The Secret Beyond Matter



A9 TV, 14 September 2012

Nobody in the world has fought and demolished atheistic Freemasonry in the way I have. Nobody in the history of Freemasonry. My books are on display in Masonic museums as written by the most powerful anti-Masonic writer. They are the most effective in the world. There is nobody else. If anyone says there is, let them produce him. Nobody has demolished atheistic Freemasonry with comprehensive and scientific evidence in the same way I have. But I am a supporter of religious Freemasonry. I am in favor of the Freemasonry that is friendly to Islam. I praise that. And by Allah’s leave, I have brought it back to life. Through a miracle, insha’Allah. By our Lord’s leave. I am always on the side of a Freemasonry that prays and loves Islam. I am always on the side of a Freemasonry that follows Hazrat Khidhir (pbuh), let me underline that. I always support a Freemason that follows Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

They asked, and we have handed out copies of the Qur’an to all the Lodges, alhamdulillah. Prayers are performed in the Lodges. All the Freemasons who came here prayed. That is something that has never been seen before. Freemasons praying in Turkey. That has never happened in any country in the history of Freemasonry. This is the first time they have prayed in a country they have come to.

I will support all sincere Freemasons who love Allah and support Him and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) right down to the wire. They will always be honored. And I will always support Jews and Christians who love Allah. Muslims who love Allah, be they Alawites, Bektashis or whatever, are the jewels in our crown, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 13 September 2012

Our Masonic and Templar friends who came here prayed en masse for the very first time in the Little Haghia Sofia Mosque. They went in before everyone’s eyes, performed ritual ablutions and prayed. For the first time, thanks be to Allah. And from using a kind of language opposed to Islam, they now speak about wanting Islam to reign across the world. This development is not one that could ever be managed by a bigot. Bigots offer only hatred. I offer love, compassion, reason and truth. And as a result, Allah softens people’s hearts and attracts them to Islam. That was how our Prophet (saas) worked. But bigots try to put people off religion by using polytheistic methods. I call people to Islam and the Qur’an with love, and Allah bestows success as a result. What bigot could ever achieve such a success? Look, Masons asked for Qur’ans for their Lodges. We sent them copies. And they have said we are free to talk about Allah and the Qur’an in their Lodges. They are proud of that. They delight in reading the Qur’an. They want people to learn about it. They give one another copies of the Qur’an. They took copies with them when they left. Masha’Allah.


A9 TV,  June 20th, 2012

The leaders of all the Freemasons in America, the leaders of the Masons in Europe, will be coming in the next few days, and the leaders of Masons in Islamic countries – Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. A great many very senior Masons will be coming. Masons are generally very high-quality people, very select people. But there are some who do not know about Islam, some are atheists. But the people who will be coming are masters, who have put up pictures of Mecca and Medina. That is very important. They praise Islam and Muslims. There was no such talk before. That means that if one approaches people with love and affection, they develop a love for Muslims and Islam. Look, Madonna has sent me her greetings again, from Florence, “I was very pleased with our meeting in Istanbul,” she said.

A9 TV; 1 October 2011

Master masons gathered together. Freemasons said, “Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) told us to follow this man carrying the pitcher.” “He is also carrying a pitcher,” they said. “So follow him and obey him.” “So we also listen to the hodja, and follow him,” they say. They think very kindly of me, of course. May Allah be pleased. But that is highly significant. For example, I did not put those pitchers there to be decorative. They regarded that masonic symbol as most important. They say, “For us, that is the symbol of the man who will save the world.” “And a man who carries one, two water pitchers in Istanbul. And we will follow him and heed his words,” they say. Of course, that is great flattery. May Allah be pleased. If only I were such. But I am a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). I am just a helpless follow of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the water bearer. Because the Sun looks the same in its original form or when reflected through glass. The same Sun is there. That is why they are so affected, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 03 November 2011

It is Allah Who changes history. Using freemasons as His instruments. And the Templars. Were it not for such interventions in the course of history, Muslims would have remained inactive. They would never have engaged in a fervent struggle. Allah builds the way of the dajjal [antichrist] through human hands. He wakens people through the way of the dajjal. The way of the dajjal is a necessary foundation for the way of the Mahdi. Without the way of the dajjal there can be no Islamic dominion and no coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) or of the Prophet Jesus, the Messiah, (pbuh). Atheist freemasonry is charged with arranging the way of the dajjal. Allah gives them that task. And they set up the way of the dajjal. They set the way of the dajjal up in front of us. The way of the dajjal motivates Muslims so they strive with great fervor. And those who win go to paradise, while the losers go to hell. Atheist masons are a group who regard religious masons as opponents and strive against them. But atheist masons have generally always been very strong. Masons who believe in Allah have only gone on the offensive in this century. Masons who believe in Allah will line up alongside the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). We can see that from their language. Atheist masons will also clearly line up alongside the dajjal.

Atheist freemasonry is trying to expel masons who believe in Allah from the lodges, by closing in on itself and behaving anti-democratically. We are following all that very closely. But they cannot get anywhere. Allah deliberately creates opposite effects. For example, Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) may provoke an event that works out in favor of Islam. What does he do? There is a boat. He may damage it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Freemasonry is also part of Hazrat Khidr’s (pbuh) field of activity. It is a system under Hazrat Khidr’s (pbuh) control. It is therefore not a strong, independent system.

Atheist freemasonry is now weakened.  The freemasonry that believes in Allah is engaging in attack after attack. That is what the scientific data show, and what the evidence from the way of the Mahdi shows. Atheist freemasonry is feeble in the face of the way of the Mahdi, and weakened and fragmented. They are seriously weakened. The way of the Mahdi is on the advance.

Freemasonry is a community under Allah’s control, made up of weak human beings, who imagine they follow the plan they invent, but who are actually following a plan created by Allah. Satan also acts with Allah’s knowledge and to the extent of the power given by Him. Freemasonry also operates according to the power bestowed on it by Allah. There always has to be an opposite. Pharaoh was a mason. He opposed the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with all his might. But he also needed him. The reason the Prophet Moses (pbuh) was so powerful is that Allah created him thus using Pharaoh as His instrument. In other words, there could have been no Prophet Moses (pbuh) without Pharaoh. Nimrod as a mason, an atheist mason. Allah made him His instrument in bringing forth the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). Freemasonry was around in the time of our Prophet (pbuh). They opposed our Prophet (pbuh) with all their might. But that resistance made Muslims stronger and eventually victorious. Muslims would remain weak were it not for that resistance. Muslims became more fervent when Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded. Were it not for that behavior, Muslims would develop an apathy with regard to the dominion of Islamic moral values. Allah uses freemasonry in order to bring that about. And He gives the task to Hazrat Khidr (pbuh).

The fact is that freemasonry has no power. What we see is Muslims’ sloth and lack of foresight. Of some Muslims. Yet if Muslims would be allied and love one another, then there would be no more capitalist threat, no freemasonic threat and no power of satan. Nothing. So atheist masons would be routed. The way ahead would be opened for devout masons. Therefore, Muslims must have a strong urge to coalesce around Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Allah has shown us the solution to the strife and corruption in the world. He has shown us what freemasonry will do, how to repair the damage done by freemasonry and the wicked. By coalescing around Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They must also coalesce around Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) in the Christian world. If someone regards Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as an illusion, as impossible, then he must regard the masons as being in the right. It means he thinks atheist masons are right and that these afflictions are well deserved. But if he believes in the words of the prophets, if Muslims coalesce round the way of the Mahdi, then mercy will rain down and Islam will immediately rule the world. Masons will also be happy. Zionists will be happy and everyone, and everyone will rush to Islam. Leading Muslims must come together, leading Shiites and Jafris and Wahhabis. Let us all unite on the subject of the way of the Mahdi. Once we are allied on the way of the Mahdi that freemasonry will come to an end that very day. Savage capitalism and the way of the dajjal will be over. But if Muslims do not do this, they cannot oppose the way of the dajjal, which will just grow stronger and crush them. But Almighty Allah has bestowed mercy on Muslims in destiny. The way of the Mahdi will prevail even if Muslims are slothful, it will prevail in any case. But we need to embrace a natural cause. Jafris, Shiites, Sunnis, reasonable Muslims, sincere Muslims, men with a cause, Muslims who truly love and fear Allah, pure, unsullied Muslims who loathe the hypocrites, must all come together. Let us study the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). The time of the Mahdi (pbuh) is right, the hadiths are in place, this cannot be ignored. Let us unite and seek Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and follow him and establish Islamic Union. The whole world, including freemasonry, must be saved. Sunnis, Wahhabis and everyone.

A9 TV; 5 November 2011

 (In answer to the question “Are there freemasons who believe in Allah?”)

Of course, there are devout masons and irreligious masons. I strive to make the irreligious ones believe. And I strive to make those who already believe in humble, sincere Muslims. I exclude nobody. Nobody must be pushed to one side. Almighty Allah did not even say that Pharaoh should be excluded. He was preached to until right up to the last moment. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) worked a miracle, but he [Pharaoh] still behaved badly. He behaved basely and immorally. He was shown nine miracle, and none had any effect on him. But the Prophet never gave up. Right up until Allah took his soul. If even Pharaoh must be preached to, then why not preach to freemasons? They are worthy sons of the country and valuable people. They are class, high quality people. Of course we must save them. We must pray and strive for their happiness. Why throw people on the scrap heap? We must look out for everyone, including freemasons. We must also look out for the masons and the Templars, and for communists and atheists and everyone. We must try to save them. Why should we spurn them. I tell the truth to Christians and Jews and everyone.

A9 TV; 8 October 2011

The return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is true. Everything has come true. Freemasons have begun converting to Islam in huge numbers. They also desire Islamic Union en masse. How was that possible? I always thought masons strove to eliminate Islam. But they are striving with all their might to cause Islamic moral values to prevail. Allah has turned everything around.

A9 TV; October 29th, 2011  (About Mr. Adnan Oktar’s explanations regarding the truth about matter)

What I tell you here is disclosed as a secret by the senior freemasons. Freemasons have been astonished at the fact that I had spoken of  it beforehand, that I had disclosed it. They said, “This was our secret; a secret of freemasonry, a secret that is revealed solely at the upper-degrees of freemasonry.” They said they tell this secret by making them feel it. At the 33rd degree. But they told me that I have revealed it to the whole world. I have also other secrets and I will, Insha’Allah, reveal them when the time comes.


A9 TV, 27 April 2012

The link to freemasons is very important. They will be the followers of the Messiah and the Mahdi. Adonai is coming, insha’Allah. Adon or Adonai, the master of masters. This is in all their legends. They say that Adon will appear in the last times of the world, that Adonai will appear, and will crush them.

One good thing about freemasonry is that they are opposed to bigotry and love Islam. That is a very good thing. They have seen a rational conception of being a Muslim for the very first time. There was a rational conception, but nobody ever discussed it. But now they are going to their lodges and saying, “what a fine thing Islam is, how fine Muslims are, how lovely the life is. May Allah bless you. And we support you. If that is what being a Muslim is, count us in. May Islam reign across the world. The Templars and the masons and Zionist organizations are all saying the same thing. May Allah preserve Islam and bring about its reign, they say. The chief rabbi who came here embraced me as he was getting into the car and said, “Insha’Allah.” Allah has given them all a task. That is what Almighty Allah has ordained. Communists and atheists and unbelievers will all come to have faith. Step by step Islam. People are learning the hidden truths from the Qur’an, from the Treatise of Light [Risale-i Nur]. Nothing is hidden any more.

A9 TV, 9 March 2012

Because I advocate the right and the truth, I advocate for freemasons and Jews. They are innocent people. If they commit a crime, that is all right, then in that case we will get hold of them. But accusing a person who has never committed a crime, a person from the People of the Book, insinuating against them does not comply with my conscience. It is not in compliance with my religious beliefs and my fear of Allah. I am a person who acts in compliance with my conscience.

A9 TV, 16 August 2011

Freemasons becoming Muslims, thanks be to Allah, is something I had never even considered. I imagined that freemasons would always be negative. That they would always follow satan. That we would be in a constant intellectual struggle of ideas against them. But then I saw that these people are ready to become followers of Hazrat Khidhr (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as). Khidhr has also entered the masonic lodges from one direction, masha’Allah. He is working as a Master, masha’Allah. Hazrat Khidhr (as) is the masons’ greatest Master. But they are unaware of it, insha’Allah. He has now begun to turn them all toward Islam. Hazrat Mahdi (as) on one side and Hazrat Khidhr (as) on the other. They are dominating the lodges, alhamdulillah. And as followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as) we are striving with all our might to act as pioneers for him, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 4 August 2011

The letters A and O are sacred for freemasons. A represents the compass and O the infinity drawn by it. The letters Alpha and Omega are also in the Gospel. The Prophet Jesus (as) says I am the Alpha and the Omega. That refers to eternity. Allah is eternal, but Muslims also experience that eternity. That is the explanation of those letters. If the indications in the Gospel are interpreted rationally they will have a huge impact on Christians. But there can be no belief in the Trinity, of course. Allah is clearly one. A child can see that.

There is nothing to say that Freemasons and Knights Templar cannot be Muslims. Communists can also be Muslims, as can Jews and Christians. A Jew can be a Muslim. There is not a barricade or curtain in front of becoming a Muslim. I am lifting those curtains. But the important thing is to use no force or compulsion. There is no compulsion in Islam. We believe that Islamic moral values will rule the world. For instance, if a Jew says he believes that Judaism will rule the world, that is his belief and we respect that. A Christian also that Christianity will rule, and we respect that, too. Masons say that freemasonry will rule. But we believe that Islam will rule, and you can see that the moral values of Islam are indeed ruling the world. Is there any compulsion there? No. Does anyone want to use force? No. The army of the dajjal wants to use force. It wants to force people to become Muslims. But the army of the Mahdi, the community of the Mahdi, the followers of the Mahdi, and Turkey is a country of the Mahdi, never favor the use of compulsion. Always with love, affection, knowledge, science, reason, conviction and suggestion. Those who choose will accept, and those who do not, will not. But we do believe that all masons, all Jews, all Christians and all Knights of the Temple will become Muslims. But, I reiterate, without the use of compulsion.

2012-10-31 12:15:13

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