The Secret Beyond Matter



A9 TV,  September 4th, 2012

There are two subjects; it is the Mahdi that most offends the hypocrite. If you want to identify a hypocrite, just say ‘The Mahdi.’ His face will turn bright from pink to dark purple. Jesus the Messiah also drives them crazy. They really do not want to hear these two names. Muhammad the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). These are the names that most trouble the hypocrite. Try it, if you like. Go and say it and see how it offends them.

A9 TV; 4 October 2011

Hypocrites try to close a very important and effective path that Muslims will draw strength from against atheism, godlessness, and irreligion. What is that? Forming an alliance with devout Christians. And with devout Jews. Because when such a force comes into being it will be devastating. They cannot withstand it. Not in terms of ideas and means. But when believers are divided, when Christians, Muslims and Jews are all separate, then that strength is divided, too. It is divided into three; Muslims, Christians and Jews. And they further weaken Muslims by dividing them into different communities, groups and sects. But the hypocrites tell them, “You are on the right path.” “You are a Sunni. What business do have with Shiites, or Jaferites, or Wahhabis? They are disbelievers and should be cut into ribbons.” And thus they weaken Muslims. Whereas Muslims must abandon all sectarian differences between them, for one thing. Second, they must build an alliance with devout Christians. Third, they must build an alliance with devout Jews. Because the way of the dajjal [antichrist] is a huge force. But hypocrites are quite comfortable. They just want to take care of their own affairs, have fun and pursue their own worldly interests, whatever those may be. But there, they show off and try to tell people what to do. And with that mentality they imagine they can prevent Islamic Union. But Allah has ordained Islamic Union in destiny. Nobody can stop that. Allah shows us in the Qur’an how Islamic Union will come about, and the Qur’an also explicitly refers to us having to establish an alliance with Christians. Allah tells us in a verse how to preach to them, how to speak to them, and even that we will find those calling themselves Christians close to us. There is a verse about that, a verse from the Qur’an.

The hypocrite boasts of what he eats, where he goes, getting married, graduating from a good school, having a good job, his health, his diplomas and all that kind of thing. But as I always say, Muslims must be proud of spreading the faith, preaching, and his determined love and desire for Islamic Union. He is proud of the success of his intellectual struggle and the fine results from it. The hypocrite has also developed a style sole concerned with self-interest, along the lines of “I graduated, made this much money, found such and such a job, became rich and ended up with this kind of mindset.”  For example, if you say something from the Qur’an, it does not apply to the hypocrite. You have to give the hypocrite information from his idol. What does the idol have to say about it? The hypocrite concentrates on his idol. The book the hypocrite dislikes most of all is the Qur’an, I can tell you that. He likes the hadiths in part. But he really likes that idol nonsense. He clings onto that idol nonsense. The hypocrite cannot agree to act in the light of the Qur’an, in other words to accept it directly as his guide. He is stupid, but there are things about him that encourage Muslims. In the same way one’s adrenalin starts pumping when one sees a snake, they become highly active in their presence. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) came to life when he saw a snake, didn’t he? The hypocrites also brings a Muslim to life and has the effect of adrenalin on him. So that he is encouraged and clings to his intellectual struggle in a more determined way.

Hypocrites growl and foam at their filthy mouths when they say, “we don’t want it [Islamic Union].” What states are the Islamic world and Christians in? Our Prophet (pbuh) says that liberation will come from an alliance. Bediüzzaman says the same. Can’t you see what a state Muslims are in? Can’t you see what has become of them? But they are delighted by it. I am saying this for purposes of clarification. All the hypocrite wants in any case is to establish irreligion. To appear religious to spread irreligion. Yet he appears in the name of piety. For example, he says, “I am really ugly and useless and weak and wretched. And so are you. Nothing good is ever going to come from us. We can be of absolutely no use in any way.” Thus the hypocrite paralyzes the other person. Or he turns up claiming to be pious and describes the faith is such a way that neither he nor anyone else could ever live by it. He neither lives by it, nor allows the other person to. The hypocrite does not believe in the religion he expounds. The hypocrite is very cunning and devilish. Do you think those curs would believe in nonsense? They laugh up their sleeves at it. But they disgracefully pretend to believe it. That is how two-faced they are. No hypocrite believes the nonsense he expounds. They laugh at it inside themselves. Hypocrites are not that naive. They are very cunning indeed. And very base. They talk about all kinds of nonsense as if they really believed in it. Look carefully, and it will seem as if they do believe it. But they very definitely do not. Either a foolish expression appears on their faces, as if they really believed it, or else they try to give that impression by looking very intelligent. But they do not believe it.

A9 TV; September 28th 2011

Hypocrites attach  much importance to having  the appearance of a Muslim. Although they are irreligious and hate religion, they insistently want to appear as a Muslim. And they definitely act as a group. Hypocrites do not leave one another. They leave the Muslim community. Within the Muslim community, they are like tumors, like cancer tumors. Allah pulls off that tumor. But that tumor lives like a lizard’s tail; it does not die out. He leaves the Muslim community and establishes a small colony outside. They contend with one another like dogs. They hate one another but still they do not leave one another. They live in colonies. And again they continue to propagate against Muslims and try to gather information against Muslims. Then they denounce. They make effort to carry out their satanic duties. Meanwhile they speak of Allah and the religion. As an attribute peculiar to them, they do  both. This is a wisdom of Allah. Hypocrites are like snakes. They creep into the community of Muslims like snakes and they leave as snakes. They also carry out activities like snakes. But they have a satanic intelligence. That is why not everyone can cope with hypocrites. That is to say, they have a satanic  zeal, a satanic effort. They feel rage against Muslims with a crazy greed. They spend their money, possessions and means to cause harm to Muslims. They continue these efforts while reciting the name of Allah, under the guise of advocating Islam. This is a very important feature. Allah says that they “await “ the news of Muslims from far away. This is the attribute of hypocrites. They brag about their  possessions, income, kids and interests. They boast of their flesh and bones, education. The one thing they can not brag about is their zeal in communicating the message. They can not brag about  the scientific struggle they give, the Unity of Islam, spreading the religion of Allah or triumphing over satan. A hypocrite boasts about everything he has. It is his attribute. He can not boast over advocating the Unity of Islam, Hazrat Mahdi (as), Prophet Jesus  (as) and Prophet Jesus (as). The coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), Messiah (as) is a matter of suffering for the hypocrites. Because  Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) are anti-hypocrite, hypocrites are against these two blessed people.

A9 TV;  September 1st, 2011

For instance your beauty, your health make them angry. The men they come across are like apes. It seems like two apes come together. They are both hypocrites, one male, another female. A male hypocrite looks like an ape whereas a female hypocrite also looks like an ape. We have every form of beauty. We listen the best of music, Alhamdulillah. We eat the best dishes, I see the most beautiful women. I hear the best of words. The best of houses, the best of cars, the best of apparel. The best of everything. May Allah also grant the best in the Hereafter. Alhamdulillah. Endless thanks to Allah. Allah grants the best quality of everything. For instance, our comments are of the best quality; They are the most concise, the most striking and compact of all, masha’Allah. All our friends have light on their faces. Indeed including the foreigners who joined us lately.  For instance they may be reserved, highly troubled, having problems. Once they meet me, their hearts enlighten, they feel relieved. They turn out to be individuals full of love. They grow more beautiful. Their hearts feel more relieved. That stress, that tension over them disappears. They become friends. I was supposed not to tell this but in the last eight  months, more than 100 foreigners converted to Islam, Alhamdulillah. And they are all very beautiful ladies. Masha’Allah. You also see the young men appearing in our channel. They are well-built, extremely handsome young men. They say that they love us very much and add  “La ilaha la ilallah, Muhammad is the Rasulallah. Before, we did not know the True Religion. Now we have became very pious, Alhamdulillah.”

Now and then I see those others. It is seen that what they look for is a wage. In the Qur’an, Allah states; “Follow those who do not ask you for any wage.” “ I do not ask for any wage.” Allah repeats this many times in the Qur’an, but these guys have adopted this as a profession. You pay them the money and they begin to preach the word.

A9 TV; November 20th, 2011

(In response to the claim “Your followers write the Books”)

They say, “The so and so book had been written by that person.” All right but if he had written it, this brother had left the group. Why has he stopped writing as if he hit a wall? Now that he has such a talent, he can continue writing. He can write as he wishes. He simply can’t because he lost his soul. His soul disappeared.  Faith disappeared, excitement disappeared, people’s targets, goals, ideals disappeared. What has been left? Talking nonsense under the guise of so called intellectualism. You cannot write with intellectual nonsense. You cannot do anything. You can wander around. You cannot do anything. Such endeavor, our books demand soul, wisdom and love. I take my students at a time when they know nothing and educate them into such scholars that people say that they are the ones writing the books. That is nice and it is true masha'Allah. But who educated them? Notice what they say, “He educates scholars who can write books.” Then who is the one that writes that book? Allah creates everything. Allah makes us instrumental for that.

A9 TV; October 29th, 2011 

Notice what  Almighty Allah says about the hypocrites in  surah Muhammad, verse 30; “If We wished, We would show them to you and you would know them by their mark and know them by their ambivalent speech. Allah knows your actions.” This means that if Almighty Allah wishes, hypocrites can be recognized from their characters. “you would know them by their ambivalent speech.” Hypocrites have a strongly variable manner of speaking. They must be followed very attentively. They remember Allah, but it is possible to recognize them from the issues that they most avoid. A hypocrite does not avoid superstitions. He talks a lot. He wants to draw Muslims into superstition and suffocate them. In other words, he wants to draw them into a swamp and suffocate them there. Just as how a crocodile draws its prey into water and then suffocates it. It draws with all its might. It holds its prey very tightly once it catches it. That is why it is very important not to fall into the ocean of superstition of a  hypocrite. A Muslim must pay great attention to it. What is the solution? To hold on the Qur’an very tightly. A Muslim does not fall into the ocean of superstition if he holds on to the Qur’an very tightly. Because no superstition enters the Qur’an. Once they try to introduce superstition, you will say, “The Qur’an” and nothing else. In this way the superstition burns. What  is that burns the superstition? The Qur’an. Those who want to burn superstition must bring forward the Qur’an. You will see superstition being burned . If you want to burn the hypocrite in the spiritual sense, one thing that a hypocrite most dislikes is the Qur’an, Allah forbid. When you show him the Qur’an, a hypocrite almost flutters. He can not tolerate the Qur’an  like the zombies we see in some movies that can not resist light and start to melt down. A hypocrite also melts down when he sees the light of the Qur’an. The Qur’an inflicts pain on him. This is what overwhelms him most. That is why a hypocrite does not want to utter the word “Qur’an”. He utters it as a mere formality. For instance,if he cites a verse from the Qur’an, he can not help but tell seventy superstitions. He simply mixes the honey with poison. That is why we must tell them to speak to us with the Qur’an in mind. A hypocrite is unable to speak from the Qur’an. He simply puts forward his idols, his idolatrous creed. As you speak with the Qur’an, he asserts his own idols. You must tell him, “You imposter! Do not come to me with your idols; talk to me with the Qur’an.” He can not do so. What are the issues that a hypocrite most avoids? One, the adequacy of the Qur’an. The Qur’an. The Unity of Islam. He definitely finds a way to avoid it. Surely he never directly says that he is against the Unity of Islam. He employs  filthy ways to express it, and thus you perceive that he has no intention for it. Let me not speak of  them one by one right now; you would surely understand them. They find a way to elude. Just pay attention to how they speak. They seek to find a way to evade, because the Qur’an burns them. They fiercely evade the Unity of Islam because they know that a hypocrite can not survive in the climate of the Unity of Islam. They know that it will be a very difficult environment for them. They can not attack Muslims, they can not assume a false identity, they can not be arrogant. They can not propagate their communities to be the most precious group. That is because every hypocrite needs the feeling of arrogance and pride. They try to present themselves and their groups as grand beings. They say, “We are the most glorious, the most flawless.” How can he dare to say so when the Unity of Islam is established? That is why they do not want it, because otherwise they have to acknowledge the presence of someone who is greater than themselves. They definitely would not want that. With the mindset they have, hypocrites feel at ease when they do not have to acknowledge someone who is better than them. They want to live more comfortably in their own Hells. Why didn’t satan  prostrate before Prophet Adam (as)? Because in a state of prostration, he would be unable to be haughty against Prophet Adam (as). He can not stress his greatness. So satan severely rejected it. That is also the case with the hypocrites. They consider their groups as the greatest and the most glorious while they consider others to be experiencing disbelief. They consider them to be abnormal,  to be perverts.


A9 TV, 13 March 2012

There is something a hypocrite does not know; a hypocrite is not aware of Allah’s might. I always say this. For instance, a hypocrite goes and writes an advice note to an authority. The fact is however, that advice note was ready in the Sight of Allah before he was born, even before his father was born. He can neither write a letter more nor a letter less. And that note is sent right at the predestined date. That is how Allah creates him. And he really thinks that  he will be successful. Allah drifts him into destruction in a way that he does not understand.

Pharaoh also sees miracle, he comes to have faith, but then he swerves again. He pretends to have faith, but then again he falters.But a hypocrite does not get better. Now and then a disbeliever improves his state. But a hypocrite, never. A hypocrite possesses a resolutely disbelieving character. He has an immoral character. He is created only to give harm to believers. A disbeliever sometimes have doubts, he hesitates and can not make up his mind in thinking, “Is a Muslim right or a disbeliever?”

A hypocrite, in his own way, tries to look happy while he burns inside, he is very restless. He enjoys a fake joy. He is unaware of the brevity of this life and the real essence of matter. He constantly tries to forget death. He grows old but he still thinks that he will live a long life until his soul is taken by angels beating him on his back and on his face. He does not understand until that time. Almighty Allah says, “Neither a long life nor the possessions I grant must not deceive you. My intention is to make them their souls be taken in pain, to make them writhe in sufferings.” That is to say, Allah shows them the grounds of why He gives such  torment to them, so that they would not reject Him. Allah grants them a long life during when they can commit a lot of immoral acts so that they would not be able to say, “I was not immoral.” Allah grants them the opportunity to commit acts and then He gives them scourges. This is the method.                                         

The fact that a hypocrite can not cause any harm to a Muslim hurts him a lot. This is similar to the state of a person who wants to run, but is simply unable to run. He really wants to do something and he uses his mind with all his might like an ape. A hypocrite is like an ape in a cage; it struggles desperately, tumbles down over, assumes that he is accomplishing something, but he simply hits its head on the cage and nothing else happens. Allah grants a hypocrite the right of engaging in a number of limited acts. Meanwhile, he assumes himself to be ultimately free. But he is not, he is being limited. What he will do and how he will act are all predestined. It is also predestined where Allah will crush him.

The benefit of a hypocrite is to keep a Muslim active and vivid, and it adds to his rewards. For instance, if one will earn one reward, that reward becomes a million. In the absence of a hypocrite, the degrees of  rewards also decreases. For instance, the establishment of the Dirar Mosque multiplied the rewards and ranks of our Prophet (saas). What would happened if it was not there? His rewards would be few. Now it has increased tremendously. The more  the number of hypocrites, the more they are organized, the more rewards Muslims receive.

A hypocrite does not consider disbelief sufficient. They do not consider that immorality, that unscrupulousness are sufficient. They feel comfortable only among themselves. Just as how a jinni can not be at ease among satans or vice versa. However, they are all spiritual beings. But they do not remain together, they feel restless. For instance, a satan feels comfortable next to another satan, and a jinni feels comfortable with another jinn. Furthermore, the jinn are separated into schools within themselves. For example there are the Catholics, the Orthodox, the Muslim and hypocrite jinn. There are various kinds of them.

A9 TV, 22 March 2012

Verse 142

“The hypocrites think they deceive Allah.”

In their opinion, hypocrites think that they deceive Allah. For instance, if you look at the statements of hypocrites, they show themselves as if they believe but a hypocrite never believes in what he tells. This is similar to the case of people who have to pretend to be communists under a communist system, although they hate communism. This was also the case in the neighborhoods in the past in Turkey where communism was dominant. Then those who were severely against communism pretended to be communists when they were surrounded by communists. They pretended to be more communist than the communists. They pretended to be communists because they were afraid.

The same thing holds true for bigots; in order not to lose his interests in that system, he shows himself as a bigot who believes in superstitions- he, in fact, does not believe.

 “But He is deceiving them.”

Allah deceives them. They think that they deceive Allah but Almighty Allah says that He, in fact, deceives them. “When they get up to pray, they get up lazily.” This is the main trait of hypocrites. “...showing off to people.” By what means? By every means that comes to your mind. By skull-caps, cloaks, swords, flags, the flags that they themselves make, by using the miswaq. They show themselves off by new methods that they develop. If you notice, bigots intensely show off but sincere Muslims have some sort of sweetness, some kind of beauty.

Verse 143

“They vacillate between the two – not joining these or joining those.” They neither join Muslims nor disbelievers.

‘If Allah misguides someone, you will not find any way for him to go..” They can not find any way once a person swerves.

Verse 144

 “You who have faith! Do not take the disbelievers as friends rather than the believers. Do you want to give Allah clear proof against you?”

Allah says that a certain proof comes into being. What does one commit against Muslims? He cooperates with disbelievers, he takes them as guardians. They come up and say, “The Qur’an says not to take Jews and Christians as guides.” Notice that Allah also says, “Do not take disbelievers as guides.” Your father is a disbeliever, so why do you take his as a guide? The businessman you flatter is a disbeliever, why do you take him as a guide? Your own child lives the life of a disbeliever. You also take him as a disbeliever. From the way she speaks, it is comprehended that your own wife has also fallen into disbelief. You also take her as a guide. What happened to your claim that you were not taking them as guides? You were giving advice to the people around you? This means that if there are disbelievers, no union comes into being. If one curses against Islam, our religion and faith. There is no problem if one does not give any harm to them. That is to say, we do not interfere with them, for Allah says that if they do not struggle against Muslims in their religious issues, there is no harm in doing good to them.

Verse 145

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan.  “The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire. You will not find any one to help them.” Hypocrites are the worst of

A9 TV, 14-August-2011

Religious communities must be on their guard against hypocrites. Hypocrites are very dangerous. Because the hypocrites who founded the Masjid al-Dirar [Mosque of Opposition] wanted to acquire all our Prophet’s (saas) assets. They even waited for him to die, may Allah forbid, to take over his assets. They [hypocrites of our time], too infiltrate a number of sects and either denounce the teachers there, or plot against them or poison them, waiting like rabid dogs for them to die so can take over their assets in some way. Communities must be on their guard. Hypocrites always wait for the sheikhs to become ineffective, for some disaster to strike them one day. Allah says “[they]..are waiting for your fortunes to change. The evil turn of fortune will be theirs!” in one verse. What does that mean? Hypocrites will die in torment, insha’Allah. Hypocrites are the creatures most detested by Allah, the basest creatures of all. Allah loathes hypocrites above all else. They are like snakes. It is hard to detect them. They adopt a thousand different guises. They are cunning and treacherous and can infiltrate everywhere. Hypocrites employ nonsense against the Qur’an. What weapon does the way of the Mahdi use? The Qur’an. But hypocrites employ nonsense. They employ nonsense against the Qur’an. One must be on one’s guard against them. Bediüzzaman says “they possess a satanic intelligence.” “They act with a satanic intelligence in order to strike like snakes,” he says. That is why not everyone is too effective when it comes to catching or neutralizing a hypocrite, and we must all be on our guard, insha’Allah.

A sincere person will always be successful. “You shall be uppermost if you are believers.” This verse will come to pass. If just ten people believe, with a strong faith, then the moral values of Islam will rule the world. Global dominion will come about, but only if people believe with true sincerity and passion.

Service is very important; sincere endeavor, in other words. It is very important to support honest people. Not to applaud them and say, “What a hero.” For example, write something on the internet. Or when you go to the store, say, “What wonderful blessings Allah has created, what wonderful things He creates.” This is a contribution. It is no good saying, “Let Hazrat Mahdi (as) and his followers do the work and we will applaud them for doing so.” Is that what I do? I am sure that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is here. I am a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as). And I strive with all my might. On television, radio and everywhere, insha’Allah. I strive against the dajjal [antichrist] with all my might. It is important that the Prophet Jesus (as) should find us at work when he comes. It is important that Hazrat Mahdi (as) should find us at work when he comes. The Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will both find us hard at work, insha’Allah.

Bediuzzaman says on page 346 of his Letters that hypocrites are “exceedingly base, their consciences having sunk to the lowest levels." “They knowingly sell the faith in exchange for this world.” For their own advantage. “And they exchange the diamonds of truth” (the Qur’an, which is as valuable as diamonds and all one needs, Islamic  Union, the way of the Mahdi, the Prophet Jesus and all good things) “for filthy, vexatious buts of glass.” They exchange them for polytheism, filth and their own advantage. “Snakes in human form...” He says they normally resemble snakes. You can talk to them all you like, but their vile hearts will never change. On page 78 of the Emirdağ Addendum Bediuzzaman says, “The hypocrite has no faith, no heart and no conscience."

He is against the Prophet. Only against the Prophet? No, he is also opposed to Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Jesus the Messiah. He does not attack just any person. He goes right to the top. That is why Bediuzzaman says , “By ruining my honor” referring to them supposedly striving to belittle him in people’s eyes. They accused Bediuzzaman of madness and perversion, saying right from the time of Sultan Abdulhamid that he is incompatible with Ahl al-Sunnah (the people who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas) and adhere to the largest mass of the Muslims beginning with the congregation of the Companions of the Prophet) and that he intended to damage Ahl al-Sunnah belief. 

As though the value of the Nur will decrease in this way. They will seek to bring down the value of my works, he says. Hypocrites will do the same thing to Hazrat Mahdi (as), attacking both his person and his works. They resort to the courts to hinder the spread of the Nur. If the Risale-i Nur were to spread, their sultanate would collapse. He [Bediuzzaman] says the worst thing that will happen is that they are martyred. He tells [to his students] to be courageous and determined. “Second, to encourage panic and slackness among the followers of the Nur.” How? By saying the police are after you, they are going to stamp all over you, that the communists are playing with you. “To prevent the spread of these… If the Risale-i Nur were to spread, then Islamic Union would arise, and the sultanate of the hypocrites would fall apart.

That is why they spurn it, because their own sect will perish, and their own interests, their own businesses, their own profits and their homes. That is how they think. Whereas the opposite actually applies. Be it in Bediuzzaman or the Mahdi of the End Times, the way of the Mahdi brings with it beauty, plenty and. “Have no fear, we will happily lose poor heads such as our own for a blessed truth for which millions of heroes have died.” He says the worst thing that can happen is that we are martyred. Bediüzzaman tells them to be brave and determined. Regarding the hypocrites, Bediüzzaman says, “enemies are more harmful when they are unknown.”  The hypocrite is unknown; he is perfidious and goes and lives like a tumor in a Muslim community.

Then he treacherously shows his true face. And he lines unbelievers up behind him. He begins to attacks Muslims and to spread false rumors and play tricks of all kinds. He says there is a risk of one’s force being dispersed, and that courage overcomes this. The struggle against the hypocrite increases one’s own fervor. Bediüzzaman says it makes one sounder.  “Fitna [mischief] is as terrible as one who kills,” says Almighty Allah. Fitna is responsible for the worst actions in the world. He says that the hypocrite mocks and is deceitful. He is two-faced and always planning where to strike from next. He is a trickster and always developing his tactics. Bediüzzaman says he dissimilates. Bediüzzaman says the hypocrite is a direct foe. He manifests the cleverness of satan because satan is inside him. He becomes satan in human form.

The hypocrite is a monster. He travels around in camouflage, like a snake, in order to poison Muslims. That is why the greatest threats to Muslims are first, hypocrisy, and second disbelief. That is why Bediüzzaman says the Mahdi will shatter hypocrisy and disbelief. Disbelief relies on hypocrisy. Disbelief cannot act without the backing of hypocrisy. Allah puts the hypocrites in the lowest level of hell. There can be no system based on disbelief without hypocrites telling tales and being vile and two-faced. Hypocrites inflict all kinds of evil on Muslims while appearing to be Muslims themselves.

A hypocrite is a strong as 1000 people. That is why their punishment will be so much worse. Allah puts the hypocrites in the lowest spot in hell. But He says that He gave them that power. Hypocrites imagine they carry out those offensives through their own cleverness and strength. They do not realize this is in their destiny and that Allah makes them do it. They do not realize they are shown a screen and that Allah makes them perform all their hypocritical actions on that screen. They imagine they do it all themselves. They do not realize they are watching an image. The hypocrite lacks the reason to grasp that, and he is unaware it is all in his destiny. It is Allah Who made Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil and all the other hypocrites do what they did. Allah says that Abu Lahab’s hand is dried up. He says they are in hell, and his wife is carrying timber. There is a reference in the Qur’an regarding Abu Lahab existing while the clay of the Prophet Adam (as) was still being made. Abu Lahab had not yet been born. At the same time he is in hell, and has not yet been born.

The way of the Mahdi is the group of people who will strive against the most fanatical hypocrites and unbelievers after the time of our Prophet (saas). The most psychopathic hypocrites and fanatical unbelievers are living in the End Times. And the most powerful guardians are also living in the End Times. The most fanatical dajjals (antichrist) are also in the End Times. And the loftiest guardians. Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) are in the End Times. The End Times are a key age. And Istanbul is a key city.

Bediüzzaman says that “hypocrites have a satanic, snake-like intelligence, and are tricksters.” That is why the counter-offensive must be highly rational and Qur’anic. The subject that hypocrites are most sensitive on is that of Islamic Union. Because hypocrites are proud and dislike the idea of anyone being above them. That is what they do not want Hazrat Mahdi (as) or the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Of course they say that the Mahdi (as) will come. When? They say they do not want him to come in their time, that they want him to come in 500 years’ time. They do not want their own children to see him either, and that is a characteristic of the hypocrite. Or else they say he is a collective personality.

Because a collective personality cannot give them orders or be superior to them. So they can then live at ease in their pride. Or they say the Mahdi (as) is a spirit, and invisible. That makes it easier for them to live in their pride and with their feelings of superiority. The satanic character is a major element among hypocrites, and they want to be the only one and most important. That is why they do not want the way of the Mahdi and do not want to see Islamic Union in their time. You can tell them from that. The Companions sought the Mahdi (as) from among themselves immediately after the death of the Prophet (saas). Love of the Mahdi (as) enfolded their hearts, and they were not proud.

They wanted the Mahdi (as) to be their leader. Then the pendulum swung the other way and a huge counter-reaction against the way of the Mahdi began. So ask those who appear to be the most pious whether or not they expect the Mahdi (as) to appear this century. They begin wriggling and writhing like snakes. Ask a hypocrite "Do you want the Mahdi (as) to appear in this century? Do you want to see Jesus the Messiah (as) return in this century?” They will always reject the idea.

They do not want to see Islamic Union this century and will make no efforts toward it. If there is no Islamic Union, then there is no Qur’an and no Islam. Islamic Union is a must. You can see how little people live by Islamic moral values these days. Concentrate on that when you identify a hypocrite. That is the crystal clear criterion. The hypocritical movement emerges as the opposite of the Mahdi. The hypocrite does not want anyone above him and wants to be the greatest himself. They imagine they will be the most important person in a community. They want to take over, and that is a characteristic of theirs. The hypocrites are like fuel for Muslims. You can get sloth or disbelief in the absence of hypocrisy. But we will have Islamic Union, no matter what the hypocrites do.

•             “No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they are not aware of it.” (Surat al-Baqara, 12)

What does they are not aware of it mean? It means they are not conscious of it. And what do you need to be unconscious? The brain has to be out of action. The personality becomes egocentric and it comes under the influence of satan. Bediuzzamanalso sets that out. If arrogance cannot be halted, then the whole body and personality becomes egocentric. The hypocrite begins speaking with a satanic intelligence and enters into amazing details. Someone totally ignorant of religion can only speak so knowledgeably if satan speaks through his mouth. Allah creates them as tools of corruption. The hypocrites appears to be full of fear of Allah, with his robe and turban, the way he recites the prayer beads and has memorized so much information and makes the most wonderful statements. The hypocrites in the time of our Prophet (saas) said that our Prophet (saas) was spreading corruption, may Allah forbid. That is the classic hypocrite style. They say they are fleeing corruption. You ask who they are, and they say, “I am a purifier.” Where did you get that from? From the faith of my ancestors, they say. You ask if there is a verse of the Qur’an about it, and he says he cannot understand the Qur’an. The Qur’an is what the hypocrite avoids. The hypocrite never wants to admit that the Qur’an is sufficient. He takes the bits that suit him, but not that do not. The hypocrite never wants to admit the truth of the verses about the sufficiency of the Qur’an and is reluctant to read them. He is unwilling to think about them. They disturb him. He may interpret a few verses according to his own mind and in a superficial sense.  Allah explains that in a verse. He says they twist their tongues. They change their meaning and use them to produce interpretations which are the exact opposite of the Qur’an, against Muslims. They never want to read the verses about the sufficiency of the Qur’an, and that is how one can identify hypocrites.

Almighty Allah speaks of three stages of hypocrisy. They first produce strife among Muslims. Then they make preparations to flee, but do not do so. Because they are afraid of being belittled by Muslims. They do not flee directly. They come up with excuses, saying their homes are exposed. Then after they flee they accuse you of corruption. To ease their consciences. The hypocrite says he is a purifier out of pride. They claim that Muslims spread corruption while they purify matters. The hypocrite is always trying to ease his own mind.“It was merely that they wanted to run away,” says Allah. This is the flight stage. Sometimes they lie directly. "Their homes were not exposed” Allah says. But in the second stage, the hypocrite wants to flee. But that home does not belong to him in any case, does it? And it is not exposed. There has to be a home where one can live as a Muslim. Your wish to flee there, to a home where people do not live as Muslims, is in any case a hypocritical state of affairs. But the verse also says they lie directly.

They made their oaths into a cloak and barred the Way of Allah..”Hypocrisy needs a shelter, a place to hide. That is what this verse means. For example, they hide behind the robe and the turban. They hide behind the prayer or reciting the names of Allah. They produce some nonsense and hide behind that. They do not abide by the Qur’an. They do not believe in the sufficiency of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is literally toxic to the hypocrite. They do not want the Qur’an totally. They only want the parts of the Qur’an that suit them. They try to obtain them by twisting their tongues. Allah notes this as a major characteristic of the hypocrite.

Allah knows those who are obstructive: "Allah knows those who say, ‘Come to us’.” (Surat al-Ahzab, 18) Hypocrites may be one’s blood brothers or come from the same place. “They say come to us”, so where will they go? The hypocrite invites people to his own place of filth. Allah speaks of“The obstructors...” They obstruct, they do all in their power to obstruct. They obstruct actively. They hold people back from going. But if that does not work, they call on people to come to them instead. “They fight only a very little” says Allah. They go because they are not strong enough for a difficult fight. The other way is easy. It is easy to finger one’s prayer beads and put a turban on. Lying on one’s side is easy. Talking against Muslims is also easy. Slandering Muslims is easy. But active struggle against disbelief and Darwinists and materialists, atheists and communists, is difficult. They do not get involved in that. But opposing Muslims is easy. The Qur’an notes that. They do not engage in difficult fighting. “[They were] begrudging toward you." They do not want Muslims to have an easy time. If they do, it makes them suffer. They are parsimonious and selfish. They think of themselves. They are unwilling to give anything away. They want to get back anything they do give away. If they cannot, they suffer. If they have served, they regret having done so. For example, if they have preached they then try to be obstructive by doing the opposite, by preaching disbelief and irreligion.

There is something wrong with their facial expressions. Muslims can sense that. It is reflected in their faces. They are weak. That is one of the signs reflected in hypocrites. “When fear departs,” when the enemy move away or flee, or when they find themselves in safety, “they flay you with sharp tongues, grasping for wealth.”Allah says their tongues are sharp. So Allah gives them sharp tongues. The hypocrite speaks the words of satan. The hypocrite’s spoken and written words are harsh. They have a satanic intelligence. Bediuzzaman says they have an amazing intelligence, because satan is in their souls. Hypocrites have a devilish intelligence. They obstruct people by criticizing them with their harsh tongues. Believers are of course unaffected by that. Their faith just grows. “Such people have no belief.” Allah says they never truly believed.“Allah will make their actions come to nothing.“ They strive, but in vain. They constantly work against Muslims and talk against them here and there. But what happens? Allah ensures their actions come to nothing.

Hypocrites think they are very clever indeed. They see that the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) are very easy. ‘What can I do?’ he wonders. How can I turn Muslims from the true path? He tells Muslims; “You have no faithfulness. You make praying and worshiping too easy. That is wrong. I live by all kinds of nonsense. I make things really difficult. You must be like me. If not, you will be in disbelief. But if you make up all kinds of nonsense, then you will be faithful.” He encourages Muslims to invent nonsense and smothers them in it. “I called you and you came and suffocated,” he says. That is how the hypocrite works. He tries to get Muslims caught up in nonsense and to drown them in it. He knows he cannot destroy them directly.

Hypocrites are very cunning, but not intelligent. Muslims are intelligent. The greatest cunning in the world is as nothing compared to intelligence. Cunning can never overcome understanding. It is like an ant facing a lion, even the greatest cunning. But intelligence is devastating. It is directly linked to Allah. Cunning is linked to satan. And is always defeated. Every time. They act very cleverly, but Allah always confounds them.

A hypocrite comes to a Muslim community. There is an incubation period, like insects. Like weevils. During the incubation period, they observe. To see what he can do and use against Muslims; to see where Muslims’ weak spots are, how he can strike at them. He is a parasitical entity. The hypocrite cannot live without a Muslim community. He will go and infest another one. This time he enters that body. He acts as an informant and cheats and behaves badly. As he imagines he strikes at Muslims, he also thinks he is collecting information against them and tries to find new courses of action to take. Once the incubation period is over, he will lash out there, as well. Hypocrites do not enjoy music or art. They have no love of women or children. They love only satan. All they worry about doing from morning till night is telling tales, spreading vice, cheating, laying traps, threatening people and collaborating with disbelief. Bediuzzaman says that the hypocrite is a cheating satan and very clever. That is why it is impossible to combat hypocrisy. Our Prophet (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will weed them out as if clearing worms out that have infested wheat, insha’Allah. A woodworm entered the Prophet Solomon’s (as) staff, as you know. It was there, invisible, in the staff. It is the same with the hypocrite. He cannot be seen. He is only identified afterward, the more he gnaws away. He nibbles away very, very slowly. So Muslims must be on their guard and alert against hypocrisy.

The hypocrite is a terrible coward. He is afraid something bad will happen to him. That is why he foolishly first sets about trying to find a defect in Muslims and says, "they are flawed in this respect. But I have a great deal of takwa (faithfulness), so what am I doing with them?” But Bediuzzaman says, "running away from a fly they wall into the jaws of a snake.” They end up in hell, in other words. Bad things, disease or troubles, afflict them. Allah brings them down and destroys them. The hypocrite is very pleased with himself. Bediuzzaman says, "hypocrites are very clever, they have a devilish intelligence.” They are specially created to have that intelligence. “They act with a quickness of mind,” he says. He says it is easy to listen to their gilded words. They speak of the Sunnah, and of takwa, of the Qur’an and of dominion. They speak of the Qur’an because they are well acquainted with it. They know it, but it has no place in their hearts. It is on their tongues, but not in their hearts. One verse says “you listen to them if they speak.” And they describe things very comprehensively. They try to approach Muslims from wherever they foolishly imagine they may be weak, in order to show off their great takwa. For example, if a Muslim is striving for Islamic Union, they will worry about the length of the ‘miswak,’ (teeth cleaning twig) instead. The hypocrite will look for ways to make life difficult for the Muslim. But most of all, he imagines himself to be protected since he is protected from the dangers that may befall Muslims. Denouncing Muslims and having them arrested and oppressed, trying to wear them down and discourage them, and collaborating with disbelief and polytheists are all characteristics of the hypocrite.

But the hypocrite is literally like gas for a Muslim. He causes a huge increase in a Muslim’s mental capacities. Otherwise Muslims might be slothful. But the hypocrite is like adrenalin. Since the hypocrite acts freely and hides like a pig in its lair, he imagines that Allah protects him and will afflict troubles on Muslims. Since Muslims are engaged in a hard intellectual struggle, they will of course encounter trouble and woes. Hypocrites imagine they are protected, but hell is all around them. Hypocrites are given plenty of time. Almighty Allah says, “Do they imagine that, in the wealth and children We extend to them, We are hastening to them with good things?” in one verse. "Allah merely wants to punish them by them during their life in this world and for them to expire while they are unbelievers." He says. So they should suffer grave difficulties. Because Allah wants their sins to number in the thousands. Left to themselves and given enough time, they will commit 50,000 sins, not just 50. That is the system with hypocrites. Allah wants to portray that as acceptable since He is just.


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