even have bought the atom bomb directly. China can easily sell it. As they are members of the same pact.  Israel is not worried about the atom bombs and hydrogen bombs in China’s hands that could destroy the world hundreds of times over. The reason they are uneasy about Iran is that false belief in the Mahdi. Israel would advocate the true belief in the Mahdi instead of the false one. They should pray for the coming of the Mahdi and seek refuge in Allah. In that way lies salvation.

A9 TV, 16 April 2012

There is wrong and oppression all over the world. There can be no question of the Israeli government not taking an interest. There will be a response. There is oppression all over the world. This is very bad, but it is not at all credible to say they are not doing anything about it. If dishonest reports such as this appear, then people will not believe other reports either. This may have happened in a moment of stress. That happens in many places. But there is no question of covering it up. Otherwise there will be consequences. Oppression must be halted across the world. Not just one single event. If events are distorted like this, then others will lose their credibility, too. That is no good.

Palestinians beat and insult and murder one another. Fatah and the other group are at loggerheads. They have ruined one another. Police and the military beat and insult and kill Muslims all over the world. It is totally wrong to ignore all that, but treating that blow from the butt of a rifle in Israel as a major event and demand an investigation into it. Hundreds of people are martyred every day in Afghanistan. But this regarded as unimportant. They cut people’s fingers off, dry them and take them back to America, and that is regarded as unimportant. But that man hit someone with the butt of his rifle and the sky has caved in. That is wrong. And it says no sanctions have been imposed. How do you know that? Hundreds of children and people have been killed in the bombing of Palestine. But that is a trivial matter! They have made a mountain out of a single blow from a rifle butt. Israel does take an interest in what appears in the press. That is the truth. But something will be done under its own laws. But far worse things are happening. They should raise them, too.

A9 TV, 11 March 2012

What is meant by “The Sons of Israel” is not a person only because there is not a pure lineage called Israel in the world. Ben-i Israel means the pure, genuine, real Muslims of the time. The Sons of Israel of the End Times is the community of Mahdi, the Turkish nation. This is a nation who will reign in the world. Israel is already the name of a Prophet. He is the sons of Israel, those following him, those who love him. It is a description representing the system of Mahdi.

A9 TV, 8 April 2012

Israel espouses creation. It rejects Darwinism, but the state teaches Darwinism. It is forbidden to talk about creation in Israeli universities. The public are devout. Where does the Torah refer to Darwinism? The Torah talks of direct creation. It is the same in Turkey. If you say “Allah does not exist. The system is Darwinist and materialist and the universe came into being by chance,” then you have given the right answer and can enter the school of your choice. If you insist on saying “Allah created” in your university exam, you will fail. If a university professor says; “I can scientifically prove creation, and here is the evidence. Proteins cannot form by chance and fossils disprove evolution,” he will be shown the door. That is the position. That is why it is vitally important for Muslims to keep striving.

It is the way of the Mahdi, Turkish-Islamic Union, that will solve the Israel-Palestine problem. There is a totally unnecessary struggle going on in the region. There is enough land for everyone. There is an unnecessary greed. Wherever we look, we can see the way of the Mahdi is the answer. Wherever we look we the oppression of the way of the dajjal (antichrist). Wherever we look, we see that the way of the Mahdi needs to start work as a matter of urgency.

Those lands should be an abode of peace, a place of love. They must live as they wish throughout those lands under the shadow and light of the way of the Mahdi (as) and within Islamic Union. There is no need to surround them with concrete blocks and walls and barbed wire and minefields. Palestinians, Israelis and Christians will be able to live freely there. The protection and watchful eye I am talking about is not us doing them a favor. It is Allah’s command. Allah wants people to be protected and watched over. Allah even wants unbelievers to be watched over and protected. “Then convey them to a place where they are safe.” He says in one verse. In other words, there is nothing for anyone to be proud and arrogant over here. Of course there will be Israel there, and. But the borders must be eliminated. And they must live together in peace and brotherhood under the conception of love, compassion and understanding of the way of the Mahdi.

There used to be communist rule in Arab countries. The mentality of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon was in power. Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt and all of them were communist. Most Arabs became Muslim and began to live as Muslims after Israel came to the region. "The Jews are scrupulous about their faith, why should we not be scrupulous about ours?” they asked, and then clung to Islam. Look at history and you will see.  

We have no enmity toward anyone in the region. We want them all, Israel and Armenia included, to be at ease. We are not egoists, we have no national egoism. National egoism means fascism. And we are opposed to fascism and communism.

(A response to a question by Samuel Sogol, the Jerusalem representative of the Civic Times newspaper published in the USA, about the potential effect of the recent election in Turkey on relations with Israel)

Turkey is a warm, loving place. So is the government. There is nothing fanatical or destructive about it. They are warm and rational and love everyone and take compassion and love as their guiding principles. Therefore, nothing harmful to Israel will happen in Turkey. Nothing will happen against any country in the region. Not just Israel. Turkey is not an aggressive country. Its government is not aggressive. Turkey is humane, and there will be no problem. The government is also humane. So there will be no problem. If any problem arises, let them come to me. But if I say it won’t, then it won’t.


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