The Secret Beyond Matter


A9 TV, 1 November 2012


Islam will reign across the world. Those who sit and criticize it are wasting their time. Because one moral system will reign in the time of the system of the Mahdi. The moral values of the Qur’an will reign. What will become of Christians? The blessed one will reign over them with the original of the Gospels, and over Jews with the original of the Torah, by Allah’s leave. There will be love and affection for all. Buddhists, atheists, communists and everyone will all be treated as first-class citizens. There will be complete democracy and complete freedom. There will be music, too, and painting, and science and art. The bigots ask; “Why do you not talk about the Masons in terms of hatred? Why do you not want them to be killed?” What did our Prophet (saas) do with the pagans of Mecca? Were there no Buddhists at that time? Yes, there were. Were there no Masons? Yes, there were. There were fire-worshipers and everything. He treated Christians, Jews and everyone with love and affection? But what is your mentality? Let us kill and slaughter. But there is always love and affection in the spirit of the system of the Mahdi.

A9 TV, 22 April 2012

Islam is a religion of making things lighter. Christianity also developed through making things lighter. It lightened Judaism. Judaism had some very heavy ideas. Through nonsense and additions, people made it impossible to live by Judaism. Note this, even today there are no Jews who can obey all the commandments of Judaism. Because they are very heavy. They are greater than what a person’s nature can bear. It is not possible, in other words. Let us turn that into a book. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) made it lighter, by Allah’s command. He lightened those commandments. Then the Messenger of Allah (saas) came and brought Islam, by Allah’s leave. He also produced a powerful lightening of the load. Allah says in one verse that, “He will lift the heavy chains from you.”

A9 TV, 1 April 2012

Now, when will Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) show his luminous face? The world of the test... There would be only one dimension in the absence of difficulty. They say, “Islam must come to reign across the world very easily. Allah could do that. What would happen? Everything would be flat. Where would be the depth and variation? Allah loves rich beauty. Where would altruism be? And loyalty? They would all disappear. Almighty Allah is postponing the reign of Islam as long as possible. There is even a verse about it. The prophets say, “When will the victory come?” The messenger of Allah (pbuh), too. It was been prolonged for a long time, and Muslims were suffering terribly. Then Allah caused Mecca to fall in a moment. They entered victoriously. What happened to the merit? It fell from a billion to 10, but Almighty Allah wanted them to draw that merit and enjoy that wealth, albeit for just that moment.

The messenger of Allah conquered Mecca. Islam reigned everywhere. Those where now our Prophet’s (saas) years of ease. Almighty Allah then said He would give him ease at His side. The Prophet (saas) said he had completed the faith and told everyone about it. He said it all in his farewell sermon. Allah did not keep him waiting in this world when there was a place he could truly be at ease ready.

A9 TV, 28 February 2012

Muslims place their trust in Allah. They know that everything is created for the best. Muslims do not weep and wail. And there is nothing to weep about.Weeping is a rebellion against Allah. Allah creates all things for the best. We do not weep over our martyrs, we rejoice for them. Weeping; people who do not believe in Allah think that they have lost something, that it no longer exists. They lose their money and weep, they lose their home and weep, they lose a relative and weep. There is no weeping in Islam. There is no reason for a Muslim to weep. Allah gives, and Allah takes away. Why weep?

A9 TV, 5 June 2012

If that music does not consist of any statements against Islam and the Qur’an, music is extremely beautiful. Why would our Prophet (saas) ban it? It is unlikely. For instance, our Prophet (saas) goes to war. Some guys make music there, they play tambourines and have fun. Under such circumstances,  our Prophet (saas) banned music while the battle was being fought. This does not mean that it is prohibited until the Day of Judgment. For instance, the municipality laws do not allow playing music at high volumes after midnight. Does that mean that music is banned forever? No; only during those midnight hours.

A9 TV, 10 May 2012

In brief, nobody should go along with idiots who try to portray Islam and horrible and filthy. That is out of the question. Being a Muslim is the lifestyle of the best quality people in the world. Just think, how can a person be most perfect? Living by Islam. How can he be the best and highest quality? Living by Islam. The pleasantest, the most intelligent, the cleanest, the most accurate in his actions, the finest thinking, the most modest, the most affectionate, the most humane… I could go on for ever. Muslim is what you call someone who integrates all these qualities. Who knows Allah and is fully submitted to Him. Of course, knowing Allah is very important.

A9 TV, 6 March 2012

“Allah has promised those of you who believe” whoever believes. But not just that, “and do good deeds” in other words, who are honest and have faith “that He will make them successors in the land.” How can we learned who had power and sovereignty in the past? We look at the Qur’an, and we see that the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) had dominion, that the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn had dominion, and that the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) had dominion to some extent. When did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Dhu’lQarnayn (pbuh) have power over? The world. He does not specify one particular land or region. He speaks of global dominion. The idea is one of military and political power and everything. Who will exist in the End Times? Very little time remains. There will be Muslims in the End Times. If Muslims are instrumental in the global reign of Islam in the End Times, then they must have someone at their head. Now you can refer to that person as the ‘mahdi’ or as a ‘leader’ or ‘chief,’ as you choose. So much for there being no way of the Mahdi! It does exist in the Qur’an. “and will firmly establish for them their religion with which He is pleased” Allah does not accept other religions, only Islam. How does one choose? You look, and you say this is the truth. Allah says that Islam is the true religion among the faiths. He will “firmly establish for them their religion.” He will make it impossible to tear down. “and give them, in place of their fear, security...” Almighty Allah says there will be no fear of arrest or murder, no fear of backbiting or corruption or anything. What does it say in the hadiths? He will turn their fears to security in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). The main distinguishing feature of the Mahdi (pbuh) is that he brings security, isn’t it? He implements complete justice and law. “Women will be able to walk the streets alone,” he says. “There will be security everywhere, and you will be able to go everywhere in safety,” he says. Justice and security are emphasized as the main features of the Mahdi in the End Times. What does the verse say, “and give them, in place of their fear, security...”  There will be justice, a just system, he says. So much for there being no way of the Mahdi! They say it does not appear in verses. But it is explicit. It speaks of an Israelite book. The Torah, the Zabur, have come down from the Presence of Allah. Allah says He describes it in the Torah and the Zabur. “We wrote it,” He says. And He reveals it to our Prophet (pbuh). He revealed it to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). But what do you say? “They made it up.” But Allah says that it is the truth.

A9 TV, 10 March 2012

The majority of people do not have faith but they simply submit themselves. With their conscience  they feel convinced that Islam is true. They get into a positive spirit in the path of having faith. For instance, he may also perform his regular prayers but he does not believe. But Allah also considers it to be valid, masha’Allah. But He says, “You do not have faith.” Faith is something different. With faith, a person withdraws himself from all social aspects of life. He focuses all his attention on Islam and the Qur’an. For him, life becomes of a secondary importance. This is a portent of faith. If life does not gain a secondary importance for a person, then he is aslama. Faith has not entered into his heart yet.

A9 TV, 15 March 2012

Islam will reign throughout the world. Freemasons are saying; “Master we know; this information was provided in our books. Information about these times also exists with us. These are also written on stone tablets.” He brought me a picture; a picture of a man with masonic clothing. It is a stone that is almost 2,500 years old. He has masonic clothes on him. There is also a date there; it says 2012. They openly wrote it down. They say, “We also know the location; it is Istanbul”, insha’Allah. Practitioners of Kaballah also came and said, “The location is clearly Istanbul.” We looked at the Torah. In the Torah, it says, “Rome.” It says, “O Messiah! Open the doors of Rome.” It says, “Open the doors of Istanbul”. It says, “Do no look for him in Israel.”

A9 TV, 7 June 2012

It is astonishing that Almighty Allah has put the solution to everything in religion.  They can neither find a solution for the high cost of living nor to terror. They can not find any solution for enmity or lovelessness. Thousands, millions of people starve to death. Just one tenth of the money allocated for military readiness would suffice for the perfect nutrition of all. In the absence of religion, the spirit of the world disappears. contracts cancer and dies.

My brothers must not be taken in by incitement or provocative actions. We must always respond with goodness and pleasantness. We will espouse democracy, secular thinking and liberty and cause Islam to rule the world with its fine moral values, insha’Allah.


2012-10-31 13:00:14

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